Friday, May 22, 2020

(440) I just wanna taste it + links

  • Bad news - my exams are back on - 23 to 26 June. So this is the last post here till July.
  • I announced it on twitter and you were all so sweet to wish me luck, but some of the tweets only achieved making me even more horny (1,2,3)
  • New trailer for Tenet. Pattinson's character looks really fun and I love the dramatic "COMING TO THEATERS".
  • So Netflix added all Harry Potter films on Friday and yes, I rewatched them all while also doing the countdown to Watermelon Sugar (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
  • Jason and Peter Dinklage are teaming up again and Jason will play a vampire! Hopefully the movie is better than the one he played a werewolf in. 
  • Another amazing What We do in the Shadows episode! I One of the better in the season, so many returns in this one!
  • Snyder Cut is actually happening and will premiere on HBO MAX next year. They announced it during Man of Steel viewing party, which Cavill attended since you know, he has nothing else going on now that The Witcher isn't filming. I love how happy Jason is about this.
  • Everyone is criticizing Lana for this...what the hell? 
  • Timothy Olyphant is gonna be in season 2 of The Mandalorian!
  • First pictures from The Stand.
  • Harry content I tweeted this week - 1,2,3
  • We all know what I really want to talk to you all about.
  • In my wildest, most perverted dreams I didn't expect this video to be so completely not subtle at all. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
  • On Monday I have been so excited since the morning but then when it dropped....behold MY TWEETS (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  • So here we go with my highly professional analysis of Watermelon Sugar, the video:
  • 00:01: "This video is dedicated to touching". The way I stared at the screen all outraged about this man's complete luck of mercy on us.
  • 00:15: Look at him starting to finger that Watermelon
  • 00:26: It is at that point while watching the premiere I realized I made a huge mistake and should have cleared my browser history in case I DIED
  • 00:38: I almost passed out right there. When I close my eyes I CAN SEE THIS GIF.
  • 00:49: LOOK AT HIM GO
  • 00:54: Remember when they asked him if that song was about oral sex and he was like "oh okay is that what people think?"? And now he released THIS?! HOW DARE HE?!
  • 00:57: I HAVE NO WORDS
  • 01:02: Gee, Harry, what is this song about?
  • 01:14: Imagine getting to feed him a strawberry
  • 01:17: HE IS SUNSHINE
  • 01:23: I didn't even notice the lesbian action on the left because of what was happening on the right
  • 01:26: I want to be this watermelon more than I wanted to be that fish
  • 01:27: And they got paid for doing this!!!
  • 01:31: This little hand move here is one of the hottest moments in the video
  • 01:38: I want to do this so bad
  • 01:50: Good GOD
  • 01:58: If I were the girl in the hat I'd pass out
  • 02:03: Uhhhhhhh
  • 02:16: He is too beautiful to endure
  • 02:25: Look at that smug bastard
  • 02:29: I never wanted to shove a....watermelon in someone's face more. Nudge Nudge. Wink Wink.
  • 02:32: Another suggestive image because why have mercy?
  • 02:37: This is too cute!
  • 02:41: When you know what the watermelon represents this is a....powerful image
  • 02:45: SO HAPPY <3 
  • 02:49: That watermelon seed refused to let go and I relate to that
  • 02:51: The sun is blinding him like he is blinding me
  • 02:52: This is such a gorgeous shot
  • 03:00: Even the zoom ins in this thing were somehow erotic
  • I did a thing.
  • There were also some wonderful BTS pictures released but I'm too weak and turned on to link them all. Also here's the article about the video. He owns A WATERMELON FARM. I am screaming so loud.
  • There is so much praise for Harry's gentlemanly conduct on the set. I'm impressed by everyone's professionalism there. I'd straight up faint or throw up and probably throw myself at him, grab his leg and beg him to murder me or something.
  • I feel like this is the good note to end this post on.
  • So, see you in July and keep your fingers crossed!
  • Brittani reviews How to Build a Girl
  • Mario reviews The Lodge


    1. lmao I love your analysis. All accurate as well.

      I'm so excited for Tenat. It made me realize just how much I miss being in movie theaters right now.

      I will laugh so hard when the Snyder cut comes out and people realize it still sucks. Like really, the problems with JL were so much more than Whedon doing a cut of it.

      I'm sad you won't be around but I'll be rooting for you all through your studies and exams!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think Snyder cut may actually have potential to be better than MoS and BvS....which is a low bar, but still :P

    2. Okay I was psyched for those stand pictures until I saw Skarsgard. It's like they're making massive changes and updating everything except Flagg. I'll wait for a trailer cause I'm sure he'll pull off the performance but it's odd.

      Anyway good luck with your test!

      1. I think Heard being there is still the worst, she just cannot act in addition to being an awful person

    3. That is the best music video analysis ever! I will never be able to eat a watermelon like a normal person again lol

      And again, good luck with the exam!

      1. Same lol :P Thanks so much I think all those well wishes helped :P

    4. This was a very satisfying post!
      Tenet is for sure going to be amazing, I had a plan for my blog but now that plan has been ruined and I might have to figure something new out... I hoped it would get postponed but nope, I guess it won't. :D

      I suddenly have a very huge need for watermelons and berries.. I wonder why

      Also good luck with the exams! You're gonna do great!! :*

      1. Thank you, I think I did the best I could :P

    5. Good luck with the exams. I’m sure you’ll do amazingly. My apologies for not being around a lot. I was feeling a lack of Inspiration but I’ve now got it back

      1. I don't think I'm ever reviving this website tbh I'm just drained

    6. I can't wait for Tenet. It looks crazy but also I'm all ready for whatever Pattinson is going to try. lol

      What We Do In The Shadows was renewed for another season. It's the best part about quarantine and probably will be the best thing once all of this is over. lol

      I'm so happy for the Snyder Cut so I can stop hearing about the Snyder Cut. lol

      Harry is such a little snot. lol Teasing everyone about the song like we were reading into it and then releasing this. GOOD LORD. Everything about your analysis is SPOT-ON.

      Good luck with your exams! Hope to see you back around July.

      1. Lmao that time he kept saying it's not about oral sex.....God I hate this man :D

    7. I'm caught up on WWDITS but for the last 2 episodes. I also convinced my husband to watch it with me so I got to start over from season one and I appreciate it even more with the rewatch. I think Lazzlo is his favorite but Nadja is still a queen.

      The WS video... all I can think of is Bob's Burgers and the episode with a singer named Tabitha who sings a song called Oil Spill, which is incredibly sexual. "It's not subtle." That's so WS. :D I love it.

      Good luck with your exams!!! I know how stressful they are but I'm positive you'll do great. I'll miss RF for sure.

      1. Laszlo is so goddamn funny, Matt Berry's delivery of every single line is such art

        I think I did well but I'm still so tired :/

    8. I pretty much only listen to the radio while I'm driving (which isn't much anymore) and I find myself cracking up whenever Styles comes on. I think of that Kermit rocking himself meme and I instantly die. Ah, good times (though it's all 'Adore You' which is fine...but c'mon now).

      WWDITS is just the greatest thing on TV right now, but my wife refuses to watch it with me, so I've been watching it at like 6am when I let the dog out. Even half asleep, it is routinely one of the funniest shows ever. The whole Jackie Daytona bit was soooooo f--king funny, it almost killed me.

      Better than good luck, GREAT LUCK with your exams. Well, actually, shit...I don't think luck is involved when you're a STUDYING MACHINE. Bottom line...go kick some ass.

      And....thanks for the link!

      1. i would miss WWDITS but I have so many shows to watch here I'll probably only finish that when it's time for season 3 lol

    9. I'm curious to check out this Snyder Cut. It's been built up so much. I hope your exams went well!