Thursday, November 14, 2019

(416) Try not to stare + links

By sati (harlequinade) Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • (dropping this one early because I'm going to see Doctor Sleep tomorrow)
  • John Legend is People's Sexiest Man Alive. Are they even aware Jason Momoa walks this Earth?!
  • On the plus side, Bill made the shortlist!
  • Also stan twitter has spoken and that is final!
  • Everyone watch out, Ricky Gervais is coming back to host Golden Globes. Since he says this is his last time hopefully he won't hold back. I so want him to go off at Scorsese and Tarantino for the way they react to comments about women in their work. Gervais is also shitty so he probably doesn't care, but it doesn't matter, I just want them embarrassed on live TV. And I hope he goes after Johansson for still supporting Allen. This hag doesn't belong among civilized people.
  • Chadwick with his take on Scorsese's comments.
  • Chris Evans' dog continues to be the best.
  • The line up for Variety Actors on Actors was revealed. Pattinson and Lopez is intriguing. They seem to be getting along!
  • Stranger Things is gunning for nominations and we got some epic pictures from the screenings that were held this week (1,2,3)
  • I watched Dune 1984 to familiarize myself with the story. Oh Jesus. That movie was insane. I have no idea how Villeneuve will try to pull it off, the world building is very complex. Part 1 may be all right but Part 2, if they even get a chance to make it which depends on how much money Part 1 makes, is gonna have major issues since most of the interesting characters die in Part 1. It basically would be Chalamet being like Neo on a desert and making out with Zendaya
  • That said, the film has potential for Oscar Isaac to serve major looks. His counterpart in 1984 movie wore this super tight black wetsuit/armor/whatever the fuck this was/ and if they go with it in this one too I will legit faint because Oscar would look so goddamn good wearing it, plus as we know from set pics he is sporting his silver fox look and a beard. He plays a powerful duke whose lover is gonna be played by Rebecca Ferguson. Come on Denis, throw a sex scene our way, after all you need all the exciting stuff you can get to put in the trailer. 
  • I just know WB is gonna put so many shots of cool sci-fi stuff, action and shirtless Momoa to try to sell it. I guess it has a potential for big opening weekend because it will definitely look unique and cool. But then the drop in second week will probably be brutal because the story is actually quite simple but the world building is very extensive and I doubt if they can make it easy to understand for the audience.
  • I watched Official Secrets starring Keira Knightley, a film that was released this year which went unnoticed and it's a shame because it is a good movie. The cast also includes Matt Smith, who somehow appears to be so creepy even though he plays a good guy in it, Ralph Fiennes, Matthew Goode, Rhys Ifans and Conleth Hill and Indira Varma from Game of Thrones. If you like stories based on real events you should check this one out!
  • Then, since I mentioned Knightley's lovely performance in The Imitation Game in my review of it, I rewatched it and I really don't understand the whining about this movie being safe, by the numbers biopic. So what? It's a very well done and engaging movie. Knightley's monologue near the end of the movie always makes me cry.
  • Then I watched Joker which was somehow even worse than I expected. What the fuck? I hope ardent fans of that movie will do what he did. And stay there.
  • After witnessing that putrid garbage I just had to cleanse my soul and mind and witness an amazing performance by an actor playing the Joker so I rewatched The Dark Knight. I think Ledger's Oscar actually elevated the value of this award. No one could argue it was undeserved. If Phoenix wins for his "what if Simple Jack was miserable?" performance it will make Oscars an even bigger joke. Also it will be the third undeserved Oscar in that category in a row. Casey Affleck is a pervert but at least that performance was good. 
  • Then I was like, oh Netflix has The Dark Knight Rises, so I rewatched that one too. 
  • Episode 4 of See was terrific. The whole sequence with the passage through the river was so suspenseful. That ending was great and it really reminded me of Fury Road.
  • Jason is making new garbage for Netflix and I cannot wait to watch it.
  • Jason was on Kelly Clarkson's show this week and so many great things happened but him meeting her kids was just beyond adorable!
  • InStyle really came through with Bill content this week. Article! Photoshoot (1,2)! The video from the photoshoot
  • So Bill is a fan of What we Do in the Shadows TV series and John Wick films. 
  • It's an outrage we are not dating.
  • I watched Noelle and it was so adorable! It's such a cheerful, heartwarming movie and while both Anna and Bill were so cute in it, the CGI baby reindeer called Snowcone totally stole the show.
  • I also watched Operation Finale and I think Netflix was trying to kill me. First this happened. Then this. And so many close ups.
  • Oh God.
  • Hopefully J.J. is talking about showing Poe's bare ass because they better stay in their motherfucking lane and not walk the cursed path of subversion again.
  • Can we talk about his outfit in TROS.
  • This is just straight up irresponsible.
  • Look at Daisy trying not to stare:
  • Cover your face, sir. This is obscene.
  • If TROS sux we can blame it on Oscar for being too sexy and distracting everyone.
  • Brittani reviews The King
  • Katy writes about Scorsese vs MCU
  • Sek reviews Last Christmas
  • Sonia and Gemma review Doctor Sleep
  • Getter is going through some things so go there and show your love!
  • Allie writes about Chicago
  • Mario reviews It: Chapter Two
  • Diana and Keith write about Parasite



    1. LMAO that last tweet.

      I was hoping I'd click that Chadwick link and get a gif of Black Panther saying "I don't care." when it came to his opinion on this.

      I'm looking forward to Official Secrets, one more week until I can watch it.

      John Legend is better than that shit they pulled with Blake Shelton, at least lol.

      I think The Imitation Game is one of the best bio pics out there.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I really hope Chadwick will be there at the ceremonies this season with his shade. That look he shot at MBJ when Green Book won BP at the Oscars is LEGENDARY lol

    2. I loved Snowcone! I thought Bill and Anna made a great brother-sister duo :)

      And Daisy has more self-control than I would. Hell I bet even Chewy is taking a look... Happy Weekend!

      1. Right?! I'd not be able to do anything around that man! Other than staring and blushing :D

    3. It'd be awesome if Ricky was as sharp at this year's Golden Globes as he has been in the past, but....I don't know, I'm not counting on it.

      Love Chadwick's response to Martin Scorsese, he is so out of the loop on the superhero genre.

      I have no idea what is going on with Dune except Jason and Oscar. lol

      Honestly, Christopher's Batman series is one of the best out there. The worst thing that happened to that trilogy was Marion Cotillard's horrible death scene, but like - what else is there to complain about?? lol I'll have to rewatch it when I see Joker too.

      Everything Jason and Oscar do will get us through to 2020. After that, I fully expect the Earth to implode. Bill looks so cute in that Christmas movie too.

      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. I'm sure Ricky is gonna mention the whole Scorsese vs MCU thing, it's just too ridiculous not to make fun of it

        Don't worry, I watched the movie and I STILL have no idea what is going on lol

        After you see Joker you'll have to watch Nolan's movies just to forget about that mess

    4. "look at daisy trying not to stare" loool
      kind of nice to see keira knightley got some good movies recently, even though they don't do se well. will add them to my watchlist!
      happy weekend!

      1. I don't blame Daisy,, I would not be able to look away, she is strong :D

    5. Oscar Isaac is just.... GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He is the only reason I go see these SW movies now. :D John Legend is a good dude, but... I was honestly hoping Hader would get it. This felt like his year all around and HE IS SEXY OK?

      I'm going to watch Noelle this weekend to review it for another site and I'm so excited. With the combination of Bill and Anna, my husband agreed to watch it with me too. It's a Christmas miracle!

      I'm really hoping there will be a massive snub for the Oscars and Phoenix won't get nominated at all. That's my dream.

      1. Keanu not getting it is what really surprises me, it seemed like such an obvious choice!

        I really hope you'll like it, it's such a sweet movie!

        I hope so too on the other hand the fanboys would never stop bitching about it, so it's better if he is nominated but loses, he cares about those damn things so much it would be hilarious to see his reaction

    6. Thanks for the link >:D<

      UU, "Official Secrets" has an amazing cast. I have a soft spot for Matthew Goode, so I am adding it to my To Watch list.

      John Legend being named Sexiest Man Alive is unbelievable. Are they grading them by good guy behaviour? he probably got extra points there. Still, we live in a world with Jason Momoa in it, so...

      I didn't know Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes. This is going to be fun. Personally, I love the Fey-Poehler duo, but he's great, too

      1. Momoa would get some points for good guy behavior too, I love how they had some poll online this week and Jason was one of the top picks, People is clearly not listening to the actual PEOPLE out there :)

    7. John Legend sexiest man alive is a joke. There are so many sexier men alive!

      I can’t believe people hate on The Imitation Game. It is such a good film and, yes, Keira’s monologue is great and so moving and the only thought of it makes me cry.

      I have to enjoy Doctor Sleep as much as I did! And thanks for the link :)

      1. I liked Doctor Sleep! Rebecca was outstanding and this was a well made movie, which makes it the first King adaptation this year that was actually well written and edited :)

    8. I really, really want to see Doctor Sleep...but I'm taking my father-in-law to Midway tonight instead (in about a half an hour), darn it.

      I think I saw the original Dune when I was a little kid and all I remember is not having a single clue as to what was happening. Can't imagine I'll revisit it...but I'm certainly intrigued by the remake.

      Margaret...those Official Secrets are so lovely, thank you. I was sold with your description, but wowowowow...that line and KK's face? *dies*

      My wife's in for Noelle...I'll report back asap.

      THANKS FOR THE LINK!!! And all the comments, too! I was away on a weeklong fieldtrip with my students...with lots of time to write.

      1. Everyone has to go see the new one. I made you guys go see Aquaman and it made over a billion and goddamn it, I can get another movie with Jason to billion too

        Noelle is so cute! I really hope you'll love it, the kids can watch too - that baby reindeer is so adorable but it may be too adorable for a CHILD WHO WAS ALLOWED TO WATCH BVS

    9. I love these posts. Thanks for reminding me of Official Secrets. It came and went in cinemas near me. I’ll get it on DVD.