Friday, July 19, 2019

(399) Hopping about + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 19, 2019
  • 399th RF!
  • Just in case you missed my epic post from earlier this week. Yes, I am very proud of it. 
  • Comic Con is happening right now. Here's new It: Chapter Two poster, the trailer got its separate post because it was so dope.
  • Tom Cruise showed up and the crowd went wild. He was there to present the first trailer for Top Gun sequel. Oh God when did Ed Harris age so much? Especially that Cruise didn't age at all and there's like only 10 years of age difference between them.
  • The trailer for Cats is out and it's fucking nightmare fuel. Oh my God!
  •  David Benioff and DB Weiss chickened out and dropped out of Game of Thrones panel that is supposed to happen today. My God, I have never seen a show face such a (deserved) hate. The shame will follow these two no matter what, they are completely fucked. And the actors are probably going to have to deal with their mess today. 
  • Emmy nominations are out and they are garbage. How out of touch are they? Pretty much everyone out there considers the final season of Thrones to be an absolute embarrassment and they give it over 30 nominations? I cannot believe Gwendoline Christie and Alfie Allen are finally nominated and it's for this tragique season. I'm so glad about Emilia Clarke, though. It's remarkable how much she managed to do with so very little. But where the fuck are the nominations for Deadwood? It's also unbelievable how everyone keeps snubbing Eliza Scanlen for Sharp Objects left and right. TV awards are really dumber than movie ones.
  • About me, the visit to the dentist I was freaking out last week went really well! I was there for maybe 10 minutes and it was only for a cleaning because remarkably, there was no problems. If you are scared to go to any kind of doctor, just go, because you will convince yourself things are much worse than they actually are.
  • I'm on my vacay which is great because I don't have to see my office for 2 weeks. Oh, it is glorious. I am reading fiction, for the first time in weeks, which is to say I'm trying to finally finish It. I also went to the zoo to visit my animal friends and to the beach for a walk (I can't sunbathe because I would burst into flames).
  • I saw Annabelle Comes Homes and it was the best Conjuring universe movie in a while. It was awesome to see Vera and Patrick in new scenes. The movie wasn't as good as the previous Annabelle film but it was much, much better than The Nun.
  • I also saw The Curse of La Llrona which is part of the universe too, via a very clumsy and dumb connection. My congrats to Daddy Hopper (*roars like a tiny kitten as she writes those two words*) because Hellboy is no longer the worst movie of the year, this is. It barely had any script and it was built around jump scares. It was lame as hell.
  • I watched Alita: Battle Angel. Meh. The score was nice but the film was quite boring and Waltz, Ali and Connelly had absolutely thankless roles.
  • I also rewatched Carpenter's The Thing because I wanted to after watching Stranger Things 3 and I rewatched the 2011 prequel for it which is really quite enjoyable and ties to the movie nicely. Obviously the 1982 one is a much better movie, though and the special effects are still gross as hell.
  • In a straight up shocking turn of events, The Lion King remake is not getting good reviews. The critics are complaining about the animals not being expressive enough and the lack of creativity. I'm stunned because with Disney basically owing the movie business their movies usually get far better reviews than they deserve. But those remakes are the worst. The only good one is Cinderella and that's precisely because it didn't feel like a remake and it didn't have their usual style over substance, ugly as hell color palette, excessive CGI look to it.
  • Anyways, this made me laugh so hard.
  • New, and much better, trailer for Ad Astra.
  • Enchanting first pictures from Last Christmas:
  • In best news of the week, Woody Harrelson got drunk at Wimbledon and this whole thread is pure magic.
  • Really lame trailer for The King's Man. The sequel was bad, the title is bad and now the trailer is bad.
  • This is what you get for cancelling Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix!
  • How dumb is Scarlett Johansson? Jesus Christ. I'll see the solo because of Florence and David (this is adorable, by the way), but man, I feel bad for them that they have to work with something this stupid. Between her time in MCU coming to end and her other films flopping left and right, hopefully after this film she will disappear. 
  • Can Marvel stop hiring such garbage and making it rich, or is it too much to ask?
  • Thankfully, they also hired Taika again to make Thor 4, because as we all know, this is ALL Hemsworth has. 
  • They let Keanu out of whatever hole they were hiding him in! Still no beard.
  • So I rewatched The Gift and it was even worse and more boring than I remember. I also correctly guessed the killer within first 20 minutes (it's been like 15 years since I saw that movie so I didn't remember the plot). Keanu was actually much better here than in his other 'not nice' roles and he played a douche as convincingly as someone so sweet can.
  • More adorable interviews with Stranger Things cast (1,2)
  • I rewatched the third season again, for the third time in 2 weeks. And it was probably my thirstiest livetweet yet.
  • Seriously go through that thread, I have literally no shame.
  • I also kept rewatching certain moments a lot.
  • A LOT.
  • There is this new thing with him on Netflix which I haven't seen yet because I don't think my ovaries can take it.
  • I love this man
  • And where are his pants? This is so distracting.
  • This! And this! And THIS! And the THIRST in the replies!
  • He is serving a truly unique blend of giving us hope AND ripping out our hearts.
  • Clearly I'm losing my mind. But you gotta admit my idea is pretty great.
  • Allie reviews Midsommar
  • Sek reviews Take me Home Tonight
  • Brittani celebrated 10 years of blogging!
  • Sonia writes about Zero Dark Thirty
  • Keith reviews Ma
  • Alex writes about Too Old to Die Young
  • Gemma wonders about X-Men and MCU
  • Getter chooses her 5 favorite Stranger Things episodes



    1. I honestly would have been surprised if Benioff and Weiss showed up after all.

      Florence is adorable :) and your Hopper stuff getting me through rough week! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

      1. Benioff and Weiss should think of just staying in the bunker from now on lol

        I'm sorry you had a rough week! Just look at Hopper and smile and know everything will be OK :P

    2. I'm still watching Stranger Things season 3 and it's getting pretty interesting so far! I'm really loving the moments between Eleven and Max!

      1. Yes, those are precious! I love their friendship

      2. By the way, I love your new "It" background! Especially the red balloons background!

    3. oh glad to hear the dentist went well! have a very very lovely holiday, dear sati.

    4. :)) That tweet about a tree being ScarJo is hilarious!

      I'm almost done with season 2 of Stranger Things, I can't wait to see season 3. Hopper has been one of my favorites since the beginning.

      The Cats trailer is bananas, I can't believe there are people out there who thought this movie would be a great idea AND payed for it. The King's Man one looks good (hello Harris Dickinson), but definitely more boring than the first two.

      I was on the money with the Lion King remake. I knew the CGI thing would be too weird on animals. Not seeing this one, but I have yet to see the original, so I definitely need to get on that.

      As for the Emmy Nominations, I don't get Carice and Lena. They are wonderful actresses, but this seasons they had maybe 10 minutes on screen, each? Others could have taken those spots

      1. Emmy nominations have always been insane. Emilia and Kit got in before when they did absolutely nothing impressive, comparing to others in the cast. This year only Emilia, Nikolaj and Gwen deserved those

        Cats is insane. I buy studio and the executives making that because they will make pretty much everything these days but those actors signing up is just crazy

    5. Benioff and Weiss are such cowards, and that's so unfair on the cast who will be there. I hope the crowd treat them fairly because it was absolutely not their fault!
      If it doesn't get revealed soon that beardless Keanu was a late April fools I will RIOT!
      Thanks for the link <3

      1. I think this is actually going to be Keanu's look in that movie and we just need to get used to it :D

    6. I love the new layout! Especially the balloon background.

      I can't believe the scariest trailer yesterday wasn't It..but fucking Cats. Wow.

      I hated the Kingsmen sequel so I haven't even bothered with that trailer yet.

      Fucking Emmys... lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Thank you! ^^

        Right? Jesus Christ, what were they thinking...

    7. Love the new look! Cats looks terrifying, but I'm not sure it's meant to. I'm so excited for Last Christmas too. I really want to go back and rewatch season 2 of ST. I've rewatched s1 right before s3 and I've seen s3 twice now. Or maybe I'll just start again from S1 and go straight through. DECISIONS!!!! yay for 399 RFs! omg.

      1. Thank you! Do the rewatch! Season 2 is gold - Hopper dances, gets trapped in creepy underground tunnels and that leads to him getting hosed down :D

        Good stuff ^^

    8. Ah okay, where to begin.
      Cats is going to be an amazing mess, in a sense, that I can't wait to trash it.
      Johansson is an idiot.
      Emmy nominations are freaking weird. I'm only rooting for Fleabag and I hope it wins 3 out of 6 at least, which is for the show, Phoebe as a lead and Coleman as the support. But I'm afraid Markle is gonna win, even though I think the show has lost its magic from season 1 (as I didn't get far with the second season at all) and Fleabag's second season is TV MAGIC!!!!
      Lion King doesn't even interest me. I'm so fed up with these remakes, it's not even funny. How about start creating new stories. Or better yet, the book community is FILLED with great stories, adaptable fantasy adventures! And mostly they suck because everybody keeps focusing more money and effort onto these big money grabbing projects that remake something people love, and ruin them because you can't "fix" what's already been well made.
      I go to the dentist every year, I'm not even phased by it. Then again, I've got almost no nerves in my teeth/gums, so I don't even feel things without the numbing thing.. blanked on the actual name in English. :D
      PS: Thank you for including Steve in your thirsty live tweet! :)

      Also thank you for the link!

      1. I cannot wait to get wasted and watch the screener or this mess

        I don't think it's actual pain that scares me, just the idea of anything to the bones, and teeth are bones after all. I just have this odd phobia about it, the sound of drill fucks me up too :D

        Steve scenes allowed me to breathe as I couldn't during Hop's :P

    9. Man.. what happened to Scarlett? After being supreme in Under the Skin she's just done... nothing but shit, on the screen and off =/

      1. Stupidity always catches on, I guess :P

      2. haha! Its like a disease that just gets worse and worse

    10. Your titles for RF are always on point. :D

      Top Gun 2 is pretty much a remake of the first one, but I'm here for it. Cruise's appearance on Conan of them driving is hysterical.

      It was nice that the GoT cast still showed up for the panel and the whole thing wasn't cancelled. D&D aren't going to be able to avoid the criticism forever.

      I was surprised Amy was the only one who got nominated for Sharp Objects. But I'm happy Emilia was recognized for this final season.

      Happy your trip to the dentist went well!!

      1. I haven't seen Cruise on Conan yet but I will today!

        I think Clarkson got nominated too, so at least there's that!

    11. I just watched Cats trailer and Jesus fucking Christ what was that?! I'll never recover from it... and I feel so sorry for Idris for being in it

      Not only Netflix keeps cancelling great shows but also raise prices. This is insane. I really hope they give us something good in return, not only those awful Netflix original movies.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Idris has been in so much shit, he is used to this by now :)

        I'll pay Netflix till the end of time for the glorious Hopper content in season 3. Also they have Mindhunter + all the seasons of Archer and That 70's Show in their library. But they need to stop cancelling things.

    12. Sounds like Benioff and Weiss might have been a little...ahem....scared to face the music!

      That As Astra trailer has me so incredibly jazzed for that film. I loved Lost City of Z so this is a no-brainer for me.

      And I thought the same thing about Ed Harris...good gravy it looked like they dug him up for the part. Whew!

      And once again THANK YOU for the link! ALWAYS appreciate the inclusion!

      1. Right? He always look older but I guess he still didn't quit smoking :)

        You're welcome!

    13. Thank you so much for the link! What is that trailer for Cats? I mean... wow. Although "nightmare fuel" is the funniest thing I've heard all week.

      1. There are no words for that thing but I cannot wait to drunk watch it 😂