Sunday, July 30, 2017


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Every Christopher Nolan's movie is an event. In the world were practically every big, spectacular movie out there is a part of a franchise, Nolan is one of the few who still manages to do something unique. And while Dunkirk is yet another huge movie event that surprises, it surprises in more than one way. Nolan often works with complex stories and world building- the magnificent magic tricks he pulls on the audience throughout The Prestige with the film's multiple twists and misdirections, the complex way to unlock the film's mystery rooted in the infliction of protagonist of Memento, the layered world of dreams in Inception - here the story is simple. Soldiers are in need of rescue. Other soldiers and ordinary people are trying to help them. Meanwhile the enemy is trying to kill them all.

Monday, July 24, 2017

(Probably endless) list of things I love about Logan, part 2

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(Part 1 - here)

74. Logan noticing one of the bad guys and doing this. Oh, good. You're invisible now.

75..The desperation on Logan's face. He left. Charles and Laura are in danger. He needs to save them.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

(Probably endless) list of things I love about Logan, part 1

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6 days ago it has been exactly 4 months since I saw Logan for the very first time. Since that moment I saw the movie 4 more times including once with director's commentary (I have never ever watched anything with commentary before but for this movie I made an exception and it's really a great one - James Mangold shares so much in it and I will cite some of the things I learned from there here). It's July and Logan remains my favorite movie of the year and seeing how it's already in my top 10 of all time - yes, all time - I cannot imagine anything dethroning it.

So once more, inspired by Alex's brilliant series, - here are the things I loved about James Mangold's masterpiece.