Friday, February 14, 2020

(429) DADDY IS BACK + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  • *vomits*
  • Stranger Things 4 teaser! He's back! What have those fucking Russians do to him, they will pay!
  • New pictures from Wonder Woman 1984.
  • And here's WB already promoting their male led CBM while totally failing to promote the female led CBM they have in cinemas right now.
  • Tilda Swinton will lead that Parasite TV series on HBO.
  • Indie Spirit Award winners. Here's Adam Sandler's amazing speech. 
  • Oscar at the Academy Awards rehearsals. And here he is at the Oscars (1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • Natalie Portman!
  • Taika Waititi!
  • Keanu!
  • Here are my thoughts from letterboxd. Every year someone adds a page for the ceremony and every year we make posts about it and then every year letterboxd removes it because the only TV stuff that is allowed is mini series. But I am always careful so I saved it:
  • how dare those shitfuckers reference Midsommar after snubbing it 
  • DiCaprio trying to sing in that opening number when Monae shoved a mic in his face made me laugh so damn hard. I hope interacting with a woman over 30 didn't give him a permanent damage
  • why didn't they give Pitt a standing ovation? He's an icon! 
  • Regina King being unable to tear herself away from him is a major mood 
  • "Idina Menzel, pronounced exactly as it is spelled" - ADELE DAZEEM flashback!!! 
  • Diana Keaton was more wasted than I am on Friday evenings 
  • Timmy straight up showed up in a damn tracksuit, I can't even. Oscar come get your son, please
  •  Shia LaBeouf bringing Zack Gottsagen on stage with him to present was beyond lovely 
  • Maya and Kristen were so annoying, I'm sorry, I loved them on SNL but this was awful. Martin Scorsese losing his shit during it made it funny, though 
  • Why did that song tribute even happen? Seeing everyone singing along to Lose Yourself while Scorsese was realizing there are worse things in the world than Marvel movies was hilarious
  • "Congratulations", he is such a sassy bitch, I love him
  •  Roger Deakins finally thanked his wife properly, remember the last time when he went "my wife, whatever"? I am still laughing about that
  • Logan is my all time fav movie so it was great to hear all that praise for James Mangold 
  • Thanks for Cats flashbacks, you fucks 
  • It was wonderful seeing Kelly Marie Tran having so much fun after the way she was treated in TROS
  • Gal! Brie! Sigourney!!!!!!!! 
  • Timmy was sitting next to Elvira and Oscar! Dune reunion! 
  • Look, it's great that Parasite won but I'm CONVINCED it's just their way of saying "yes, we are sexist and racist BUT at least we are not illiterate!"
  • Please tell me it was Brad Pitt who did this.
  • Vanessa Kirby is going to be in Mission Impossible sequels! Those are shaping up to be really great, the cast is insane!
  • watched Dolittle and just like with Cats I don't want to talk about it. I don't even know why the fuck I watch those things anymore, clearly I am losing my mind.
  • I rewatched Knives Out and Fright Night. I'm so psyched Knives Out was such a big success and we're getting a sequel. Fingers crossed Rian won't TLJsabotage the shit out of it. Also what a relief it must be for Daniel Craig to have something lined up that he will actually enjoy making.  
  • I watched The Squid and the Whale for Letterboxd's Film Club Secret Cinema. It had a great script and great performances but I just found the characters in it to be exhausting. At least in Marriage Story you could kinda like them, but here? Nah.
  • I sat through Killing them Softy for Ben. He played an addict and was saying horrible stuff but the first scene included him walking dogs and then there was a scene of him walking a small, cute dog so it was not entirely unpleasant. Yes, he stole those dogs, but it's details, baby, details!
  • *sighs* I love you. sir.
  • I rewatched Darkest Hour. Yes. I will do anything.
  • I finished season 1 of Bloodline and now I hate Kyle Chandler. You are dead to me, Kyle.
  • Everyone understood what "aspirations" in last RF stood for, yes? I was worried it might have been....too subtle. 
  • In case you missed the gems I tweeted  (1,2)
  • My livetweet of the new ep of The Outsider. God, HBO really came through:
  • And tumblr reacted accordingly
  • And finally this. And also this because the way I just screamed when I saw this. 
  • Allie, Courtney, Brittani, Mariah, Sonia and Gemma review Birds of Prey
  • Katy shares her favorite movies of the decade
  • Getter reviews Locke & Key
  • Sara reviews Triple Frontier



    1. Deakins always makes his speech about his wife ‘James’ :) and crew, that’s part of why I find him very endearing even though he’s almost always anxious in interviews lol

      1. Yeah but the last time he did the segue from her to 'whatever' and it was just so so funny :D

      2. I thought it was some kind of inside joke between them lol but what really surprised me this year was the amount of Deakins thirst tweets XD

    2. I can't believe you watched Cats AND Dolittle. You are a hero, madam.

      I'm still just starting at Oscar. Perfection.

      I am also a total sucker for hot guys w/ babies or puppies in their arms. Give me ALL the pics!

      so glad you kept your Oscar LB review lol. I was so disappointed to find they took it down. pfft. thank you for the link!

    3. Hi Sati! Thanks for the link. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm pretty bummed today. I had to put my dog to sleep today. I didn't realize it was valentine's day until after it was over. I'm still trying to process it.

      Sorry....thank you for the link! It's always appreciated. I love your Oscar ramblers. They're so much fun! I keep seeing your posts about 'The Outsider.' I probably need to start watching it.

      1. I'm so sorry! :(

        The Outsider is really great, you should check it out!

    4. I was not expecting a Stranger Things tease!

      I liked The Squid and the Whale, there were parts that were really really weird but overall it was solid.

      I'm still so happy for Bong and Taika.

      Fuck WB,

      Thanks for the link!

    5. I don't care who is in it, I'm so going to skip the new Batman movie. I've had enough with WB being assholes.

      I didn't know they were making a Parasite series but now I can't wait for it. It's going to be so good!

      I love what Portman did with her cape but she should support female filmmakers a bit more as most of her films, even and especially the recent ones, were directed by men.

      "Diana Keaton was more wasted than I am on Friday evenings" lol she was wasted though

      That Brie, Sigourney and Gal moment was my favourite part of the ceremony.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I am so pissed off at them too, fucking Sonic easily got number 1 this week :/

        I think Portman is doing quite a bit, at least she is vocal about it during Oscar seasons which is more than most of those actresses are doing

    6. I'm so hyped for the next Mission Impossible movies. The cast is awesome. A part of me wants Renner to come back, but I'm happy that his character was killed off in Fallout like he was supposed to be.

      I love what Natalie did with her cape. She's rejected working on a lot of projects because they weren't directed by women. It's nice to see her back up what she believes in.

      Diane & Keanu were hysterical. I gave my mom and sister a whole monologue of how handsome he was in Something's Gotta Give, and they still won't watch it with me. lol

      I'll never get over Brie, Sigourney, and Gal on the same stage together.

      I kind of don't know what to think about a Knives Out sequel...I'm kind of excited and I don't think Rian would write it just because the first one is successful....but I hope it's just as good and clever.

      Wwow to the last gif of Ben in The Outsiders. I haven't even watched 1/3 of the shows I should be watching, but that make me want to check it out ASAP. Also, gotta love a man who loves dogs.

      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. He was?? I don't even remember anything about his character in Fallout lol

        oh my God, Keanu is beautiful in that movie! WTF they should so wanna watch it!

        He may love dogs as much as I do :)

    7. Stranger Things should do a whole series of shorts about Hopper's time in prison & tide me over until the next season.

      I would take Salma's Oscar over the other one any day of the week!

    8. I am LIVING for those Oscar gifs. It doesn't have to be on that stage. I just want to hold Oscar...
      I'm fine with Pattinson but if I have to watch Batman's origin story ONE MORE TIME I'm busting into WB's offices Harley Quinn style.

      1. Lmao we are definitely watching the Waynes getting murdered again

      2. Please tell me they will at least forgo the inevitable pearl necklace.

      3. I'm sure it will happen again :) They really like that detail

    9. God, I live for your posts. These are always so brilliantly on point and make me giggle!

    10. How did I not comment when I read this last weekend. Ah, might have been my hangover... well. I'm glad about the Stranger Things teaser even tho I would have loved them to torture us longer with the unknown. Oh well, I guess they think the lack of knowing what happens to the kids will keep us guessing anyway.

      I didn't watch the Oscars fully but I saw some moments and I thought Shia and Zach was my favourite by a mile! I don't need to see the rest.

      Your commitment to watch Darkest Hour... you are so brave and strong and amazing!

      Thanks for the link btw!