Friday, December 20, 2019

(421) Space sandwich + links

By s. Friday, December 20, 2019
  • I saw TROS today but not before I sent out that classy tweet. 
  • Oh it's not a good movie. At all. I'll have the review up on Monday. Here is my letterboxd one.
  • First poster for A Quiet Place part II.
  • First trailer for The Woman in the Window. 
  • Something magical appears to be happening between Saoirse and Florence.
  • Olivia Wilde, the feminist icon of pretentious film twitter proclaimed as such after her mediocre movie Booksmart was released, had this to say about her participation in Richard Jewell. So she didn't fact check if the journalist really had that relationship prior to obtaining the information? This is just so insulting. She takes the part and now believes people will buy her excuses. 
  • First images from Tenet. Here's the trailer and the poster
  • Look what Kumail did for The Eternals. I love how he talked about how he only could do that because he had all that time and resources. None of us ordinary people have the time and energy to work out enough to look this superhuman. After work I can barely move around at all. 
  • Will Scorsese show up to the meeting late and wearing shorts? 'Cause he should. 
  • I watched 3-Iron for film club on letterboxd. It was such a unique movie. I had some problems with it, but overall it was nice to watch something that is so different from the films I usually watch. Which is trash or something with Oscar in it or very occasionally something that is good.
  • Speaking of trash, I also saw 6 Underground. It's even dumber than it looks. The soundtrack must have had at least 30 songs and they actually cut off Spice Girls but played two Muse songs. That's just torture. 
  • Ad Astra was really, really boring. It had great cinematography and score but I found Pitt's character to be so dull and impossible to care about. 
  • I also rewatched Rogue One and it's just such an unnecessary, bland film other than the last 6 minutes of it. 
  • It's like the cast is afraid to actually say the words "The Last Jedi". Would they throw up if they said it?
  • The end of this video, Jesus Christ. Can he do a press tour without throwing in some kinky shit? Of course he can't. And I adore him for it. 
  • Oscar said something awful and someone told Pedro Pascal about it and that was his reaction. Pedro, show him the light!
  • TROS behind the scenes footage.
  • More press interviews with Oscar (1,2,3,4). That last one! 
  • This is hilarious!
  • Photos (1,2,3) from the premiere. Pedro was also there being adorable (1,2,3,4) and hopefully he had a stern discussion with Oscar about his bullshit views on Baby Yoda. Oww these two.
  • My be in this space sandwich.
  • European premiere photos (1,2,3,4,5) and videos (1,2)
  • Highlights from the Kimmel show (1,2,3)
  • New gorgeous photos (1,2,3,4)
  • He is unstoppable with taking shots at Disney! (1,2,3)
  • I rewatched Triple Frontier again because of course I did.
  • It's Christmas time so what better way to celebrate than by experiencing this. If you don't fall in love with him may be dead.
  • Sara reviews Elf
  • Brittani chooses the best shots in 2014
  • Mario reviews Ford v. Ferrari
  • Keith shares first glance at Tenet
  • Allie chooses best movies of 2010
  • Kevin, Jade and Diana review Marriage Story


    1. Fucking Rise of Skywalker. #AdamDeservesBetter

      Kumail was cute before but now he's crazy hot. Marvel's personal trainers are something else.

      Tenet looks so intriguing, I can't wait for that. I also hope Woman in the Window isn't as big of a fuck up as I think it will be.

      Cats reviews are the only thing making me happy right now lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I am reading official discussions for both TROS and Cats on reddit and laughing my ass off lol

    2. I totally loved TRoS, although I feel broken at the same time, haha. You probably knew that already, though.
      What do you think of Tenet so far? I'd never heard of it until we got an almost 10-minute trailer for it right before Star Wars and I was so confused I didn't really take it in. I genuinely thought the staff had started playing the wrong movie!

      1. Gurl was an unholy mess that gave Driver so little to do. I think Tenet is probably gonna have amazing actresses playing dead wives again :) Not impressed by that trailer, if it wasn't for Nolan's name I wouldn't wanna watch this.

    3. :))) Oh my god, that Cats reviews is amazing, had me laughing my ass off!

      Thanks for the mention >:D<

      I'm going in to see TROS with very low expectations. I'll probably go after Christmas, just to escape the madness that will happen this weekend. I'm surprised they messed it up, I expected more from JJ Abrams!

      1. JJ had very little room to move around here, with how the trilogy was already going all over the place but he still messed up so bad :/

    4. Who doesn't want to be in that space sandwich?! And to be honest, I'm more excited for the Rise of Skywalker press tour videos than the actual movie itself. 😂 John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are always so fun to watch in interviews. Thanks much for the link!

      1. The press tour, as salty and awkward as it was, was much better than that mess of a movie :)

    5. Haha, John and Oscar are very entertaining.

      1. Oscar is, John is kinda entertaining by proxy there

    6. Thanks for the shout out! I'll comment on a few things:

      1. I question if such a good cast (and director) can make The Woman in the Window more than it seems. It looks a movie we've seen a million times...

      2. I am so very there for whatever is happening between Saoirse and Florence. God! I love them both so much!

      3. I plain don't care for Olivia Wilde. Never have really. And Booksmart is very just okay. I will probably like Richard Jewell despite all this.

      4. Tenet looks badass.

      5. My Daddy issues really made Ad Astra work for me.

      Have a great weekend!

      1. I think the Woman in the Window will be trash but I hope it will be the kind of fun, ridiculous trash we saw in thrillers in the 90's

    7. guhhhhhhhhh I'm going to see TROS on Saturday. I wish I was more excited. I'm just so very meh. I'm sure I've said that a bazillion times already. But I am living for this Oscar content! I'm excited for Tenet too. I don't think I've really understood how much I like Nolan's films.

      My husband asked me last night if I had read any of the reviews for Cats: Um YES. what else could keep me entertained at work all day? besides thirst tweets lol

      1. Those Cats reviews and comments from people who saw it are so hilarious, I just cannot wait to see this movie :D

    8. I was interested in Richard Jewell until all of that about the reporter came out. The irony of doing that in a movie that talks about the media destroying a mans reputation just seems to go right over their heads. Frustrating.

      I think anyone who did 3 was backed into a corner with Johnson offing Snoke like that. The first order wasn't ever impressive and no one seemed to want to commit to Kylo going all bad. So they needed a villain that could be shoved in quick and give the gravitas unfortunately it all went down hill from there :(
      Happy weekend!

      1. Right?! How can they criticize something based on lies while they are making stuff up in that movie.

    9. Holy shit, I can't wait to see Cats.

      I'm going to see TROS again because Matty had basketball practice (so I bailed on a jerk), so I will hold off on destroying it until then. But...until then, what the fuck? I just don't understand so MANY decisions they made.

      So...seriously...should I bother with 6 Underground???

      I think Tenet looks cool as Hell, even if I won't understand it.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I don't understand either. I just don't know how they could have messed it up so bad.

        Dude I rated 6 Underground above TROS so go for it lol

    10. When I first saw that pic of Kumail I thought it was photoshopped. Damn he worked hard!

      I saw Ad Astra the other day and what a bore! Brad is hot but it was too much of a torture.

      Those Cats reviews are so hilarious I kinda want to see the movie to see how bad it is lol

      1. Yeah I think that's why everyone wants to see Cats :)

    11. Saorise and Florence are amazing! Man, I can't wait to see Little Women and I'm like.. not even a fan of period movies (Except Pride & Prejudice which will forever remain my favourite!).
      I'm so excited for Tenet!! Like.. more so for the fact that I have like a 0.00001% of actually being in it than the movie but like.. I don't know. It would be awesome to just suddenly at least glimpse myself there. Only time will tell.

      I wish I could work out like Kumail... I can barely move to go to work let alone after it. :D

      1. I really hope you are in it, that would be so cool! But still, even an experience of being there on the set must have been amazing!

    12. 3-Iron... shit, I haven't thought about that movie in years. That just took me back to the years I was obsessed with South Korean cinema. Gotta watch that again asap!