Friday, February 21, 2020

(430) The shirt! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 21, 2020
  • Well good news is that WB is already doing some promo things for Wonder Woman 1984 so that's a good sign. Maybe the marketing for this movie won't be terrible. Meanwhile, Sonic easily dethroned BoP in its second box office week. It's disgraceful how they botched that release and it won't be forgotten. 
  • Netflix is finally going to release that Chris Hemsworth/Daddy Hopper movie next month. I'm sure it will be garbage, but no one will be watching it for the plot.
  • Here's Richard Madden treating his fangirls like queens/thirsty hoes they are.
  • New Bond poster that looks like Craig is about to take a shit.
  • Great trailer and posters for new Sarah Paulson thriller Run.
  • Pretty great new trailer for Westworld
  • Oscar is already working on his new movie!
  • Excellent news for In Bruges' fans!
  • Oh my God what is happening?!
  • On Valentine's Day I rewatched Gone Girl which funnily enough half of letterboxd was also doing. It's now been 6 years since Fincher's last movie. Ugh.
  • I also rewatched Blade Runner 2049 and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So another WB marketing flop - gee, I wonder why the vague promos didn't work - and Sony not giving Fincher the sequels. But with this one it's the audience that's to blame because the trailers for it were some of the best in history.
  • And I also rewatched The Land of Steady Habits because of reasons
  • I fell down the interview hole again and this is so funny. I had no idea Gary Oldman can laugh. 
  • More! (1,2,3,4)
  • Sir, what the fuck are you so cute for?
  • That little noise he made trying to keep Star Wars stuff a secret? Jesus!
  • Mondays are tough for my followers but then again so are the Sundays.
  • I am making my way through Bloodline season 2 and it is hard. How dare you disrespect him with a wig like that?!
  • These are the new pictures of Ben (1,2,3,4):
  • I'm like ?!!?!!?!?
  • Mother of God, he got even hotter. 
  • Sir, sir? Can you control yourself? I can't live here!
  • The hair, the eyes, the shirt, I can't!
  • What's next? He'll wear a shirt saying "Daddy's here"? And I'll collapse?
  • Oh God, this shirt is actually pink
  • *sighs*
  • *SIGHS*
  • Hey Hollywood! How come one of the best working actors doesn't have any jobs lined up? Fix it! 
  • I mean I'd hire him, just not for acting. 
  • Though I suppose roleplaying is "acting". 
  • *giggles* oh shut up, Margaret. 
  • It was so traumatic when these bitches started yelling at him in new episode of The Outsider. How dare you. He is doing the best he can, OK?!
  • Also there is some hope for second season. Since he doesn't have a  job, just do it HBO!
  • Allie reviews Dolittle
  • Mario writes about Parasite
  • Katy shares reactions to Stranger Things season 4 teaser
  • Brittani reviews Horse Girl
  • Jade reviews Birds of Prey



    1. We Netflix advertised that new Hemsworth movie on Twitter I stopped reading after Hemsworth. I don’t know what the movie is about and frankly I don’t care 😂 as if I could focus on the plot

      I’m so excited for the Farrell/Gleeson/McDonagh reunion!!

      1. Right? Hot dudes, that's all we ask. Also they rarely deliver more than that and most of their stuff sux lol

    2. wasn't planning on seeing birds of prey in cinemas - I'm just too lazy - but will do now just to help somehow. and it looks like good fun on the big screen.
      happy weekend!

      1. YES! We need to support this one! I think you'll like it, it's really fun!

    3. Happy about that bit of In Bruges reunion news! And I think David Fincher is working on something for Netflix. Super excited for that. (Thanks for sharing the BoP review!)

      1. Yes, he is making a new one! But it sucks it took such a long time :(

    4. Richard Madden is so hot I don't know what to do with myself lol

      I'll be watching that Hemsworth/Hopper movie lol

      I liked that new trailer of Westworld! Hopefully they don't let me down.

      Yes! I'm happy to see the In Bruges people collab again.

      I mean, he kind of deserved to get yelled at in The Outsider. lol He needs to get with the program

      I've heard good things about Bloodline though, I've never watched it.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Well there is one thing to

        We all will :D

        But one has to be gentle with him! He is such a precious baby!

        You should at least check out season 1 of Bloodline, he is lovely in it and his character is very complex

    5. I snorted my coffee when I saw the No Time to Die poster you linked... I hadn't seen it yet but it DOES look like he's trying to take a poo! I'll never be able to think of anything else now.

      I can't wait to start The Outsider! I think I finally have enough episodes saved to just binge it.

      I'm still so pissy with WB for f*cking up the BOP marketing. I also remember how much I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo seeing it in the theater, and then realizing they'll never make the sequels. PFFFT.

      1. Craig looks like he is constipated AND wants to die during everything when it comes to these - filming, promoting, posing for posters...

        I think there's 7 now? It's hard for me to keep track because it drains my lifeforce with all the close ups on his face :)

        YES! It's a fucking disgrace Fincher didn't get to make more

    6. Why did Harrison Ford do that dog movie? I don't get it.
      Also I'm an episode behind with the Outsider because I want to binge the final episodes. Also, I'm definitely going to have to watch a bit of Fincher soon but I also have so much other stuff and work is literally chaos. We just got a new boss, we are supposedly thrown out of our current office building and the new office is not ready so... FUN times. :D

      1. I don't either, it's not like he needs money!

        Uhh, hope everything goes well with your job!

    7. Hm Topanga State Park is only a few hours from my house. If Richard Madden is running around shirtless up there I might have to take up hiking this Spring ;)

      Happy Weekend!

      1. If any of those hot dudes was hiking near me my ass would be hiking every day :D

    8. There were 2 guys sitting a seat away from me and my brother when we saw it and they were loving it :D Harley is such a mood and she's very sympathetic in the movie and Ewan McGregor playing Black Mask just looks like he's having the most fun he's had in years.

      1. YES! It's really disgraceful how mishandled the release of this movie was, I'm sure it will end up being one of the best CBMs of the year

    9. Richard Madden's Instagram posts are just downright filthy. He knows what he's doing!
      I'm totally on board for a Hemsworth and Daddy Hopper movie, I don't even care what it's about.
      I saw Sonic on the weekend and it was fine, it was alright, I liked it. But the fact that all I can see on Twitter is 'Sonic destroys Birds of Prey at the box office' makes me so mad!
      Thanks for the link <3

      1. Me and Richard would get along, I can tell :) Filth recognizes filth :P

        Yeah we won't know what the fuck that movie is about even after watching it, I'm sure of this :)

    10. Richard Madden is killing me. lol

      Looking forward to Run with Sarah. That trailer's crazy!

      I'd give The Outsiders a chance but I'm watching The Bodyguard right now. Maybe by the end of the year I'll get it done? lol

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I was supposed to watch The Bodyguard so many times but I can never find the time, with my luck Netflix removes it before I get the chance lol