Monday, February 23, 2015

87th annual Academy Awards

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  •  I haven't slept in 30h. I also had about a million alcohol units.  This will be a fun post.
  • Queen Rosamund. Holy mother of God.
  • Is her waist even human? Damn.
  • Red carpet thoughts?  There was some bullshit nonsense 'ask her more' thing spoken by Reese Witherspoon in her annoying voice. People are saying this year actresses were asked more relevant questions than usual. I don't know what red carpet you watched, but that's just a lie.
  • Keira Knightley's dress was impossibly awful
  • Neil Patrick Harris' opening was really fun. Yeah it was singing and dancing, but it was really spectacular and I loved how genuinely joyful and respectful it felt.
  • The production values of the show this year were absolutely amazing. Also stuff like this. 
  • I really liked NPH throughout the show. Harris's lines "in Zero Dark Thirty she killed Osama bin Laden. In Million Ways to die in the west I pooped in a hat" really made me laugh 
  • Unfortunately there were almost no Gone Girl references which was a wasted opportunity, seeing how Ros's dress was the color of blood. All they needed to do is get her a boxcutter
  • There was a great moment when Harris talked about how much money American Sniper earned and he said that American Sniper is Oprah - cue to horrified and confused Oprah - cue to Harris 'Because you are rich'. Oprah wasn't digging Harris's style at all and she looked so lost.
  • Robert Duvall - best poker face

  • Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    Fifty Shades of Grey

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    I love bad movies. Whenever Nic Cage has a movie out, chances are sooner or later - I'll see it. So when something as atrocious as Fifty Shades of Grey shows up I naturally need to watch it. I did not read the 'book' this 'movie' is based on but I heard the comments that it's even worse than a film. I'm not surprised. What occurred to me during watching this film is that truly there are still some things that can surprise me.

    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    The last, glorious flight - deciphering Birdman.

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    Usually when I see a truly great movie that I fell in love with instantly I can review it on the same day, effortlessly. But not with Birdman. It has, quite literally, blown my mind. I was unable to collect my thoughts on it and shape them together into some coherent strain. They just kept bouncing off, running away ....I'm still not exactly clear on how to write this, so perhaps the best way to it is take a clue from the film and let it out in one steady flow.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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    I bet most of you had a best friend in high school. Someone whom you always hanged out with, told everything, shared secrets with. Someone who made you feel found. Someone who made you feel like you weren't alone anymore.

    Melanie Laurent's second feature film Respire, based on the eponymous French novel, tells the story of quiet, withdrawn Charlie. Her mother is brokenhearted, her father is a cheating asshole. Charlie has friends but no one she really feels connected to. Then one day a new, intriguing girl shows up in her class - Sarah. Sarah and Charlie quickly become best friends. But nothing lasts forever and when Charlie discovers Sarah's secret things take a turn...

    Monday, February 9, 2015

    Thoughts on BAFTAs

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  • Goode. Ruffalo. Hiddleston. Cavill. I wonder how many ovaries exploded on that red carpet tonight.
  • There were no bloody commercials so I was literally holding in pee for 2h to see Goode because I knew he will present. 
  • That's LOVE. 
  • And they didn't show it in the broadcast!!!!! WHY GREAT BRITAIN, WHY?! I ALWAYS TRUSTED YOU!!!!
  • But you gotta adore how they don't censor the F words in clips.
  • Fry called Patricia Arquette Rosana Arquette and her husband's face was hilarious
  • Fry also made a crack about Russian soldiers and Goode looked so horrified
  • Fry mentioned the tradition of blowing a kiss and decided this time it needs to be an actual kiss, he came down to Norton and Keaton because 'he saw what Norton did on stage in Birdman'. The two kissed him.

  • Saturday, February 7, 2015

    Visual Parallels: Stoker + The Guest

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    A handsome, intriguing, dangerous stranger. A young girl. A house in small town. Murder, desire, mystery.