Friday, October 18, 2019

(412) Become trash + links

By s. Friday, October 18, 2019
  • Daddy Hopper did an amazing job hosting SNL last Saturday. Here's my livethirsttweet.
  • Send help, oh my God (1,2).
  • So David's new girlfriend did this.
  • I mean if my dream men *HAVE TO* date someone juvenile and attention seeking, why can't that person be *ME*?
  • Daddy Hopper's POWER!
  • Can I just say blogging etiquette SUCKS lately? I see a lot of people who have their own blogs leave so many comments under other people's posts, multiple comments even, then I go visit their blog and it's 1 or 2 comments under each post, at best. We are all busy. But if other people manage to leave comments, so do you. 
  • Does any of us have as great of a job security as Adam Sandler has on Netflix? Murder Mystery was actually quite enjoyable so I don't hate this news.
  • Look, I love Gal. But this right here is not going to work. She is gonna do a Polish accent? Oh my God.
  • New poster for The Lightouse. Meanwhile, there is still no release date here in Poland.
  • Eggers already has a new project lined up. That cast is amazing! Kidman, who has just played Skarsgard's wife, is now going to play his mother. Hollywood, you are gross.
  • Jennifer Aniston shared a photo of all the Friends actors together.
  • Zoe Kravitz is going to be Catwoman in new Batman movie. Jason is super psyched.
  • New trailer for Bombshell. This is not a good trailer (what the hell is that music?!) but the film still looks great.
  • Have you guys seen what South Park has been doing lately? I don't think the new episodes are anywhere near the level of the stuff they used to do. They are so heavy on messages now, there isn't that many jokes there and it's been years since the show truly made me laugh. But kudos to them for standing up to China like that.
  • New poster for The Crown, season 3.
  • Martin Scorsese said even more things about MCU. I wonder if any disgruntled MCU stans called him "manlet" again.
  • Neil Patrick Harris is gonna be in the 4th Matrix movie.
  • Jared Leto is getting a lot of hate and negativity over Suicide Squad again. Has there been any other actor screwed like that by a studio in the last few years? The studio focused entire Suicide Squad promo around him without telling him they cut most of his scenes. So the fallout was mostly all on him. Leto is a very good actor who deserved his Oscar but now everyone is treating him like he is a bad actor, based on a 10-minute long performance in a movie that was chopped up by the studio. It's not fair at all and to be honest if I were an actor I'd be nervous to work with WB after seeing how they completely destroyed his career. I don't think he will ever bounce back from this.
  • New poster for Doctor Sleep.
  • So RDJ went from MCU to....this
  • Choices were made. 
  • They were certainly made.
  • And here is the trailer. This looks like something Kirk Lazarus would do if he was inspired by Simple Jack.
  • New trailer for Marriage Story. God, I hope The Report sucks so that the votes for Adam Driver won't split between those two. He is the only thing that stands between that edgelord from Joker and the Oscar.
  • Robert Forster has passed away on the day of El Camino premiere. This is very sad news, I absolutely adore his work in Jackie Brown and it was always so lovely when he showed up in TV series and movies I watched.
  • Here are some excellent interviews about El Camino (1,2,3). And here is Aaron Paul playing with kittens and answering questions.
  • I finally got into Succession. When it was first released I saw the pilot episode and really didn't like it, but it got such raves in season 2, and after all it is from one of the writers of The Thick of It, so I decided to finally force myself to sit through it. It really exploded in 6th episode of season 1 and then it just kept getting better and better. This tweet is a very accurate description of the show. The episode in season 2 where they play "boar on the floor" is amazing. Trust me, watch this series. It really is one of the greatest new TV series and season 2 is flawless.
  • I also watched the released episodes of American Horror Story: 1984. It's a lot of fun. And the show continues to give us the best reaction gifs:
  • Speaking of acts of God....
  • Jason Momoa is gonna be on Graham Norton's show next week! I assume he is gonna be there promoting See which drops on Apple+ on November 1.
  • "According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is spending nearly $15 million per episode, comparable to the final season of Game of Thrones."
  • What the fuck?! The trailer is literally just some people running around in a jungle. What the hell cost so much?!
  • This is from the writer of Serenity. Man, I cannot wait to watch all the episodes of this garbage just to stare at Jason.
  • Esquire has an AMAZING article about Jason with equally amazing photos and gifs. His whole quest to get his wife to let him keep a dog and the way he talks about Lisa is just....there are no words.
  • Bill did a thing for Henry Winkler this week. 
  • We've been blessed with new beautiful picture of Bill from the Emmys.
  • God bless this picture. Also the above gif is accurate here too.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Bill at 29 doing his Arnold impression.
  • So do you guys remember how I almost single-handedly got Aquaman to earn over billion dollars in the box office with all of my hype and relentless tweeting and blogging about it?
  • I have embarked on a new mission.
  • And that is to get Boo Hader cast as The Riddler.
  • I have been posting about it on every message board I post on this week and even tweeted the director. 
  • I will get boo that money. 
  • I will do it.
  • [Updated an HOUR later] fuuuuuccckkkk.
  • I have failed my love!
  • I have failed my light!
  • I have failed the father of my two beautiful imaginary children!
  • Bill, if you are reading this 1. don't sue me 2. I hope you are well-rested and happy 3. I got like 5 people to watch Barry so just remember this, please.
  • Sonia and Brittani review El Camino
  • Sek writes about Eat, Pray, Love
  • Getter lists jump scares that got her
  • Chris writes about Joker
  • Alex shares the trailer for I am Alive
  • Gemma writes about Barry, season 1
  • Courtney reviews Marriage Story



    1. I'm guilty of not commenting enough lately but that Breaking Bad rewatch took most of my waking time lol I'm surprised I'm not having nightmares. I'll catch up with everyone's posts as soon as I can :)

      Yay Mystery Murder is getting a sequel!

      Aaron Paul playing with kittens... I had no idea I needed that in my life!

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Oh you always comment but some people cant be bothered even when they are linked or get tons of comments from a single person. I see this all over the blogosphere and I know a lot of bloggers who quit writing because of that shit :/

        That kitten video is so damn cute 💕

    2. I love that Oscar the Grouch sketch so much. Easily one of my favorite things SNL has done lately.

      Agree on blogger etiquette. I like to leave comments on posts, it sucks when you find new blogs, enjoy them, but the favor is never returned.

      I didn't realize that Lighthouse poster was real. I thought it was a parody. lol

      Leto is a good actor. His Joker may have been terrible but I don't think he should be getting shit for being upset about losing a job in a franchise. Who wouldn't be?

      I didn't know Kidman is playing Skarsgard's mom now...ugh...why?

      I still want The Report to be Good but as long as he gets that Oscar nom for Marriage Story, people will vote lol.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah A24 tweeted that poster lol they have really amusing marketing a lot of times

        Yeah she is, it's bonkers. But I'm excited to see her in Eggers' movie, this is shaping up to be a very exciting projext

    3. So many news this week!

      Zoe Kravitz's casting news reminds me of FKA Twigs, Pattinson's ex-girlfriend. They look very similar.

      I quite like Paul Dano's casting as the Riddler, he's a great actor and he's quirky enough to play the part! Others could have done a great job, including Bill Hader (and also Ezra Miller), but I think it's gonna be ok!

      OMG, those photos of Jason with kittens <3

      1. Yeah I guess they do! Maybe they will start dating during this lol

        Ezra is already Flash so he is out of the running for this, I assume it's still an extended universe no matter how many times they fucked up the continuity lol

        I KNOW, IT'S TOO MUCH <3

      2. I think she's married, but you know...Hollywood, it could happen :)

      3. She is? I think I vaguely remember Jason posting something about that on his insta but this family parties all the time and from the looks of things practices open mariage, free love and all that nonsense 😂

    4. The Grouch sketch was an amazing way to wake up on Sunday! lol. Also stoked for Zoe's casting as Catwoman, and I feel so bad for LOLing at your updated progress on getting Bill cast as the Riddler... he would have been great! But I love Paul Dano too, so... gah! A Batman movie I actually want to see now. It's weird.

      Stoked for Doctor Sleep... I'm still not sure if I'll watch Marriage Story, but Driver looks so darn good in it.

      1. Dano will do good but I wish Bill got that money lol The film is shaping up to be really great, after Snyder nightmare we deserve a good Batman movie

    5. As much as I'd love to see Bill as the Riddler and in everything really I hope he's catching up on his sleep and writing season 3 of Barry :)

      And I couldn't help but thinking everything I know about Lily Allen if it's a hot mess David wants for a girlfriend I'm available! And all I'd want is for him to grow back the beard!

      1. I mean he caught up by now, for sure! And they are starting to film Barry in December according to rumors, so much earlier than was planned, but maybe it's just a rumor

        Yeah I'm a hot mess too so I'm also available lol

    6. That Hopper skit was absolutely hilarious. I bet I've watched it five times already. I'm more than willing to give Kravitz a shot. But I'm with you, Gugu would have been a killer choice. Same with Hader as Riddler. I like Dano in smaller more reserved roles. When he goes big though...I dunno.

      1. Yeah if Dano hams it up too much....hopefully he won't, the film looks great so far

    7. No release date for The Lighthouse in Denmark either, bummer.
      Sounds like South Park is becoming like Zombie Simpons (!)
      On a postive note, Marriage Story looks good.
      Thanks for the link!

      1. You're welcome! Marriage Story does look good, finally a win for Netflix lol

    8. I'm so happy you're digging Succession. I agree that it's one of the great new shows, and season 2 was killer.

      Thank you SO MUCH for linking to the trailer! I really appreciate it!

      1. Yeah, it's so well written! i love how Logan keeps dissing everyone

        You're welcome, can't wait for the film!

    9. Wow! Lots of movie news here! I don't know if I'll watch Doctor Sleep or not. I loved the Shining and I am interested in seeing the sequel. But, I guess we'll see how that movie turns out.

      I agree on Blogger Etiquette. I usually try to comment on every blog I come across to and when I usually go to their blogs, they barely have any comments on their posts, which isn't fair to that blogger since they put so much work into making their blogs. I like to show my support for movie blogs as much as I can.

      1. Same here, I just cannot imagine not commenting back on people's blogs. It's a sign of respect and honestly it's weird how many people out there get so few comments even though they constantly support others

    10. Uh, I know you know the law and stuff...but I just checked...and Gal cannot be poorly cast. Not only is it a's impossible. They could cast HER as the Riddler and it would be flawless, trust me.

      I dig this Catwoman casting. Zoe seems like a great call, though she's no MP. Me-ow.

      I won't start Succession until I finish Barry. Currently caught up on Gemstones...which is my jam...but will tear through Barry asap. (but hockey has started...soooooo....)

      I swear to you, I will watch In the soon as they release it theatrically (I can only manage to see movies in the theaters as home = sleep).

      1. NO ONE is Michelle, though :)

        I can't wait for you to finally watch In the Loop and feel very very badly that you haven't seen it before lol

    11. Loved finally seeing David host SNL. That Groucho skit was hilarious. I hope they do a similar version with the new Barney movie.

      I really CAN'T WAIT for Zoe as Catwoman.

      "And here is the trailer. This looks like something Kirk Lazarus would do if he was inspired by Simple Jack." LMAO

      I haven't been able to get into American Horror Story. I think if Sarah isn't in it, my brain just shuts off.

      Heard a lot of things about Succession though. Happy you're enjoying it! I'm not even going to add it to my list of things to check out because....watching everything is just hopeless at this point. lol

      1. That Barney movie news is the most surreal thing I saw in a while 😅

        I dont miss Sarah this season. They got some fresh blood this time and they are all pretty good plus Emma and Billie are still there 💕

    12. aw shucks you didn't make bill riddler happen, my heart skipped a beat for you while reading this.

      1. The bigger tragedy than my lack of supernatural powers to make him richer and more famous is me not dating him 💔

    13. "Eggers already has a new project lined up. That cast is amazing! Kidman, who has just played Skarsgard's wife, is now going to play his mother. Hollywood, you are gross." - excuse me!? How.. what.... HOW?
      I can't wait for The Crown to be back, it seems like it's been years!
      I just searched Succession like a few days ago, hadn't heard (or registered the news) about until now.. it's crazy how many shows there are. I can't keep up. I just.. I can't.

      PS: Graham Norton's couch has been quite... sad these days. Paul Rudd was there but the whole episodes was meh really. A lot of book promos happening. Momoa being there will elevate this season from a 3 to a 12... good luck to anyone following that couch next week.

      1. Yeah, it does seem like it! Those Netflix shows take breaks that are waaay too long

        I haven't seen any new GN episodes yet, I was meaning to saw the one with Rudd, sux the show isn't very good this season!