Friday, July 12, 2019

(398) Don't Mess Around with Jim + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 12, 2019
  • Comic Con is next week and we are getting new trailer for It: Chapter 2. Meanwhile, here are the new images.
  • Man, Spider-Man: Far From Home was LAME. Homecoming is one of the worst movies in MCU but this was even worse. It would be the worst one yet but that Edward Norton atrocity exists. End credits scenes were better than the movie itself. I ain't paying for Spider-Man flick next time. 
  • But Hellboy was even worse than this. How the hell did people involved in this did not realize that they were making absolute turd? There's this CGI involving Ian McShane near the end of the movie that is so bad I almost want to recommend this mess to you guys so you see it with your own eyes. 
  • Enjoy this pure video.
  • Midsommar is out there ending shitty relationships.
  • This is brilliant!
  • On Saturday I rewatched season 3 of Stranger Things. Thanks to that I had no time, again, for Keanu movie livetweet. 
  • The good news is that I'm starting my 16-day long vacation this evening. 
  • The bad news is that later today I'm going to the dentist so I may not actually still be alive for me to enjoy my vacation.
  • I've been hearing the sound of a drill for days now. 
  • Anyways...
  • I just want another season full of this:
  • The gun throw in particular was absolutely hilarious.
  • Hiking in the woods to Ill-annoy lol.
  • Seriously you can make an entire show out of that.
  • Look at that!
  • If you are one of the people who found Hop in season 3 to be "toxic" start running away from me right now. 
  • Throw a zig zag in there too.
  • Evan Rachel Wood is the most insufferable moron in Hollywood. When her ex was getting married she went after Ben Affleck (there are much better reasons to call him out) for some stupid remarks he made 20 years ago. When her character was turned into one dimensional terminator in awfully written season 2 of Westworld and the viewers were dropping it left and right because it was boring and it sucked she bashed fans calling them misogynistic. She used to date Marilyn Manson. She used to work with Woody Allen. And she is now judging someone? And she is giving people advice?! ON DATING? Based on a TV series?! 
  • You've gotta be shitting me.
  • Stranger Things is breaking records left and right and this one is only somewhat relevant because of the show that is now so misguided and disliked, that HBO had to hide what series the trailer for its third season was for through most of it. Ufff, the salt of them tears.
  •  And she is joined by other people who also go after Hop. Good. I hope those fragile individuals keep weak men who never experienced hardship in their lives to themselves. It's gonna be fun for them when real problems occur and they lack any sort of experience or emotional tools to handle them. Suggesting that we should deny love to people who have been through trauma and heartbreak, who are not perfect but are good people at heart, is repugnant.
  • How dare he get angry with Joyce for standing him up, huh? Hopper expresses his feelings that he is entitled to have. You wanna see real toxic masculinity, go see Midsommar filled with passive aggressive weasels. But the people bashing Hop are probably not old enough to do that anyways, or at least I hope so because if we are surrounded with adults who are this fragile then this world is doomed. 
  • She didn't even apologize, just walked in and started throwing magnets on his fridge. Come on, Joyce!
  • And how dare he want his daughter to experience something more in life than making out with a mouthy douchebag? Yes, what an asshole.
  • [pauses to breathe] 
  • Goddammit. 
  • Me watching season 1+2: I like him
  • Me watching season 3 where he is a mess: HELLO DADDY
  • And there's another kink that I have. 
  • We can't even call the police because he IS the police.
  • You've seen my twitter lately? I should go see a shrink and an exorcist instead of a dentist but unlike my mind and soul my teeth can be fixed.
  • Hopefully.
  • Is it clear I am freaking out about the dentist?
  • Anyways...
  • SPOILERS: Don't click this unless you saw the whole season! That's gotta be it right? And we have to wait till probably Christmas next year for more :/
  • SPOILERS: I didn't notice this before that gifset! MY HEART!
  • Here's more Jopper magic. This is adorable. Winona is probably like that for everyone on the set when they start talking shit about themselves. And they mention she is married to Keanu again! Gurl, what are you waiting for, move in with him! He needs a female touch.
  • There are no new Bill and Ted behind the scenes pictures this week because the studio probably read about people thinking Keanu looks like Mulan now and they hid him away. Also there's a hurricane happening over there right now, but you know, it's probably mostly the Mulan thing.
  • But I have something for you! Here's deleted scene from Constantine. Who the fuck cut this out of a movie?! He is shirtless and in bed with a lady for the love of God.
  • The Gift is clearly going to be the next movie I rewatch:
  • Parabellum is going to be released on blu-ray on September. What the hell, that's 2 months away! Hopefully Itunes is much faster.
  • People are fatshaming Jason now. I just...there are no words.
  • Katy writes about attending Hugh Jackman's show
  • Dell and Allie review Far From Home
  • Getter chooses best and worst movies of the year so far
  • Brittani and Keith review Midsommar
  • Gemma writes about Stranger Things and has important question about Hopper's clothing



    1. yay happy friday - and happy vacation! hope the dentist goes well.
      can't wait for your it-theme! I'm still crawling through the book, it's a beast. I really really liked chapter 1.

      1. I would make a progress with the book but yet another Stranger Things rewatch is in the way 😂

    2. If Jason is fat then a lot of people out there are morbidly obese. Jesus.

      I'm pumped for another It trailer!

      I mean, you I know of get where Evan was coming from with Hopper's constant raging. Dude was The Hulk this season. I don't think he's a wife beater though, just someone who could use some anger management.

      Maybe Harbour was in Hellboy mode the entire time he filmed. I'm almost tempted to see how bad that is. Almost.

      Hardball and The Replacements *cough*

      Thanks for the link!

      1. If I had to deal with Mike Wheeler for 6 months I'd probably murder him, Hoppy was chill as hell :D

        Yes, I will get to those two, I promise!

    3. I saw The Gift when it came out in theaters and really liked it. But I wonder if I would enjoy it watching it now. KEANU.

      Also Hopper is an amazing character with flaws. He has anger issues. He has insecurities. He's tough. I love that he's being honest with Joyce and expressing his feelings even if he's grouchy while doing it. I'm glad I don't venture too deep into ST fandom because people whining about him would just piss me off! BLECH ON ALL OF THEM.

      1. ST fandom is actually OK with it, it's the people on movie boards and twitter who are weird, calling him "toxic" or "deplorable", I really had to stop reading some of the boards I usually do because it's embarrassing how fragile some people are

      2. Oh looooooooort help me. I can't with those people. Hopper is one of the most complex characters in television, if you ask me. He's wonderfully flawed and he knows it. Given his situation and everything he's been through, it would have been less believable to me to have him any other way.

      3. Also what do people want? Horrific stuff to happen to characters and them not reacting to it with anger and mistrust? Joyce is damaged through it all too and denies herself happiness and Hopper reacts to things with anger. I swear it's like people who make those complaints didn't go through anything through life. And definitely never dealt with teenagers :)

    4. 16 day vacation! What magic allows you to acquire such mythical things? Do you also own a unicorn?

      Seriously though, hope you enjoy it. If nothing else it should be plenty of time to recover from your trip to the dentist. Hope it goes for well. Thanks
      the link!

      1. Well we are actually required to take 2 weeks of vacation :) So 10 days off work and 2x weekends is 16 days :)

        the dentist went shockingly well, they didn't even drill in anything lol

    5. Joyce throwing the gun towards the Terminator was so hilarious! They were such a hot mess this season. <3 I thought Hopper could've turned it down a notch, but nowhere near as bad as what some people are claiming.

      lol Hopper P.I. would be AMAZING.

      I can't believe people are fatshaming Jason. *insert Jim Halpert gif* WHAT IS GOING ON.

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. Considering how Duffers listen in to the criticism if they venture into the same places online I had the misfortune of venturing in, next season Hopper is gonna be standing in front of Joyce's house with a boombox over his head, playing some romantic shit, and reciting poetry in calm voice while HE apologizes to HER for her standing him up and he thanks Mike for sticking his tongue in his daughter's mouth lol

        People are so ridiculous with that hyperbolic way of thinking, it's not like Hop was shouting and Joyce was running away in tears, that was the kind of bickering you saw in 80's adventure films all the time. And it's not like he was dismissive of her because of her gender or some shit like that, he is the only person in this series who consistently believed her and wanted good things for her

        I don't want to live in this world anymore if this man is considered 'toxic' lol

      2. I don't consider Hopper to be toxic. Joyce and Hopper's shenanigans were fun. I just felt his acting was more over-the-top this season more than last. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that scene with Joyce and Hopper waiting to get the code too, which showed them both in a much calmer and less-frantic light. #JusticeforJopperinS4 :)

      3. I think he was just having more fun than usual, he finally got to be relaxed because Hopper wasn't dealing with monsters all season long which ironically made him louder :) Joyce better march into that Russian prison and get him out of there!

    6. The Momoa fat-shaming nonsense is stupidity on an entirely new level (and that's saying something). I literally don't understand some people these days.

      And Hellboy...I said I was gonna wait for blu-ray but I'm thinking of skipping it too. That thing doesn't interest me AT ALL.

      Oh, and THANK YOU for the link! Always appreciated! :)

      1. Hellboy is so bad, it's the kind of a mess that is entertaining to watch because you literally cannot figure out how did so many talented people make this. The CGI is really awful, the script is too, but that CGI is seriously so bad I cannot believe they actually released it for the world to see

    7. Does that picture in Will's room say Lizard Man Halfing cause I was thinking the demi-gorgon looks kind of like it's becoming more human? :( Poor Hopper if that is him in Russia. I loved him this season. He and Joyce were fantastic and the fact that he kept his temper with Mike even that much is impressive in my book. Kid was a total snot to him.

      Jason is perfect :)

      Best of luck at the dentist!

      1. Yes it does! Maybe the Russians are doing some weird experiment stuff to it. Hop is gonna be fine, he is gonna single handedly take them down and if not I'm sure Murrey and Jouyce are gonna infiltrate another Russian base

        YES! When Mike started whispering to Eleven I was like "bitch, you're dead" lol Hopper showed great restraint there

        Thank you, it went well!

    8. 16 day vacation? Niiiice...enjoy. And don't worry about the dentist, it's mostly just uncomfortable, not painful (because they use local anesthetics for it now)

      Oh man, I can't wait to catch up on Stranger Things. I saw Season 1 whilst on vacation
      and loved it and now i'm slowly going through the second season, when I have time. I love Mike and Eleven and Hopper. Also Steve, and I heard he becomes even better in s2 and s3.

      1. Yeah it was OK because I didn't have any cavities but man, even with anesthetics it is always traumatic for me. The idea of drilling in a bone just freaks me the hell out no matter how short it lasts :P

        I'm so glad you loved it! Hopper <3 and Steve is pretty much everyone's biggest fav in seasons 2 and 3 :)

    9. I'm only up to episode 4 of S3 so far but YES DADDY HOPPER! I'm in love. Also when Joyce was going nuts about her magnets my husband turned to me and said 'omg, you are Joyce' and I don't know how to feel about that yet, haha. I might invite him to this little festival in Sweden next summer...

      1. That man is pure sex! :D

        Your husband is really brave making all those comments he makes, lol, did he see Midsommar with you? He should be more scared after that ^^

    10. I enjoyed Homecoming but I've read nothing but negative reviews for Far From Home reason why I haven't seen it.

      The gun throw scene was hilarious! I hadn't seen that Instagram pic before but I really hope it's true, that Hopper is "safe" in Russia. Also, Daddy Hopper 🤤

      1. If he is there it's those Russians who aren't safe :D