Friday, January 10, 2020

(424) Duels of shade + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 10, 2020
  • I choose to believe this is McGregor's punishment for having an affair. The outfit I mean. Good God, what even is that. 
  • Meanwhile, WB's marketing for Birds of Prey has been an absolute disaster. I lost faith that their upcoming releases will be hits, they are just such an inept studio. Wonder Woman 1984 will hopefully do well thanks to that amazing trailer but honestly I just resent that studio for giving so much marketing to incel bait Joker but not advertising first R rated female led CBM with equal enthusiasm and resources. 
  • The film is opening in less than a month and it's only yesterday when they finally released the final trailer. And it's a wonderful trailer! Why the fuck were they holding it back?!
  • MORBIIUS TRAILER IS COMING!!!!! This is gonna be so unintentionally hilarious. 
  • Oh, this is brilliant. 
  • Knives Out is allegedly getting a sequel! Kelly Marie Tran should be in it. Rian right the wrongs of those motherfuckers at LucasFilm.
  • Christian Bale is in the talks to join the next Thor movie
  • I watched Minding the Gap for Film Club and it was a really interesting documentary. I don't watch many films from that genre, so it's always fun to see something completely new to me.
  • Frozen II was cute. The snowman was still annoying as hell but I didn't want anything to happen to him. That power ballad moment with the male character was really nice. Also it's so fucking funny how Bob Iger is so against the gay content in Disney movies but Elsa is gonna tun so many girls lesbian.  
  • I also saw Villains which was a quirky little movie with Maika Monroe and Bll Skarsgard. It's nothing special but if you like any of the actors you should definitely check it out.
  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was so much fun! The amounts of shade Jolie threw around were just glorious to witness, the relationship between her and Aurora was again really lovely and the film looked fantastic. It's one of the best looking Disney crash grabs out there. And Jolie may look like the slight wind can knock her over but she is still an absolutely breathtaking beauty.
  • Netflix added Donnie Brasco so I rewatched it. It's one of the best Al Pacino performances out there, it's so subtle. I always hated that he wasn't nominated for anything for it.
  • Insidious: The Last Key was absolutely awful. It's really cool that Lin Shaye, an actress in her seventies, is leading those flicks but they really need good scripts and they don't have that. 
  • I have been watching You season 1 and it's such a fun show. But...Jesus. So even if I somehow meet a nice guy I have to worry about him jerking off in the bushes like a degenerate? And what the hell is up with that chick he obsesses over? Who masturbates with a sofa cushion?! What is happening?!
  • Golden Globes don't deserve space on my website so I'll just say that Ricky was not very good and this was his worst hosting gig. DiCaprio joke was amazing, though:
  •  I'm happy for Brad Pitt and Succession wins.
  • Look at this fakeass bitch. You hate it so much? Stay home then. People like those in replies are a disgrace. And here's reminder that Joker stans are garbage
  • Jason and Lisa at the red carpet. Oh I love him. He was presenting with Zoe, which was super cute. After party photos.
  • Just how shit can people's taste get?! Though this one is one Disney for not making their streaming platform internationally available at the same time as in USA. 
  • Bill brought his new girlfriend to the Globes! I m so glad he is so happy. 
  • Owwww!
  • New, fierce still of Oscar in The movie that should not be mentioned.
  • "Space slut". Well, isn't he good with words.
  • Here's another spicy and hot edit.
  • This is the kind of content Pedro likes on twitter (1,2). Meanwhile, this is still happening to me. 
  • I watched The Great Wall and The Equalizer 2 for Pedro. I now run out of the films with him to watch and I'm sad. 
  • Brittani and Gemma write about Golden Globes 
  • Allie reviews Just Mercy
  • Kevin talks about some men vs Little Women
  • Mario and Sonia review Jojo Rabbit 
  • Diana writes about her favorite music, TV shows, movies and books in 2019
  • Katy gives some good advice for the new year 
  • Chris lists his fav films of the decade 
  • Getter writes about Spinning Out 
  • Mariah reviews second episode of The Witcher 
  • Sara reviews The Family Stone 



    1. I'm so glad to read Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is fun. Hopefully I'll find the time to watch it.

      As for the Globes... well, at least Brad won and deserved it.

      Thank you for the link!

    2. Thanks for the link :*

      That Leo joke in the monologue was golden :D loved it, and more over, since Leo seemed to not mind

      I will probable by in the minority here, but I wasn't head over heels for the Birds of Prey trailer. I will see it, but I thought they could have done a better job.

      1. I mean it's WB, they can always do a better job :) Their trailers are usually great but everything about it screams not much effort from marketing people. Hopefully they'll treat Wonder Woman better than this

    3. WB's marketing is pathetic. You'd think they'd have Birds of Prey everywhere since everyone is talking about Margot right now.

      I haven't seen Donnie Brasco. I suck at watching old Pacino movies that aren't The Godfather, apparently. I have a lot of catching up to do.

      I added Villains to my Netflix queue. Everyone I know is talking about You but I don't know if it will be for me or not, and I still have so much TV to watch.

      I also keep forgetting about Morbious.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yes you do, watch Heath! And Casino! That's not Pacino starring but it's a must!

        You should check You out, it's so ridiculous and fun, I think you'd like it!

        I think after the trailer drops on Monday the images from it will be burn into our minds forever lol

    4. Oh hey, you actually saw Frozen II! Glad to hear, and happy to see that you liked it, too!

      I hadn't heard of Villains, but I do like Maika Monroe, so I may need to seek that out.

      Also, thanks for the link, Sati! :)

      1. It's one of her better recent movies! It's really a shame she isn't in better and more talked about movies lately

    5. I know it's totally conspiracy theorist of me but I wonder if the crap marketing for Birds of Prey is because they worry something might take the wind of out Joker's Oscar campaign?

      Morbious just makes me want the Venom 2 trailer or the Dune trailer!!! Maybe we'll get both as Super Bowl ads? ;) Happy weekend!

      1. I don't think that's the case, but who knows. I expect absolutely nothing reasonable from WB.

        I really hope so! But I think it may be too early, hopefully WW1984 will get one

    6. I was so happy Brad won. I loved Tom Hanks too, but Brad deserves some recognition and I would love to see him win an Oscar, even if its for OUATIH. I love that gif of Leo laughing... Reese Witherspoon's face in the background is epic.

      Baby Yoda... honestly I only seem to get excited over BY when Pedro is in the picture, even with the mask on. :D I'm weird I think.

      Bill Hader is so cute when he's happy. I miss seeing him all over my twitter tl

      thank you for the link! <3

      1. Yeah Reese's face was priceless lol

        Have you seen the show yet? You need to experience his cuteness!

        Well he is hidden somewhere, writing Barry 3, so there's not much for me to tweet there :)

    7. I guess I have to add Maleficent Mistress of Evil to my list of movies to watch from 2019 (that list is sadly quite long).

      1. It's really fun! I liked it better than the first movie

    8. I'm so over Ricky hosting the Golden Globes. His 'not caring' schtick was fun in the beginning when he was at least edgy, but then it got boring. *shrugs*

      I love Benoit Blanc, but I don't really think Knives Out needs a sequel. The first film was mostly geared towards Ana/Daniel/Chris, which is why it worked for me. I'm interested to see what the cast would be at least.

      I have a feeling my love for Brad Pitt is going to explode once I see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. lol

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. Considering the movie is a misogynistic pile of shit and Brad commits multiple acts of violence targetting women..... I doubt that :)

    9. I'm so excited for Wonder Woman... Birds of Prey I'm afraid to be excited for. I feel like it will disappoint me and I don't like feeling like this.

      YOU is so much fun! I still need to get into the mood for season 2, I've been struggling to stick with shows (says a person who binged the Cheer documentary on Netflix the other day) but like.. yeah. You is good trash, I love it.

      Uhm.. I skipped the entire Golden Globes thing. I didn't even read the winners list I think.. And if an Estonian movie doesn't get the Oscar nom today (which it probably won't because it doesn't have enough money to boost itself) I won't be focusing on the Oscars either.

      PS: Thanks for the link!

      1. Polish movie got a nomination so we are all quite stunned here :)

      2. Yay! But you have won too right, with Ida?

      3. Yeah Ida won. I still haven't seen this one...

    10. They've started promoting Birds of Prey pretty early here in Asia, so it's weird to see how little is done for the movie's domestic market. Still, I hope it does well. I know I'll definitely go see it on Week 1.

      And ugh, how did Joaquin Phoenix become so unlikeable?! :(

      1. I never liked him and his 'I don't care about awards' thing, if he doesn't why is he always there lol

    11. I'm genuinely worried now that Birds of Prey is going to be downright awful, because the marketing has been virtually non-existent. There doesn't seem to be any logical reasoning behind it!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed Maleficent: Mistress of Evil! I fully expected a garbage movie but kind of loved it!

      1. Test screenings were very positive! I genuinely don't know what WB is doing

    12. Hi Sati! Thank you for the link! Jason and Lisa are so adorable. I also love his relationship with Zoe. Blended family goals!

      I'm seriously concerned for Birds of Prey with WB at the helm. I don't understand how they continue to tank CBM movies worth hundreds of millions, but they do. Like you said, this is a female-led CBM film that's rated R. They made hella noise about the Joker being rated R. Why not BoP?

      1. I have no idea, from what I heard the movie is really good! I have no clue what they are doing

    13. Love seeing the Donnie Brasco praise! There are a few movies in my lifetime that I am stunned didn't receive any Oscar nominations. That's one for sure. (Zodiac is definitely another.)

      1. Right?! What the fuck? Especially when you see the kind of shit they nominate these days...