Friday, July 31, 2020

(441) here we are + links

  • Good God, the new Blogger interface is disgusting. I won't be posting often because I don't have the time but this also makes it almost impossible to do. What a terrible, terrible change.
  • I am still exhausted after my exams. But guess who passed the bar exam on her first try? :P And I didn't do it traditional way and learned that in classes over the 3 years. No. I worked and learned all the stuff on my own, after 8h in the office and on weekends. And I passed. I'm already learning for the next one. This blog is not going to be updated a lot, but you can always find me on letterboxd and twitter. 
  • I did take small breaks during my studying before the exams and obviously did so for Babyteeth which was just lovely. Ben doesn't have anything lined up on imdb which is very depressing. 
  • I love him, I love him
  • Fuck that, he's too good for the Academy.
  • Meanwhile, Harry Styles is sporting mustache in Italy. Have we not been through enough this year as it is?
  • At least he also gave us this but I still haven't listened to that. I'm scared it may kill me.
  • 365 Days is a disgrace, but it is also hilarious. It makes perfect sense this comes from the same country as I do. Also how the hell was that directed by a woman and there is more female than male nudity? 
  • Do people not know what "dad bod" looks like? Jesus Christ...
  • I watched a bunch of movies since last RF, you can check all my reviews and diary entries on LB. I was sick again for almost 2 weeks with another sinus infection so that's when I really caught up on a lot of stuff and averaged about 5 movies a day.
  • The best scene from the stuff I've seen, other than things with Mendo, was definitely the boat scene from Miami Vice. The song, the editing, the sound, the way he took his jacket off and clicked her belt....oh my God. 
  • I watched all 3 seasons of Ozark and while season 2 was hard to get through season 3 was one of the best seasons of TV I've ever watched. The female characters on the show are so wonderfully written and the performances are great. Ruth is so badass. She reminds me of Trixie in Deadwood. And Wendy's brother looked like Keanu so that was a plus.
  • I'm finally properly watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it's beyond hilarious. Charlie Day makes me laugh so hard and my God he is BEYOND ADORABLE. And the way the characters become crazier and more horrible over the course of the seasons is incredible. It's delightfully dark and outrageous and I'm so impressed the show is so popular considering today's laughable overly correct climate. 
  • We keep getting promo stuff for WW1984 (1,2) and here's possible sneak peek at the score. All of this is making the wait for the movie even more unbearable.
  • Depp and Succubus' trial happened and it's a real shame it isn't televised. Some of the developments - 1,2,3.  Not only did she use the whole movement for personal gain and invalidated it - I am sure incels are now going "she lied so they all lie" but she is just terrible at everything. How dumb do you have to be to look this hot and be this bad at framing and manipulating men. I am sure even the gold digger whore community renounced this moron. And when the hell is WB going to recast Mera?
  • Mario reviews 365 Days
  • Courtney, Sonia , Gemma and Brittani write about Palm Springs
  • Katy reviews Relic

    1. Heyyyyyyyyy....good to see you're back!!! So great to have RF back, even if it's sparingly.

      That's so dope that you passed, not that any of us ever doubted you.

      I keep saying I should check ____ out, but I can't even pretend any more. I'm so f'n tired by the time my kids go to bed it's pathetic. I think it's Marilyn's fault...but she's so damn adorable I can't be too mad.

      My wife and I DEVOURED Ozarks, well, season 1, and then we struggled to finish s.2. I think we're about halfway through it. Good to hear s.3 is soooo good.

      Thanks for the link! (Oh, and lool at your 1,001 followers on LB...fancyyy)

      1. Season 3 is easily the best in the show so far, I'm surprised your wife stayed awake long enough to watch the show lol

    2. Welcome back!!!

      I hate the new Blogger interface with all my heart. Every time I do something I'm afraid of deleting posts. I don't really understand why they essentially made a mobile version for computer. They really screwed up this time. At least they fixed some issues since the beta.

      Again, congrats for passing the exam!

      I really need to star watching Ozark. I keep hearing great things about it but I have so little free time and so much stuff to watch.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Blogger interface makes it really impossible to use, I have some posts in draft but I don't even feel like finishing them because of this :/

    3. I wish I could stand to watch Charlie Day for more than a few minutes because It's Always Sunny does sound funny lol.

      I need to try Ozark again.

      I despise the new Blogger interface. I hate when websites cater more towards tablets than computers which is what this one feels like it's doing. And they aren't giving you the option to use old blogger for very long.

      I'm so proud of you for passing the Bar! I knew you would :) Thanks for the link!

      1. omg I find him so funny <3

        Thank you, it was so much hard work :/

    4. Welcome back and congrats again! :-D

    5. Congrats on passing the exam!!! That's great news :)

      The succubus is shameless I don't think they even need to recast Meera honestly just write her out but its Warner so I don't have much faith in that. Anyway many congrats and I look forward to reading your stuff when you do post :)

      1. Thank you! I'd love for her to be recast just to show the world this won't be tolerated

    6. I missed your blooooooooog! But am so glad you passed your exams!! I keep hearing great things about Ozark. My sister keeps pushing me to watch it, so maybe after I finish Brooklyn 99.

      I forget what it feels like to be excited for a movie anymore. I honestly have no idea when the big ones will be released. The cynical side of me says 2021... meh.

      1. You should check out Sunny first!

        I think Nolan is going to release Tenet this year no matter what lol

    7. Congrats on passing!! So proud of you!!

      I've lost a few posts with the blogger interface and it's impossible to do custom permalinks. I might not be sticking around for much longer either. Glad to see you on Letterboxd and twitter though.

      I feel like they should've just postponed WW1984 further. I've seen zero promos for it and almost forgot it was getting released this month.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. WW was already pushed to October, all we are getting this month is the final trailer :P

    8. Welcome back and congrats on passing the bar exam!

    9. Blogger changed? Ugh. Wordpress changed too but I literally got like some fancy widget that helps me use the old version.. can't deal with change like that. It's also usually shitty change and nothing for the better.
      Styles with moustache is... unf. Frankly, he can look however he wants, I'll take him to bed. :D
      Ozark season 3... uh, I loved season 1 and I think that season 2 made too many strange decisions but season 3.. that ending, just woah!
      Depp stuff is just... I had to follow the entire thing for my job so my brain actually hurts from all of that. What a mess. Heard is awful.

      1. I don't know why they did it, the old one was working out fine :/ from what I've seen the feedback they are getting is devastating lol