Friday, December 6, 2019

(419) NOPE + links

By s. Friday, December 6, 2019
  • Brand new, stunning poster for Birds of Prey. Character posters. New trailer premiered last night at the Con in Brazil at the panel attended by the cast, but it wasn't released online yet. Rumor has it it will be this month.
  • The award season is upon us with Golden Globe nominations coming on Monday. So far AFI announced their choices (absolutely awful, Game of Thrones is there but Barry isn't, Joker? OUATIH?!) and The Irishman won best film from NY film critics.
  • Stephen Graham has joined the cast of Venom 2
  • Trailer for Black Widow. Let's not pay attention to the awful one in the main role. Rachel Weisz! Florence Pugh! and of course Daddy Hopper! That CGI near the end looks extremely dodgy but other than that and the accents that's a good trailer.
  • Really awful character posters for new Bond movie. Here is the trailer. Craig looks like I feel on Mondays.
  • I loved Knives Out which considering my intense hatred for TLJ and the belief Johnson intentionally sabotaged SW is shocking. But this only adds to my feelings towards TLJ. Knives Out is a proof Johnson can write a great script. So the abomination that was TLJ script was him purposely making it suck so bad. Did Disney bankrupt his father or something? Did George Lucas bang his wife? The fuck happened? This is more blatant 'haha fuck your franchise' shit move than Nolan recommending that Snyder should get the keys to DCEU. 
  • And yes, Evans in a sweater looked nice. But have you seen Oscar Isaac in a sweater in The Bourne Legacy? It's the only sweater involved look that matters:
  • Oh dear God.
  • Unfortunately, The Report is incredibly dull. Adam Driver's performance is the only good thing in it. I barely finished this movie. On the plus side absolutely no one will remember this film during the Oscar season so at least Driver's votes won't split between this and Marriage Story and hopefully he wins with Phoenix.
  • After those two I just had to rewatch Logan Lucky, which is still so very underrated. 
  • I also watched American Woman & A Few Good Men & Rambo: Last Blood. And I rewatched Game Night. Thoughts in links.
  • The first three episodes of Servant were good. Well executed and creepy. I'll definitely stick with this show. It's so nice to see Lauren Ambrose in something high profile again.
  • DC's new animated Harley Quinn series is a lot of fun! It is violent, it has swearing and it is really funny. I hope Birds of Prey is a lot like this, it would be something that can earn lots of money from the people who don't like PG-13 MCU.
  • Meanwhile, Baby Yoda continues to rule over us all:
  • He has a crib, he sips soup, he keeps cooing...absolutely unstoppable.
  • When they nearly shot him my heart stopped beating. What the fuck was that, Disney+?!
  • I like how that show is slowly building up to the Mandalorian taking his helmet off so that we are ready and prepared for Pedro Pascal's handsome face. Meanwhile, TROS promo just throws Oscar with unbuttoned shirt and thigh holster at us and we're supposed to deal with that. How?!
  • rewatched A Most Violent Year and W.E. I also rewatched The Last Jedi - livetweet/letterboxd post.
  • Remember these?
  • Cats are pure evil confirmed
  • Isn't Oscar the sexiest Charlie's Angel?
  • Who hurt my boo boo here?!
  • New The Rise of Skywalker promo. Is BB-8's daddy on a space horse? This is all I think about.
  • Another new TV spot.
  • And another one that is really funny and heavy on Poe.
  • I cannot believe this is real. 
  • Q&A with the cast. "I have to pee". Oh God.
  • He just walks around....looking like THAT. 
  • *unintelligible noises* (1,2)
  • I need him to crawl back into his hole because this is just too distracting for me to function even on a basic level. I just want my shitty life back where I don't spent at least 15 minutes a day looking at this man and trying to comprehend how it's even possible that he exists.
  • More pictures! (1,2,3,4)
  • NOOOO!!!!!
  • Boyega's concern for Baby Yoda is so funny.
  • EW interview
  • So listen I'm not a FinnPoe shipper because the only person I ship that man with is ME but this is really awful. I mean Star Wars isn't making that much money in China anyways which is probably the only reason for Disney being so anti gay (China doesn't allow movies with that). Look how sad Oscar is. Fuck you, Mouse.
  • If Oscar wants to be gay in the movie, you let him.
  • If he wants to do more butt to butt scenes, YOU LET HIM.
  • If he wants to murder you, YOU LET HIM.
  • If he wants to, I don't know, rob you and call you a bitch, YOU LET HIM.
  • I don't know why they have to be so fucking difficult here.
  • Press conference, here are some best bits (1,2,3) and photos. HE SAID IT AGAIN.
  • Oh God it's so sexy how he doesn't give a fuck now.
  • This man got Pascal to do The Mandalorian so it's not like he has something against Disney+. This is SW/Poe specific. Disney made a really dumb move by pissing him off. He still throws shade about X-Men: Apocalypse and he has been doing so for years.
  • Oh Mouse. The power of shade is about to strike you down.
  • Mario reviews Last Christmas
  • Brittani, Keith, Allie and Katy review Knives Out
  • Gemma reacts to Black Widow trailer
  • Sek shares 10 romantic movies to watch for Christmas
  • Sonia and Diana review The Irishman



    1. >:D< Thanks for the link!

      Very curious to see the nominations for the Golden Globes, I feel like they always start up the awards talk and are usually indicative of Oscars nominations (and winners). I just saw an interview with the Little Women cast, so now I'm curious to see if it gets any love...

      1. I am sure Little Women will gets tons of nominations, they love Gerwig. The film looks pretty good too

    2. I like that new Birds of Prey poster! I Hadn't seen it until now.

      I really liked the Report, but I suppose Amazon's shitty marketing is a plus so he can get more attention for Best Actor. Whatever it takes to make Phoenix not get nominated for such a shit performance.

      All these baby Yoda gifs are going to kill me. I'm going to be a mess tonight, watching The Mandalorian AND Marriage Story.

      Fuck Disney and not making StormPilot a thing.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's really nice! I love all the promo for that movie so far

        Phoenix will probably get nominated but let's hope this is as far as it goes :/

    3. I like that the female character (Léa Seydoux) is returning in new Bond movie which hopefully adds stakes/emotion. I'm fine with some changes in the franchise though shouldn't be so different that alienates the fans.

      1. I'm glad they are adding a lot of women and they seem to be in a lot of scenes, it was appealing how they had Bellucci in last movie and she was given nothing to do

    4. Awww!!! Baby Yoda is sooo cute!!! I really need to watch Knives Out! I've been hearing lots of awesome things about this movie and it looks like a lot of fun!!!

      1. Yeah Knives Out is so entertaining, you should check it out!

    5. I can't wait to see that new Star Wars film. Tickets are already purchased!

    6. Thank you sooo kindly for the link. :)

      I really love the wackiness of that Birds of Prey poster. While I wasn't keen on the first trailer I think this thing could be an all-out blast. I'm in!

      Oh, and you are so right. Logan Lucky is terribly underrated.

      And don't you just love Adam Driver? He's has some family roots in my home state and he is as genuine in person as you see on screen. I love seeing his career taking off like it is.

      1. You're welcome!

        Oh really? Adam seems like a super nice and very shy person. I really hope he gets lots of awards love for his work this year

    7. Disney can go to hell for not making StormPilot happen. One of the few things I didn't like about TLJ was the lack of those two together.
      I really enjoyed Joker (I was surprised, myself) but I will RIOT if Adam Driver doesn't win that Oscar. It's not even about being a huge fan anymore, he just goddamn deserves it.

      1. I have yet to watch the movie and I'm sure he does but last year Malek won with Cooper. Academy has no shame or sense.

    8. Let Poe have a BOYFRIEND. My husband watched the Mandalorian on the flight to and from Orlando.. I occasionally glanced over just to look for baby yoda. Adam Driver has really grown on me. I didn't like him much on Girls, but I didn't much like that show either, so...

      I'm excited for Black Widow, mostly for Rachel and David. I've been feeling very meh on ScarJo lately.

      1. Girls was one of the worst things I've ever seen, I only made it through one season of this freakshow

        ScarJo is such a dumbass, her comments on multiple subjects are just awful

    9. The new Birds of Prey poster is great but it gives the "this is going to be Harley Quinn's show" vibe even more than the first trailer.

      I'm so late at commenting that the Golden Globes nominations are out and are they fucking shitting us? I haven't seen Joker so I can't comment on that one but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? And Tarantino for best director? Are they serious?

      Thank you for the link!

      1. They have to sell it somehow and they are still doing a shit job at that because they are holding off that final trailer

        They are unfortunately serious :/ At least Robbie got in for another performance than whatever this was

    10. I hope Birds of Prey lives up to their posters.

      I wish I had more time to squeeze in movies with Oscar before Star Wars, but marathoning the series is taking up way too much of my time. Thanks for sharing all the press of him.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I will check out your livetweets on my way to cinema as a recap! :)