Friday, June 21, 2019

(395) Vaya Con Dios + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 21, 2019
  • New trailer for Stranger Things season 3. They're killing off the hot one that looks a bit like Zac Efron, aren't they?
  • First poster for Paul Feig's Last Christmas. I really hope it's a hit, Emilia deserves that!
  • There was a special first screening of Midsommar this week with the cast and Ari Aster talking about the movie and the critics getting to see it. The reactions so far are fantastic. They aren't Hereditary-levels strong but that's mostly because while it was hard to compare Hereditary to anything, the outsiders in strange environment is a fairly familiar horror trope. Here's the new trailer.
  • Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenant reportedly has 250 million dollar budget and the comments on reddit about it are both hilarious and spot on.
  • They are re-releasing Endgame with some added bullshit at the end in an attempt to earn more money. I think it's a very dirty trick, to ask people to go pay for it again just because there's some new stuff at the end, but I must say I approve of any plot Disney hatches to dethrone Avatar. Whatever it takes.
  • Who the hell cares?
  • Netflix is removing Hannibal very soon so since I never finished the show, I decided to watch it again and check out all 3 seasons. This is seriously the only way I watch TV series these days,  when Netflix goes "oh, we are removing it soon so we can make room for our trash" and I'm forced to watch it.
  • This is such a unique/crazy show. I still cannot believe it aired on NBC - some of the stuff in it was way more hardcore than what HBO is showing. And Mads Mikkselsen was so good here - Hopkins played the part as a psychopath but Mikkelsen played it as Satan walking on Earth. 
  • The season 2 finale is one of the most highly rated TV episodes on imdb and it's an amazing episode but it's a bit overrated. Then in season 3 Fuller spends FOUR episodes showing us flashbacks to present the outcome for each of the characters while the main storyline progresses very slowly. The show looks amazing but at times they just feature too many visions, dream sequences and such and add to that all the psychological/philosophical talk and it's really not for everybody. But the main things from the books are so well adapted - especially the character of Dr Chilton who is by far the most amusing part of the show and the Red Dragon story line which is the back half of season 3.
  • I also watched Chernobyl which was good but people are really overhyping it. Jesus, we only got Sharp Objects last year, which was far superior to this.
  • Because of that I didn't have much time for movies but it's 4 day long weekend here so I'm catching up.
  • So I livetweeted Point Break, a movie I have never seen before. Jesus Christ, it was hilarious. Keanu plays a rookie FBI agent who wants to find bank robbers and thinks they are surfers so he starts surfing to get close to them. Every time he fell off the board and yelled, I laughed so hard.
  • There is also a chase scene where he breaks into a house, some woman starts beating him up with a golf club telling him to get the fuck out of her house and then the dude he is chasing THROWS a dog at him and Keanu, the patron saint of dogs, kicks the dog off, continues running and tumbles down the hill because as we all know, he cannot run like a human being.
  • (He also cannot wave
  • And his delivery of "I am an F...B...I agent" as well as "oh shit!" in the middle of the movie is one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. 
  • He is so adorable.
  • I wanna feed him strawberries and brush his beautiful hair.
  • *coos*
  • *faints*
  • And you can tell a woman directed it because he is shirtless at least a dozen times. And he also shows ass.
  • I actually rewatched it on Monday and it made me laugh even harder. I can see this becoming a regular thing I rewatch after I come home from work. Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, do, it's amazing!
  • Then, in the middle of heatwave I rewatched Something's Gotta Give. This is the craziest movie ever made because what woman would ever choose Jack Nicholson over Keanu Reeves?
  • No, no. A DOCTOR super sweet Keanu Reeves that never gets angry and cares about you so much.
  • Literally every single of the above things is better than Jack Nicholson. Separately. And combined? He is a GOD.
  • And he did this:
  • (Yes, I risked my life making those gifs for you)
  • He smiled like an angel and bit his lip.
  • What the fuck was he trying to do there? 
  • Explode ALL the ovaries out there so our species would end?
  • Then on Tuesday I rewatched/livetweeted Sweet November and that was even worse than I remembered. Oh my God, it's so bad. Keanu goes to serious Nic Cage levels in this one. There's a montage of him walking on the beach all night and thinking, set to Enya's "Only Time". And there's a scene where he attempts to sell a marketing for hot dogs featuring sexual innuendos. He actually got Razzie nomination for this, he has 7 total! 7! And most shockingly not one of them is for Knock Knock
  • God, my livetweets are so good.
  • Yesterday I watched Bill & Ted movies. They were so cute! That third one is gonna be amazing with Keanu looking like John Wick but playing such a goofball. 
  • And then I rewatched parts of The Neon Demon. Keanu is in 3 scenes or so but this happens:
  • I....have no words.
  • I think I spent an hour this week just watching interviews. Here are some gems I found - 1,2
  • And here is adorable promo stuff for Toy Story 4 - 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Buzzfeed doing an amazing job again.
  • It looks like I'm officially an influencer in this blogosphere.
  • That's just horrifying, isn't it?
  • Diana writes about the hottest trilogy in cinematic history
  • Sek reviews 27 Dresses
  • Courtney lists the movies she is looking forward to this summer
  • Brittani reviews Late Night
  • Katy writes about her experience of watching Game of Thrones
  • Allie reviews MiB: International
  • Gemma writes about Good Omens
  • Sonia reviews Murder Mystery
  • Alex features Harvey Keitel in his In Character series. And of course I made an influential suggestion in the comment section.



    1. This is the first I've heard of Last Christmas, I'll have to keep an eye on that!

      I don't care if Marvel starts asking for donations to get Endgame above Avatar. Whatever it takes indeed.

      I'm glad you liked Chernobyl, I agree Sharp Objects was better overall, but it was still great.

      I forgot Keanu was in Neon Demon.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It looks like it will be fun! I generally really like Feig's movies and Emilia is so charming

        Yeah he only few scenes but he was serving some seriously hot looks and disturbing vibes :D

    2. "they're going to kill off the guy who looks like zach efron in stranger things 3" .... girl he be the great value brand zach efron lol.

      Also, Emilia Clarke looks absolutely adorable on that poster. I really hope that movie is good!

      You're going to be jealous to know that they're filming Bill and Ted 3 in New Orleans...I will be on the lookout for them! Spyin in bushes n shit. haha~!

      1. Well at least he is more easy on the eyes than the one who looks like he does crack....which apparently in real life is true for this actor :P

        oh my God! Totally go for the autograph, he is so nice he will give you one for sure and then I can DIE out of jealousy lol

    3. Thanks for the link :*

      I will definitely see the new Emilia Clarke movie, mostly because I love the song, but also because I think she is quite funny.

      Midsommar sounds really cool, but I'm still scared of watching horror films :)) Love Florence Pugh, though, I hope she gets the recognition she deserves

      1. You're welcome!

        Midsommar will definitely only be for horror fans, Hereditary was fairly traumatizing and this one isn't gonna be any more cheerful than that :)

    4. I hate Billy on Stranger Things so much. If they kill him, you will hear me squeal. lol

      *crossing my fingers for Emilia* It's written by Emma Thompson, so I hope it's good. And Paul makes decent comedies.

      NBC is starting its own streaming service soon. So I have a feeling a lot of shows like The Office are going to be removed. :/

      Lord have mercy, you are on a Keanu roll. I need to get started if I have any chance of writing about something for his birthday. lol I honestly don't think I can ever rewatch Sweet November. I remember watching it as a teen, and it just was so bad, not that the original is any better. lol I had NO IDEA he was in The Neon Demon. WTF.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Yes I am indeed on a roll, I wish I literally was on his roll *nudge nudge wink wink*

        I need to splash water on myself

        He is in TND for a little bit but as you can see from the's good stuff :P

    5. I can't believe Keanu didn't get a Razzie nom for Knock Knock. That performance... it makes my skin crawl.

      Thanks for the link!

    6. I think they're going to turn him into a monster and then kill him off but that probably doesn't make you feel better ;)

      I wonder if re-releasing Endgame is going to help or hurt Spiderman? I'm sure that film will do great but I just don't get the idea people are excited for it as usual or maybe that's just me...

      Hope you have a good weekend!

      1. Eh, it's not like I stan but he is the only one in there that's easy on the eyes :)

        I'm sure Spiderman will make tons of money, I've never been a huge fan but those movies always do well

    7. I'm so stupidly excited for Last Christmas. I also always wanted to watch Hannibal and now I'm sad I'll have to find it elsewhere. I also agree that they're likely to kill off Billy on ST if he's possessed by the Big Bad. But then again, so was Will... then again Will wasn't a racist asshole so... GAH. So ready for that show to be back!

      1. I am sure it will be great, the cast is lovely and Feig in general delivers great comedies. I honestly cannot remember much about what happened in Stranger Things so far other than that Eleven closed that gate and that episode with her sister annoyed a lot of people in the fanbase :)

      2. Ah yes, the infamous Episode 7. It was an okay episode for me. Just felt a bit disjointed and out of place with the rest of the season, but I understand why they did it.

      3. I liked it but people had really negative reaction to it, it's fine if there is one off episode given how many episodes we are getting

    8. You completely forgot to mention one huge element of Point Break...GARY BUSEY!!!! LOLOL! He is so goofy in that movie. I gotta admit though I still love PB. It's goofy beyond measure but it the best possible way. Johnny Utah!!!!

      1. Oh God his freakouts were hilarious and the way he kept snapping at everyone 😂 such a fun movie and you could tell everyone had fun making it

    9. The chemistry between Bullock and Reeves was obviously missing in Speed 2. If you're doing his filmography, River's Edge (1986) is among Keanu's better early films IMO. My Own Private Idaho (1991) is often mentioned when naming his best roles, was well-received but aside from the editing and the ending I found it dull.

      1. I am watching My Own Private Idaho tomorrow! I heard Rivers Edge is really great, I will check it out too

    10. New trailer for Stranger Things season 3. They're killing off the hot one that looks a bit like Zac Efron, aren't they? You mean Billy?! The jock asshole bad one?! As long as Steve is alive by the end of season 3, I'll be okay!

      Ooh, Tenet... I don't think I'll survive until the next summer, gosh, it's my most anticipated movie ever. I've never wanted to see anything else more than I want to see that film. Because I might be in it. If not, fck that movie! :D

      1. Well he is an asshole but he is hot :D

        I will keep a lookout for you when I watch it for sure!

    11. Thank you for the link! A Keanu post will be coming soon in your honor! I LOVE Point Break and I'm so happy you watched it. I love that wave so much; it's so sarcastic and ironic. "Hi. Buddy. It's me. Punk, Quarterback Punk." I could watch that damn movie on repeat.

      1. You're welcome and YEEEEY I'm so happy, I cannot wait to read it! Keanu and Busey together were so funny, they had excellent chemistry. I wish Keanu made lighter movies like this one more often