Friday, March 13, 2020

(433) Hiatus + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 13, 2020
  • The Coronavirus situation is now extremely serious. Even though we only have 58 cases so far, the cinemas and schools here in Poland are closed. They called off the exams I was supposed to start in 11 days and have been studying for for a year. A YEAR. And 10h per day over the last 3 weeks. Just few more days and I'd be almost confident I'll pass. But now? I am furious. 
  • I decided to put the website on hiatus. I don't know when the new date for my exams will be but I have nothing in draft, I have so much studying to do for God knows how much longer and now I have to go back to work because I sent request to cancel my leave since who knows when the exams will take place. So I don't know when I'll be back posting things. I'm just so tired. I can't deal with drafting posts and reading and commenting on people's websites about movies right now. I'll still be on twitter and letterboxd but not much.
  • CinemaCon got cancelled - which means no Dune footage description  - and it doesn't bode well for ComicCon. And Tom Hanks and his wife have a virus now! Of all people, it went after Tom Hanks!
  • A whole bunch of movies was postponed, pretty much everything that was set to release in March and April.
  • I now think the only two movies I'll see in cinemas this year are gonna be WW198 and Dune. If they even get released this year.
  • Unlike WB, which is still not promoting Wonder Woman 1984, MCU didn't drop the ball on International Women's Day and we got this message from the lovely Florence and the disgraced hag. The next day the new trailer for Black Widow dropped. 
  • Florence's character sure looks dead here:
  • But hopefully that's a misdirection. 
  • We also got a new poster which is marginally less terrible than the usual shit MCU throws at us.
  • I really don't think that May 1 date is staying, by the way. Increasing fee on Disney+ and releasing it there would not be a bad idea, seriously at this point I'm not going to watch this in the cinemas. Risking my health for Woody Allen defending hag? No, thank you.
  •  But is Disney+  even internationally available? This is what you get, Disney, for favoring the Americans. 
  • Happy Birthday to Oscarwhich happened on March 9!
  • Scream 5 is happening and Ready or Not directors will direct it.
  • The new Bond movie might have been postponed but some of the promo material is still getting released including this wonderfully obscene photoshoot Daniel Craig did for GQ.
  • His SNL episode didn't go very well because of the shitty writing. The only truly funny sketch was the quote game and that's just because him and McKinnon kept breaking. Also I laughed so much at the way he was announcing The Weekend (by the way, how great is that Blinding Lights song, right?!). 
  • The previous SNL episodes I caught up with were actually not very good either, Mulaney brought Gyllenhall as a guest instead of Hader which was very disappointing. RuPaul episode was weak too. You know things are bad when The Weekend Update is the highlight. I lost it when Che was doing 'what's the point of anything if I can catch coronavirus' bit and went 'you know I might have a kid?' and it cut to Jost being completely deadpan.
  • Some stuff I watched recently - 1,2,3,4,5,6. I'm too tired to repeat myself so just read the outrageously dumb LB thoughts.
  • My The Outsider finale livetweet. Here's my review. It didn't go very well. They made a mistake of adapting the first half of the book too fast.
  • His dance moves, oh my God!
  • And then there's this gem.
  • Here's the interview Ben did after the finale for GQ. Sir, you are such a potty mouth!
  • And with that I leave you. Take care and wash your hands!
  • Sara reviews Emma
  • Gemma breaks down Black Widow trailer
  • Brittani and Allie review the Invisible Man
  • Getter chooses 10 female led movies directed & written by amazing women



    1. It is an awful situation, I do hope things get back to normal soon. Take care!

    2. I laughed so hard at the Oscar tweet lol

      I hope you get some rest during your hiatus! I'll miss reading your blog obviously. We're all probably going to be watching shitty streaming movies until the world gets back to normal.

      I don't think Widow's date is sticking now either after Mulan got bumped.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I've been watching so many Craig Bond films and so much stuff I rated 1/5 I am honestly going insane here lol Add to that working form home and studying and it's just crazy town

    3. Don't worry about the posting and commenting. I'll be here when you come back :)

    4. I'm sad to hear you're going on a hiatus. :-( Hope you'll get back into it soon, though :-)

      1. I do add some stuff to draft but it may be a while, it's hard to do anything rn when it's all so stressful ;(

    5. Good luck on the exams. You’ll be missed on your hiatus

    6. Oh man that's a shame about your test. Everything's pretty much shit right now everywhere isn't it? They just canceled my nephews school for six weeks so now it's a scramble for childcare. What a mess.

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Black Widow on May 1st though. Something to look forward to :) Stay well!

      1. And it's delayed :( I really hope by June things will be better though, but when you see what is happening in Italy...

    7. That's an f--king shame about your exams, Margaret. I still think you'll kick ass, whenever it you get the chance.

      Man, that SNL was pretty f--king painful. I don't know what the Hell half of those sketches were, but Craig did what he could. And yes, that song is a f--king banger. Not sure why it looked like he'd been attacked by wild dogs...but I'm old. What do I know?

      Goodness, am I looking forward to Scream 5 now. I probably shouldn't be....but Ready or Not was too much fun to not be excited.

      That Outsider finale was such a kick in the nuts. The episode before had me ducking and freaking out...but the end? Kind of flat, you know?

      Anyway, take care of yourself. Looking forward to when this shit is all back to whatever the Hell 'normal' is these days...

      1. Thank you so much! It's just so much more of living with stress to wait for it and take it and now with everything else going on, fucking unbearable :/

        I think this is just something he does in promo stuff for the album, he looks like hell on the cover of it too lol

    8. Stay safe! We'll all still be here when you come back, I'll really miss your posts while you're gone.

    9. thank you for the link! I'm gonna miss your updates but I totally get it. I'm starting work from home on Thursday and my anxiety is through the roof. I'm excited for Scream 5 now... but we'll see. Hopefully they can keep it fresh and not dumb. pffft.

      1. Work from home is already somehow even more tiring because ironically there's less distractions because there are no people around :/ I think we will all get really depressed working like that soon

    10. oh sucks all that hard work for nothing! I live in the part of Austria that just got shut down completely, but I'm in no place to complain. it's gonna hit a lot of us hard! take care, sati. you will be missed x

    11. Imagine if they kill Pugh's character...... ............ . . . . . ... ..

      Anyway! Hope you are doing okay! With this shit happening everywhere, I have been trying to balance everything (work+blog+life) from my tiny room and it's been rough. Anyway, came here to say I'm already missing these Friday posts but personal time is most important right now! Plus.. there's like no news... like.. except things getting postponed.. which is fcking sad. Can we just hit pause to this shitty sci-fi movie already?
      PS: I didn't like the Outsider finale.. I thought the characters made so many stupid mistakes. Stupid.
      Anyway, I'll be checking out reviews on Letterboxd and commenting there.

      TAKE CARE! :*