Friday, November 1, 2019

(414) Oh, let's judge away + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 1, 2019
  • Full trailer for The Witcher was released and oh boy. The worst thing by far is how pristine and brand new everything looks. The props, the interiors, the armor, none of it looks lived in. You are painfully aware this is just all fake and it's actors performing on sets. Cavill is a disaster, he does OK when he is supporting but this? And they blew all the money on him so the rest of the actors are total no names. Uffff.
  • I lost it when he spoke to that horse, all serious. This is gonna be a trainwreck.
  • Jane Fonda accepted her BAFTA award while getting arrested for the third time this month during climate change protests. This is the level none of us will ever reach.
  • Look at this, adorable and epic!
  • I love this so much!
  • Florence herself is slaying in fashion department. I think she is gonna get nominations for Little Women. I'm so happy about her success! Hopefully she replaces that disgrace as Black Widow.
  • Ding dong, the assholes are gone. I mean they are just terrible. But of course they still have that Netflix deal. I think what happened here is Disney fired their asses after they became a joke and poison - a reputation they will never escape - and it's simply only now they are announcing it, to please the fans so close to the release of the next Star Wars movie. I also think Rian Johnson is next and that news will break just before TROS opens, to get the fans on their side and make sure they go see the movie. Imagine TROS making less or the same as TLJ. It would be one of the most embarrassing failures in movie history.
  • On the heels of all of this, it was announced that HBO is not doing that Naomi Watts starring Game of Thrones prequel anymore. But they are doing this. Who the fuck cares now, when they annihilated House Targaryen in the finale?
  • More bad news for racist Batman fans.
  • They are rebooting The Grudge and the first trailer is here. There's porn with better production values than this.
  • The last season of Silicon Valley premiered on Sunday so I finally caught up with the show. I feel like nobody in our blogosphere is watching it and it's really hilarious! That scene in season 5 and especially Gilfoyle's reaction almost killed me. I literally rewatched that scene 4 times in the row and I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to suffocate.
  • And what a surprise, Bill was in the series.
  • I watched Thirteenth Floor before Netflix removed it this week. I wanted to check it out because a lot of people compared it to The Matrix. Yes, it was like The Matrix, if The Matrix sucked and was boring. Avoid that one.
  • Then since I was already on my bed, had Netflix on and Boyd Holbrook is hot I watched In the Shadow of the Moon. That was decent and honestly it is admirable just how batshit the plot of this movie was. It was also quite stylish and had a pretty good score. If you like sci-fi or cop procedurals, this one is for you.
  • Yesterday was Halloween and I watched Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (mediocre), The Shining (rewatch) and Deep Blue Sea (so dumb). I also watched Good Boys and it was so wholesome and hilarious.
  • Conan the Barbarian was on TV last week so of course me and my mom watched it. Here's my not at all inappropriate review.
  • Jason's new show See is getting so-so reviews but all I had to know was this. The show looks so dumb, I cannot wait to waste time watching it today.
  • Jason showed up to Graham Norton's show mid-show, for some reason (he is promoting See so much so he probably couldn't be there earlier) and he chose to wear this. Because fuck mercy, right?
  • He was so much fun! Graham brought up that video of Jason shaving his beard. Also Jason kept hugging Emilia and then went to her birthday party.
  • Here's Jason and Alfre Woodard plugging See on another show.
  • So I wake up on Sunday, I check Instagram and there are all those pics on Jason's post from SNL and i'm like "what, he was there a year ago". Well, it turns out this happened. And also this happened. And then I fainted a bit.
  • Then Jason announced Chance the Rapper's second song and of course had to flash his torso again because why not.
  • I  loved that he was running around and lifting the cast members during goodbyes.
  • Jason had to cancel the appearance Fallon's show because of those fires in California happening right now. But he managed to show up to Ellen's show dressed up as Elvis (1,2).
  • That hilarious Stranger Things filming moment Daddy Hopper kept talking about in interviews was finally released.
  • Daddy Hopper's epic The Shining Halloween video.
  • Bill was on something called The Shop last Friday and there are few clips from that (1,2). 
  • We really need to talk about this gifset here.
  • Or let's just stare at it and cry instead.
  • Sonia reviews The Witch
  • Sek writes about The Big Sick
  • Gemma shares her thoughts on upcoming Game of Thrones prequel
  • Brittani reviews Dolemite is my Name



    1. i keep forgetting to watch that new Grudge trailer. I didn't even know they were rebooting it.

      Cavill is going to ruin The Witcher. It's like watching a piece of cardboard walk around.

      Jane Fonda is incredible lol.

      I hope Disney doesn't fire Rian. He doesn't deserve it, and the man babies still getting offended because TLJ didn't do their fan fic deserve to stew.

      I watched Silicon Valley when it started but kind of fell out of it even though it was mostly funny. I should try to start again.

      1. Sony keeps Sonying :D

        It has the potential to be hilarious, depending on how much he talks to that horse lol

        Rian deserves if if only for screwing over J.J. What the hell is that man supposed to do now, Rian wrecked every single of J.J.'s precious mystery boxes

        SV is so funny!

    2. I've been meaning to start Silicon Valley for ages but I don't have the time. Netflix's shitty originals steal most of my free time lol

      Jason *drooling everywhere*

      Thank you for the link ♥

      1. You need to ditch those Netflix flicks :)

        Yep indeed. So much drool :P

    3. "My mum is in the audience" Damn, I need to find that episode on iPlayer tonight, it looks hilarious!
      I've never read the Witcher books but I'm replaying the game right now. I'm torn somewhere between 'My favourite game is going to be a TV show yay!' and 'Henry Cavill is still Geralt...ugh'. I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible right now, ha.
      I hope Rian Johnson stays - I really like him and liked TLJ too - but noone hates Star Wars sequels as much as Star Wars fans so...sigh. We'll just have to wait for TROS I guess.

      1. It was so much fun but I only watched the half with Jason :)

        I don't have the time for either the books or the games, but we have so many cool creatures in our mythology and they seem to be going for most generic stuff. and the actors look so awful in this

    4. I still need to watch the trailer for "The Grudge". Do we really need yet another? As for "The Witcher", my expectations are loooooow. And while the games are impressive, this thing looks pretty bad. As for TROS, I'm really excited for it and the trailers really scratch an itch. While TLJ may be my least favorite Star Wars movie I still like it more than many. And my problems with it seem to be different from most of the vocal objectors.

      1. No, we don't, but Sony's whole operation is making things no one needs :) I cannot believe that actually quite decent actors agreed to be in that reboot

    5. I have no desire to see another Grudge movie. Blech! I'm adding Silicon Valley to shows I need to watch someday but will probably die before I get to.

      Bill loves his babies so much. It kills me.

      The GOT prequel just feels like a cash grab, the way the Naomi Watts show did. I only saw a handful of the shows, but I feel for the fans who were let down by D&D... and then to hear them say they essentially didn't know what they were doing? Even worse.

      1. I hope you'll get to SV, it's a truly hilarious show!

        I know, it's so precious! <3

        These morons are going to go down in history as people who wrecked the biggest show ever so that's a consolation for former fans of the show. I'm just glad they won't wreck SW farther

      2. I'm going to watch it. And thankfully it's a show I can binge and not have to wait for my husband to want to watch (like Barry!) I love the actors in SV though I'm... weird on TJ Miller. Noto sure how to feel about him.

        I think my sister is the only person I know who defends the last season of GOT. it seems widely hated.

      3. Tj Miller is so hilarious on the show. He has done so many awful things off screen but I saw some comments that he has actual metal health issues. That would explain some things he has done like calling a fake bomb threat

    6. The Shining video was cute but I'm just so happy the beard is coming back!!! On to season four!

      I haven't seen the new trailer for the Witcher yet. Maybe I shouldn't? :) I'll probably still give the series a go. My expectations are low so that will help. Have a great weekend!

      1. Yes! And he is clearly not cutting the hair for something! Here we go Hopper in prison! :D

    7. You really like Jason don’t you? Your love really shows.

    8. You did better than me watching horor in October. Despite a massive watchlist, I only managed rewatches of Jaws and Mother! lol

    9. almost forgot about naomi watts in the prequel, so THAT was cancelled? damn. I can't rewatch even the first episodes (which were mindblowing) because everything is meaningless.
      and thanks for that momoa gif, you're really boiling down the internet to what is really important in bite-sized segments haha
      happy monday!

      1. I am never watching Thrones again after that final season

        Yep, I bring the joy 😅

    10. I can't even look at that first gif without laughing AND I haven't watched the new trailer. I will probably watch the first episode but I hardly think it's going to be good.. obviously. :D

      I loved how close Jason and Emilia were on Graham's couch! They clearly are friends and for some reason, that just elevates the first season even more in my eyes. Plus, Emilia is soooo nice!!! It's a shame GOT ruined her character like that.

      PS: See was great, I like dystopian so this worked. Some of the acting was so-so but like, all in all, it has promise.

      1. I just hope it's actually so bad that it's funny so that watching it is not a total waste of time 😂

        So glad you like See! So far it's much better than I assumed it would be, I cant wait for the next episode

      2. Yes! I hope it's at least watchable drunk, like.. when you don't really care but you still have a good time :D

        It is better! Did you watch The Morning Show on Apple TV too? It dropped 3ep at once too.

      3. yeah it's gonna be out around Xmas which is generally a time to drink :D

        I didn't, I don't thirst over anyone in that and the only things I manage to watch these days are where I can just...fangirl at the screen lol

    11. The Witcher trailer was pretty decent. I'm not that keen on it, but if my boyfriend wants to see it, I will check it out. He's undecided, he loves the games, but is not convinced by the trailers.

      I love Jane Fonda, she literally doesn't give a fuck anymore :))

      Well, I love cop procedurals, and Boyd Hallbrook looks like Garrett Hedlund (plus he was in Narcos), so I might give this a try.

      1. I never played the games, always wanted to but I'll probably never have the time with my job and everything, also no way my PC would handle that shit lol

    12. I can't even say Jane Fonda is life goals because she's on a whole level.

      Loved the costumes from Midsommar and Parks and Recreation.

      "Ding dong, the assholes are gone. " I hope you don't mind if I use that forever. lol

      I'm so excited for ZOE. UGH. I want justice for all of the other franchises that failed her.

      YOU TRIED HARD. Girl, wouldn't we all. lol SNL has had a few shining moments this season. There really wasn't been one whole episode that was good. Most of the skits for Kristen Stewart had to be written while they were high.

      1. I havent had the time to watch episode with Stewart yet but I liked all the previous ones so far, up untill now, at least from what I heard about Kristen's episode, it’s been a good season

    13. "It was also quite stylish and had a pretty good score. If you like sci-fi or cop procedurals, this one is for you." Hmmm...this sounds like something I might be into - thanks for the heads up.

      I have stared at those gifs of Jason and Emilia for like twenty minutes. I'm still not sure who I love more.

      HAhahahah....The Withcher. CAN'T WAIT for that.