Friday, November 8, 2019

(415) Smashing pumpkins + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 8, 2019
  • Scorsese is bitching about MCU again. First his comments made sense but now as he expands on them, not only does he say things that are just plain incorrect but also he sounds petty and batshit. Obviously these films go through test screenings, his do too. The studio spends so much money on them they wanna make sure they earn them back. It's a movie business after all. And what the hell is he talking about no risks? The Lighthouse is out there in theaters, a black and white film starring two actors, which is seemingly impossible to understand without subtitles. Parasite is making insane money. The risky films are out there. It's audiences who choose to go see MCU flicks, it's not about what is there to choose from, it's about the choice people make. I don't understand why Scorsese is talking about this at all. Is there really nothing else he could be doing?
  •  Also the fact that Anna Paquin has one line  in 3,5 hour long The Irishman clearly shows his priorities are fucked up because he has no problem with that but whines about alleged lack of risk in cinema. It's pathetic. The more time he spends on this subject and the more he lashes out when confronted about lack of meaningful roles for women in his films (which is a valid point considering women to men ratio in his work), the less respect I have for him.
  • At that point one has to ask - did he put that bomb there?
  • Turns out I had good instincts not to like this woman.
  • That Servant show that is going to debut on Apple TV+ this month looks really good. I had no idea Lauren Ambrose was in this, I love her!
  • I watched Dolemite is My Name and it's a fun movie but I felt disconnected from it. Maybe you have to grow up in USA to appreciate it but I was so aware I was supposed to be laughing in some moments and yet I didn't. Eddie Murphy was wonderful, though. The quality of Snipes performance is irrelevant considering this. I have no praise for the likes of him. 
  • The film does have an absolutely lovely scene in this:
  • Andy Serkis is Alfred in The Batman and Colin Farrell is in talks to play The Penguin. A lot of people are saying these should play the opposite roles. Farrell as Alfred? Do we really want Alfred to be hotter than Bruce Wayne? Cause that already happened in Justice League where Alfred was played by silver fox Jeremy Irons and Bruce Wayne was played by a melting wax statue.
  • Stranger Things twitter accounts blessed us with bloopers from each season! (1,2,3). The title of first episode of season 4 was revealed and people already have some great ideas about what it means.
  • Bill is hidden somewhere and writing Barry season 3 so I have nothing new about him for this RF. Except for this. Fucking WB can't even do the Oscar campaign right.
  • Jason was on James Corden's show on Halloween and it was really epic. He is so adorable! I laughed so hard when Alfre said that's illegal, I googled it and it is in fact true - brass knuckles are illegal in California. Then this week, also on Corden's show, this happened. I legit cannot stop laughing at that video.
  • Turns out that See is a actually decent show. I watched the first three episodes last Friday and I wish they released all eight already. The world building is fantastic, the whole blindness situation is actually not that distracting - they go into a lot of detail how it's possible for them to fight etc. Sure, the whole thing requires your suspension of disbelief but if you do that, it's a pretty gripping show. Jason does what he does best - plays a guy with a heart of gold who can really fuck people up - in the first 20 minutes of episode 1 he beheads a guy and in episode 3 he straight up shoves a sword through a guy's mouth - that is not a sexual innuendo, he actually does that. The villain chick from Blade Runner 2046 is really great playing the evil queen and the characters are quite interesting. Overall given what kind of trash I watched for Jason, I am pleasantly surprised and delighted that this is good.
  • I have no words.
  • Once again I have been hoisted by my own thirst.
  • And then it happened again.
  • Let's not even talk about Life Itself because holy shit. 
  • But The Last Jedi is so frustrating. There's such an attention to detail there and its very well directed, but the script is just tragique beyond words. They completely betray Luke's character - he would never take out his saber out against his nephew and the whole plot hinges on that, Poe, Finn and Rose basically lead people to die with their decisions and their whole side-quest makes no sense, Rose and Finn have gotta be the blandest characters in the entire franchise and that kiss was laughable.
  • And this:
  • I'm sure nothing comes out of this because this whole new trilogy is filled with missed opportunities, but that is some serious chemistry and it makes me pissed off we didn't spend more time with interesting characters interacting.
  • Granted, this is probably just Oscar Isaac's insane sexual energy and it wasn't intentional but dude, if I were Rey those twelve or so rebels that are left now would be treated to the sight of me straight up jumping on his face.
  • But why have him say "I know" echoing one of the most, if not the most, romantic moment in Star Wars? Because Rian is straight up a troll, that's why.
  • How the fuck do you take something so cheerful and promising as The Force Awakens, which I rewatched on Saturday, and just wet fart all over it? The only character that moves in a somewhat defined and interesting direction is Kylo Ren and that's mostly thanks to Adam Driver's amazing performance. 
  • I can't talk about this anymore, the stupidity of Lucas Film and their carelessness really don't deserve my energy.
  • Anyways, let's talk about Dune. I highly encourage everyone to imagine that scene I wrote about in my Life Itself review. The plot summary on wikipedia sounds absolutely batshit and I suppose that the film has the potential to be the next Fury Road but I think it may be too insane. Fury Road had a simple, relatable, elegant plot. This seems to have very complicated world building. Chalamet is so overrated and anemic and he will lead this thing. And we have Villenueve who doesn't exactly deliver action packed stuff. I don't know how this is going to go but I am already certain it will be better than most of the stuff Momoa and Isaac appeared in. That's not to say that I think Dune will be good, it's just that they've done a lot of trash.
  • There is no way it can be worse than Debug and Life Itself...
  • ....right?!
  • Look at the kind of epiphanies I have these days.
  • And finally I leave you with this.
  • Katy chooses her favorite Friends episodes
  • Brittani reviews The Lighthouse
  • Gemma shares her favorites of the year
  • Sek reviews Say Anything...



    1. Oscar Isaacs insane sexual energy and Driver's performance were the only redeeming parts of a movie that has to have one of the laziest scripts in recent memory.

      Farrell as the Penguin is an interesting choice. But at this point I don't think any of the villains are going to have big roles still shaping up tp be a very interesting movie! Have a great weekend :)

      1. I just hope TROS is at least decent, the actors are so wonderful and deserve to be in something that won't be seen as a failure in long run

    2. Scorses's comments are so annoying. Just because he's a legend and makes good movies doesn't mean he should be getting a pass on this bullshit. I'm glad he's getting pushback.

      Servant does look really good! But it's M. Night Shaymalan...he's gonna fuck it up. lol

      100% agree with Colin Farrell NOT being Alfred. He and Pattinson aren't even in the same league. Why would anyone want to be saved by his Batman when he's got that butler in the house?

      I don't really care about Rey/Poe. I'd rather see more Poe/Finn Rey/Finn or Rey/Kylo. Poe really bored me in Star Wars Resistance. All his best scenes are opposite Finn. That being said, JJ is so unoriginal that going for a Leia/Han redux would not surprise me lol

      WB are the new "Shit, Tyrone. Get it together" meme. How do you not put Bill in supporting?

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think Shyamalan is only producing it, so there's hope :)

        Just so Batman takes them to his home where that hot butler is ^^

        I actually really hope they will do this, or at least that the leaks are wrong SOMEWHERE because so far it's not looking good

    3. I didn't mind TLJ too much but I also didn't understand the side plot of Finn and Rose. I would have rather kept Finn with Rey because I enjoy their interactions. But seriously, I just want a whole movie with Poe because I could watch Oscar Isaac in anything, all day... except maybe Life Itself, or whatever its called. PFFFT.

      I'm also going through Bill withdrawal. Guh.

      1. Yeah they should make a Poe movie just for us :D Just him being sassy and running around :) Also Oscar needs to be in better movies, he is too good for most of the stuff he was in recently

        Yeah me too :/

    4. Marty should spend more time studying the model of the film industry right now instead of just blaming Marvel. His obliviousness of comic book movies and "nostalgia" for Classic Hollywood is cringe-worthy.

      I've been waiting for Dolemite but it'll be eternity before I get to it after everything else. I hope there's buzz for Eddie this award show season though.

      If people could think The Bird Box is a good trendworthy lifestyle choice and feel its believable, See shouldn't have any problems. lol

      I like The Last Jedi more after watching some analysis-related videos on YouTube, but this whole trilogy relies on the last one to connect anything or everything together. And judging by the leaks, we're screwed. lol

      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. See appears to be doing quite well with the audience, I think it's one of these shows that people will discover and really like, it's like all those blindness themed series/movies combined with Fury Road and it has huge potential. I'm just glad it's actually good since Jason is in it so no matter what I have to watch it :P

    5. "melting wax statue" I'm gonna call him that from now on lol

    6. True, The Lighthouse and Parasite are available in theaters in US which is good, though many mainstream cinemas in my country won't play auteur or foreign films so the choice is not there. The arthouse cinemas in big cities is the only place that screen them which is bad. On a postive note, I liked the Dolemite gifs here, Eddie's and Randolph's scenes were brilliant!

      1. I really hope Netflix does an Oscar campaign for Murphy, he was really fantastic in the movie and anyone is better than Phoenix who is probably winning

    7. Scorsese can go suck a fat one - I'm sorry but he started out with a valid point and now he's just showing himself to be an arse. I can't stand a lot of his movies but they're still 'cinema'.
      TRoS best give us some more Poe Dameron screen time!

      1. especially considering Poe's outfit! Goddamn the costume designers really are merciless here, he looks so good in that white shirt

    8. "that is not a sexual innuendo, he actually does that." Holy shit, I was dying on that one.

      I think this whole Batman casting sounds f--king awesome, honestly. And after the way it was handled with the "melting wax statue", do we really have anywhere to go but up?

      I'm trying to get my son to re-watch the New Star Wars movies with me, but he's insistent that we skip Last Jedi. It can't be as bad as I remember it...can it??

      I have to check out that Dolemite movie one of these days. It's a bit before my time, but I'm definitely interested.

      1. Affleck was actually decent in BvS but then it all went to hell in JL mostly because he boozed so hard he hardly looked like a human being anymore

        I mean I just watched it to perv about Oscar so I was content :)

    9. Oscar Isaac <3 he is so dreamy, I love him! Hmm...I haven't seen Triple Frontier in a while, maybe I should suggest to my boyfriend to see it next time we browse Netflix :D

      The Stranger Things bloopers was so sweet, I miss them!

      I've been hearing mixed things about Dolemite is my name. In the rate I see movies lately, I'm probably not going to watch it :(

      1. He looks so good in that movie <3 The plot is so dumb tho, also it just hurts to see them throw away all that money :D