Friday, December 13, 2019

(420) Zip up that hoodie, you bastard + links

By s. Friday, December 13, 2019
  • I must have watched that Wonder Woman 1984 trailer at least 100 times since it dropped. It's so outstanding. It's even better than all three trailers for the first movie. 
  • Here's the badass Blue Monday remix used in the trailer.
  • And Pedro Pascal is having such a blast!
  • He looks so happy, is he on his way to cuddle Baby Yoda?
  • I read the plot leak and it's sounds wonderful. A lot of people are wondering why they didn't show Cheetah in the trailer but considering the entire world is laughing at Cats trailers right now that was a very smart move.
  • How is that bland Black Widow trailer leading in trailer views over WW1984
  • Honestly WHY can't MCU ever have decent cinematography? I am making my Best of 2019 shots list and Endgame is just so bland looking. So many shots would be epic but they are muted and anemic. Usually a movie that is this high up in my list ends up getting tons of best shots mentions, this has two. 
  • Gal Gadot, everyone.
  • Watchmen was going so well and then they showed their Doctor Manhattan and it was awful. He is literally an actor painted blue. I started laughing when I saw him. You know you fucked up when Zack Snyder did something MUCH better than you. The whole episode wasn't very good either. If you don't have the budget to pull something off, then don't do it at all. Yayha showed his penis but everything surrounding it was bad. 
  • I'm dropping South Park - the recent episodes are absolutely awful. Servant is still going strong. See season finale was very good and I loved the ending fight but they seem to have killed one really fun character in this episode. Silicon Valley delivered a very sweet series finale but the show's final season was its weakest yet.
  • Meanwhile, Baby Yoda is doing great but he was sad at one point of the last episode so this was hard to watch :(
  • I can't even with these Golden Globes nominations. Very happy for Bill and Daniel Craig, but most of these are just so bad. I'm skipping the ceremony live and probably fast-forwarding when I eventually watch it, as usual. And them not nominating female directors again and going for Todd Phillips instead would be the reason enough not to watch this live. I hope their ratings plummet even more than they did last year.
  • SAG nominations. At least Daddy Hopper and Bill are here.
  • Final trailer for The Witcher. Yep, still looks terrible.
  • New posters for Birds of Prey. WB made such a huge mistake by not releasing the trailer before WW1984 one dropped. Nothing is gonna be able to make an impact after that one and if they dropped it immediately at least they would have 3 days of momentum. But why drop the trailer when you can release this lame TV spot? :/
  • Trailer for the next Ghosbusters movie. It looks OK. Paul Rudd makes everything bearable.
  • Third season of Sabrina is coming to Netflix in January. 
  • The fourth Matrix film is now opening the same day as John Wick 4, May 21 2021. Obviously one has to move, this much Keanu would kill us. In a good way.
  • Some pictures of The Eternals cast members (1,2)
  • I rewatched Moneyball & Wonder Woman. Not much time for movies this week.
  • SW trio and J.J. went to Brazil to promote the movie and we got so much out of that. Photos (1,2,3,4,5,6), this ridiculously cute featurette and Oscar clearly not giving a fuck if the Mouse shoots him (1,2,3).
  • What in the ever loving fuck?!:
  • JUST...WHY?!:
  • Zip up that fucking hoodie, you bastard.
  • Absolutely no mercy at all
  • BB-8, you lucky bitch.
  • Then his sexy ass went to Tokyo (1,2,3,4)
  • Yet another nostalgic featurette.
  • Oscar was on Ellen's show and I couldn't stop laughing at him talking how delirious he is (because he has an 8 week old kid and he isn't sleeping much) and shooting Ellen that "HELP ME" look.
  • He is poop obsessed now. Billy Dee Williams' response made ma laugh so goddamn hard.
  • Oscar and the cast will be doing yet another Kimmel SW themed show. Hopefully it goes well because the cast looks so bad this tour. Driver forgot the title of last movie. Ridley said some dumb shit about privilege. Oscar saying "NOPE" to the prospect of Poe Disney+ series does no favors to the franchise either (how good can the new movie be if one of the stars doesn't want to play the character anymore?). But no one has embarrassed themselves more than Boyega, who comes off as salty that he didn't have more to do on TLJ. The there is him saying he was glad to make TROS with his "friends", which I'm sure Kelly, who shared scenes with him in TLJ, felt really great about. And now he said this. Here is his bullshit apology. Riiiighttt. Because instead of using "I" when talking about his experiences he said what he said in response to the question about Kelly.
  • Let's see how "strong minded" he is when he is cast in shit no one sees.
  • Boyega's PR people are, amazingly, not the dumbest group this week. German Burger King made an ad that used the plot leaks from StarWarsLeaks subbreddit. We either have Disney giving them their blessing and these being real leaks (which is dumb, because why?!) or fake (which is also dumb, because what purpose will this serve? How many people will actually see those leaks and be mislead for the movie?) or German BK going rogue and behaving in a way that just off the top of my head exposes them to at least three serious charges in possible legal case they would without a doubt lose. 
  • Oscar spoke a bit about Dune and it sounds SEXY AS FUCK.
  • I rewatched Inside Llewyn Davis which led to this classy tweet.
  • And now please watch this delightful video of Gary Fisher being like OH HELL NO.
  • Brittani breaks down SAG nominations
  • Katy reviews Joker
  • Sonia and Allie review Marriage Story
  • Gemma and Keith react to Wonder Woman 1984 trailer



    1. I will not forgive Patty Jenkins if she does not give us a few scenes of Chris Pine in classic 80s short shorts. He looked too clothed in the trailer

      1. Patty did have that scene of him being naked in the first movie. She knows what she’s doing 😂

      2. That is very true. I think she does her job better than anyone in DC universe.

      3. Yes but....over there it's not really this hard to do better job than others when 2 of those others are Snyder and Ayer :)

    2. purposefully avoiding the wonder woman trailer but I'm an 80s geek so thanks for the blue monday remix link!
      always in awe how you come up with titles every week haha

      1. I mean it's just the first thing that came to mind upon seeing Oscar run around like that in a work place 😂

    3. I'm sorry but the WW1984 trailer didn't do much for me. I did laugh at that art joke at the end though

      However, the Black Widow trailer is even worse. I didn't even finish it. I just can't with Natasha not having an accent and her sister having one. What the fuck is that trailer anyway?. Also, Florence is so going to steal the show in that movie.

      Thank you for the link ♥

      1. Oh no :/

        The accents were all over the place in that trailer. I cannot wait for Johansson to be the least talked about person in the movie she is leading.

    4. I'm okay with not seeing Cheetah at this point, that's smart marketing and the trailer was awesome without her.

      Star Wars is such a disaster right now. I can't wait to finally see it next week and just be done with the spoiler leaks lol

      I haven't watched South Park in so long, I'm way behind but it's sad to hear their new episodes aren't very good.

      I didn't think Doctor Manhatton looked too bad in Watchmen, but I was also very distracted by the Yahya nudity.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Right?! I just cannot with what we have been put through on SWLeaks this week lol

        Yeah even the one with Baby Yoda in it sucked :/

    5. That hoode gif.... that flash of skin. OH MY. Happy Friday to me!

      I'm excited for WW84. I wasn't thrilled with the posters, but the trailer looks amazing and I love Steve Trevor. (and Kristen Wiig, but I'm glad they didn't show Cheetah!)

      IDK what to think about SW. I'm a casual fan, so I'm not into it as deeply as some people I know/follow. I really just want to see Poe, but I don't blame Isaac for not wanting to do the series. It feels like these last few movies have been a disaster in some form or another. I was really disappointed in what Boyega said about Kelly. He can say he wasn't talking about her, but he was. Can all men just shut up please? (okay not ALL men... just 99% of them).

      1. I know. He is merciless.

        The entire press tour should really just be Oscar and Adam cluing Billy Dee Williams in on recent social and pop-culture phenomenons :P

      2. It would be delightful! :D

    6. Gal Gadot and Baby Yoda in the same post = instant GOLD.

      We have talked about it but that WW84 trailer is fantastic. I love the funky 80's vibe and it has such a unique feel. I'm allllllll in.

      And of course...thanks so much for the link.

      1. Baby Yoda is present in all RFs lately :)

    7. Adam forgetting the name of the Last Jedi was priceless. I wish I could forget the boredom :)

      Also despite what Oscar said I'm imagining some weird pre-movie Poe appearance in the Mandalorian because him holding Baby Yoda is like a double mental pick me up for me! Happy weekend!

      1. Yeah but TM is set 30 years before TFA :( But I desperately need Pedro to invite Oscar to the set and take a pic of him holding Baby Yoda :)

    8. Based on the trailer, I’ll probably treat new Ghostbusters like a long episode of Stranger Things. At least we have Gervais back for GG so that will make it entertaining. I’ll see Star Wars 9 as soon as I can because I’m worried about spoilers online.

      1. Oh there are already leaks so it's best to avoid internet this week

    9. I'm still so not interested in the Black Widow movie.. I feel like I'll dislike it as much as I disliked Captain Marvel.
      I like the new Ghostbusters trailer but granted, I have a soft spot for Paul Rudd and Finn Wolfhard. :D