Friday, October 25, 2019

(413) Space horses + links

By s. Friday, October 25, 2019
  • Here is the new poster and trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. So Carrie Fisher has top billing but somehow they couldn't feature her on the actual poster?
  • Jesus Christ, those shitfuckers.
  • The leaks appear to be confirmed with that footage. It will all be really safe and super stupid.
  • The film and Oscar Isaac look very pretty but I straight up started laughing at that forced "let's make people emotional!" moment with C3PO. Did he even interact with the main characters? This trilogy is an utter shitshow because we didn't see the main characters bond at all in the last movie. TLJ was an utter waste of time and this trailer is not helping. Disney needed the best trailer of all time to sell this and this is far from it. 
  • Also space horses. What the fuck. 
  • Hmmmmm.
  • So I've done a lot of rewatches since last RF.
  • Angel Heart, which I really should write yet another post about because it is so underrated and it is in my top 30 movies of all time.
  • Even though Lisa Bonet is in it and as we all know I cannot help but be jealous when I see this woman. She is amazing but my God, to be able to live her life just for ONE day, you would kill me but it would be soooo worth it. 
  • Why would it kill me? 
  • Because I imagine attempting to have sex with Jason is like trying to climb Mount Everest. 
  • With one's vagina.
  • I also rewatched Goodfellas and Casino. I love Pesci so much more in Casino than in Goodfellas, which he actually won an Oscar for. I love Casino way more than Goodfellas. Both are excellent movies but Casino is just better in every way for me.
  • I also rewatched Aquaman because of course I did. And Jackie Brown. The latter is definitely Tarantino's most mature movie. It's amazing how lovely it is. And Robert Forster was just wonderful in it. The world would be such a great place if every man was at least 1/10 as sweet, decent and gentle as Max Cherry is.
  • And there were some new movies I watched. 
  • Netflix strikes again, this time with Wounds, which is a piece of shit horror film staring Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson. I heard some praise for the ending and I always like strong endings in horror films so I checked it out and it was so lame. Hammer sucks so it's nice seeing him in yet another flop but the movie also had Zazie Beetz in it and between this, Lucy in the Sky and The Joker it's like Hollywood is set on under-using her this year. Avoid this one.
  • Then I saw Eliwhich comparing to Wounds was kinda fun so it's getting its Screaming Sunday post in 2 days.
  • Watchmen premiere was pretty good but it did a terrible job at hooking people. I shouldn't be required to familiarize myself with graphic novel to be able to follow this. Reznor and Ross' score alone makes it worth watching, though. I'll wait for the season to end and then watch the whole thing.
  • Trailer for The Crown, season 3. It looks really amazing, so amazing in fact that there's hope the new actors will make us forget the old ones while we are watching it and we won't miss them. I loved Foy and Kirby so much but I have no doubt that Colman and Bonham Carter will be fantastic. 
  • Trailer for The King featuring Pattinson's hilarious accent.
  • Because this trash wasn't long enough?
  • So there is more shit flying in Jared Letos' direction with the reports he actually tried to stop Phillips' movie from happening. Of course he did and people acting like bitches over this news are ridiculous. Imagine you get a job, and then most of your performance is cut. And then as the movie is a failure you are blamed for it, even though the studio focused the marketing around you and didn't tell you they altered the movie and then that same studio hired another actor and gave him entire movie to lead, with, at the time, Scorsese attached. Anyone giving him shit for trying to stop it is a hypocrite because in his place they would do the exact same thing.
  • 10/10 movie, some of you say.
  • People are still talking about Scorsese's comments about MCU and here comes Francis Ford Coppola whose criticism went as far as calling those films "despicable". While I agreed with Scorsese, Coppola really crossed the line here. Not to mention, that he supported a pedophile so he should shut his fucking mouth for eternity because he doesn't get to speak. On any subject. Ever. 
  • Here's another one. Did Kevin Feige bang these men's wives or what?
  • Still....Scorsese. So here he goes with this. Look, there were lots of great parts for actresses in his movies. But it doesn't change the fact that he didn't exactly do that much for women comparing to how much he did for men in his movies. Apparently on the set of Casino he spent way more time with Pesci and De Niro than with Stone and he didn't give her as much of insight as he gave them. And he chose to make the movies he did, focusing on the characters he did. So he doesn't get to react with anger at such a question. Still, it's better than Tarantino's disgusting "I reject your hypothesis" and refusing to answer. 
  • As you can see the bar for these men is so goddamn low.
  • Stranger Things 4 has began filming. David is doing this, so who knows what is going to happen on that show. Also it looks more and more likely that we are going to get season 4 on Christmas next year.
  • Ant-Man 3 is happening!
  • Speaking of Paul Rudd, he was on Conan's show this week and did this again. "You wanna play the real clip now, you son of a bitch?" just killed me.
  • See promo tour is happening and Jason is gonna be on James Corden and Ellen's shows! The show was already renewed for season 2 which makes sense considering how much money Apple already invested in it.
  • I'm still drying that book.
  • Why. Just why. 
  • *sigh*
  • Jason at red carpet See premiere (1,2,3)
  • Why is she so lucky? The world isn't fair. Also why was that cut from the movie?!
  • Bill was chosen as "Man of Style" this week (I love that his stylist tags Bill's faninstagrams) which is absolutely hilarious. Look, I love this man. I'd give him children. But he owns 4 shirts and 2 jackets.
  • Let us remember this.
  • Red carpet!! (1,2)
  • Photos! (1,2,3)
  • Here is Darcy presenting and his speech! (1,2). InStyle youtube account had it in good quality but set it to private, the bastards. Hadernation to the rescure, here it is!
  • That speech.
  • Jesus Christ. 
  • Be Bill. Be someone everyone likes and has fangirls. Get up on the stage and say that you only started dressing better because you started balding, as your two older daughters are in the audience.
  • They must have given him so much shit for it once he came back to the table.
  • He really needs someone who will make him realize how hot he is.
  • I - and I cannot stress that enough - am not doing anything worthwhile at the moment so please God let me have this job.
  • And for the start of the good weekend, here's this.
  • Keith and Getter review It: Chapter Two
  • Mario reviews Ready or Not
  • Brittani lists her favorite heroines in horror films
  • Jade reviews Midsommar
  • Alex shares his new movie I Am Alive
  • Katy compares Beverly Marsh in It novel and movies
  • Gemma reviews Zombieland 2
  • Sek writes about Elizabethtown
  • Sonia reviews Child's Play
  • Diana reviews Laundromat



    1. The King trailer reminds me that Pattinson recently said his Batman voice will be inspired by Willem Dafoe's accent in The Lighthouse lmao.

      1. Yep! He is gonna top Bale's ridiculous voice lol

    2. I'm so done with Star Wars I didn't even bother watching the trailer. I enjoyed The Last Jedi but they so not know how to bring something new, refreshing and surprising to the franchise.

      I'm yet to see Casino (I will soon, if time allows) but I loved Pesci in Goodfellas.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Yeah, it's all the same. But Oscar is hot so I'm watching :)

        Oh God if you loved him in Goodfellas you are going to love Casino even more!

    3. haha, the space horses are the ONLY thing that got me excited for the new star wars.
      you're absolutely right, leto deserved his own joker movie, not anybody else!
      I am shook at how talented momoa is with hair. don't get me started on his naughty face!!
      happy weekend!!

      1. I mean it sure is....unique :)

        I am not sure about giving the whole movie to Leto but the studio really treated him like shit.

        He is so good....with his hands :P

      2. ...been a horse-girl through and through!

    4. Bill talking about his kids is so cute.

      I wish reporters would stop asking these old directors about Marvel movies. It seriously feels like "Old man yells at sky" at this point and Scorcese, while i love the guy is just digging a deeper hole.

      I haven't seen Angel Heart, Goodfellas, or Casino. I suck at life.

      "never to be seen again" fucking Star Wars leaks.

      THanks for the link!

      1. Yeah he loves them so much <3

        You really need to see these, they are excellent!

    5. I've never been a huge SW fan, which is probably why I enjoyed TLJ. Just in a "that was fine" kind of way when I left the theater. Now I'm curious to check out these leaks, but I'm afraid I would accidentally spoil my husband who IS a SW fan.

      Jason is SO FUCKING HOT OMG. Choked a little on my coffee at comparing sex with him to climbing Mount Everest with one's vagina. LOL.

      And I hadn't seen that deleted Trainwreck scene. GD Bill can kiss. It was hypnotizing.

      Can't wait for Screaming Sunday!

      1. I was never one either, i just wanted to be entertained and TLJ bored the shit out of me.

        I's probably HUGE :D

        We knew Bill could kiss from that pug footage lol

        Thank you, I hope you'll like the post!

    6. Yay for the Jackie Brown love!

      Such a shame to see that Wounds was another Netflix failure. I am quite wary of their original films since so many are duds, but end up watching most anyway. I need a new hobby, haha. I'd take fun and give Eli a shot!

      Thanks for the link! Also, those Jason Momoa GIFs should be illegal. ;)

      1. Eli is really fun and stars decent actors who don't appear to feel entirely wasted :) I wanna see Rattlesnake but it's probably not good lol

        Right?! The man has no mercy being this hot

    7. Okay Bill might not have a lot of clothes or great taste but he makes it look good anyway ;)

      Weirdly my excitement for Star Wars peaked at the first trailer and has only gotten less so which probably isn't a good sign. But Oscar looks good. I really hope Keri Russell isn't wasted but I don't have much faith.

      Thanks for all the Jason imagery! The new show should hold me over til Dune. Have a great weekend!

      1. Yep, he looks great in everything! :D

        Keri is probably gonna be as wasted as Gwendoline Christie :/

        I am so glad we are getting new Jason content. It's been too long

    8. I liked B Cumberbatch's comment ( in MCU debate. Despite on MCU payroll, Cumberbatch was critical of Disney:
      "We don't want one king to rule it all and have a monopoly, and hopefully that is not the case, and we should really look into continuing to support auteur film-makers". Similar to a point Scorsese was making: "don't crowd out Greta Gerwig and don't crowd out Paul Thomas Anderson and Noah Baumbach and those people, just don't, in terms of theaters".

      1. Oh boy. Benedict is gonna be summoned to an office and having a difficult conversation there :) I get what they are saying but the time to oppose that was before Fox deal was finalized. And I don't remember any comments form those celebrities being voiced back then

    9. Thank you SO MUCH for the link, I really appreciate it! Sorry it took me so damn long to comment!

      And I've always loved your appreciation for Casino. I adore that movie and think it holds up just as well as Goodfellas.

      1. That's OK, I still haven't even watched the movie but I'll get to it before the weekend is over and share my thoughts, that's a promise!

    10. Thanks for the link and sorry for seeing it so late. I was MIA for a while from the online world, I feel like I've missed so much :(

      I'm glad there are men like Momoa and Hader in the world, so we can sometimes find solace in sweet, funny, sexy men :))

      1. Well everything that happened is documented in RFs :D

        God, I'd go completely insane without these guys ^^

    11. Colman and Bonham Carter are amazing separately, can't imagine what they'll accomplish together ( I haven't watched the trailer and I won't before it starts) but yeah.. I can't help to wonder how they are going to top this cast with the second cast change!? I hope they won't go with Helen Mirren because we've seen that already.

      Have you watched the new Paul Rudd show on Netflix?

      1. No, I'm so busy it takes me 3 days to finish 2h long movie lol I'm back to work this week so it's 11h a day dealing with legal stuff and books :/