Thursday, October 10, 2019

(411) Killer peanuts + links

By s. Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • (Yes, I do know it is Thursday but I am finally going to see Ready or Not tomorrow and I want to avoid El Camino spoilers so I'm dropping this RF early)
  • I rewatched It: Chapter Two and livethirsted it. Oh God. If Bill grows his hair again that is it for me, I won't make it.
  • I would have fainted:
  • How did she stop herself from kissing him?! HOW?!
  • Look at Ben there lol.
  • In the Tall Grass was awful. So boring, so nonsensical. Patrick Wilson really tried but he couldn't rescue that movie on his own. Netflix is really ridiculous, isn't it, it throws trash at us but once a month there's actually something worth seeing so we keep paying for it. Today El Camino drops, so there's that and next month it's The Crown 3 and The Irishman. But in the meantime they drop so many turds all over this service.
  • The Blackcoat's Daughter had a great atmosphere and really good performances, especially from Kiernan Shipka, but good God, was that movie slow. If you think The Witch and Midsommar are slow this film moves about 10 times slower than those.
  • I saw Crawl and that was really great. I'll have Screaming Sunday post about it this weekend. It's so much fun, really a perfect movie for Halloween month!
  • Then I saw Parasite and while I don't think it's the best movie of the year, it was very good and the screenplay was brilliant. And indeed, see it without watching any trailers or reading about it, it's a delightfully surprising movie.
  • Then I rewatched Crimson Peak. It looks so great and it's one of the few instances where Chastain was actually well cast and delivered a good performance, but that script was so thin. If only it was as unique, story-wise, and as well written as it looked.
  • I caught up with SNL. Woody Harrelson was very funny and there was a hilarious moment when the wardrobe lady came in too early. Aidy Bryant could not stop laughing after that. Phoebe Waller-Bridge's monologue was something I liked more than the 5 episodes of Fleabag I watched so far. There was also hilarious bit in Weekend Update where Michael Che listed all the ridiculous stuff Trump did recently and wondered if it's OK to make fun of him....with the strong subtext of "maybe he is slow"?
  • So just last week  I was like "Man, it's a shame Jason Statham isn't in Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen" and now this happens.
  • Do I have powers?
  • If so....
  • Let me try something:
  • Man, it's a shame Bill Hader isn't dating me.
  • Let's keep our fingers crossed my powers work again.
  • El Camino premiere was this week and we got a lovely cast reunion (1,2). Mark Hamill was there, having a great time (1,2). Here's the cast reading comments about the trailer.
  • Aaron Paul was on Kimmel's show this week. And in case you need the series' recap, here he is giving one in 2,5 minutes!
  • Martin Scorsese shared his thoughts on CBM movies and all hell broke lose.
  • Granted, he is talking about MCU but I am guessing this is his opinion about all CBMs. Now, if we are talking just about MCU he does have a point. This is like fast food. MCU has a formula and it sticks to that formula. It works, it's fun, but as long as they do this, no movie of theirs will ever reach the heights of Scorsese's best. 
  • I still have Endgame at #1 of the year but let's not pretend those movies are some amazing art. MCU stans going after Scorsese is simply embarrassing to watch. But the actual actors and directors from MCU going after him too is even more pathetic. 
  • Oh no. A degenerate who made jokes about rape is saddened
  • Robert Downey Jr. had a very classy response to all of this.
  • Logan is CBM and it is my fav movie of all time. But why should I care what Scorsese thinks? I don't. The movies I like are the movies I like and that's all there is to it.
  • Americans betrayed Venom. Let's not even talk about the the rest of the world. At this point is it even worth mentioning something like this? This is the world where people shamelessly went to see Bohemian Rhapsody knowing full well their money will go to a rapist who will use that money to silence his victims. 
  • Don't talk to me about merits of this movie when it leads to something like this. Shit like this makes it so much safer for women out there, huh? 
  •  Joker breaks records and when Ewan McGregor talks about Birds of Prey, one of the first women-led CBMs to happen, because even though it's 2019 those are still rare, replies like here happen. So let me get this straight - men, in addition to all the male-led CBMs they were getting, are also getting movies idolizing CB psychopaths now, and that's fantastic, apparently, but us women cannot even get the third female-led CBM in years without having to read shitty replies on every single tweet about it?
  • Wonder Woman 1984 allegedly screened to mixed reactions? They are thrilled. Birds of Prey news and promo drops? They are there telling everyone that his movie is gonna be flop.
  • Why are all the replies and social media reactions from these "men" so frequent? Where are the good guys? And where are the ladies supporting those movies?! How the hell is it possible that under that tweet ALL there is negativity? There are women on social media, where are they? Why aren't they there? I understand not jumping in now because those morons will just verbally abuse them but when that tweet dropped where were the women to say "good", "awesome", "I wanna see that"?
  • Reddit is like that. Twitter is like that. Message boards are like that. Is there some sort of a digital gag placed on women I am not aware of? What the fuck is happening?! Are all the women on tumblr writing fan fics and making gifs? We need you elsewhere, we need your voices out there!
  • Man, what the fuck?!
  • On the bright side, even Todd Phillips' cast has no respect for him.. 
  • The Academy is trying to grow a moral backbone after giving 4 Oscars to Bohemian Rhapsody. Aww shucks, you whores. 
  • Just to level the field of awful, here is a woman acting like a total disgrace (1,2,3
  • Moving on to the good things, Daddy Hopper, who is hosting SNL this weekend, was on Seth Meyers' show on Monday and he was delightful (1,2). 
  • I finally watched NYFA talk with Bill and tweeted some clips. Why can't all men be like him? Or at least, one in tenth? To balance out the fucking awfulness? Come on, universe!
  • Seriously, be like him.
  • Little throwback to "I read the bewk".
  • oh God, my ovaries.
  • This is happening so I'm watching it.
  • Dear God, keep him away from peanuts!
  • Barry season 3 will start shooting in March. This is good news. Bill deserves to rest.
  • Here's lots of Bill's laugh for you to start your weekend well. 
  • Allie reviews The Babysitter
  • Jade reviews Ad Astra
  • Alex announces his new movie!
  • Brittani reviews Joker
  • Mario writes about The Kitchen, Good Boys and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Sonia reviews Midsommar. Also look how amazing she is.
  • Keith writes about Night Hunter
  • Gemma writes about her favorite character traits
  • Getter chooses her favorite Elite characters
  • Sek reviews Falling Inn Love
  •  Oh, I think we need more of that laugh.


    1. I Like that gif from It!

      The response to Scorcese's comments has been something else, but I laughed so hard at that 'two hammers" tweet. Amazing.

      The double standard with Birds of Prey right now is ridiculous.

      Thanks for the link!

      I really hope El Camino is good and I hope my theater gets Parasite as well.

      1. I would straight up fly from my chair and land on his lap if I had to do that chopsticks thing lol

        I imagined him sitting in the cinema cheering at that tHor scene lol

    2. Looking forward to your Crawl post. That movie was fun but I spent so much time stressing about the little dog it took something away from it :)

      I enjoyed the Finn/Bill interviews from the Chapter 2 tour mostly because I always got the impression Finn was a real fan and that Bill actually had lived up to his expectations which is impressive. I'd love to see them work together maybe Finn could actually play Bill son in a project at some point.

      Happy Weekend!

      1. I read about the dog being ok in advance :) otherwise I wouldnt dare to watch The movie 😂

    3. I gotta applaud you today sati for your constant fight against the patriarchy. if I just think about my stupid mindset 10 years ago, there is a lot we can change!! never stop!! happy weekend, hope you enjoyed el camino!

      1. Well someone fucking has too do it but I used to have more energy, I am through explaining shit to men anymore, it’s just not a good use of my time and they more often than not remain dense as hell

    4. Frankly, I don't get why people are losing their minds over Scorsese's opinion of the MCU. After all he's right, that's not cinema intended as an art form, but it's pure entertainment. But they make for a hell of a ride and I love them. One guy's opinion, even if he is one of the greatest filmmakers alive, won't definitely change how I feel about them.

      I read some replies to McGregor's interview on Twitter and it's just too much to handle. Why can't those "men" shut the fuck up already? These are the same pathetic shits who are giving money to Joker and glorifying it.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I mean at that point MCU is like a cinematic TV series and once Disney+ drops it Will also connect with various new Marvel TV series. Clearly that is not cinema but something else entirely

        Most of these morons proudly has 'gamer' in their bios. Maybe if they moved their asses and do something remotely productive they would at least be too tired to post this crap

    5. Fun post, as always! And thanks for the link. :)

      So disappointed to see that In the Tall Grass belongs to the trash pile. But I will probably watch it anyway because, well, Patrick Wilson.

      And on the negativity, it's mostly from a vocal minority of idiots, who don't know any better. I'm quite excited to see how Birds of Prey will turn out!

      1. not even Wilson makes it worth seeing, sadly. It's super boring and makes even mediocre King adaptations like 1922 look good in comparison

    6. I had to find your Ready or Not review on Letterboxd because I was so hoping you would love it as much as I did!
      Do you think there's enough in El Camino for someone to enjoy who hasn't seen Breaking Bad?

      1. Oh no! You definitely need to see Breaking Bad and you should, it's amazing!

    7. I was curious to get your take on the Marty/Marvel drama, and I agree with everything you said there. Interesting how he kind of double down on those remarks over the weekend too. And thank you SO MUCH for the link about my movie! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, and your overall support of my work over the years :)

      1. Yeah he did! I already added that to next RF draft, I love how he isn't backing down :)

        You're welcome, I can't wait to see it!

    8. home from Nashville and finally get to sit my ass down and read this! Hader is so sweet and freaking adorable and I just want to protect him. He feels like one of the few, genuinely unproblematic (is that a word) men in Hollywood.

      I feel you on the tweets from men regarding female led CBM. I used to engage but for me anymore, they're like Trumpers. You cannot have a conversation with them. I think I do need to comment more on Tweets supporting female led CBM, or even female directed movies, etc. If I get abused in return, block is a good option to have. It's just so exhausting.

      Also... yes. Venom deserved better. Pfft.

      1. Yes! He's an angel! <3

        Honestly sometimes it feels like it's just me there and on this website actually ranting about this. First the support for Tarantino, now this. And since no one is there to interrupt them, they are only getting mouthier

    9. Finally I'm here! Sorry it has taken me so long.. again. Work is.. stressing me out!

      I am happy to see so much good, and I will try to ignore the negative stuff here. Waller-Bridge's monologue seems hilarious just base don that one joke. Man, that is one great comment on society right there.
      I'm seeing her one woman show on February, a day after my birthday, live at the local cinema.

      That Stern's radio show set is so comfy, wow. :D

      I can't wait for Barry season 3.. I'm so curious where the hell are they going to go with it now. :P

      Thank you so much for your link! Although nobody cared for that, I will continue to post about Elite in the future. :D

      1. I don't even know what Elite is tbh, but hey, I always support my favorite people in links section! :D

        Bill is so stressed out about Barry 3, no wonder, that was such an insane way to end the finale. He really always does something so drastic in the last episode and then he has no idea what to do next :)