Friday, November 22, 2019

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By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 22, 2019
  • Congratulations to Clive Owen who is finally going to be in something people will actually watch.
  • The filming has began on Venom 2Tom keeps posting photos of that cute dog, I hope he/she is also in the movie and that nothing bad happens to him/her in it!
  • That is quite a colossal waste of money. You better make Wonder Woman 1984 earn more than this. 
  • Oh for fuck's sake...
  • The recent episode of Graham Norton's show was incredible, especially Richard Ayoade talking about his new book. It sounds so insane I think I have to read it. 
  • A bunch of actors from Justice League tweeted the cursed hashtag this week. Jesus Christ, just release this already and let's get it over with. Henry Cavill was hilariously absent from this whole campaign. So Jason, who is constantly busy and is one of the biggest stars in the world can find the time but this one can't? Yeah, right. Way to piss off the fans before the release of his series that looks like a turd.
  • Final trailer for The Irishman
  • No one from Star Wars and that Woody Allen supporting hag. Awful, just awful. At least Murphy will be funny.
  • First she liked Joker, now this
  • New trailer for Cats which is even more horrific than the last one. I...I have no words.
  • American Horror Story 1984 had a pretty underwhelming finale, but it was still a fairly decent season. At least it didn't derail completely in the last few episodes like most of the seasons of the show did so far.
  • I watched The Girl in Spider's Web, fuck knows why but I did, and it was really bad. What a waste of Claire Foy and Sylvia Hoeks. All Sony releases keep flopping recently and I for one think this is karma for not letting Fincher do more of these films.
  • I also saw The Peanut Butter Falcon and that was very wholesome but it had such an abrupt and badly executed ending. I think it was supposed to be reality but they handled it in such a clumsy way a lot of people read it as dream ending and I can't blame them, it was really badly done. The film reminded me of Mud, except it wasn't nearly as good, but Dakota Johnson was surprisingly charming and Shia Labeouf was shockingly mellow. Jon Bernthal was also there, in wordless flashbacks that lasted maybe 15 seconds, what the hell was that?!
  • I also watched the new The Lion King and I think my review says it all. 
  • Then I rewatched Heat. Pacino's performance in this is so insane and entertaining. There's this entire thing with his character using cocaine which explains why he is acting this way, except the cocaine use was cut from the movie so what we are left with is this baffling madness. Hank Azaria's shocked reaction makes me laugh so hard every time I rewatch that movie.
  • By now you are all probably aware of this cuteness happening in The Mandalorian:
  • Good gosh, Star Wars has the cutest stuff. 
  • BB-8.
  • Porgs.
  • Baby Yoda. 
  • Oscar Isaac. 
  • I made a tweet to illustrate. 
  • The latest episode of See had an amazing ending twist. It was ridiculous, but most of the things in this show are, every episode lately ends with a crazier scene than the last. That ending was straight up Game of Thrones levels, back when Game of Thrones used to be good. It's so sad how critics put people off from watching this show. How much longer will people let the mediocre minds RT assembles guide public opinion? 
  • Here's another proof that Jason is awesome and GoT producers the worst.
  • Here's a bunch of great behind the scenes stuff from It: Chapter Two (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10). I cannot believe how much amazing stuff was cut like Richie doing the impression of Bill stuttering and that alternate take of him finding that Eddie died. What the hell were they thinking?!
  • I rewatched 10 Years which of course contains that scene. Oh my God. I have that song on my phone but I can't listen to it. I am scared for my health. 
  • I also rewatched Annihilation and Suburbicon. And also The Two Faces of January. We all know why.
  • I haven't even started The Crown 3 yet because I've been watching interviews with this man (1,2). The shade he keeps throwing at X-Men: Apocalypse is so funny. How dare you make him uncomfortable like this.
  • Look how consistent I have been over the years.
  • John and Daisy are starting the press tour but let's face it, it's not truly Star Wars press tour until Oscar shows up in his ugly - and by that I mean adorable - Christmas sweaters.
  • YEEES!!!! 
  • New Imax poster and EW cover. And here are the new photos but here are the only ones that matter:
  • Mother of God, that second one. I saw it when I was in my office and browsing twitter and I just started giggling. 
  • Is he aware? IS HE?!
  • New TV spot!
  • And there's this!
  • I have no idea who says "gay rights!" more - him or Bill.
  • He did it again.
  • And again.
  • If he has that beard throughout the promo tour I won't live to see the movie. He is too powerful with that beard.
  • And if I somehow survive but he rides the space horse in the actual movie I won't even live to see Dune's trailer.
  • And if I live through Dune trailer I will definitely not survive the full film.
  • My goal now is to stay alive another 13 months. Which is, as you can see, very hard.
  • Mario reviews Jexi because why watch In the Loop when you can watch this /sarcasm /Paddington stare
  • Sek writes about Holiday in the Wild
  • Gemma reviews Noelle
  • Brittani writes about Ford v Ferarri
  • Getter and Keith review Doctor Sleep
  • Diana reviews Dolemite is My Name



    1. first class baby yoda compilation, that's someone I LOVE to take over the internet! I'm always here for more IT trivia, nice to learn the kids got heard!
      happy weekend!

      1. We got so much joy and cuteness thanks to that little cutie!

    2. We need some baby Yoda merchandise already so I can spend all my money and not regret it AT ALL.
      I'm a firm believer in the fact that Oscar knows exactly what he's doing damn it, and now I'm going to have to rewatch a bunch of his movies...even the shitty ones!

      1. I am definitely buying some! He is so adorable!

        Oh I'm already there. If I rewatch Mojave please all of you come here and stage an intervention

    3. BABY YODA! I never tire of seeing him. I made him my blog header lol.

      THANK YOU for saying that about Peanut Butter Falcon's ending. I hated it. It was manipulative and stupid. It really left a bad taste in my mouth when I was enjoying the movie up until then.

      I still haven't watched The Lion King remake yet, maybe when it comes on Disney Plus. It'll be a hate watch.

      I just want more Driver. This press tour needs to kick into high gear. I'm being greedy. lol

      I should watch Heat. It's sad I've never seen it.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. We should form an official fan club or join whatever thousands of them probably already exist lol

        I have no fucking idea what was real or not in that ending


    4. Your posts give me life!
      Especially the pics of baby yoda.

    5. holy crap that clip of Richie grabbing Eddie and hugging him... OMG. I'm dead. DEAD.

      Also, Oscar Isaac is just... goddamn. My sister asked me to go to opening night with her and I'm like... meh... then HECK YEA. Because I remembered Poe.

      Jason Momoa is amazing. I'm glad Emilia is speaking up now. Everything about that show rn makes me cringe.

      1. Right?! I swear Muschietti robbed Hader of serious awards consideration with the calls he made

        He's the greatest selling point of these movies :)

        Emilia is talking so much which is amazing but I hope she doesn't hurt her career. Hollywood is still such a shady boys club

    6. Oscar, Jason and Rebecca all in Dune. Yeah, I think that movie will end me. Baby Yoda is adorable I suppose when you can make Werner Herzog tear up you know you've got something there :)

      Happy weekend & thanks for the link!

      1. They should put baby Yoda in TroS, the hype for Mandalorian is way bigger than for the actual episode, fucking Rian really did a number on these guys

    7. Thanks for the link, it means a lot :*

      Baby Yoda is adorable <3

      I'm also happy Clive Owen got a great part, but....I kinda don't see it? like psychically? but he's a good actor, so I'm sure he'll do great

      I was never a huge Star Wars fan, but I am curious to see how they will wrap this up. Plus, it will have Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver, so I'm in :D

      1. You're welcome!

        It's the cutest little thing! <3

        Yeah the casting is a bit weird, that horrible woman who recorded Levinsky is gonna be played by Paulson who is so pretty so they all are probably going to have lots of make up and prosthetics on

        Yeah I'm curious too I really hope nothing happens to Poe :P

    8. I honestly cannot believe that Adam isn't going to host for SNL and in time for Rise of Skywalker. Like what a hot mess. I live for him hosting.

      That cast saved IT: Chapter 2. Damn it, BILL. We need a supercut.

      I swear on FINNPOE.....What a missed opportunity for Star Wars to actually be LGBTQ inclusive.

      I'm so curious to know what the ending for Peanut Butter Falcon is. I've heard that's the most divisive part of the movie. Happy to hear the cast was good though, especially Shia and Dakota.

      OMG, that Paul Rudd / Yoda tweet is hilarious.

      I will be checking out your Joker review as soon as I see it.

      1. I wish Oscar did it, he never hosted and he lives in NYC! It's just a waste especially that they are giving platform to Johannson who should be shunned for her opinions and antics

        It's just very badly executed ending that sticks out in a bad way from rest of the movie

        Don't waste time on that nonsensical movie, too many people already did

    9. I gotta say, I'm excited for Venom 2 but I hope they do a better job with the story. Hardy is a perfect Eddie Brock but their entire origin story was pretty lame. I'm all onboard for another go.

      The ending of that final trailer for The Irishman gave me chills. This thing could be REALLY REALLY good.

      Cats does indeed look atrocious. Baby Yoda does indeed look adorable.

      Oh, and thank you for the link!!!!!

      1. I'm glad I'm sick at home, I'll actually manage to watch The Irishman tomorrow when it drops.

    10. Yes to Richard Ayoade's book! I want to read that too, it sounded amazing :D

      I miss Fincher... it's been 5 years and this Mank doesn't seem like something up my alley but I'd love to see like a good old crime thriller again. I'm sure there are some but I can't recall any atm.

      And I need to catch up with so many things.. the only thing I've been watching is Schitt's Creek. I'm almost finished with it so then I'll have some time!

      1. I am only managing catching up when I'm sick :P It's gonna be rough for a while after I get back to work, I'll probably watch just the things with Oscar ^^

    11. I didn't know they were filming Venom 2! That's exciting. And The Peanut Butter Falcon... I'm with you there. I liked the journey that movie took us on, but yeah, that ending...