Friday, May 17, 2019

(390) Look how they massacred our girl + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Cannes festival is happening right now and the two most important things so far are Amber Heard looking gorgeous (don't go through replies of the ugly trolls who will probably grow up to write love letters to serial killers, if we are all so unlucky they don't die out of sheer stupidity sooner) as always and this picture of Richard Madden.
  • Here's really nice poster for Annabelle Comes Home.
  • Florence Pugh is just the greatest!
  • I'm kinda thinking Craig is doing this on purpose just to fuck with the studio some more.
  • Why does it look like Mysterio is approaching to bang Spider-Man from behind?
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Keanu Reeves.
  • Trailer for 3 new episodes of Black Mirror which will drop on June 5th.
  • It's hilarious that nerds are going to sit through Cosmopolis and High Life now.
  • What the fuck is going on?!
  • Again - WHAT?
  • There's a teaser for Maleficient: Mistress of Evil and choices were made:
  • A lot of them.
  • Here's the poster.
  • I see kitty litter in this bitch's future.
  • So I'm rewatching Deadwood because we are only 2 weeks away from the movie (yey!). I'm tweeting screenshots to get you people to watch it at last.
  • Just....for the love of God, do it! 
  • Here's behind the scenes of the movie. And here they are on the premiere, it's so amazing that this finally happened!
  • I realized while rewatching it, that this show, a western, made 15 years ago, has 36 episodes and there isn't a single rape scene on that show. And Game of Thrones did that whenever they could. 
  • Also it was curious to me why the movie the fans have been waiting for for years is premiering on Friday 31st instead of during the prestigious HBO Sunday slot. Guess what they are airing at that time?
  • Freaking GoT documentary ---->
  • I waited years for this film and they cannot even give it the proper slot? And instead it's going to Kit Harington crying like a little bitch?
  • You've gotta be shitting me.
  • Thank God at least people in real life are showing respect to Emilia Clarke, because the writers of Game of Thrones certainly aren't.
  • Well, David and Dan are no longer just hacks and misogynists. Lets add incels to that list. They actually said that Dany's madness was foreshadowed when she had a "chilling" reaction to Viserys' death. As in the dude's who said he would let the Dothraki rape her if it got him the crown. So since she was OK with him dying it must mean she is a psycho.
  • If I was paying for HBO that would make me cancel my subscription. It's a disgusting thing to say and HBO should apologize for giving these people a platform. 
  • All the leaks came true. After years of character development for Jaime he really did come back to Cersei. And after years of establishing Dany as someone who wasn't cursed with Targaryen madness, she snapped at the sound of surrender bells and burned the innocents. 
  • Yep, the same chick who spent seasons protecting the innocent just straight up started burning shit up.
  • Look how they massacred our girl.
  • It's gross. Jon is Targaryen too but I suppose his penis made him immune to the crazeeeeyyy.
  • They even had Jon rescue a woman from rape in King's Landing just to remind people what a war hero and a great guy he is.
  • You know, as Daenerys was flying around, burning shit up, because lulz bitches be crazy.
  • Also what the hell kind of a message is that? That if your family is batshit you'll be too? 
  • Add to that the fact they framed Cersei and Jaime like some tragic, doomed love story and it truly is disgusting. 
  • The way they made Daenerys go from her old self to THIS was horrible writing but they screwed up everything else so bad for me Dany's actions were justified. War brings collateral damage with it, Dany is fighting a war and people of King's Landing didn't revolt against Cersei. She was dragged to the North to fight a threat which cost her one of her dragons and a best friend and only got freaking Sansa's, that disgraceful traitor, snark in return. Her inept advisers kept conspiring. And that poor woman probably woke up one day and thought to herself "I used to bang Drogo and now I have this skinny fuckboi". No wonder she snapped.
  • "But she burned children!"
  • Oh, fuck them kids.
  • My only hope is that she flies over to Winterfell and torches the smirk off Sansa's face. 
  • Still, my feelings aside, the goal of this was clearly to turn Dany into a villain so that the audience would hate her. But even in their idiocy, Dabid and Dan realized it will be a hard sell so they kept the action on the ground, with those poor people of King's Landing. I feel so bad for Emilia and Nikolaj who did their best for nearly a decade and now had their characters destroyed in one episode. Emilia especially since they gave her 15 seconds of a close up - during which she delivered one hell of a performance - and then turned her into a faceless evil from above.
  • And what the fuck was the point of that whole Jon/Dany romance, anyways? They had terrible chemistry, especially when you compare them to Emilia and Jason + Rose and Kit. We all thought it will lead to Dany getting pregnant and probably dying during childbirth, which would also be a gross way of disposing of her just to make Jon the last hero left, but still it would be better than what the writers did. Instead of having that forced, useless romance they should have Jon in the North dealing with the Walkers and Dany take King's Landing in last season, which would leave this entire season to show her slowly descending into madness because of pressures of ruling and whispers of another Targaryan in the world.
  • But nope.
  • They did this.
  • The cast is very clearly furiousPeter Dinklage looks like he is in propaganda video blinking out "help me".
  • That petition will reach a million signatures even before the finale airs. This is our way of yelling "Shame, shame, shame!" at them.
  • Are Weiss, Benioff and their friend Rian Johnson involved in some bet? Who can ruin a beloved franchise more? Because amazingly, Benioff and Weiss may be winning this bet, who the hell even wanna see those prequels now?
  • I used to think Naomi Watts finally caught a break and she is gonna be in something people will actually want to watch but now...yikes.
  • And Disney chose this week to announce this. Godspeed, Star Wars fans. These turds are your problem now.
  • I am just so glad we are only two days away from the ending. It is doubtful, but hopefully during my lifetime someone adapts it again and I get to see Lady Stoneheart. But I will always be heartbroken I didn't get to see Michelle play her.
  • Speaking of shows coming to an end, the series finale of Veep was really good and one of the better episodes in an overall mediocre season. The finale was deliciously dark and Selina became completely reprehensible. I love that Andrew had a cameo in the episode, just like with the previous one. It's one of the best things about this show - they don't zoom in on stuff, you have to be the one to notice. And uncle Jeff and his yelling was as always the highlight.
  • And that is not the only series I loved that has come to an end. The Big Bang Theory had its finale yesterday. 12 seasons! It's incredible. I'm gonna miss this show so much, I watched all the episodes and it always made me laugh. The finale was really lovely, I cried so much. What a moving and beautiful way to end the show.
  • See? Two shows delivering great series finales the fans really enjoyed. It's NOT THAT HARD!!!
  • Because of my Deadwood rewatch I only rewatched It and finished Tomb Raider but I already wrote about It and the, it's not even worth writing about.
  • Brittani, Getter and Keith review Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  • Sonia reviews Fighting with my Family
  • Allie writes about Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
  • Sek reviews Miss Congeniality
  • Jordan writes about John Wick 3
  • Gemma shares her concerns about recent developments of Game of Thrones
  • Diana reviews Avengers: Endgame
  • Mario's website celebrates its 8th birthday and Mario decided to use that occasion to tell us he loves us and oh by the way he is considering stopping blogging soon. This is as if Jason fucked me and then told me he has herpes. For God's sake, man, have some mercy on your readers.



    1. Ugh Game of Thrones. I'll never forgive them for what they've done to Jaime.

      This is the first time I've seen that Maleficent trailer and.....huh.

      Veep's ending was so messed up. I don't think I can say this enough, but poor Gary lol. I liked it though, it was fitting.

      I'm curious to see what the TBBT actors do now that the show is over. Hopefully Mayim fucks off into obscurity.

      I don't think Pattinson is a terrible actor but he's definitely not an exciting ones. I'm disappointed that's who Reeves cast as Batman.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I really hope all of them except for Mayim have great careers :)

        Yeah Pattinson just doesn't fit the role imho. But it could be worse like if they cast Hoult

    2. Thanks for the link much appreciated!

      You think if she was really so crazy so far gone Tyrion would be dead within seconds of the opening this week and Jon not long after while she makes her way to Winterfell to off Lil Cersei up there but nah. That I'd root for though!
      Not going to lie though I've hated the writing since they gave Cat's story to Rob so I'm glad people are finally seeing it for what it is. They can have Star Wars I'm out after Oscar :)

      TBBT was great though! I'm going to miss it.

      Have a great weekend!

      1. You're welcome!

        The dudes have really strong plot armor :/

    3. Well, they are not trying hard enough. I sure won’t start hating Dany because of that shitty writing. Its them I’m hating for ruining the character. And Jaime too wtf!

      The Big Bang Theory finale made me cry so much

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Nikolaj has been so wonderfully candid in interviews, he is shitting all over those stupid writers!

    4. The Big Bang Theory finale was really well done. Sheldon's speech had me in tears. If you watch the show Young Sheldon, it's episode that night was about young Sheldon throwing a party to listen to who wins the Nobel Prize and it ties in nicely with the finale and some guest appearances.
      I told my husband do not expect the GoT finale to be this well done.

      Gemma is right, Tyrion and Jon should be dead with in a couple of minutes of the start of tonight's episode. Then it would be Sansa's turn. As we all know, that's not happening.

      Richard Madden doing the Lord's work in Cannes by sitting there in a robe getting styled.

      Hollywood Reporter is stating while Pattinson is the front runner for Batman, they are still considering Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor Johnson. While I'm okay if it winds up being Pattinson, I am secretly rooting for Aaron to somehow nab the role. I would have loved to see Richard Madden have a crack at it, but since he's about to join the MCU, he's out.

      1. Yeah I heard about! I really need to start Young Sheldon I only caught few episodes on Comedy Central but it looks so nice!

        I love that Madden seems to take a lot of pics for attention and well, he certainly gets that attention :)

        Aaron would be better, Pattinson is a bit creepy looking imho, but well, if it comes to it he has a shot at pulling it off

    5. Thanks for the link sati =]

      Never watched the Big Bang Theory. I like comedies, I assumed it was lame for no real reason at all. I should get a few episodes and give em a try. If you like it then I usually will as well =]

      1. It's a sweet, warm show. I always like watching it, it's always on Comedy Central

      2. I'm a filthy criminal, I'll download a few episodes :P

    6. I'm a little relieved I could never get past 6 episodes of GOT. I tried. The reaction to this finale is giving me flashbacks to my reaction during the HIMYM finale. Why bother with character development if you're just going to say fuck all and destroy them in the last season anyway?

      I knew enough about the show from my family and friends who watched it and they seem to be most upset about Dany's abrupt change to a villain. But you know, she was a woman and they couldn't possibly have a woman on the throne. I'm upset about it and I don't even watch the show! D:

      1. The first few seasons were really great but I cannot imagine ever rewatching it knowing how they wasted all that potential :/ Yeah that was so lame. I feel so bad for Emilia Clarke, she put so much effort in this character and the writers completely betrayed her in the last two episodes

    7. I think I have said this before but I'm such a doofus when it comes to television! I haven't seen a single episode of GoT, Deadwood, Veep, and only a scene or two of BBT. You would think I would have learned that I'm really missing out.

      Oh, and thanks soooo much for the link!

      1. Deadwood is another I've blanked on. I need to get to Sharp Objects tho first (mainly cos you had it on here).

    8. The whole Game of Thrones thing is just hilarious. I wrote somewhere that I think if Emilia Clarke had maybe known how her character would have ended up, she would have had a different approach to the character. But even then, the writing didn't support her becoming the villain in the end at all. They kept her the fan favourite on purpose, and then flipped the coin in the very final season making fans angry because it was sloppy. I mean, Breaking Bad is a fine example of an anti-hero. We knew he was a bad person, we still rooted for him, he ended up even worse but still, the development made sense.

      Alright, it feels as if I have seen the show, considering how much I comment about it. Enough,. It's enough.

      Thank you for the link! :)

      1. Nah, it's a good way to go about it, read about it without actually wasting time on the series. Everyone is like 'oh but the CGI and production values!', what's the big deal? Plenty of great stories with great visuals out there, GoT doesn't deserve the pass just because it's on TV

    9. Great post! That video of the GoT cast being disappointed is priceless. I laughed my ass off at Dinklage's clips, thinking about your blinking comment.

      1. I cannot wait till they really start talking about just how much they hated making that mess of a season