Friday, August 16, 2019

(403) That must have been WILD + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 16, 2019
  • Trailer for Little Women. It actually looks really sweet. Watson is gonna be the weakest link, clearly, but Saoirse and Florence both look wonderful. Why didn't poor Eliza even have a line in this? I never read the book but I know what happens because of that Friends episode.
  • Here's absolutely awful poster for Last Christmas. Why would they use so much photoshop? They don't even look human anymore. Here's the trailer. There is someone who saw the movie who says that it ain't exactly all happy and we already have people out there guessing the twist. Why would you not conceal that shit better in the trailer? That said, I hope it's a hit. I love Feig's movies and both leads are so charming and deserve great careers.
  • Universal has cancelled the release of The Hunt because of mass shootings in USA. Yep, because it's the movies' fault and not because of the fact people can buy guns over there as easily as candy.
  • Do you know why we don't have gun violence here in Poland? We have the same movies and video games as Americans do but what we do not have is an easy access to fire arms. 
  • I forgot to share the news recently but Amazon is doing a TV series based on Event Horizon, which is one of the raddest horror movies of the 90's. The story behind it is quite fascinating too - it was rushed in post production because of freaking Titanic (James Cameron is such an asshole, you guys) and then the footage that was cut was stored in salt mines in Transylvania and got destroyed. What?! Anyways, it's a great movie even with all the issues it has and I rewatched it over the weekend. It has one of the best, if not the best, "nope" scene ever, where the new crew watches the video of the previous crew fucking, mutilating and killing each other and Laurence Fishburne simply says "we're leaving".
  • I also watched Wild Things, which I never saw before, and it was a lot of fun! Ah, the 90's when we actually saw nudity and sex in films. I don't know who needs this information but Kevin Bacon is really well-endowed. 
  • The Crown season 3 will premiere on November 17th. Here's pictures and the article about the new season.
  • So this happened. This is very noble (let's disregard the fact that in between all of this he went golfing with James Bond) of Jason and seeing how the first film earned all that money thanks to him, he has this pull. But as a fan of the first movie I am worried about the sequel. Amber Heard is a mess and at that point with how toxic she is - let's face it, her and Depp are basically Sid and Nancy and neither is innocent - I wouldn't be surprised if she was recast. Then there is Wan prioritizing other projects over this and The Conjuring. Ugh. Now their lead actor is challenging bulldozers to a fight. 
  • He is obviously going to be fine, though. The bulldozers will just break into pieces right in front of him, out of fear and arousal. 
  • WB should really get on top of their DC division, why the hell are they so inept? First the Snyder mess. Then they gave Robbie so much power she inserts Harley in a movie where she absolutely doesn't belong (Birds of Prey). Then WW1984 gets delayed amount of time so ridiculous even its director is surprised. Then they hire a degenerate pervert to make the new Suicide Squad. And now this.
  • Oh and apparently The Joker is incels' wet dream so thank you for unleashing that into the world, WB. Cause all these shits need is a new icon played by this overrated edgelord. 
  • Because why make Gotham City Sirens movie, right? When you can just make another movie with the Joker and make another Batman film?
  • And where the hell is marketing for It: Chapter Two? Am I supposed to do everything on my own on my twitter, tumblr and this site? It's 3 weeks away. Pennywise and Bill Hader should be shoved in our faces 24/7.
  • Oh, God please shove him in my face. 
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • *faints*
  • We did get new TV spots, though (1,2,3) and new posters! I just hope they are actually airing all the time on TV and the posters are on every building in USA.
  • And look at this still:
  • I can literally hear Muschietti yelling "Bill, stop smiling!" over the God mic 15 seconds before it was taken.
  • And another still that was just released. And here's what Bill's fanbase already did with it.
  • I watched Popstar Never Stop Stopping and even for an idiot like me it was too dumb. 
  • Guess why I watched it in the first place.
  • Go ahead. 
  • Guess. 
  • Bill's daughters throwing shade at him is the funniest thing ever.
  • I shared it on twitter but in case you didn't see this.
  • "So you saw your father shot in the face....that must have been WILD".
  • I swear to God I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes when I watched that for the first time. It's insane how well he does all those impressions! I am watching his SNL episodes (yes, it's 8 seasons. Yes, I am watching them all, not just the two episodes he hosted. Yes, my dedication is yet again, incredible. Laser cats sketch, anyone?) and Vincent Price sketches are the second best after Herb Welch ones (oh God, these are just pure gold, everyone always talks about Stefon but every single Herb sketch was amazing). This one was Bill's first sketch in that series and in his first season ever and it's amazing how well he did.
  • I'm still laughing
  • Here's Bill playing a video game with Conan and giving some epic commentary. I need a show where they just play games all the time and bully Aaron for his nerd knowledge.
  • We only had one Daddy Hopper sighting this week and he officially looks homeless now so the filming of Stranger Things 4 must be underway.
  • Courtney, Keith and Brittani review The Farewell
  • Diana writes about Trainspotting
  • Sek reviews Must Love Dogs
  • Mario writes about Toy Story 4
  • Gemma chooses her fantasy book club
  • Sonia reviews Rocketman
  • Dell announced another edition of his Against the Crowd blogathon!
  • Katy writes about Big Little Lies 2
  • Allie reviews Good Boys



    1. If Gerwin manages to get a good performance from Watson I swear I’ll become her greatest fan

      Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping is dumb but I love it. I rewatched it the other day and man, it is so funny and Andy 😍

      Thank you for the link!

      1. You're into Andy but not Bill? What's going on? :D

      2. Watch Barry, girl, if this doesn't work, I don't know how to help :)

    2. I loved LW when I was younger, so I'm excited to see the movie. And yes, that Friends episode kills me every time. When Joey and Rachel spoil each other so bitterly. I love it.

      I have hated every single DC movie except for WW. But to be fair, I have yet to see Aquaman! With Heard being cast in The Stand series, I wonder how that will work. Although if they're not even thinking about the sequel yet, there must be time. I agree w/ you though - she and Depp are very toxic people.

      Bill Hader was my favorite part of SNL when he was on... I'm so glad he's got a good career post-SNL because watching him disappear the way some of their comedians have would have been too depressing.

      I also wondered about IT marketing... but maybe WB assumes it's big enough to not need much marketing? idek. I was more press vids!

      1. Oh you gotta watch Aquaman, it's great! It's very romantic too but that's mostly thanks to subplot with his mother played by Nicole Kidman, Heard should have had waaay more chemistry with Jason

        He was way too hot and talented to disappear :) I'm so happy for him, he was so anxious when he was doing SNL and now he is so happy when he gets to make Barry and clearly he had waaaay too much fun on the set of It (poor Andy :P)

        Those press vids need to get here asap!

    3. I don't know why, but I'm hyper-excited about Little Women. You're looks sweet. Perfect description. I wasn't sure what character Emma Watson would be, but she's definitely the weakest character, which is a shame. I don't think this version will top the 1994 version with Winona, but it's been long enough to see this story retold...with bae Timothee Chalamet <3 <3

      1. Timothee is about 20 years too young for my taste :) Watson just looks too modern imho, hopefully she isn't in this much

    4. So would the bulldozers get....destructive erections? Is that how that works? lol

      I'm so happy I have you to share my Watson bitching. I loved the Little Woman trailer, but she's going to be so bad. Is it too late to CGI someone else in her place?

      Depp and Heard being Sid and Nancy is a perfect analogy, they are both the hottest of messes.

      The internet is going to be...interesting when The Joker comes out.

      WB should be paying you for promoting IT2 to be honest lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think so, that's the perfect way to describe it :P

        Ugh, that chick is just the worst. I did hear she is awful and they cut out most of her scenes so that's good news :P

        Yes. They can just fly me to meet Bill, I'll accept that as payment

    5. That whole Mamoa v. Bulldozer thing is insane. I've got nothing but respect for that dude.

      Event Horizon is sooooo good. I need to rewatch it. Hope the TV show is even half as good.

      Depp and Heard...Sid and Nancy...yeah, that's about right.

      Thanks for the link! Looking forward to your entry.

      1. I think TV show may be even better, since the two thing the movie was missing was more time and more money. It would be dope if they found someone as cool as Fishburne to play the hero, he was so great in that movie

    6. So is it too much to hope for a Stranger Things scene where they shower him down and then Joyce shaves the beard? :)

      I finally started reading It and am already loving adult Richie! I think Hader's going to knock it out of the park hopefully Richie makes it out and I don't end up in a puddle of tears.

      Happy weekend!

      1. Oh no, not to shaving the beard! But they can trim it a bit :)

        Hader is going to easily steal the show in that movie, McAvoy would be the only competition but he looks like he just gave up in all the promos released so far :)

    7. that headline from jason momoa is just wild.
      thank god you get me excited for IT2! only problem I have with mcavoy is that he's supposed to be 'long bill', isn't he? but he fits well and looks a lot like his younger counter-part!

      1. Well McAvoy's biggest problem is gonna be looking dead inside, it really seems like Bill and James Ransone will easily walk away with this movie, Chastain cannot conjure warm and McAvoy is clearly suffering from flashbacks to Dark Phoenix :)

      2. just realized I meant BIG bill instead of LONG and I blame you for my dirty mind. mcavoy really does suffer a lot all the time!

    8. I quite like that trailer for Little Women. Looks like I'm actually going see an adaptation of the novel (took long enough).

      Just give us The Conjuring III already!

      I'm not a huge Feig fan but Last Christmas could be a sweet Holiday flick. But you're soooo right about them hiding their twist. It can't be that hard to not give it away IN YOUR FIRST TRAILER!!!

      I actually liked several of the DC movies (not you Suicide Squad) but it has become obvious that they have no clear vision for what they are doing. They have some truly iconic characters but they don't seem to know if they want a connected universe or if they want to loan out their characters to an assortment of filmmakers to do whatever they want. I don't want them to be like Marvel. I liked that they had a darker tone. But they need some kind of vision. Otherwise....

      1. The Conjuring 3 is directed by the guy who made La LLrona, which is currently the worst piece of shit I saw this year so I'm not optimistic

        They need to get their shit together. The public embarrassment of Snyder's trash and the horrible stain that left - It Chapter Two embargo lifts today and I'm so nervous just because it's WB and I don't blame the critics being biased against them, with how often and how publicly they messed up with BvS, Squad and Justice League. I mean how do you fuck up Justice League? And yet they managed

    9. Thanks for the link >:D<

      The Little Women trailer looks good, especially the Ronan-Chalamet dynamic. And you're right, Watson looks like the weak link (of course she does, she's surrounded by Oscar-nominated and winning actresses)

      I think I've made a huge decision. I will watch IT and IT 2, and it's all because of you :D Definitely not catching the second one in cinemas, but I will watch it when it comes up online

      1. YEY! I'm so glad. I think you're gonna like the first movie, it's scary but it's also a lovely story about friendship, a lot like Stranger Things!

    10. I left a badass comment, but my work computer wants me to use my work e-mail, uh, that probably wasn't a good idea.

      To recap, I was stoked about Hader, recalled a certain scene in Popstar that I can't UNSEE, and shocked you hadn't yet seen Wild Things...oh, and told Violet you linked her and she was excited...though I don't think she knew what that meant.

      Thanks again.... m. brown

      1. Work computer?! This site is worse than PornHub, my man

        There's a LOT in this movie one cannot unsee :) YEY for Violet, so glad you involved her in the website!

    11. Little Women looks cute. It mostly made me want to watch the version with Winona, so I hope Greta can make it a little different. They're all blurring together for me. But I'll watch anything with Saoirse though.

      Can't wait for Last Christmas. I JUST. EMILIA. <3

      Event Horizon is on crack. That movie is so wild. It'll be interesting to see how it will be adapted.

      Poor DC. That fandom is on fire.

      I can't believe IT is only a few weeks away. By far, I'm the most excite for Skarsgard and Hader....and McAvoy. lol

      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. As part of DC fandom I live in perpetual stress so it's nice that this week it's MCU stans who had a very rough time :)


    12. Little Women has a great cast and good feminist message but I was bored for the 3 min trailer so that tells me I won't enjoy the film. The Joker I'll definitely watch.

      1. Well i was more entertainment by that trailer than the entire Lady Bird :)

    13. I'm so glad you gave Wild Things a chance. That's one of my favorite trashy movies ever, but I also think it's sneakily smart. I laughed out loud at your note about Bacon's... contribution to the movie.

      1. I was like O_O Stuff like that used to happen in the 90's nowadays MPAA would shut them down :P

    14. WTF, they cancelled the released of The Hunt for that reason? Political correctness really is gaining more and more traction.

      But what does 'cancelled' mean exactly? "we understand that now is not the right time to release this film". So it will make all the difference if its released in two years or something? This kinda shit leaves me practically speechless. Which is rare.

      The premise sounded interesting too =/

      Totally with you on Event Horizon, amazing film... god I haven't seen it for ages. I can't remember anything apart from loving it, definitely time to rewatch. Hopefully the series is half as good. But that stuff about Transylvanian salt mines, that surely can't be true! Right...?

      1. That is not PC. Is giving up on fighting with actual issues and finding scapegoats. In two years those shootings will be even worse, I really feel bad for people living in USA

        The transylvanian salt mines thing is 100% legit :)

    15. It is legit? Haha how bizarre.

      Agree with you on The Hunt. I do think tho that its a combination, both PC and definitely pinning a really serious issue on a scapegoat, more the latter I think. But that's just my take, almost certainly cos PC shit is seriously full on in the area I work in (community service/youth work) and therefore pisses me off more than it should.

      As you once said to me a while ago, there is a ton of worse shit happening around the world than political correctness, and I 100% agree.