Monday, September 30, 2013

Reasons why I found Breaking Bad finale underwhelming

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After Breaking Bad finale was over I was left with immediate "That's it?" thought. While I don't necessarily believe the series finale has to be the best episode of the series, it should at least be one of the best finales that series had. Felina had nothing on Face Off or Full Measures. Hell, it wouldn't even be in my top 20 of the best Breaking Bad episodes.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

(98) I'm still here + links

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  • Hello, blogging friends and readers! I'm still here. I know it's odd there was no posts in last few days and how I'm for the first time in this blog's history postponing Rambling Friday to Sunday. I actually had people ask me if I'm still alive. Well I don't know if I am, as it's more of philosophical issue, but I'm back posting. 

  • Monday, September 23, 2013

    My thoughts on 65th Emmy Awards

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    (This is my new avatar, my attitude towards 97% of life and 99% of that ceremony.) 

    If you didn't see last night terrible Emmy ceremony you really (almost) didn't miss anything.

    Holy shit, you guys. I've been spending my nights doing bar exam tests - a futile and pointless exercise - but if someone told me just how terrible that ceremony will be I would have gladly do those instead of watching that crap.

    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    5 biggest and most shocking omissions among Emmy acting nominees this year

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    In less than two hours time 65th Emmy ceremony will begin. Unfortunately, just as with the Oscars, the actual winners are rarely the best ones among the nominees and the ones who actually deserve the award. I don't suspect it will change tonight, but they have a shot at awarding the best performance in TV since Ian McShane's turn as Al Swearengen in Deadwood - I'm talking of course about Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. They did award him 3 times already and as much as I'm not a fan of giving the same person the same award year after year, Cranston is simply that good.

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    (97) Why you shouldn't hit Nicole Kidman in the ass with your bike + links

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  •  Let's just talk about Kidman getting hit in the ass by paparazzo on a bike. This is hilarious. I was hit by a bike once so I know it hurts, but honestly....the way she went down. This video is just priceless. 
  • They called an ambulance for her. She was all right! Not a scratch on her. I'm sure it was a minute or 2 before it arrived. If one of the bystanders had a stroke or a heart attack they would have made him wait 20 minutes.

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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    Let me just begin by saying Mud has the most heart I've seen in any movie this year. It's incredible that a story that is mostly based on characters talking and interacting, a story that unfolds so slowly and patiently on the screen, can be so gripping and affecting. But this is what Jeff Nichols does. His last film, Take Shelter, was also a slow-paced, very character driven tale. And while both films have many elements in common and I give a slight edge to Take Shelter, Mud is still among the best movies I've seen this year.

    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    There is a house in New Orleans...Are you ready for American Horror Story: Coven?

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    It's almost that time of the year again - when we have something creepy and messed up to enjoy each Wednesday - Ryan Murphy's wonderfully spooky, brilliant show American Horror Story, which third season, entitled Coven, premieres on October 9th.

    Previous two seasons, Murder House and Asylum were met with positive reactions and the latter with incredible acclaim - it is nominated in 17 categories at this year's Emmy Awards. As entertaining as the show is, it has it's problems, but with some fantastic stories rooted in New Orleans' history and terrific additions to the cast, Coven has a shot at being the best season yet.

    Friday, September 13, 2013

    (96) How to properly utilize the river on Hannibal set + links

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  • Happy Friday the 13h, everybody!
  • I finally managed to see The World's End. To my surprise I only laughed once during this whole film, which was shocking because a) I loved the previous two movies b) I was fairly drunk while watching it. W.T.F joke was fantastic but the rest just felt horribly bland and lifeless.
  • News from Hannibal creator is that Mason Verger will be featured in season 2. Now I'm sure that since the series is a prequel he will look normal for now. But he is the guy played by Gary Oldman in Hannibal the movie. Remember that? That remains one of the most horrific  make up jobs I've seen in my life. To this day I can't find the courage to see the film again, he looks so scary. Seeing how we had fucking Colombian neck tie and Glasgow smile in season 1 I'm sure somewhere down the line they will show the charming cutting off his own face with glass moment. Though given how fucking repulsive Verger is, Hannibal is going to be a damn hero for convincing him to do that.
  • As I mentioned in last edition of  my weekly ramblings, Bryan Fuller tweeted this photo of Mads Mikkelsen wearing a floral crown. Tumblr exploded. I nearly did too, but turns out what really almost made me jump around is the tweet on the left posted few days later. I just hope someone splashed Mads' shirt with water. I mean the river is right there. They have him wearing like 15 items of clothing in each scene. He looks nice (and by nice I mean I don't even know my name or where I am when I watch the show cause I'm fucking tripping on how amazing he looks), but it's such a waste.

  • Monday, September 9, 2013

    The Hunt

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    There is a number of movies that genuinely infuriated me. Sometimes it's because they end up being disappointments when I wanted them to be great. Sometimes it's because they are a waste of my time. But there are actual great films that infuriate me so much, I'm angry just thinking about them weeks, months, years after seeing them. Those are the films that accurately show that the majority of human race is weak, contemptible and genuinely pathetic.

    Saturday, September 7, 2013

    Saturday TV Special: Hannibal

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    Plot: The series is based on characters and elements appearing in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham who has unique ability to emphasize with serial killers in a very unusual way and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham's most cunning enemy.

    Friday, September 6, 2013

    (95) 50 shades of Charlie you've made a huge mistake + links

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  • I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey. I'm not interested in something that is apparently badly written and preys on what teenage chicks think is porn. But it does look like it can be made into one of my favorite types of movies - so bad that is is fucking funny.

  • Monday, September 2, 2013

    Scarlett Johansson lures you into a nightmare in the first teaser for Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin

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    After a year or so of having literally 3 stills from the movie, we finally got the first teaser for Jonathan Glazer's (very loose) adaptation of Michel Faber's novel Under the Skin. The first thing that strikes you is how incredibly surreal it all looks - the cinematography looks excellent, as does Scarlett Johansson as a mysterious woman who picks up hitchhikers...and they are never seen or heard of again.