Friday, August 30, 2019

(405) IT's almost time + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 30, 2019
  • Thanks to D23 we have tons of news. New poster for The Rise of the Skywalker, you know, in case you didn't know Emperor is in it. This reeks of nostalgia bait and desperation. They also released a sneak peak with Rey in dark robes. Oh, J.J. You and your hype marketing.
  • People are like "omg is that a clone"? "is that a vision"?
  • It's bunch of bollocks is what it is. This is Disney literally throwing everything to make people forget about TLJ. The first half of that footage is shots from previous films and there are only few from TLJ for a reason.
  • The TV series with Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi is finally happening. The crowd went absolutely wild for him.
  • They also showed new footage from Black Widow but didn't release it for us, poor people who weren't there. Here's brief description and here's the description of David in it. 
  • He has chest tattoos and they didn't release it online. I should sue.
  • We did at least get an official Expo poster and with it the first glimpse at David's character. People are going 'ah, so the beard was for this and not Stranger Things 4'. I mean of course it was for this but it can also be for Stranger Things 4! It's probably mainly for it but Marvel just rolled with it since he is playing a badass Russian in Black Widow so the beard simply fits.
  • Here's the cast of The Eternals and their costumes shown behind them. Here's closer look. Also apparently Kit Harington has joined the cast but given his non-existent range hopefully he is not in this much.
  •  Here's the adorable dogs from The Lady and the Tramp on the red carpet and here is the trailer for the movie. It's dogs. Of course I will watch this.
  • New banner for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
  • First look at Emma Stone as Cruella!:
  • Netflix secretly made Breaking Bad movie. It drops in October!
  • Trailer for extended cut of Midsommar which will play in cinemas in USA this weekend. Unfortunately, there's still no blu-ray release date for it.
  • New trailer for Joker. This is just catnip for psychos. I have no interest in this movie but I cannot believe people in USA are actually willing to go to cinema to watch it. With the shootings constantly happening there? You really think incels are going to control themselves? Because they are so good at that, right?
  • New trailer for Lucy in the Sky.
  • New photo of Rebecca Ferguson in Doctor Sleep
  • That's one lucky lift.
  • Look at Keanu, right next to a dog, like the patron saint of dogs always should be.
  • We have a list of SNL presenters for the first few episodes and while there is sadly no Bill, Daddy Hopper is hosting on October 12!
  • Things I did: THAT.
  • Come on!
  • The hips movement hypnotized me.
  • Herb Welch forever! (1,2). "Lay it on me, my man" slays me every single time I watch that sketch which is a lot.
  • Trailer for Noelle! So cute! Also his daughters actually approve of the movie he is in? Hell has frozen over.
  • I really don't know how many more of these pictures I can take before I explode.
  • New TV spot. Jesus, Chastain, emote, please. At that point Bill isn't just stealing the movie but even the goddamn promos. With ease.
  • Another spot. Can we please stop putting that shot of him crying in them?!
  • Another one!
  • Clip from the Jade of the Orient scene!
  • Here is the new still:
  • And another one:
  • I can't believe we are just one week away from witnessing the most important performance of the year. Someone hold me!
  • Would you fucking look at this?
  • Hundreds of people there on press day and no one fixed his collar?
  • Clearly he needs a woman to help him get dressed.
  • Why can't I be that woman?
  • I can't stress how loud I screamed when I saw these.
  • I'd faint - this interviewer was super brave. 
  • Here he is looking thrilled in group photo. And there's a video!
  • Here's the interview with the young/older cast and Andy, it is amazing! So funny and the interviewer asked them really great questions. Also I am horrified those kids watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  • And here's another one! When the balloon burst we saw that classic 'smiling when scared' acting!
  • And another one!
  • And another one!!!
  • More and more.
  • Rotten tomatoes interview.
  • He was already exhausted after just few press interviews.
  • Here they cast even older versions of the Losers club. The 'asshole who started Sundance' part almost killed me.
  • More interviews from this week here.
  • Bill cracking everyone up during press conference (1,2). He is officially becoming dangerously too funny. No, no. We're past that. He IS dangerously too funny.
  • We got so much content from red carpet premiere! Andy Muschietti straight up rode in on a bike! And Bill actually went to the after party!
  • Photos! (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
  • Videos! (1,2,3). His reaction here is so funny!
  • Interviews! (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
  • Bill photobombing the kids!
  • This porn!
  • In front of the kids, Bill?!
  • And he also kept making Finn laugh (1,2)
  • It was also Andy's 46th birthday and the cast sang happy birthday for him
  • He looks straight up abandoned here
  • You know how last week I shared that magazine cover? I should have been doing breathing exercises in preparation for the whole photoshoot to drop because what the fuck:
  • Here's the whole photoshoot and great article about him. The anecdote about Superbad is hilarious!
  • Another great interview and yet another story about his daughters throwing shade at him. Dear God, they are not even 10 years old!
  • Guys. He makes up stories to tell them. I just....*sighs for 15 minutes*
  • So Bill is gonna be on Jimmy Fallon's show on Tuesday. As it happens, it is my
  • *vomits*
  • *vomits again*
  • *cries for 30 minutes*
  • ...30th birthday on Wednesday.
  • You know what I want for my birthday?
  • Well yeah, we all know what.
  • But you know what I want for my birthday that is actually achievable?
  • For Jimmy to play Water War with Bill. Come on universe, make it happen!
  • Keith chooses remakes that are better than original films
  • Katy writes about Taylor Swift's newest album
  • Gemma reviews Ready or Not
  • Check out entries for Dell's Against the Crowd blogathon!
  • Allie reviews Psycho
  • Alex features Michael Madsen in his In Character series
  • Brittani reviews The Peanut Butter Falcon



    1. The Bill Hader love is immense! This was a very fun read.And I'm definitely looking forward to It: Chapter 2.

      The Rise of Skywalker trailer was cool. I actually like TLJ, though.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It really is 😂 Good God TLJ... I was so close to slip into a coma. Hopefully this one is better but I am not giving them money for it

    2. 'It's bunch of bollocks is what it is' this cracked me up!!! I've only heard pommies say that word. Bollocks. such a great word eh? haha I can hear an English accent in my head right now

      So David is playing a badass Russian? That should be awesome!

      That new trailer for Joker actually put me off it, I was super excited a few months ago, but now... not so sure. And as much as I like Joaquin Phoenix I don't think this role suits him at ALL. Tho what was the connection to the school shootings? I didn't see anything really overt to suggest that.. but admittedly my memory is terrible.

      I really dig Bill Hader. The Skeleton Twins was one of my faves from that year. Those videos you posted for 'It', do they discuss the story much?? I inexplicably haven't seen the first, can barely remember the original, and am now waiting till Wednesday night to watch them both back to back

      1. Not just school, they shoot people everywhere in America. Happens during cinema showings too, people were killed during The Dark Knight Rises screening. The kind of weak men who champion weak men who resort to violence on screen are likely to repeat history here. Phoenix is overrated as fuck imho, recently he just mumbles through his roles. Zero interest in this thing other than De Niro who looks fun

        No, no spoilers. Bill was distracting everyone so bad even if they intended to talk about spoilers they wouldnt get a chance to 😂

      2. Hehe awesome, I'll be watching those videos now, Bill is funny as hell!

        I can see what your saying re- weak men championing weak men who then turn to violence, tho unfortunately I think a a lot of films have at least a bit of that happening in them. Joker tho certainly reeks of that theme I agree.

        I know guns are just stupidly prevalent in the US, but fuck, I didn't know about that Dark Night shooting. That is genuinely scary. Its kinda hard to even fathom the gun issue over there, given how hard it is to get even a basic pistol down here

      3. Well they have major problems with that out there. I am glad I don't live there even though all of my perfect men seem to be there.

      4. But not Hugh Jackman, haha!! Well, at least when he isn't working in the US I guess.

        I'm with you as well - I'm glad I don't live in the US too. I'm just not a fan of actually using guns myself too I guess

    3. wohey full IT-dose, just in time. gonna rewatch chapter I over the next few days hopefully. happy weekend!

      1. Yeah I should too but I saw it four times already 😂

    4. Hahahaha...hysterical. Lots of good stuff here, but Hader walking in front of the kids killed me. Well, that and the 'asshole who started Sundance' bit. Holy shit that's funny.

      Welp, can't be more pumped for Chapter 2. I don't want to wish away this long weekend...but bring on the 6th.

      1. It's Bill's total lack of energy to even get mad and just utter, defeated disappointment that are so funny in that clip 😂

    5. That guy playing Mike is tall, damn. I never noticed until now.

      I'm annoyed all of the Black Widow footage didn't leak. I want it. lol.

      I have a weird feeling about The Eternals. I hope it ends up like Guardians and a huge hit, but I don't know. I'll still see.

      The Joker trailer is doing nothing for me. I'm someone curious but at the same time, I never cared about The Joker's backstory. I like that it was ambiguous.

      One more week until It! Finally!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. McAvoy was wise to skip the premiere, he is so tiny next to them 😂

        At that point I think it's Impossible for MCU movie to fail

    6. You realize I'm seeing It Chapter 2 solely bc of your hype train. Not that I wouldn't see it, but you really got my solid work! You have done your job well :)

      Damn...that trailer for lady and the tramp is too precious. I'm kind of exhausted with the live-action remakes though, but we'll see about this one.

    7. One of my favorite RF ever!!! I'm just so happily clicking away with these videos omg. LOVE IT.

      I was talking to my husband the other night and talking to him about the SNL skit where Hader is the old man reporter and popping Kristen Wiig's boobs with the microphone... my husband said "I f*cking love Bill Hader. He's the only reason I'm going to see IT." (he's not a horror fan at all).

      I'm also MEH on Star Wars as a whole, so I didn't mind TLJ. Eternals looks fun in terms of cast but I'm like you, I don't get the Kit Harrington thing at all. He does nothing for me.

      1. YES! I had a feeling you'd like it :D

        Me and Bill are getting people to watch It 2 so it seems lol I hope everyone enjoys the movie!

    8. Kit Harrington in the Eternals actually makes me less interested. He seems like a nice guy but so bland. And apparently a love story between him and Gemma Chan? Just feed me the Black Widow footage already!

      It would be cool to see Emilia in the Obi-Wan series though since it looks like it will be right after the Solo film. I think she'd work really well with Ewan.

      Enjoy your birthday week! And It 2 :)

      1. Uhhh, he is not capable of having chemistry with an actress :/

        If nothing bigger happens to Emilia I'm sure she'll take it, but I think she wants to make it in movies

        Thank you! :)

    9. OMG EWAN IS BACK AS OBI-WAN. I JUST CAN'T. UGHHHHH. That's the only thing on my mind for the next two years. lol

      It was nice to get a concept poster for Black Widow. I hope we get footage soon.

      I was rewatching The Joker trailer, and it's interesting how there's not one shot of the main character using a gun (I think some cops are holding some in the background), and yet it reeks of the psychos in today's headlines. Joaquin looks great though. So I haven't decided about seeing it yet.

      UGH I can't believe IT is almost here. I'm trying to remain spoiler-free when it comes to reviews. But everything else is amazing. Especially Bill on this press tour. As exhausted as they are, he's still hysterical.

      Thank you for linking my post!! <3 <3 <3

      1. No footage until December probably :/

        Joaquin is overrated as hell to me, so there's literally nothing there that interests me. Also what a surprise to read in reviews Zazie is underused /sarcasm

        Bill is probably making jokes even when he is asleep at that point :D

    10. Emma Stone as Cruella is interesting, although a bit too much, maybe? I hope they'll tone it down a bit. I always saw Cruella as an older woman, extremely rich and very posh. This is the 30, grunge, "going to rip your head off" Cruella. But I'll give it a shot!

      1. It's by director of I, Tonya so it's not like he does movies that are too campy, it may be really good!

    11. Oooooh I gotta admit something...I'm excited for Rise of Skywalker despite agreeing that TLJ had its problems. For me it's the characters that I love and I hold out hope that they will do them right. We will see.


      And can we all agree that the world NEEDS more new photos of Rebecca Ferguson? She's a delight.

      BTW, who is this Hader guy? ;)

      1. Saying TLJ has problems is like saying I am a BIT fond of Bill 😂