Friday, November 29, 2019

(418) Fly high, fly far + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 29, 2019
  • Here's Adam Driver on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Everyone, start saving money because soon you will spend it all
  • Early this week the news broke that Disney is removing Baby Yoda gifs from the Internet on the grounds of copyright infringement. Shortly after this, this happened. I'd like to think they saw the outrage on social media and rethought their dumbass ways. The Rise of Skywalker, their big, shiny finale to Skywalker saga is at the risk of being a box office disappointment. This is how badly they run things lately, they have one Star Wars movie flop already (Solo) and now the actual main episode may follow that same path. Baby Yoda is the first thing in two years that got them goodwill. They better not fuck anything up.
  • I mean how dare they risk the box office of the only movie Oscar has made in the last two years - where you can actually see his face - that may not end up being a bomb?
  • Is beautiful boo boo Oscar cursed? 
  • No. Can't be. 
  • Here's Baby Yoda in last Friday's episode:
  • ....
  • ......
  • ...........
  • OH MY GOD.
  • And here's the article about him.
  • Can they please just release it so these cultists shut up? 
  • I rewatched Tarantino's latest hoping maybe it will be less awful on a rewatch. Oh, it doesn't improve. It's unwatchable when Pitt is not on the screen. 
  • I also rewatched both parts of 21 Jump Street. These are so dumb but funny. 
  • And I rewatched Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Jesus. Ewan McGregor should get awards for giving such a good performance in those. Portman and Christensen are so awful that I was embarrassed for them. TLJ is nothing but at least it is nothing shaped like a movie. These were just a mess. All the creativity in the world can't replace good structure, dialogue and acting. 
  • Downton Abbey was just as charming and wholesome as I hoped it would be.
  • So The Irishman. Casino and The Wolf of Wall Street are both in my top 10 of all time and I rewatch both at least once a year but if I will ever rewatch this one it will only be thanks to Pacino's entertaining performance. I get that the film was supposed to be sad in the end but it doesn't excuse it lacking memorable and witty moments until the last act. The only one I really loved was Pacino's and Stephen Graham's apology standoff. De Niro was brilliant in the last 30 minutes because up until then the de-aging CGI was incredibly distracting. Pesci just...was.
  • Hustlers was so much fun! That dog was amazing. I would love it if Jennifer Lopez got major nominations. She was so charismatic in this role. And just think of all the outfits she would wear to the ceremonies!
  • The new season of The Crown is not good. The events they focused on are largely dull, Helena Bonham Carter is barely in the show and has two episodes with things to do and Olivia Colman is incredibly disappointing. Her acting is not even good - Elizabeth has this huge scene where she talks about the fact that she is not emotional and didn't even cry when she had babies but you can see Colman tearing up in numerous scenes this season. Foy was so, so much better. I wish they actually used Foy in old age make up instead. And their big mine catastrophe episode is so overhyped. The Queen did the same thing - showing the conflict between the Queen having to be calm and dignified at all times and her experiencing her own emotions - so much better. 
  • Bill sighting
  • New spot from The Rise of Skywalker with the cast (including Oscar looking pretty).
  • And here is the new spot with new footage.
  • Why does he look so worried?!
  • Is it really necessary for him to do poses like this in every single piece of marketing and footage from this movie?
  • IS IT?
  • Oh, so he just does it all the time then.
  • More promos (1,2,3)
  • And here's the first clip.
  • Indeed my panties shall fly on December 19.
  • They will fly high.
  • And they will fly far.
  • This is so sweet. Here's another one like that.
  • Button your shirt, you animal.
  • Empire cover
  • That's a thigh holster. I can't. I CAN'T.
  • Disney stop, I'm already dead.
  • Another super boring Graham Norton episode on the horizon. Goddamn, can't Oscar go to London and do this one time?
  • Remember this? Hopefully we get some new wild puns during this press tour. There's hope, he's already warming up.
  • I'm really reaching the end of my endurance..Here's the video.
  • Oscar on Seth Meyers' show.
  • How on Earth is he getting more beautiful? How is that possible?!
  • I rewatched Show me a Hero, all 5 hours of it, because of course I did.
  • And I rewatched The Promise and In Secret. While I had a fever and was sick. It didn't make me better, if anything it brought me closer to death.
  • I still have A Most Violent Year rewatch to finish here but I'm genuinely afraid to.
  • Mario reviews The Addams Family
  • Sonia chooses her 10 favorite female performances of the 21st century
  • Brittani writes about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  • Katy reviews Maiden
  • Gemma chooses the best Parks and Rec episodes
  • Allie reviews Eli
  • Getter encourages you to watch See and you should listen
  • Diana and Keith review Ford vs Ferrari



    1. I'm sorry, was there anything else after that first link because I'm literally deceased right now. I'm on the hunt for that magazine daily but I'm looking at the top shelf only because that cover is practically porn.

      1. I am glad I only fancy Oscar because that is all the thirst I can handle in SW 😅

    2. Driver's cover looks so good.

      I'm pretty sure that Baby Yoda gif thing ended up not being true? There's an article about it but it wasn't nearly circulated as much as the gif one.

      I liked Pesci in Irishman a lot, but I've also really only seen him in Home Alone. I've never seen Casino or Goodfellas. I know I need to.

      I always meant to watch Show Me A Hero and never did. One day.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. The gifs were disappearing so Disney was doing something. Then they came back once people started raging. It was just giphy but lots of people use that so whatever they did was noticed

        Yes, you need to watch all of those! Especially Casino!

    3. Holy crap, that's a lot of re-watches. Are these all because of you being under the weather? Hope you feel better...but also...*whispers* impressive.

      My God can they just stop with Baby Yoda? If I duct-taped my daughters face shut she would still manage to say 'awwwww, he's soooo cute' through her nose - it's like she's compelled (imagine Wiig's character who always ruin surprises on SNL that's Violet whenever Yoda floats by).

      All these Poe glam-shots are hilarious. Like,'re handsome as f--k, we get it. But he does look like he's posing in all these GIFs. Maybe he can't help it?

      Thanks for the link! Love that you loved Knives Out! The line you used in your letterboxd (sp?) review was my second favorite about that kid masturbating in te bathroom (wasn't there one about dead deer?)

    4. I was not simply under the weather - my sinuses were backed up, I was sweating like a pig and I am still depressed that God only made one Oscar. I had no strength to do anything more than watch films but I had to go out today anyways so I managed to watch Knives Out too, thank God it turned out so good

      If Oscar had more freedom than just posing he would probably start stripping so thank God he didnt because no one would survive watching this

      Is Violet throwing herself on furniture like Wiig did lol? You are gonna spend a fortune on toys

    5. Am I the only one not losing it over Baby Yoda? lol Like he's cute, but that's about it. Maybe I need to start watching The Mandalorian sooner rather than later. :P

      I really don't understand why they won't release the Snyder cut. It can't be worse than what Whedon did?

      Oooh, I just got a screener for Hustlers, so I can't wait to check it out.

      I was never really into The Crown. The first season bored me to tears, but it's disappointing that the hype died out with Helena and Olivia.

      Oscar not joining John and Daisy on Graham Norton is such a huge missed opportunity.

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. Girl this is heresy! Start watching right away to fix this lol

        Oh, I have no doubt it's much worse.

        First season of TC is a masterpiece comparing to the newest one.

        Oscar has a two month old baby at home so I get it but it's such a waste he has never been on this show. I have high hopes for Dune press tour :D

    6. Unfortunately I completely agree with you about the crown. The original cast should have had another season, Olivia's definitely disappointing, the best new part was Anne and Alice and it feels like a lot of filler. Probably chomping at the bit to get to Charles-Diana- and the Thatcher years.

      Of all the Baby Yoda gifts my favorite are the Yoda avoiding paternity at all costs :) Happy weekend!

      1. It's been a very weak season. Carter was promoting this show so much and she was barely in it

        Those memes are so hilarious lol

    7. Finally someone thinks the same as me about the new season of The Crown. I don't know if I will be watching the next season, but I think that the curiosity wins and I do that for Gillian Anderson and Claire Foy. She should return in retrospections.

      1. Yeah she will be in a flashback from what I heard. Next season's events look much more interesting than this season but Colman is probably not going to improve, which is a shame

    8. Ughhh ever since I lost my job, I've been slacking hard on Twitter/ forgive me. I feel like your RF catches me up significantly tho! I'm in the process of watching The Irishman right now. My ADD mind is having trouble focusing, but the first act is definitely solid.

      1. Well you certainly know all that Oscar did lately thanks to RFs lol I thought The Irishman was the worst paced movie out of Scorsese's mob films

    9. All this Oscar love has just made my weekend! He's so beautiful and really the only reason I've enjoyed the new SW movies. I swear if they hurt him in TROS I will RIOT. My husband keeps wanting me to watch The Irishman and I'm just... mehhhh. ALSO BILL SIGHTING. He was all over my TL for so long and now he's a hermit again.

      1. J.J. is gonna get sued for emotional distress if anything happens for Poe. He is also gonna get sued for alimony if i get pregnant IF Poe rides a space horse

        It's really a miracle there is any Bill content now, he is writing Barry 3 and he barely gets out I gasped that he went somewhere, let alone sports related lol

      2. I cannot HANDLE it if something happens to Poe. I would say I wouldn't watch anymore, but I think this is the last of this series, yes? LOL. I'll be watching Trainwreck again soon to review and I'm really just doing it for Bill and Lebron. They need a buddy cop movie.

      3. Oh God, this is tough to sit through since Schumer is both awful and her character is so insuffarable

    10. I'm watching Tarantino's tomorrow and I still have high expectations although I keep reading how bad it is lol

      I'm sorry The Irishman didn't really work for you. I absolutely loved it. I agree though that the de-aging CGI, specifically De Niro's, was distracting.

      I'm glad to read Hustlers was fun. I might give it a shot.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Hustlers is great, you should totally check it out!

    11. I’ve only watched the prequels once and I’m still in shock lol. I might do so next year. For me, the problem was Lucas had too much power. The best Star Wars films happened when he relinquished control, the 1977 film was apparently ”saved” in the editing while the 1980 and 1983 movies were directed/co-written by someone else than Lucas. His creativity is amazing as you said but he’s not an ”actors” director which hurt some of the performances.

      1. Yeah he is a very good ideas man but he just went too wild with those. Also this really needed a better casting for the leads, not only were Christensen and Portman wooden but they had absolutely no chemistry and that whole trilogy relied on their love story being plausible

    12. THEY FLY NOW + you had me in tears. gotta love baby yoda.

      1. I mean this is accurate :D That man is powerful and so is baby yoda ^^

    13. Thank you for the link! >:D<

      Baby Yoda is adorable, can't wait for Mandolarian to air the whole first season, so I can binge it :)

      I'm not that excited for the new Star Wars movie, but I will definitely see it (my boyfriend loves SW, so we have to see it, and also because, I, too, love Oscar Isaac)

      1. Oh my God all of that in one sitting? Baby Yoda's cuteness will kill you! :D

    14. I liked The Irishman a little more than you, but I love that Casino and TWoWS are in your top 10 of all time. Those two never get old to me. And thought Hustlers was a lot of fun too!

      1. Yeah they have been there pretty much since the first time I saw them :)