Friday, October 4, 2019

(410) Burn, burn, burn + links

By s. Friday, October 4, 2019
  • We got new posters (there's this really nice detail in there) and the first full trailer for Birds of Prey but at that point why the hell is it even called that? 
  • Clearly Robbie, the producer of it, completely took over. Yes, she was the one who pitched the movie to WB and without her we wouldn't even be getting it. And yes, there is a rumor Matt Reeves has dibs on Catwoman and Ivy - but I find that hard to believe. Jonah Hill is gonna be playing someone in The Batman, so how many villains are in it exactly? 
  • In any case, I will give Robbie the benefit of the doubt that she was not he one who deprived us of Ivy and Catwoman because of not wanting to share the spotlight, although I really shouldn't be doing that considering she signed to appear in Tarantino's movie on the heels of the world finding out about Thurman's accident and all those awful quotes from Tarantino resurfacing.
  • Not cool. 
  • Not cool at all.
  • Anyways, there is nothing else to do, since insecure 'men' are already campaigning against this movie and this is a really fun trailer - that moment where she shouts "boom!" and some sort of purple and teal hue covers the screen giving us war flashbacks to Suicide Squad aside. 
  • We also got this promo inspired by Friends:
  • Ladies, we are obliged to support this. But Robbie really has to do better than fangirling over Tarantino and appearing in movie along with Emilie Hirsch and Lena Dunham. She just has to. You cannot lead girl power movie and appear in something that not only degrades women but also gives people like that a paycheck.
  • And can we just address the state of the world for a moment - some people thought this was Lana Del Rey singing in that trailer. Look, I love Lana, but comparing her to Edith Piaf has gotta be breaking some laws. Hell, some of the people today don't even know who Edith Piaf was. I just....I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.
  • Netflix has finally announced Stranger Things 4. We also got a very short teaser. Reddit detectives already discovered some clues.
  • Give us Daddy back, you bastards.
  • New featurette for Doctor Sleep.
  • Trailer for Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen starring Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Henry Goulding and that dude who keeps appearing in flops. It looks fun enough but more like mediocre Rock'n'rolla than legendary Snatch. I'm glad Ritchie is back to crime genre but it's a shame Jason Statham is not in this.
  • Trailer for Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood's latest. Eastwood is 89 years old and he gets more done than most people out there. This is a great trailer which reminded me a lot of Gone Girl trailer and the cast is terrific. 
  • Todd Phillips is literally too stupid to exist in Hollywood. Look at this. He was even trending on twitter on Tuesday thanks to those comments. At that point he pissed off everyone except for alt-right incels and DC fanboys. 
  • WB has disinvited the media from the premiere. All that is missing is Trump tweeting about this movie. The "logic" of these stans - we want creative freedom! But the media can't be there to ask the questions!
  • (fair warning to all of you female writers who are thinking about writing about this movie - this will probably happen in your mentions/messages/comment sections too.)
  • But you know, at least Phillips is consistent, apparently he has always been an asshole
  • Things got so bad that they had to send edgelord "I wear a hoodie and a tie" Phoenix out to promote. 
  • It went like this
  • I see a lot of people saying Kimmel is an asshole here because Phoenix has anxiety. Yes, Kimmel is an asshole but that is because during #MeToo beginnings he kept inviting his dumbass male friends over to help them recover from whatever stupid things they said. Instead of giving women the platform, let's just have fucking Matt Damon over, huh Jimmy? And Phoenix knows damn well what he brought with him to promote this movie. This is all fake, frankly really cringy and has zero entertainment value.
  • Just like the actual movie, I am guessing.
  • He is doing Fallon's show tonight so I cannot wait to see what a trainwreck this will be.
  • Hot!
  • Gross!
  • On the upside, The Irishman premiered to truly rave reviews. I hope there is gonna be hype for it, it is disgraceful so few people are talking about what should be the biggest movie event of 2019.
  • So I sat through and livetweeted Midsommar's Director's Cut.
  • Director's cut actually had even more of Christian being awful. Had it all stayed in the movie, instead of people just nodding in approval at the ending, there would be a rapturous applause. 
  • I'm hoping.
  • I started Fleabag but it will be a while for me to finish. It is very funny and clever but I just don't find the main character very relatable. Is she supposed to be? I don't know what the show is going for. 
  • I also have been rewatching Breaking Bad - the sequel premieres next Friday on Netflix - and since I was sick this week and not working, I already finished the show today (there's gonna be a special post tomorrow). 
  • I really wanna see Better Call Saul too since I never watched it before. 
  • Skyler "resting bitch face" White remains one of the most annoying and infuriating characters ever. Remember this post I wrote? Good times.
  • What kind of trash smokes while pregnant? What kind of trash punishes her unborn baby and takes things out on an innocent being like that? This is all before she found out Walt is a drug dealer but that's neither here nor there, there is no excuse. She is rightfully hated by people. 
  • Moving on to the sunshine....
  • Bill is just the sweetest and most precious.
  • How many times did that man dress up like a priest?! What is this? An attempt to make sure when I get to Hell I will end up in the worst circle of it?
  • October 1st was a celebration time.
  • There is a new delightful meme featuring Bill based on one of  his SNL sketches. I completely lost it at this one.
  • And finally, just watch this. It's impossible not to smile.
  • Brittani reviews Ad Astra
  • Allie writes about Ready or Not
  • Gemma and Sonia, among other things, talk about how awesome Barry is
  • Sek reviews Pretty Woman
  • Keith writes about Hustlers
  • Katy and Gemma react to Birds of Prey trailer
  • Mario writes about Aladdin and The Lion King



    1. I'm obviously going to support Birds of Prey but that trailer is so infuriating! I really hope WB used only Harley's footage as a way to make people more interested in the film since she's played by Robbie. Or that it's just a way to make people talk about it. I don't know, I really hope the film won't be a Harley/Robbie show because I'm not sure I can handle that.

      I'm so behind with my Breaking Bad rewatch. I'm halfway through season 2 lol I'll never finish by next Friday. I'm so on board with you about Skyler, she is one of the most annoying and unlikable characters ever. I hope it's the hormones because of the pregnancy but the fact that she smokes while pregnant, that's a pretty big suggestion that she is just the worst. I'll read your letter to Anna Gunn as soon as I can.

      And thank you for the link :)

      1. Yeah it's definitely gonna be her show. I would imagine they featured more Winstead but they probably expect people dragging her for breaking up McGregor's marriage. Eh.

        Oh Skyler is just the worst, it's not the hormones. Ironically she is a bit better after she finds out but she actually suggests they kill Jesse at one point so yeah she can go fuck herself

    2. So many things to discuss!
      - The Birds of Prey trailer is cool, but is it just me or does it seem like, I don't know, a bit too much? Like they thought "how can I make this as crazy as possible?" Still, I will be seeing it for sure. Girl power, plus I love Margot Robbie
      - Yey, Stranger Things is back! They better not have killed Hopper
      - The new Guy Ritchie has a killer cast, but the trailer did a terrible job explaining the plot, I didn't get it :))
      - Curious to see Irishman, but 3 hours? better be worth it :) I'm also curious to see Laundromat, Two Popes and Marriage Story. A lot of quality content on Netflix, or so it seems...

      1. Given how safe MCU is I applaud DC for giving us too much :) Ritchie's movies usually have such convoluted plots no trailer could summarize them

        It's actually 3,5h but Scorsese makes 3h films feel like 1h

    3. Early RF!! I was able to drink my coffee and read this while at work before anyone else showed up. Glorious day! :D

      "What kind of trash smokes while pregnant?" (my sister in law. cough)

      I love a lot of Eastwood's movies. Even Bridges of Madison County. But his Trump lovin' self has turned me off of him in the past few years, so I just... can't. Blech.

      Husband was trying to decide between seeing Joker and Ad Astra last night and I firmly pushed him towards Ad Astra. Trying not to give Joker any money this weekend.

      I also spent a lot of my afternoon at work yesterday watching Stefon sketches, mostly because I love watching Bill break.

      I'll see BOP, but yeah, it's basically a Harley Quinn movie, so... okay. But Ewan looks fun, I guess!

      1. Oh my God. When I had a dog I didn't even smoke around him, I really cannot imagine smoking while someone is pregnant

        Eastwood is a piece of shit but he is a good filmmaker. So I'll watch it but I won't pay for it.

        Oh my God Bill didn't get through one of those without breaking :)

        Ewan always looks like he is so much fun in his movies!

      2. that was part of the charm of the Stefon sketches for sure. I feel I'll get sucked into more of them at work today lol.

      3. They always make me smile so much :)

    4. I'm definitely going to see Birds of Prey but I'm not surprised at all Harley took over that movie.

      You definitely need to watch Better Call Saul!

      Phillips is a dweeb. Did WB not consult him at all on how to handle this or did he just elect to ignore it?

      I'm pumped for The Irishman, I Hope they step up their advertisements because everyone should be talking about the actual Scorcese movie and not the Scorcese rip off.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I just started BCS and it is so good! Awesome to see Saul and Mike again

        It's hard to say. Phillips is clearly dumb but so are the people in charge of this stuff in WB

    5. "some of the people today don't even know who Edith Piaf was". Talk about S-A-D!!!

      Stranger Things 4...Thanks to you I can say WOOO HOOOO!

      And of course...Thank You for the link! You rule!

      1. You're welcome! So glad you are Stranger things fan now! :)

    6. All the theories and Easter eggs about Stranger Things season 4 and I'm just like but he's going to have the beard right? Please Duffer brothers bring back the beard! We'll get some SNL pics next week and see :)

      Fleabag is good but I like Barry so much better. He's even his own hot Priest at times people!

      Thanks for the link and love the new header and background must have taken you some serious time but totally worth it!

      1. Yeah Dadvid better do something before he does SNL this new look he has is not doing him any favors

        Yep! Barry has everything. Chechens. Acting classes. Hot priest. Bill shooting a gun.

        The background was the worst. I had to piece it together from the poster WB released and it wasn't the whole pattern so I had to improvise. Glad you like it!

    7. Oh, I'm definitely still going to see Birds of Prey. I'm interested in seeing how WB does this movie. The DC movies have been slamming it out of the park lately.

      Yay! Stranger Things is getting a fourth season! I wonder what will happen to the characters next?

      I still need to watch Midsommar. But first, I got to watch Heredity just to get introduced to the directors' works.

      AAAHHH!!! Lots of Bill love going on here!

      1. Oh both hereditary and Midsommar are fantastic, but really heavy movies

    8. oh please stick with fleabag, it's got some more up its sleeve than they show in the first few episodes.

      only thing I want for stranger things 4 is a time jump to do the kids justice. are we wherever will/eleven are? are we in the upside down? are we in russia with hopper?? aaaaa

      happy monday :)

      1. I saw episide 5 of Fleabag last night and she let a house cat escape. She is seriously awful :/ the show is clever but ugh that main character...

    9. "...there would be a rapturous applause." This is...fascinating. Not enough that I would ever stomach that f--ker again...but wow. You've almost got me. Almost.

      That's hilarious what you're saying about Eastwood, as he really is an absolute FORCE. My God,'s cool to just not do shit every now and then. Promise. (that movie looks very interesting!)

      I've never seen a minute of Breaking Bad...apparently, I'm missing out. Wouldn't be the first time!
      Thanks for the link!

      1. oh my God! Breaking Bad is like Godfather when it comes to TV series, it's essential viewing, man!