Friday, May 15, 2020

(439) THE F**K?! + links

By s. Friday, May 15, 2020
  • You guys simply have to see Capone. I tweeted two clips (1,2) from this thing - there are no words to express how ridiculous this movie gets. Hardy reaches Cage's levels in this. It's truly a must see for his performance. 
  • Mark Hamill tweeted a lot of fun stuff about his episode of What we Do in the Shadows. and did the pre-show hosted by the actor who plays Guillermo, Harvey Guillen. Also this happened. 
  • The episode was such a delight. I completely lost it when Laszlo crashed the car. And him and Nadja are just the cutest and total relationship goals:
  • Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck's dog judging them here is just wonderful. 
  • Films I've watched since last RF - What We Do in the Shadows, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Capone (2x)
  • I rewatched Dunkirk again. This really, really, really sums me up:
  • So I finally sat through that 96 minute long Howard Stern interview with Harry. It was just so delightful. It's mind blowing how calm and peaceful and down to earth he is. He performed Adore You and a cover of Sledgehammer and I cannot stop listening to both of those versions. 
  • Honey Bee Boo.
  • Yep, that's the boo name.
  • God, that Sledgehammer performance is comparable to his Watermelon Sugar SNL performance in terms of joy.
  • Stern mentioned The Today Show situation so I immediately paused and youtube'd that. Holy fucking shit. I wish I could say I'd have more dignity. But no, I can't say that.
  • Also this was hilarious. 
  • This week it was Getter who tried to kill me
  • Yes. Not only does he look and sound like that, he is also freaking adorable. Witness the banter he has with the crowd
  • Gosling would probably win the fight for his attention, though.
  • I am completely serious about wanting to go to his concert with you guys. I cannot think of anything more worthy of my hard earned money. And don't I deserve joy?
  • Some tweets I've been tweeting to brighten up everyone's days - 1,2,3
  • I lost track of how many times I tweeted this.
  • If I spent half as much time doing anything else as I did staring at that tweet....
  • My God, how dare you, have some shame etc. No, I have not been looking at this for a long time.
  • So everything was going relatively all right and calm (the above is "relatively all right and calm") until few days ago when Getter (the list of her crimes this week is so long) did some detective work/rituals/I have no idea how she found out about that, discovered that Harry's social media seem to be pointing to the fact that we are going to get, finally, Watermelon Sugar music video.
  • I think all the fans collectively started tweeting each other about that because it trended on #1 on twitter. 6 months after the album dropped. Without actual music video dropping yet. It trended for hours just because people kept tweeting stuff like this - 1,2
  • I cannot stress how huge our glitter sign must be when we go to the concert in order for us to get noticed, Getter.
  • I truly am Nadja.
  • Harry emerged to record this clip.
  • "New"?! I have been listening to this on repeat like a mad woman since December!
  • Then today this happened --->
  • THE FUCK?!
  • *slap sound*
  • *I'm slapping myself 'cause I'd never slap him*
  • And also this happened.
  • And then this.
  • If the wait won't kill me, the actual video probably will.
  • I'm sure you guys are all worried "oh God what If I miss when it drops?". Don't worry. You'll know. When there is a huge explosion seen above Poland and you suddenly hear something that sounds like a squirrel in heat will mean it is time.
  • Getter celebrates amazing beards. Please check out my incredible comment under that post.
  • Brittani reviews The Half of It
  • Mario celebrates blog birthday and calls my website pornographic which is kinda hard to argue with.
  • Katy writes about Lambs of God
  • Sara reviews Splash


    1. What We Do In The Shadows keeps getting better and better. As much as I love the group, I love it when the episodes semi-focus on one character. Jackie Daytona is one of the best names I've ever heard of.

      I can't wait to watch Capone. The way he takes that second punch like Linda is a MMA fighter. lol

      I can't believe I missed the Watermelon Sugar hype. UGH. I need it to drop this weekend and keep me going.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Capone is so incredibly ridiculous, I just couldn't believe some of the things that I was seeing on the screen lol like how did the actors and people in the crew not know how funny this will look to the audience

        WM hype is insane, it's trending again on twitter lol

    2. BLESS YOU for gifing that scene. That's going to be my go to wtf reaction gif from now on lol. I think we're going to rent the movie tomorrow.

      I still can't believe that music video isn't out yet. It was trending and everything, give the people what they want.

      Thanks for linking my Half of It review, I don't think anyone read it lol

      1. It's just such a hilarious moment lol


        I skipped it so far because God knows when I'll see an actual movie that is not Harry Potter after this insane weekend lol

    3. aaaaaah I love this post! I've been following your guys' tweets on Harry already and this is just brilliant.

      1. Oh yeah Fridays on here and every day on twitter and letterboxd is Harry content day :)

    4. I'm skipping Capone for now. I only want nice hot Hardy things in my life at the moment :)

      Enjoy your weekend!

      1. You need to see it though, it's hilarious!

    5. Well, I did the 'theater at home' this week for Scoob!, so maybe sometime this upcoming week for Capone? Though...was that f--ker even destined for theaters?? Can't wait, actually. Seriously. The GIFs you made should have been the trailer, then BOOM, VOD sales record.

      I hope you guys do get together and go to a concert. That would be...incredible. Alarming, yes, but also incredible. I'm available to drop you girls off upfront, Dad-style. *tucks in T-shirt*

      Thanks for the birthday love! You know I wouldn't have gone as far as I have without your support. So, when my kids grow up and won't speak to me because they're so embarrassed....well, some of that's on you.

      (oh, and I gotta catch up on looking forward to it)

      1. I think at some point they wanted to release Capone in cinemas and tbh the film doesn't look cheap so it would actually make more sense to release it there than some of the stuff from early this year that managed that

        I really hope we do it too! Once the situation is handled I cannot see why not, people fly abroad and attend concerts after all why can't we? FOR HARRY WE WOULD!!!

        I am fine with it, but they won't be embarrassed for sure!

    6. Capone was such a bad movie but I don't regret watching it at all. Hardy's performance just made it so worth it. He's given unintentionally hilarious performances in the past but he reaches a whole new level here lol

      It still baffles me how nobody recognised Laszlo because of the toothpick. And yes, he and Nadja are relationship goals. Also, when she giggled "I'm so horny" when Laszlo was back... that's going to be me when I finally meet one of my celebrity crushes

      And that video... if they don't release it soon I'm gonna lose it

      1. oh my God he was so much fun to watch in this and that insane editing only added to the amusement

        We all lost it so bad yesterday lmao

    7. That Rachel gif set is so you and me right now, lol.. I had lunch yesterday with a friend and she was like "I don't get the Harry hype" and I kind of like said, I don't think I can explain it because it's like... about a feeling.. basically it's lust and if you have it, you have it. But also partly because it's a lot more fun to fangirl in a group :D :D

      Also I'm sorry for trying to kill you.... but I'm not really sorry :D
      Can't wait to stand in the crowd with our glitter banner that says Consent Cult because dear god, I think we'd manage to recruit so many gals and guys for that! We'd for sure make the news :D :D

      1. Hopefully this pandemic ends one day and then we can go to that concert and probably get arrested together lol

    8. Like what in the hell was Capone?! That movie was so bonkers, but those tweets of yours were hilarious.

      1. I don't think anything this year will top that slap lol