Friday, July 26, 2019

(400) Even more hopping + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 26, 2019
  • The Witcher trailer premiered during Comic Con and it looks so cheap
  • Cavill cannot lead anything. He is fine when he is in supporting role, like in Fallout, but this is gonna be a disaster. And they blew their budget on him so the rest of the cast are a bunch of no names who are probably not that great. But the visuals?! The hell is that? A room, a forest, poorly lit sword-fight? Look, I'd be fine with Netflix cancelling literally everything and giving all the money to Stranger Things, but clearly they didn't do that and they have money to spare. And this is the best they can do? And the trailer itself is a mess - it would be better to just release a single scene and few glimpses of action at the end, when action looks as lousy as that you should hide it, instead of releasing this as if it looked cool. The response to this trailer is shockingly good, which is very surprising to me. People liked this trailer? Really?
  • I will probably watch it since I already pay for Netflix. But, man.....I have the illustration book the creatures in the game were based on and they are so unique and cool looking and it would be so much fun to see our Slavic mythology in a big production. Another cool thing to do in the trailer would be to show off at least one unique creature like that and not some spider thing. This looks generic as hell. And it looks so Western. There are no Slavic vibes which make the whole thing so unique in the first place.
  • on so many levels.
  • The people at Comic Con got this treatment during GoT panel. There was "no time" for fan questions. And cast members who previously backed the fanbase back-paddled in a really embarrassing way. Nikolaj, really?
  • God bless Seth Rogen.
  • Here's some glorious What we Do in the Shadows stuff! (1,2,3)
  • Trailer for season 3 of Westworld. This is very well edited, but after the disaster of second season it's gonna take a lot for me to get invested in this again.
  • Trailer for Watchmen. 2 promos in and I have no idea what the plot of this thing is.
  • The interviews with the cast of It were hilarious. This one has Bill Hader constantly laughing and making comments and the director telling him to shut up. And here Hader is just openly mocking him. That poor guy. Well, not that poor, I think he is dating Amber Heard right now so it's hard to feel too bad for him.
  • If you wanna check out more funny Bill Hader content this is gold - 1,2.,3 I completely lost it at his impression of that pilot leaning against the wall.
  • I finally watched Barry. It took few episodes to get into it but the show is really well written and so funny. If you like Hader, it's a must see! He is astonishing in this (he also directed several episodes), everyone knows him from comedy and he does get a lot of hilarious moments here but there are so many stand out dramatic scenes like the brilliant moment where his character deals with a grief and guilt after killing a fellow Marine. I'm so annoyed the score was not released, it's by David Wingo who is one of my favorite composers, and it's absolutely gorgeous. There's also a brilliant episode, 5th in the 2nd season, that's kinda like Kill Bill mixed with the greatest episode of The Sopranos - Pine Barrens. It's one of the best things I've seen all year. 
  • I watched 1990's miniseries It and it was quite awful, but the actress playing Beverly was good and I don't think Chastain will manage to be this warm. I did like the actors playing Mike and Ben, however that miniseries is really dated. I have even more respect for 2017 movie after watching it.
  • I don't know who paid for this ridiculous article about DiCaprio in THR but not only is the article a mess with pathetic amount of disdain for CBMs and franchises but also that whole thing with crew members being told not to make an eye contact with him is awful and makes him look like an asshole.
  • Trailer for Taika Waitii's Jojo Rabbit. Sam Rockwell looks awesome, but the whole thing is giving me Moonrise Kingdom vibes and I hated the shit out of this movie.
  • VERY fun trailer for Zombieland 2.
  • So much Marvel gold from Comic Con! (1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • The news about Ali playing Blade is very exciting and I hope it's going to be R-rated. But what I am most psyched about is Natalie Portman in Thor 4 playing female Thor - here she is being handed Myeuh-myeuh by Taika Waititi on stage. This is what happens in comic books, apparently, so I hope there aren't many freakouts about this. Also I have no doubt that Chris will still be Thor, with the whole Doctor Strange multiverse thing this is probably how they will bring Jane as Thor. 
  • Surprising things are that they still didn't introduce Keanu so I guess he continues to dodge Feige's offers (which is good, we need him free for all the John Wick films he promised!) and that Angelina Jolie is not playing Sersi as previously reported, but Thena. Sersi is the most well known female Eternal so it would be odd if she wasn't in the movie. On the other hand I cannot imagine Jolie agreeing to share the spotlight with another big female star, which Marvel would no doubt get to play the part.
  • They showed the footage from Black Widow and it sounds really cool.
  • But there's only two things about that movie that matter. 
  • Florence Pugh
  • And of course Daddy Hopper
  • *meows*
  • *claws walls*
  • *faints*
  • *gets back up*
  • *faints again*
  • Look at his beard and the hair! 
  • I swear the bigger his beard, the weaker I become.
  • He sure looks like he is about to play someone who was in Russian prison for months, isn't he?
  • Nudge nudge.
  • Wink wink.
  • Some glorious content (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11). The EW live video is hilarious. Had Florence not stopped him he would probably talk about everyone's characters and spoil the entire movie. This is gonna be a fun press tour. Here's the whole Black Widow panel. Ironically, he plays character called Alexi.
  • STRANGER THINGS 3 SPOILERS - He literally walks around with this article in his jacket lol.
  • I've been watching The Newsroom and I rewatched Revolutionary Road and Black Mass. And Walk among Tombstones where he plays serial killer so let's all be thankful I didn't livetweet that one. I also saw that thing he made for Netflix and it was the weirdest shit I've seen in years. Netflix letting him do this is impressive but let's face it, at that point they'll make anything.
  • This is too much.
  • And this is the best thing I've seen all week (sound on!).
  • I would like to point out that these RFs could be much worse. Look at this
  • See? R in RF should stand for "restraint" with how classy they are! 
  • That said...that tweet is very on point.
  • Sek reviews Two Weeks Notice
  • Katy writes about Stranger Things season 3
  • Jordan reviews Arctic
  • Gemma writes about Comic Con and new trailers
  • Diana reviews Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • Keith watched season 1 of Stranger Things
    Ladies and gentlemen, Cats trailer memes! (1,2,3,4,5,6,7



    1. Thanks for the link! <3

      I'm so excited for Black Widow. I can't believe it's going to be released near Wonder Woman, so I'm bracing for the "which one is better" debates already. lol The clip they released sounds super cool.

      I would give anything for Blade to be R-Rated. Ali is going to be AWESOME.

      That red carpet video of David is N-I-C-E.

      Didn't know What We Did in the Shadows had a panel! I'll have to check it out. Can't wait for season two!!

      The day before the Cats trailer was released, I watched behind-the-scenes footage and it looked so cool. The set design is amazing....then that trailer was released. lol It gave me nightmares.

      1. Yes, they did! Matt Berry was a bit drunk but it was all right lol I'm so glad the show is getting a second season! It's so hilarious

        Cats will event. It looks TERRIBLE but I'm pretty sure everyone is gonna watch it anyways

    2. I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the Witcher since I'm not that familiar with the source material. But I might watch it just to see how it turns out.

      Lots of good movie madness this week!

      1. I'll check it out, there's always hope it's gonna be so bad it's funny :P

    3. Cavill is like watching a cardboard cut out, he's going to be so bad.

      Oh man the IT mini series. I remember that being so campy.

      I apparently have no heart because the Zombieland 2 trailer did nothing for me. It just felt so meh.

      I loved Moonrise Kingdom so I'm hoping I Like Jojo Rabbit, I just hope Rebel Wilson isn't in it very much, and if she is, that she doesn't do her fat girl falling routine.

      There was so much marvel goodness this week!

      wtf with that Harbour tweet? lmao

      1. and now they attached that mop to his head lol

        Eh, comparing to Cats trailer everything is looking all right now ^^

        That tweet....said many things I couldn't lol

    4. trailer for new zombieland was GREAT, didn't think it'd get me that excited. also didn't realize how ballsy seth rogen is haha! happy weekend!

      1. Rogen is really cool, he usually says a lot of stuff that is on point and really smart

    5. Thanks for the link?

      What was the Hop thing for Netflix? Weird as shit is right up my alley =D What do you reckon are his best roles? I really wanna see him light up the screen in some movies too. Walk among Tombstones, that's a Neeson film right? They a bearable, and if he is a serial killer than god-DAYUM i gotta see that again!!!

      Watchmen is one of the few superhero movies that I really liked, so that show you linked might be cool. Tho indeed, what the fuck is the plot?!


        in this case this is just too weird for anyone :D But he looked super hot so I enjoyed it. Yeah he is really sadistic killer in Walk Among the Tombstones, he's great in that. Hopper is his best role but he is really great in everything I saw him in

        Ugh nope for me. Snyder's films are just messes.

      2. Yeah, Watchmen is the only Synder film I remotely like. I can't put my finger on what, but something about it hooked me. It was a looooong time ago when I watched it tho ;)

        I'll have to grab Tombstones for a rewatch. I'll dig into is filmography too. That link though definitely sounds... odd! And if he is hot in it, then I gotta watch it! =P =P

    6. As for The Witcher, well.... I've yet to see a half decent movie based on a videogame. And they have made quite a few, they did Hitman recently didn't they?

      They need to pick a game that actually has a good story. Bioshock could make for a fantastic film, the design of the game alone could make for an awesome film, but the story is great too. That or maybe Dishonored - not as good a story but the complete alternate reality it is based in could at least make for a visual treat, as well as the great contrast of a historical setting but with crazy technology all run by whale oil. That alone would be interesting, let alone with an assassin sneaking around said universe.

      The Witcher and Hitman (and Resident Evil for that matter) are just games with generic stories. No wonder the movies are crap =/

      1. This is not based on videogame, but on the book series. But without video games no one in Hollywood would even know of the book series.

    7. 100% that Cavill can't carry a movie on his own. I think he's good looking but IDK if I find him very charismatic.

      I have Barry on my list of things to watch! Maybe after The Good Place I'll get my husband to sit down and watch it with me. He loves Hader too.

      Also I just freaking love David Harbour. I can only imagine how many times he's been asked that question about Hopper. Also, I had NO Idea that he was with Julia Stiles for like 4 years? WHAAAT.

      1. He was? God damn, lucky her! And lucky Alison now :P

        I think you'll love Barry. It's violent but it's also very smart and funny

    8. Ah, okay! Congrats on 400!! What an amazing number! Do you remember when you started this? I think, maybe, was I already a reader back then?

      The Witcher looks cheap indeed. I wish the show had more names, more skilled actors. Even like well known TV actors could be up for it, I mean there are so many of them, that aren't doing big movies but are killing it on television. Having Cavill there is a big mistake imo because the guy isn't rough enough. I haven't read The Witcher, but I know some of the things, and I think he doesn't fit those things.

      Seth Rogen is amazing. He didn't necessarily bash them but oh how he bashed them. :D

      I'm so immersed into the whole multiverse theory atm that I'm actually super excited for the new phase. There are some promising storylines the MCU could take. I feel like it's also very confusing but I'm sure they'll figure it all out.

      I still haveb't seen Barry's second season but that gif set looks promising :D :D

      Agh, the Cats memes.. lol!!

      And again, CONGRATS! This is a great milestone. I expect many more to come. :)

      1. Long time ago lol I used to be more normal now this is just insane ^^

        Yeah I mean Netflix surely had money to cast at least some actors we know from TV. This is just so bad. It's even worse than the new Hellboy because at least there were well known people in it, this has the same level of CGI and cheap stink all over it

        Watch Barry 2! It's really good and that episode the gifset is from is incredible

    9. Happy 400!!!!

      The Zombieland trailer made me realize how much I loved Emma's hair and make-up in that movie. (And everything Woody.) If the Zombie apocalypse ever happens she's my style guide.

      As excited as I am for Black Widow for David and Florence anyway it will be very interesting to see what Marvel does with Jane and Scarlet Witch story wise. I honestly didn't even think about the use of the multi-verse for Lady Thor. Maybe their saving Keanu for something bigger?

      1. Her make up was super perfect for zombie apocalypse :D

        I don't know if Keanu would say yes to them, if he didn't before when his career was in a weird place he certainly doesn't need to know when every John Wick movie earns more money than the last

    10. SO about The Witcher trailer....ummmmm

      I completely understand the "God bless Seth Rogen" gesture, but NO! That's one guy in Hollywood who I can't get behind no matter what. Well, maybe if he completely altered his career and created a new shtick that was actually funny. Ahem...I digress....

      Black Widow has a TON of promise. Love the additions of Pugh and Harbour. My understanding is that he will be playing Red Guardian. If so, that's pretty cool!

      And of course...thank you ma'am for the link!

      1. He can tell all the disgusting jokes he likes, since he uses his platform to do good, be honest and call people out on being shitty.

        Yep, that's gonna be one killer costume for him :P

        I'm just so psyched you like the show!

    11. Witcher looks decent, I will check it out, I love Henry Cavill.

      The Marvel Comic Con panels were insane- so many news! It's cool that the new Thor is Jane, but what will happen to Chris Hemsworth? He'll be part of the Guardians? Also, I can't wait to see the new Bucky and Falcon TV show, I love both of them. Same for Loki. "What if.." also sounds interesting.

      I finished Stranger Things!!!! now I can finally read your posts and comment and talk about it :D

      1. I think Chris will be in Guardians but he is definitely in Thor 4 as well!


    12. I can't wait to see Ali as Blade. He's gonna slay!

      1. Yeah but it's probably a long time before we see it