Thursday, March 21, 2019

(382) Once upon a time... + links

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  • Yes, it is Thursday but I'm seeing Us tomorrow evening so I will probably be too tired/scared to do anything after it, so enjoy early RF!
  • Here is absolutely awful first poster for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. What the hell? How do you release THIS as the first poster? Pitt looks like he died and someone stuffed him and DiCaprio looks like he is posing for a bunch of 20 year old models he is about to choose from and bring to his yacht.

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Soundtrack Wednesday - Captain Marvel

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    Friday, March 15, 2019

    (381) We all like this one + links

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    Tuesday, March 12, 2019

    Captain Marvel

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    Friday, March 8, 2019

    (380) The Matrix for lonely women + links

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  • So I watched Russian Doll and that was such a great show! 

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    The first trailer for Ari Aster's Midsommar is here!

    By sati (harlequinade) Tuesday, March 5, 2019 , , 18 Comments
    Yey! Midsommar is my most anticipated movie of the year. I consider Aster's previous movie Hereditary one of the most unique horror movies of last few years. I read Midsommar script last fall and absolutely loved it and I just cannot wait to see the story play out on screen. I'm already very surprised - in a great way - by all the pastel colors in the marketing

    Friday, March 1, 2019

    (379) You could cut the sexual tension with a knife + links

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    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Mt. Rushmore of Movies - 4 dumbest films I watched for Zac Efron

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    There's a wonderful tradition over at the most entertaining blog out there - Mario's TwoDollarCinema - where our dear Mario hosts Mt. Rushmore blogathon for President's Day.

    In a shocking twist, in the years past I honored my favorite men - both real and fictional. And in an even more shocking twist this year is not gonna be an exception.

    Sunday, February 24, 2019

    The Best (and Worst) of 2018

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    Best Movie: Aquaman
    (2. A Star is Born 3. First Reformed 4. A Simple Favor 5. The Favourite 6. Can You Ever Forgive Me? 7. Paddington 2 8. If Beale Street Could Talk 9. Annihilation 10. Mandy)

    Thursday, February 21, 2019

    (378) Ah, to be a stuffed hornet + links

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  • Hello, my dearest people! Yes, it is Thursday but since shockingly I'm going out tomorrow (I do have a social life once every few months) and since the attendance on last RF wasn't great (come on, people!) I'm dropping the new one early to give you a chance to process it before my Best of 2018 list drops of Sunday.
  • Wheeew, there's a lot to process this week.
  • Captain Marvel's social media reactions are here and they are glowing! And here's an absolutely brilliant promo highlighting the clear standout - the cat!

  • Sunday, February 17, 2019

    60 best shots of 2018

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    Here we are with my last smaller list celebrating the movies of 2018. The final list will be published next Sunday and I can promise you it will be way more fun than the Oscars ceremony. But for now let's take a look at the most breathtaking images in film in 2018.

    Friday, February 15, 2019

    (377) Fresh Sultan of Agrabah returns + links

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  • This is gonna get so filthy this week, oh God.
  • But first thing's first.

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    10 films WITHOUT romantic subplot to enjoy on Valentine's Day

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    Today is Galentine's Day, the day during which we celebrate our beloved female friends. But tomorrow is the dreaded Valentine's Day. There's plenty of romantic films out there, hell, romance is featured in one way or another in most movies so I figured, as a bitter spinster (Jason Momoa is already taken, so why bother?), I'll bring you the list of films you can safely enjoy without the risk of accidentally watching moronic proposals in the work place, romantic chases on the airport, weddings, babies and all of that cute crap.

    Saturday, February 9, 2019

    10 best performances in 2018

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    It's time for another best of 2018 list! This week we look at the best performances of the year. And there will be quite a lot of surprises on that list. So here we go:

    Friday, February 8, 2019

    (376) Watch Yourself + links

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  • Here are Superbowl spots - Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Hobbs and Shaw and Us.

  • Saturday, February 2, 2019

    10 best scenes in 2018

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    The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! It's when I get to share my love for the greatest things in movies from last year. Just like in 2017, I'm starting with best scenes of the year. Unfortunately I didn't see all the films I planned - Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Destroyer, Vox Lux and I didn't finish the one I don't want to watch but have to - Roma, so here we go, this is the list of the best scenes out of 77 2018 releases I watched.

    Friday, February 1, 2019

    (375) Birds of Trash Glitter + links

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  • First look at Birds of Prey is here and it is low-key horrific:

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    5 films from Sundance I look forward to

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    Sundance festival, where often times some of the most exciting movies of the year premiere, is happening right now. I was reading reviews of the films that were shown there this week and few of those sound really exciting. The best part? We only have to wait 2 days for one of those!:

    Friday, January 25, 2019

    (374) It's about time! + links

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  • So AMPAS will you invite Singer to the ceremony? Do. Own what you have done.

  • Friday, January 18, 2019

    (373) Come thru, Batman + links

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  • This right here is me after ditching BCoop and trying to get everyone to stan Bale because he is our last hope.

  • Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    The Favourite

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    Yorgos Lanthimos' movies are not everyone's cup of tea. They are bizarre, shocking and more often than not, very unpleasant. While they always provide a great material for actors to deliver astounding performances I was thrilled to find out The Favourite is the most accessible of his movies. And that turned out to be a correct assessment - though also strange, this film is more a dark comedy than a crazy ride like The Lobster or The Killing of the Sacred Deer.

    Friday, January 11, 2019

    (372) The night of horror + links

    By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 11, 2019 16 Comments
  • In the sha-sha-low-low...
  • In the sha-la-la-la-la-low-low...
  • BCoop is in the shallow now.

  • Sunday, January 6, 2019

    10 most anticipated movies in 2019

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    Just like last year I decided to make a list of my upcoming anticipated movies. Granted, a lot of films that I anticipated last year sucked (The Nun...) but number one turned out to be awesome, so fingers crossed for this year too.

    Friday, January 4, 2019

    (371) I will take you there + links

    By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 4, 2019 18 Comments
  • Well I'm back to work now but at least until Wednesday I managed to watch a lot of movies and TV series. And now it's back to going to bed at 10 PM and waiting for the weekend to actually watch something.