Friday, January 17, 2020

(425) Kevin, did you know? + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 17, 2020
  • (all of us to every single female director who was snubbed by the Academy)
  • Wonderful news about What we Do in the Shadows! Season 2 premiers on April 15th and Mark Hamill is gonna guest star! Could he possibly be someone from Van Helsing family who is gonna visit Guillermo? 
  • Naturally, I rewatched season 1 where that delightful gifset above comes from.
  • I started my best of the year posts about 2019 so check out the one from this week about best performances! Up next - best scenes!
  • Westworld is coming back on March 15th but at that point I couldn't care less. That second season was TLJ levels of who gives a fuck now? 
  • First trailer for Morbius. Jesus Christ, where do I even begin. 
  • This trailer has everything. Awful color grading that immediately makes it known it is indeed Sony production. The unholy blend of generic story, exposition (he actually LISTS his powers) and bad CGI that instantly brings early 2000's comic book films to mind. 3 seconds of Matt Smith and just from that you know he plays the bad guy. One shot of Tyrese Gibson as FBI agent. Jared Harris trying to do something decent but what the fuck for. The luckiest woman in Hollywood. And finally Jared Leto yet again hissing at people 
  • Let's talk about MCU stuff in the trailer. You know how so much of my life is about Pedro and Oscar and they have no idea I exist? That whole Sony/Marvel connection is kinda like that. Not as sad....but close.
  • This tweet made me laugh so hard. Can you Imagine if Feige didn't know? But I am pretty sure he did. It was probably part of the deal that allowed Marvel to keep using Spiderman. But Marvel is just gonna ignore that. Sony is like a parasite that attached itself to it. 
  • You gotta love how shameless Sony is about this whole thing. That whole "from the studio that brought you" card while Spiderman films were actually made by Marvel Studios. That shot of Spiderman graffiti they put no effort in. And finally that Keaton moment. I am so certain this is either the ending of the movie or one of the post credits scenes. Sony is this brazen. This is the studio that put Venom's ending in the trailer. Let's not expect them to hold back surprises. 
  • I just love that they blew enough smoke in general audience's eyes that they will actually think this film is part of MCU. Marvel logo is there and people neither care nor realize what "in association with" means. Looks like MCU, must be MCU. And the fact that MCU's own color grading and trailers are only slightly better than this makes it even easier for the audience to confuse it with this reject from the 2000's.
  • Good God, you just know they will involve Tom Holland in this Sonyverse thing. That boy will crumble before Hardy. And Leto? He will confuse him for a female virgin groupie, fuck him, kill him and then bathe in his blood. 
  • Run, child. RUN.
  • Because I am a shameless whore I did like that shirtless shot. And that dark version of Fur Elise was really cool.
  • Also can we just acknowledge that this man is 48 years old. FORTY EIGHT YEARS OLD. I'm not being coy when I say he looks younger than me.
  • New promo for Black Widow.
  • Season 3 f Mindhunter is on indefinite hold.
  • This is just sad to watch. And embarrassing. What studio would hire someone who is so stupid and antagonizes the fans in such a juvenile way? 
  • Meanwhile, a classy person.
  • Paul Walter Hauser is a goddamn hero for that tweet, even though he called this garbage a great movie. Look at the replies. The stans are rabid as fuck.
  • I told you this would happen (1,2). Cooper lost to someone who gave inferior performance and pulled hypocritical "had no clue our director is a rapist" routine and now Driver will lose to inferior performance from a dude who attends the ceremonies and campaigns so much for something he allegedly doesn't care about. The hypocrisy is apparently like catnip to award committees. The former movie paid for legal defense of a rapist and the latter empowered incels to be mouthier online, so in that aspect this year is a much smaller disgrace than the last, which is the silver lining here.
  • But at least Florence was nominated and had the best reaction photos.
  • Here she is on Kimmel's show last night! She is adorable!
  • I'm not Joaquin's fan but this is awful. Why does she have a platform?
  • Based Noho Hank
  • I watched Bombshell which I really liked. I was going to make a whole post about it, but sadly I didn't find the time. Check out the comment section there. Yeah. My points were proven right.
  • I watched Freeway for Letterbox's Film Club. It was garbage and it was really unpleasant to watch, but Witherspoon was really impressive. 
  • I also saw I Lost My Body for Secret Cinema part of the Film Club which is this thing where we all get a person and we recommended a movie they didn't see yet. I really liked it and the score in particular was just lovely.
  • Little Women was so charming. It had so much heart and few of the scenes really moved me. 
  • I finished season 2 of You and while it was really fun it was also poor man's - or in this case Netflix's - Gone Girl, which I am pretty sure the writers acknowledge since they actually named one of the characters "David Fincher". My awesome tweets (1,2,3,4)
  • Remember to bring the change of panties to the cinema for Dune.
  • I promise I'm not the one who made that.
  • My tiny king. He has a new project which hopefully won't be a flop.
  • And finally I wanna SUE the person responsible for this edit which almost made me spontaneously catch on fire.
  • Brittani reviews 1917
  • Katy breaks down what we know so far about Wonder Woman 1984
  • Sara reviews Boys and Girls
  • Alex chooses his favorite movies in 2019
  • Allie reviews Jojo Rabbit
  • Sonia reviews Parasite
  • Gemma writes about new Harley Queen graphic novel
  • Getter writes about 10 movies that shaped her in last decade
  • Mario reviews Doctor Sleep


    1. I don't even know what to think of Morbius at this point. lol

      Even though I had issues with Westworld last season, Aaron Paul being in S3 is a huge selling point for me. Hopefully it works out.

      Poor Daddy Hopper and his water weight.

      You should do a post on Bombshell and Little Women when you get your life back lol

      THanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I'm really excited that he will be in this but I have zero faith in the writers at that point

        I don't think I'm getting my life back, ever :P

    2. Those Spiderman negotiations a couple months back where probably the worst time of Holland's life. I can just imagine him, "Please Kevin! Please you know what they'll make me do!"

      I'm really curious about what's going on with Weisz character in Black Widow. I enjoy the (even snippy) family vibe of the trailer. Maybe they'll change things up? Have a great weekend!

      1. Yeah poor Holland. Hardy is apparently not that much fun to be around when he is in acting mode and Leto is insane lol

    3. I couldn't believe Sony tried to gaslight us with those title cards - for a second, I was like 'oh yeah they did Spider-WAIT NAH'. lol All of these crossovers are making my brain hurt. I don't know if I'll be able to track everything. But that Morbius trailer. HYSTERICAL. And that Idris meme never gets old.

      I can't wait for this award show season to be over, just so we can suffer again next year. lol

      I'd love to read your Little Women and Bombshell reviews if you found the time. :D

      Thank you for the link!! <3

      1. I have so much to do I can barely keep writing RFs :( I mostly stick to letterboxd with my reviews/complaining these days lol

    4. I still need to watch the Morbius trailer. I can't believe that I haven't seen that trailer yet! Also, I wonder about how they are planning on tying MCU's Spider-Man into the Sony Spiderman universe. That would be an interesting battle between Sony and Disney.

      1. Knowing Sony they will probably throw Holland in there in some random scene lol

    5. I haven't watched Morbius trailer and I'm gonna try and not watch it until I see it all unfold in the cinema.... can't wait :D

      That Jared Leto gif tho... man.. I've seen him up close during a concert.. like second row right in front of me up close and I still can't believe he's real.

      PS: Can't wait for the best scenes of 2019... I just saw 1917 and I'm like... there are so many gorgeous shots in that movie. At least the ones I saw through the tears.

      Thank you for the link! :)

      1. Are you sure you can watch this without being prepared for it? :D

        Right?! He just doesn't age! At least not like a human being

        1917 doesn't make my top 10 of the best scenes but the ruins scene was close, it was so amazingly shot!

    6. Do you reckon there's any chance of Westworld S3 just totally ignoring whatever happened in S2? Because I'd like to give it another chance and there's no way in hell I'm going to try and sit through even 1 episode of S2!

    7. I haven't watched Morbius trailer yet but that shirtless pic made me drool all over my keyboard. How is he 48?! He does NOT look 48. He can't be 3 years younger than my mother. He simply can't!

      I watched Bombshell last week and I really enjoyed it, especially the performances. And I also read the comment section and I was disgusted.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I know, what the fuck, right?! I guess this is what having money, always eating right and not drinking booze and having lots of sex gets you....and I am the opposite of all of those things lol

    8. Morbius does look fairly generic, but I'm still curious enough to see it, MCU or not. Pretty cool use of music in the trailer, if nothing else!

      And I do hope Mindhunter gets another chance. It so deserves another season. :(

      1. It really does :( We need more things made by Fincher!

    9. I wonder what the writers of Westworld are cooking up this season, they’re always looking for something I can never stomach but I have to tolerate it anyway. It’s like drinking really awful cough syrup except it’s not good for me lmao

      1. I will watch too, but Jesus, that show went off the rails in season 2 so bad

    10. Great post as always. Sorry for my absence, life has been busy. I’m happy you enjoyed Little Women, Ronan and Pugh were excellent.

    11. I was sort of bummed about Mindhunter Season 3, but maybe this will mean Fincher will go back to directing movies. And I tuned out of Westworld... was season 2 no good? And thank you for the link!