Friday, May 24, 2019

(391) Mr. Wick will see us now + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 24, 2019

  • Ladies and gentlemen.
  • Brad fucking Pitt:

  • New trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It looks fun and it got pretty awesome reviews. Surprisingly, apparently it's tender. Unsurprisingly, there is a ton of shots of Margot's feet.
  • The cast made the appearance on red carpet in Cannes and I am not sure what is more noteworthy - how hot Brad Pitt looks (oh boy, DiCaprio must hate standing next to him) or what the FUCK Margot Robbie is wearing.
  • Her stylist must hate her more than I hate Sansa Stark.
  • Then the following day this was her hairstyle. Granted it was inspired by Sharon Tate but it was still tragique. 
  • Let us not forget in all of this excitement that Tarantino is trash. And brazen trash too. He could probably rape a cat right there on the red carpet and still get a standing ovation.
  • The Lightouse, the new movie from Robert Eggers', the director of The Witch, premiered in Cannes to insanely positive reactions
  • Some new promo pics for The Rise of Skywalker.
  • We also have trailer for Downton Abbey movie. It looks wonderful!
  • So how did everyone enjoy the Thrones finale? It didn't go out with a bang, or a whimper but with a prolonged wet fart noise. 
  • I haven't watched it yet, because why would I waste 80 minutes on this. 
  • As I am typing these words the petition expressing disappointment in that season has reached the astounding 1.5 million signatures. 
  • I had my revenge on Sunday. Michelle, I will never forget.
  • If I see one more tweet rejoicing that Sansa is Queen in the North or that Drogon burned the Throne because it was "an obsession" that killed Dany, not Jon, I will lose it. Sansa is a Bolton by choice to marry, who lost countless Northern lives and Dany was killed by another Stark without honor who killed his queen. Also don't you just love how Dany, who simply wanted to reclaim her birthright, is now "obsessed" and deserved to die?
  • Poor Nikolaj. Poor Emilia. And with this happening.
  • The showrunnerrs weren't just lazy, they were also completely disrespectful to the cast.
  • Can Dark Phoenix flop already so that Turner's five minutes are over? You have to be the extra kind of stupid to offend more than 1.5 million fans of your show.
  • To quote Al Swerengen: You incompetent fucks!
  • You disrespect the actors? 
  • You wreck the show? 
  • You decide Sansa lives? 
  • You exclude Lady Stoneheart? 
  • OK.
  • You motherfuckers...
  • Jason went on to leave comments on Emilia's instagram. It's so sweet how supportive he has been of her work throughout the years. And she did a wonderful job, I really hope she at least gets an Emmy out of this.
  • At least the memes are AMAZING.
  • HBO is so freaked out about the deserved backlash season 8 is getting that they desperately placed Westworld season 3 trailer before finale.
  • They clearly realize they lost majority of the small audience the show had because of the disastrous season 2 cause that trailer was so hilariously hiding it's Westworld. HBO should be promoting Deadwood movie right now, but since they never gave it the respect or marketing it deserved, it never gained the audience it should get.
  • This is gross and Pixar should sue.
  • I got so suck in my Deadwood rewatch that I didn't have the time to check out Dark Tower which Netflix added recently so unfortunately sooner or later I will end up watching it.
  • Here's another great review for the movie, only 7 days more of waiting!
  • The Dude abides.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar Isaac.
  • And here's the trailer for Toy Story 4. I thought that story was a joke and it is legit. Does Pixar want me to perv during this? Because I'm gonna.
  • Let me add several years to your lifespan.
  • "The puppies have all left. I'm all alone".
  • My heart.
  • My soul.
  • Tag yourself I'm the one licking him.
  • It seems that every day there is a new adorable story. There's dozens of these on twitter. And then there is this.
  • Netflix appears to have lured Keanu to another movie and the comments under the trailer are hilarious.
  • So I rewatched John Wick on Friday and I forgot how crazy hot that movie was. My review on letterboxd went pretty much exactly how you would expect it to go.
  • Those suits are so nice...and avenging the puppy! 
  • *excited sexual noises*
  • Then on Sunday I rewatched Chapter Two (Netflix being useful for once by having both of those). How awesome is that moment when him and Common walk in the crowd of people and politely shoot at each other without anyone realizing? 
  • And of course Ruby Rose living the dream:
  • And then on Monday since by some miracle the cinema that is 10 minutes away from my office was showing it 30 minutes after I finish work (it was like it was in the stars!) I saw Chapter 3.
  • That was a great movie and I will review it soon but I don't think one pervy review is enough so here we go....
  • Me when he was stitching himself.
  • Me when he was riding that horse.
  • Me when this happened. 
  • Also was I supposed to be turned on when he was getting branded because I almost BLACKED OUT. 
  • Chapter 4 was already announced. Considering these movies get hotter and hotter with each new one the next one may actually kill me.
  • Yep, here we go.
  • I have entered the new pervy valley and I shall be taking you, dear readers, along for that journey with me.
  • I even rewatched Knock Knock
  • Why would I sit through the worst movie of 2015? 
  • Because I misremembered his bare ass was in it.
  • That is what love is. 
  • Watching garbage because you hallucinate ass sighting that wasn't there.
  • Then I asked you guys on twitter if I should watch Destination Wedding and you guys told me to do it so I did and it was adorable!
  • Here's my question though - how the hell did not one of you remember to tell me that there is about a minute long scene where Winona is describing his penis?
  • How does THIS slip your mind?
  • I could have DIED watching this, people!
  • Mario reviews Endgame
  • Sonia writes about Tallulah
  • Jade reviews Brightburn
  • Keith writes about a trailer for new Terminator movie
  • Brittani and Gemma reviews Detective Pikachu
  • Allie points out that Keanu has a bad case of Phoebe Run in her John Wick: Chapter 3 review



    1. Brad Pitt was my first ever celebrity crush (or any kind really) back in my preteen Thelma and Louise/Legends of the Fall days so he'll always hold a special place in my heart.

      I loved your Michelle stuff on Twitter! She was great and so underrated but now I'm actually glad Cat and Ned died early enough for me not to wind up hating them like the rest of the Starks :)

      Hope you have a great weekend!

      1. Yes, it was mercy for the characters who died before 8x05, Jorah managed to die when the show was still somewhat watchable :)

    2. Brad Pitt has always been hot tbh :)

      GoT finale was dreadful. Deny's speech is the only part I liked, and it's because Emilia gave a hell of a performance there. I feel so sad for her. And Nikolaj too. They deserved better.

      Italian Netflix only has John Wick 2 but I'm okay with it since it's my favourite. I wasn't crazy about Chapter 3 but I'm really looking forward to reading your review.

      Thank you for the link!

    3. Can't wait to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It does look fun, and that cast is fantastic.

      I haven't seen John Wick: Chapter 3, but I doubt I'll enjoy it more than your review! 😂 Honestly, I don't think any number of pervy reviews will be enough for a Keanu Reeves movie.

      Thanks for sharing the review! :)

      1. oh you'll easily enjoy it more, it's.....something :P The horse riding scene alone is so hot

    4. Keanu Reeves with puppies is exactly what I needed in my life right now - I went against all advice and I'm watching Knock Knock. Lord this really is trash!

      1. Oh no! It is trash but at least he looks great in it :P

    5. I saw Chapter 3 twice already and I don't know how I'm still alive. So excited for the 4th one, the revenge is going to be sweet jesus how hot, I'm sure! I hope he teams up with those two guys from The Raid franchise!!! I mean, they had mad respect for each other so I'd be super sad if he had to kill them too. Killing Zero was already a bit too much, he was such a huge JW fan, he was us! Except he was a cat person, but we could have changed him!

      Did you watch Sweet November!?!? I couldn't, I feel like it would be too sad and too hot. A combination that is very dangerous.

      1. I did watch that years ago, I remember it was really sad. Keanu is clean shaven in it though and this I can kinda take, but the way he looks in JW films and Destination Wedding is seriously too much to handle.

    6. Brad Pitt is SO FINE these days, definitely ages like wine (or whatever the saying is). He was one of my first actor crushes, ever since Legends of the Fall.

      I keep putting off watching John Wick and I am pissed off with myself :)) your tweets are giving me major FOMO

      In a way, I'm happy GOT is over, this last season was really frustrating to watch and people online have been at each others throats (for liking or not liking it). Can't wait to get over it

      1. OMG you gotta watch JW movies they are awesome! They look fantastic, the action scenes are so creative and they are a lot of fun, other than the puppy situation in the first one which was HORRIFIC

    7. OMG that Ghost meme, I laughed so hard at that.

      Poor Nikolaj indeed, god what an insult to Jaime Lannister's character.

      Florence! Her dress is beautiful.

      I really liked the new Once Upon A Time in Hollywood trailer, I haven't gotten a chance to read reviews yet, I'll do that once I catch up on all my blogs that I missed this weekend.

      mmmmm Brad Pitt.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. That Ghost meme is freaking hilarious :D

        I'm dying at the reactions of the cast from that documentary that aired yesterday, they were so done with this stupid script lol

    8. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood...I know it has everyone buzzing, but I just can't buy into QT. I've tried...I really have. But for me he is the poster boy for "Style Over Substance". But once again I'll give this one a look.

      Finally saw John Wick 3. Review up tomorrow but let me just say....WOW!

      And those promo pics for Rise of Skywalker....mmmmmmmmmm! Take my money NOW!

      1. YEY! So glad you liked JW3! Cannot wait for your review!

    9. Your fangirling over Reeves is very entertaining.

    10. There's never a bad time to rewatch Deadwood, you know? I love diving back into that series every few years. And I also had a blast watching John Wick 1 and 2 in preparation for 3. What a great movie trilogy that is. It's so cool that they're making more.

      1. Yes! I want at least 10 more of those films, and hopefully they lead to Keanu landing roles in better movies