Friday, August 9, 2019

(402) Pennywiser + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Thanks to Hobbs & Shaw we have another Tyrese meltdown. How did Dwayne not hire an assassin to silently take this guy out yet?
  • So here we go with several bad ideas that hit the news cycle in the last 7 days:
  • What the fuck? Nobody wants to see Ben Affleck, period, let alone in an erotic thriller. If anything, put more clothes on this guy.
  • Here's another shitty idea. Maybe even more women get brutally killed in this. And even more shots of bare feet, because why not, right?
  • And another one. Because nothing says "Christmas release" like gritty sci-fi set on a desert. What was WB thinking? That the last movie starring Jason earned a billion dollars when it was released on Christmas? There he was a lead and it was a fun movie. This is science fiction from Villenueve so it's practically guaranteed to be boring.
  • OK. That is it. It is now essential that we rescue Keanu from that set. What the hell are they doing to him?!
  • Nic Cage, everyone.
  • I started watching Amazon Prime show The Boys and it's pretty good. It's a violent, dark take on superheroes and some of the scenes are quite shocking. I don't think it deserves the praise it is getting but it's a fun watch so far and Karl Urban's character has some amazing lines.
  • New TV spot for It Chapter Two. And another one. And another one.
  • The tag for the film on tumblr is WILD. I went there looking for gifs and fully expecting clown porn and I found shipping fever about Richie and Eddie. 
  • And even more of Bill making fun of Andy Muschietti. He really can't catch a break, can he?
  • I swear at that point I'm looking forward to him promoting the movie and making fun of Andy - AND hopefully to behind the scenes footage of all of those "stop smiling, act scared" moments on Blu Ray -  more than I wait for the actual movie.
  • The kids are going to be digitally de-aged, which is a good move, especially with Finn who had to be shot with tricky angles in Stranger Things 3
  • D&D fucked up Game of Thrones so bad, that Bill, who has nothing to do with the show but simply has a series on HBO, gets shit for it
  • Is this the highest level of fucking up?
  • I think so.
  • "Fuck me? I'm not HBO!". 
  • Oh, Jesus.
  • If it looks like I have been mentioning Bill a lot lately it is because I have. 
  • I have a little crush on him. 
  • OK, THAT is a lie. 
  • Because when you rewatch Trainwreck for a man, which I did since last RF and my God what an awful movie it is, it is no longer a little crush. That is some serious I would die for you gesture of love. 
  • He is just so adorable! I can't help it!
  • And no one called me making Stefon another boo. 402 entries in and I can still surprise the living shit out of you.
  • Right?! ADORABLE!!!!
  • My God he is like a little bunny I wanna cuddle.
  • "Pennywiser"
  • I love how you can actually hear Bill hitting his forehead with a microphone, like an anxious kid, as Andy is trying to talk. Oh my God, seriously can this director get some awards for that movie because he was dealing with so much while shooting it. If you watched Comic Con interviews you can see what a chaotic mess this cast is. 
  • "I outed him as a coke addict"
  • "It's like blowing up a bridge"
  • This one made me laugh so hard I almost suffocated.
  • I am even rewatching Barry here, people. All I did this week, and I mean all, was watching interviews with him and rewatching the show.
  • I freaking hate Sally. Between this and that horrible Amy Schumer not wanting him to spoon her I saw so much insane stuff over the last week.
  • My God, throwing him out of your apartment and not wanting him to spoon you. It's like...bitchslapping a puppy.
  • But let us go back to Daddy Hopper because I think it is now officially hilarious how obvious it is he will be in season 4. Look at his hair and that beard. Also this is like the worst choice of wardrobe if he wanted to go unnoticed. I am looking forward to when it is two months from now, they are probably starting shooting season 4, his beard and hair are even more inexplicable, and they are still trying to hide from us that he is in the show.
  • David really thinks of everything, doesn't he?
  • He is the main Jopper stan. He will be at Enzo even if the Duffers tell him he is really dead. 
  • Daddy went off!
  • And finally, you really need to see that.
  • Getter, Allie and Keith write about Stranger Things season 3
  • Gemma reviews Ophelia
  • Brittani shares her thoughts about the TV series she watched
  • Mario reviews MiB: International
  • Diana shares which upcoming Oscar season movies she is excited about



    1. I haven't watched The Boys but I like seeing Karl Urban getting some attention. I've always felt he is a terribly underrated actor. Maybe this will put him on more people's maps.

      I can't imagine a scenario where Hopper isn't in ST4. I wouldn't be surprised if he pops up a little later into the season which would give him plenty of time to wrap up his part in Black Widow. Regardless, the show wouldn't be the same without him and I say that in the most literal sense.

      And thaaaaaank youuuuu for the link!

      1. Yeah, he is very good in that! Very charismatic

        Oh they are still not shooting so I'm sure he will finish BW before they start ST4 :) They are doing TERRIBLE job at hiding he will be in it :D

    2. BILL HADER. FUUUUUUDGE. I need to watch Barry (yes, you know this.) Next week. I'm going to start it. Also, I love Karl Urban. I think he's so underrated. Also, is that Jack Quaid in that first gif? Twitter is blocked at work so I shall have to pull this up on my phone to check out all the fun links. I agree with the cast of IT 2 being a chaotic mess but it also seems like they're having a lot of fun, which I love.

      1. Oh you are gonna love this :D He is actually selling the shit out playing an assassin in spite of being so afraid of guns like he said in that youtube video I linked :P Gosh, he is so adorbs <3

        Yeah, it's him! Quaid and Ryan's kid!

      2. Our first Barry episode is scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm so excited :D I've only seen Quaid in Hunger Games! But I think I need to check this show out (The Boys).

      3. Oh you should be excited :) The Boys is fun but it's quite dark and violent

    3. I've heard a lot of great things about The Boys. When Mrs. Maisel comes back I may check that out.

      Tyrese needs to see a therapist. Dude is beyond troubling.

      Is there a running list of your boos somewhere? I think I remember them all but there really should be a index on your blog lol.

      Dune's release date is weird. I need to see a trailer for that to fully decide.

      Thanks for the link!

    4. Good God, do I love Harbour. That penguin thing is so great. Dude has it all figured out... even if Hellboy was inexcusably bad.

      Damn it...I was gonna go with The Boys... but then I went with High School Dick Central instead. At least that one girl is crazy hot (and yes, I'm too old...but DAMN).

      IT chap. 2 can't get here fast enough. At least I have something to look forward to in the fall...

      Thanks for the link!

      1. mean Euphoria? :D Well have fun with the nightmares, since you are a dad this is gonna be a fun show for you :)

      2. Oh, I most definitely mean Euphoria. *shudder* I'm basically good for an episode a week.

      3. I watched most of it in one day and it was a mistake lol I felt like I was on drugs

    5. Meanwhile... I don't care about It Chapter 2 nor about Bill Hader lol

      1. Well, good taste isn't a gift given to everyone :)

    6. You're making me want to watch Barry!

      I was a bit knee-jerk horrified that their already de-aging teenagers but yeah I can see why its necessary. Especially in Finn's case they need to shrink him back down :)

      1. Everyone should watch Barry! :D

        Bill is really tall but Finn has gotta be close to his height already, it's crazy!

    7. Bill Hader's stories are hilarious. XD In and Out Burger has to be magical because I've heard a lot of winners from award shows go there afterwards. lol

      Karl Urban is so much fun to watch. I'll have to check out The Boys after all of my other shows. :P

      Dune being released during the holidays is like releasing a Christmas movie in July. lmao

      1. I wanna go to LA and hang out there at the time of the Emmys, after all he is single 😅

        If you like him you gotta check out the show, he is definitely the most entertaining thing about it

    8. Thanks for the link :*

      I really want to see The Boys, I just need to find time for it. Maybe I'll convince the boyfriend to watch it with me, but probably later, cause now we're watching Big Bang Theory

      Finn had to be shot with tricky angles in ST3? why? he grew up too fast? Interesting

      Bill Hader is hilarious, he's a special guy! Loved him on SNL and I heard he's amazing in Barry!

      1. Yeah he is super tall already. Bill is a tall guy and Finn was almost his height when they were on stage on CinemaCon in April :)

        Barry is incredible, it’s mind blowing how talented he is since he also wrote and directed a lot of it

    9. You got me excited enough to watch the first It remake which I haven't for some odd reason. I'm gonna jump straight into it!! I'm now really looking forward to the second one, tho i need to check the Aus date.

      Although I don't understand what you are saying re- the stuff about about whatever that Affleck movie was. The plot actually seemed semi-interesting, though I'm sure it won't be at all if he is in it, unable to control the function his facial muscles anymore to the point he only has one expression.

      It'll end up on Netflix I bet!

      While there is an obvious difference between how the genders are represented on-screen, and behind it even more so (which is the biggest problem really), I don't think that should mean that suddenly certain scene(s) or sub-plots etc, such as what you described, should now suddenly be deemed obscene. It'll be judged accordingly due to the quality of the movie. It'll probably/almost certainly be terrible I admit and will get shitted on endlessly as it will deserve, but I don't think a movie should be instantly written off because it has scenes like that.

      That's just me though =] Tbh I prefer the opposite kinda thjing, like Atomic Blonde.

      1. Huh? That's not what I was saying at all. Affleck and his brother both molested women. He shouldn't be getting ANY WORK.

        My point about him in erotic thriller was that no woman wants to see this guy naked. Or in anything really because of what I said above, but he is so unattractive on top of that. Cast someone who is attractive and NOT a pig and we will love to see it.

      2. Ohhhhhhh okay, my bad, I didn't know any of that. I knew Casey had done something dodgy but I didn't realise it was to that extent. Okay now what I wrote looks like absolute nonsense, woops

        Hehe you're probably right then about him in an erotic thriller - I don't know how informed other people are about actors' personal lives tho, I've obviously oblivious, all I know is what I read on here really.

        I do think that personal lives shouldn't influence what work they get.... to a point though. That sorta shit, or like that creepy fuckin director who did GOTG i think it was... yeah I can see how you feel now. Its like they can act with no repercussions, whereas their acts should land them in cinematic prison, if not a real one.

      3. Meanwhile Meg Ryan's career totally collapsed when she cheated on her husband with Russel Crowe circa 2000 and you have male actors doing whatever the fuck they want with no consequences

      4. I'd ask if you are kidding if I didn't know you aren't. What the FUCK?? How is that possible?? Jesus wasn't Crowe in the shit himself ages ago? Something about throwing a phone at someone?

      5. He allegedly didnt win a second Oscar because he threw stuff at BAFTA people after they trimmed his speech. But clearly he still got high profile roles.

      6. ugh, allegedly or otherwise the imbalance in Hollywood is fucked. Crowe is probably the only Australian actor I dislike