Friday, September 13, 2019

(407) Can he see us? + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Not only did they award Polanski in Venice, they actually gave the Golden Lion to Joker. What the fuck is going on ova der? 
  • TIFF is also happening and there is a whole bunch of movies that were shown there but I don't have much interest in either except for The Lighthouse. My interest in this Oscar season will only be in SAG and GG because they have TV categories so Bill will actually show up to those. The rest? Do what you want assholes, you showed how well you use your platform with Bohemian Rhapsody wins last year.
  • So to sum up all those serious movie things right now SUCK.
  • Is this guy trying to get himself killed or what? 
  • They are actually remaking Face/Off. This is the only outcome I will accept.
  • I watched few films over the weekend. I saw Late Night which was fine. It's a pretty typical comedy. Emma Thompson was great but other than that there was nothing in it that made it worth recommending.
  • I also watched Aladdin and that was quite enjoyable. The leads were likable, the CGI monkey was cute and it was surprisingly pretty for Disney's live action remake. And also surprisingly easy to follow for a Guy Ritchie movie. Why is Disney even hiring different directors for those things, though? They could all be directed by the same director and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 
  • We got final Doctor Sleep trailer and that looks great. It's by Mike Flanagan who is awesome and Rebecca Ferguson looks amazing as always. 
  • New trailer for The Lighthouse. This one is even more insane than the last.
  • So we have the first trailer for Jason's new show, called See. Get this - it's set in the world where everyone is blind. So no one can even SEE Jason. What the fuck kind of a nightmarish idea is this?!
  • Here's the thread with my thoughts after I left the cinema after It: Chapter Two on Friday, which I already rewatched on Monday. It went exactly as expected, as my tweets vividly show. I even used that Kermit meme of him spreading his ass.
  • Holy Jesus, I could not get my shit together on Tuesday after seeing it again on Monday evening. 
  • And can we just agree that there will be NOTHING that tops the "I know your moves, you little bitch" line this year?
  • I think my tweet about another hilarious moment is spot on.
  • We are still getting tons of press interviews! (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11)
  • First one - The Thing line-reference was Bill's idea!
  • Fourth - doesn't really matter now, does it?
  • Tenth - let's add playing with his phone and chewing gum to the list of things Bill did during this press your:
  • Would you rather horror game!
  • The cast recaping the first movie! He literally yawns at the beginning of it. Even Finn was like, dude, come on!
  • Oh my God lol
  • Was this after the groin pull?
  • Thanks to James McAvoy we got these great behind the scenes photos. 
  • Look at that one.
  • Was it the "Dance, Bill!" moment? 
  • There are animated hearts flying all over me now (1,2)
  • More pictures and even more animated hearts all over me (1,2,3)
  • The more I read about the filming, the more of a miracle the fact everyone is alive now seems.
  • OH COME ON!!!!! ANDY!!!!!
  • To the surprise of absolutely no one, Bill was the one who came up with the best moments in the movie (1,2)
  • Ladies and gentlemen, James Ransone breaking character after Bill yelled CAN HE SEE US?!
  • The Buzzfeed video is finally up! Of course this had to happen:
  • Behind the scenes for the movie with interviews.
  • Bill's solo interviews (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).
  • I'm really mortified Benioff and Weiss have dinners with him. In my mind I see them as these cartoon vampires dressed in black who are trying to steal his brilliance away from him because they are just awful.
  • This is a great one where Bill talks about Richie's secret. 
  • Well this was awkward to hear for obvious reasons.
  • Also - honey, Prisoners suck!
  • The whole Daily Show interview is finally on youtube!
  • They made him buy water so he could use the bathroom. 
  • I am outraged. He should be able to pee anywhere he wants. 
  • I cannot believe they would make him do anything. He is adorable! He's like a puppy! If you run a place with bathroom for puppies would you really... 
  • Hold on, the puppy metaphor got away from me.
  • I am just gonna go ahead and get straight to the point which is this - sir, you can even take a shit in my bathroom, any time you want. 
  • ....
  • ......
  • ........
  • Let's continue. 
  • Guys, he is trying to kill me. Clearly cause there is no other explanation for this picture.
  • So clueless.
  • So, so clueless.
  • Another savage diss from the kids.
  • I don't know a better man.
  • So I read this amazing profile about him in New York Times. But it made me sad. He seems to feel so insecure, that's not right! 
  • Also - Most nights, he stays home in the Pacific Palisades to watch “The Simpsons” with his kids, or work his way through the Polish film canon by himself.
  • Are you fucking kidding me? 
  • Are you telling me there is something I could be legitimately helping that man out with and instead I am here doing this?!
  • Oh God, my life is such a pile of garbage and missed opportunities.
  • I rewatched Franco's Roast on Saturday and kept throwing clips at you guys on twitter. It's so hilarious, I could watch it every day and laugh like crazy.
  • And then yesterday I watched it again.
  • I also watched season 1 of Documentary Now! and it's so brilliant. I had to pause after this happened because I was laughing so hard.
  • I wasn't even weak in the knees, I straight up lost ability to move. 
  • And finally...
  • .....
  • .......
  • I fainted.
  • Katy , Brittani and Gemma review It: Chapter Two
  • Mario reviews Midsommar
  • Keith shares first glance at Doctor Sleep
  • Getter shares her TV alphabet



    1. I've actually watched the BuzzFeed video and the interview about the guy complimenting Bill. I'm on a roll when it comes to IT chapter 2 interviews, I love the cast (young and old). Still haven't seen the movies, though :)))

      1. Bill was actually really awake in that buzzfeed video, in most of the others he is so adorably bored 😂

    2. The most heartbreaking was to see Richie and Eddie. I loved that duo and I thought the casting of their adult selves was perfection! I also thought the cameo was cool but like, did they change the book ending? I remember some elements to it and I remember the spider, but man, did they add the changing thing?

      You know, it's clear that It's funniest moments were thanks to the actors. I just found out recently that Gazebos was improvised by Jack Dylan Grazer and it's literally my favourite line from the movie.

      Thanks for all the fun links! It's much more enjoyable to watch them now as I've seen the movie. :P

      PS: Thanks for the link too! :)

      1. Oh they did change a lot from the book ending, I don't remember what exactly but they basically cut a lot of stuff from the book and made alterations, I think it worked well though

        Do watch all, the cast is doing such great job in those interviews and Bill is beyond adorable fighting off his desire to just get the hell out of there lol

    3. My favourite RF posts are the ones like this that just descend into crazy fangirling! And now I'll be getting NO work done all afternoon whilst I click all these links :D

      1. Oh this whole last month has been one big descent into madness for me :D But it's so much fun this way lol

    4. Where would I be without your incredible ability to link EVERYTHING I want to watch in one post?? I've been wasting time at work watching all of these and they're brilliant.

      I did enjoy the franco roast a lot until Franco got up to talk. pffft. Still watching some of these Hader interviews though. And I wish they had a compilation of The Californians for me to watch straight through!

      1. ALSO the IT-centric Stefon was brilliant.

      2. YEY! I'm so glad to have you to fangirl about Bill with! :D

        Yeah Franco was not fumy at all comparing to others. I really hope Bill shows up on SNL this season if only for a sketch or as Stefon

    5. I didn't know how much I needed a gif of Bill talking about Fassbender's dick in my life until now. Amazing lol

      Venice can go get fucked at this point. There's actually quite a few movies I'm looking forward to that screened at TIFF so there's that at least.

      I saw Jason's new show is on Apple TV, and that's where JGL's new show is going to. THanks, I hate it. Not getting that. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Bill's better, I'm sure Fassbender's actually killed some women with it, this is just too much lol

        I'll watch that shitty show anyways, we all know that :)

    6. Oh my Gosh! Can we just get a new Face/Off that is essentially the Spy sequel? Bring back Jude Law and they can play each others characters.

      I think even blind I'd be able to just know how good-looking Jason is I bet the air changes :) and I don't even want to know why Bill's having dinners with Benioff and Weiss. I hope he's just letting them pay and stringing them along! Have a great weekend!

      1. Right?! We just need Spy sequel and that's all there is to it. I cannot believe we are getting sequels left and right but not to this movie :/

        I think Barry's co-creator is friends with them so that's why they know each other but still.....stay away from him, you bastards!

    7. Everything is shit in Italy rn so of course they completely lost their minds in Venice

      They are remaking Face/Off?! It's crazy!!

      I can't wait to see Doctor Sleep. It looks so good and Flanagan is yet to disappoint me

      1. I know right?! Of all the things to remake, this is the worst idea for one ever

    8. Wow!! Lots of movie news here! To be honest, I'm not feeling any of the Disney remakes here. The only one I actually liked was the Jungle Book one.

    9. Replies
      1. I did mention it time and time AGAIN on this website that I think this movie is irresponsible and will probably lead to real life violence. I'm against it, also I think it looks like mediocre and forgettable drivel and I am not a fan of Phoenix. I think I even had this conversation with you and frankly I said all on the subject.

      2. You told me some of that, but I've never seen "the movie is 'irresponsible' and will probably lead to violence"? I've missed something here, that feels like a pretty extreme and unfair stance.

        I mean, the US, it is already fucked, shootings are normal now, schools have drills for it. Its just an awful shit soup. How can a movie possibly make that shit worse yknow? Its insane over there.

        But say, somewhere like this shit-hole down under, or where you're at... How could it possibly hurt any half-sane person seriously? I'm sorry if you already wrote this in another post, I'm awful with missing and/or forgetting stuff, but how and/or why will this movie lead to violence?

      3. I really don't have the time to repeat myself constantly. We already talked about this -

        I really don't care how unfair or extreme this may seem to you. There's really no reason to add fuel to the fire by making yet another derivative movie that will give insecure while male another messed up hero. And that's really all I have to say about the subject, I really have better things to talk about then something I already said time and time again.

      4. Yeah, I read all of that from the link.

        "The kind of weak men who champion weak men who resort to violence on screen are likely to repeat history here."

        There is no logic behind what you are saying, that this plot somehow makes a movie dangerous. Not to mention you haven't even seen the movie. And experts almost all agree that games/movies don't have this effect on people that you seem so sure of.

        But rather than engaging in any sort of reasonable, mature discussion about it, or to clarify what you're saying, which I honestly was hoping for, you immediately get really, reeeeally defensive, and incredibly passive-aggressive too.

        I wonder why?

      5. Not everyone has the time to discuss things over and over again with someone who constantly forgets what was said and is now being offensive. I won't continue this conversation with you over those personal remarks, which are frankly gross and really rude. Mature? You are a person who refuses to watch Brokeback Mountain over gay sex scene, man. How dare you even say those things to me.

    10. Can we all just agree that Rebecca Ferguson is GOLD! And my gosh The Lighthouse is looking better and better. If that doesn't get a wide enough release to reach my area I'm gonna be pissed.

    11. Thank you for the link! This RF hit my birthday weekend, so apparently I was partying my ass off and couldn't get here until now. And by partying, I mean taking my kids to their sporting events and watching that stripper movie with J.Lo.

      Have I ever thanked you for all the roast tweets? Because I should have by now. The shit with De Niro f--king killed me - sooooo f--king mean, I cringed so hard. And any time we get Hader tearing up, it's absolutely golden (was that the Frano one?). Anyway, thank you. They are soooooooo good.

      1. She got him good in her set at the beginning of the Roast when she said he looks like Alf now 😂

        Yeah Bill was at Franco's. Literally so sweet he could only do it as someone else and did a character. His laugh is my fav thing in the world 💕