Friday, February 24, 2017

Mt. Rushmore of Movies - 4 favorite characters played by Ed Harris

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Three years ago my favorite blogger m.brown hosted this blogathon for the very first time and my entry for it was quite coherent and not completely inappropriate.

But that was then.

And this is now.

(276) All the thirsty ladies + links

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  •  First of all I did not murder Courtney for her use of the word "once" here but if I did I'm pretty sure that would be acceptable.
  • Second of all after last week's RF five separate women with what is clearly a great taste in men were outraged and sad I have not shared the much discussed screenshots of Ed Harris's everything in the post. You guys. Come on. The one standard I have here is not to *actually* share any dick pics. 
  • However...

  • Friday, February 17, 2017

    (275) God bless blind 80's MPAA + links

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  • Scarlett Johansson has said some really stupid stuff last week but she topped herself this week. Yes, Scarlett if you are a weak and think if a person needs to 'work' on something it's not natural while you are about to be divorced for second time before you are forty then the marriage is not in your nature. But don't tell other people it's not natural.
  • But on the subject of white male being able to do whatever you want - hey, why is Scarlett getting hit with whitewashing accusations when there is a movie starring Matt Damon being released right now where he saves Chinese people from dragon or something?
  • Here's Robert Pattinson cosplaying as one of the nihilists from The Big Lebowski.
  • Carlos Santana has said truth about Beyonce and then he back paddled after her ridiculous fans went after him. Gee, what  a tragedy that this overrated chick who uses pregnancy like fashion accessory didn't win awards for an album where she sings about her cheating husband whom she didn't even leave. I am so sad about this you guys. what an justice. And yes it should be about music. I don't care if Beyonce wraps herself in gold and pretends to be Virgin Mary, puts highlighter on her tits and shakes her ass on stage. 
  • Barely alive Rooney Mara and dead eyed Ryan Gosling star together in new Terrence Mallick's movie (first trailer here). Unless Fassbender, who is also in this, whips his dick out, I will slip into a coma if I ever dare to watch this.
  • Ryan Murphy has decided that the America has not been traumatized enough as it is and he is centering the 7th season of AHS on 2016 presidential election. This is actually quite inspired. I wonder what he suggests is the source of the awfulness of Trump. My God, what a total hick. For a President of any country to rant for 77 minutes and spew lies would be undignified, let alone the President of USA. What he does in the office is one thing but the lack of total class is just truly embarrassing to watch.
  • And here is the first trailer for Feud.
  • Caught up with Margot Robbie SNL sketches. This one slayed me. Also Melissa McCarthy again killed it in the newest episode. McKinnon was just brilliant as Conway in Fatal Attraction sketch.
  • and finally, something that will make you happy - we are getting a short Love Actually cast reunion!
  • Brittani reviews Code Unknown
  • Alex writes about Best Actor Oscar nominees
  • MettelRay reviews Sing Street 
  • Keith reviews The Edge of Seventeen 
  • Another brave piece on overrated La La Land on OnTheScreenReviews
  • Flixchatter and Mark review Nocturnal Animals
  • and finally m.brown reviews The Handmaiden


    Friday, February 10, 2017

    (274) ...what dog? + links

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  •  The Beguiled trailer dropped and it is magic. I really hope it is good. It's such a hot premise, I told my mother about this one because she is so in love with Colin Farrell and she so wants to see it.

  • Friday, February 3, 2017

    (273) Can sequin parrots survive underwater? + links

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  • The biggest story this week is what Nicole Kidman wore to SAG awards. Look, parrots and this weird fabric thing on the chest aside, this is a gorgeous dress. And those parrots wouldn't even be bad. But the hair! This would look lovely with red hair yet Nicole continues to have that awful piss color. And this terrible hairstyle - this looks like something one has going on on their head before cleaning the toilet, not attending the awards.
  • What Winona Ryder did on that stage was disturbing. She has a history of anxiety attacks and I think this was what was going on. Then she was made into a meme which was also awful to witness. 
  • Brie Larson's "face didn't change when she read Affleck's name during Globes" claim was rendered moot when she did this. I really hope Washington gets that Oscar. If Russel Crowe lost to him for A Beautiful Mind for throwing a phone backstage at BAFTAs then Affleck should lose for having all those disturbing rumors looming above him. Don't give the mark of approval to someone like this, Academy.