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105 things I love about Gone Girl (that no one talks about), part 1.

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Brilliant Alex of And so it Begins let me borrow his awesome idea for things I love about ... that no one talks about again. I did the last one on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now it's, to surprise of no one, another Fincher's movie, one that is still my favorite film of 2014 (I still haven't seen Birdman or Foxcatcher but I can't see Gone Girl falling from the top place). It turns out that this list grew really extensive so I'm dividing it into two parts, the next one will be posted next Sunday.

Friday, December 26, 2014

(163) Merry Christmas! + links

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  • So how is everyone's Christmas?
  • I ate Christmas food with my bare hands like an animal. Hey, I have two weeks off work. It's just eating, sleeping and watching a lot of movies. Oh God I hope when I'm on my vacation the place where I work burns down. I fucking hate it so much. 
  • Gustav has been enjoying Christmas too, doing his duty of being Santa like every year:
  •  I made that gifset of Gone Girl, using some of the book's phrases. It got a shitload of notes:
  • Everyone! It was beet juice! I knew Amy wouldn't waste wine like that!

  • Fincher is wrong on when the fear started, though. I'm pretty sure everyone already shat themselves during that scene with the hammer.
  • Here's first footage from Game of Thrones season 5. Can they give Cersei a new necklace already? This is ridiculous:
  • In the same Year ender video we got our first look at Hugh Laurie in Veep.

  • Also here's a photo from behind the scenes ----->
  • That's Ollie from The Thick of It! Is he gonna appear on Veep? Cause that would be awesome! I know he is the producer but they are really wasting his talents by not having him on the show. They should bring in Glenn too he is my soul mate!
  • As for the movies I've seen this week, equally terrible as Blidness, although probably moreso because it didn't have Mark in it, was The Riot Club. Not only was it boring, I was hoping that every single character there - save for wonderful Natalie Dormer stealing the show - would get brutally slaughtered by the end of it. I hate spoiled people the most so that was awful to sit through, but had it been somewhat interesting at least it would be redeemable. It was just shitty. What a waste of Tom Hollander and Natalie. 
  • Another thing with this movie - you see this is why I don't find young guys attractive. They have this sense of entitlement to them. Another thing is that one of them got mugged and acted like a little bitch. Oh my god, where are all the men?!
  • We live in a truly idiotic world. After Sony said that the Interview is getting released some people actually started claiming this is all a marketing stunt. My Goodness what a stunt it is! Threatening starting cyber war and getting the president of USA to lie to general public over a movie. The only thing crazier that this whole thing is thinking that Sony 1. embarrassed themselves 2. allowed a bunch of e-mails insulting A listers to leak 3. lost the revenue because of leaked movies on purpose. Look at the stuff that happened - cyber attack on a massive scale that was more harmful to Sony than any revenues that this movie can possibly bring, them actually needing to make changes to their precious Bond script because it got stolen, an unknown cyber attack on Korea, that could have been American (although depriving them of Internet is kinda like depriving a bald guy of a hair brush) and the international tension which also might have resulted in the attack on Southern Korean nuclear plant. And you are actually gonna write/tweet/post that you think this is a marketing move?
  • I saw the movie last night and fuck you, it was funny! Franco was so good here, he wasn't in character as deep as this since Pineapple Express. There were so many fun surprises - Jonah from Veep, Jean Ralphio, that Eminem scene, Rob Lowe, that McConaughey line, the soundtrack was bitchin' and the dog survived! I'm gonna review the film soon. 
  • Seriously that dog was so cute. It was also in the most badass shot of any movie in 2014.
  • Even though the freedom of expression finally won we had some bad news this week.
  • First one was the news that Joe Cocker passed away. I love his music. And that is what it is - actual music. Nowadays it's just Taylor Swift and more garbage like that. Seriously I almost exclusively listen to movie music and Lana and whenever I feel 'I'm gonna check some new music" and I do that I'm just appalled. It's just noise. Cocker gave us timeless songs. Here is my favorite one:
  • Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton split up. This is awful. I spent so much time at work going through divorce cases and then even those couples that seem so perfect for each other and have everything they can possibly wish for, split up. I only have Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman left. But there is nothing breaking them up. They once did it in front of a deer and it nodded approvingly.
  • I know things were slow on the site lately. I have few emergency drafts of reviews in case it gets so bad there won't even be time for RF. But I am working on my massive Gone Girl list, hopefully I'll publish that next week and there is always that blogathon where all I need to do is just post the rules and announce it.
  • Thaddeus reviews The Babadook
  • Ruth chooses her 10 favorite scores in 2014
  • Alex features the cast of The Homesman in his In character series
  • MrsMariah published her Best and Worst of 2014 list
  • Fisti wrote reasons why he predicts Michael Keaton winning an Oscar for Birdman


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    (162) America, fuck no + links

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  • Rosamund has began a major winning streak. That puts her right next to Moore in the lead, actually in terms of the amount of wins, ahead of Moore. It would be extraordinary if she won that Oscar.

  • Friday, December 12, 2014

    (161) Double Fluffalo* + links

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  • This award season is - other than Ruffalo love as Mark is 2014 DOUBLE SAG and DOUBLE GOLDEN GLOBE nominee - disappointing and boring. We pretty much already know the big 6 winners at the Oscars, surprisingly the actress appears to be more unknown than others as quite rightfully Cotillard is kicking Moore's ass at critics awards. But what is extremely disappointing is that where they went with someone other than Moore they didn't go with Pike. The most disappointing thing however is that we are still not sure if Steve Carell is getting that Oscar nomination after all. Foxcatcher has less buzz than it should (6 minute long Cannes standing ovation yet in America it doesn't make most of critics' top 10s? What?). Shouldn't movies be winning because they are great in spite of them being cold? Why does everything has to be heartwarming and can't be realistic and hard? LIFE IS HARD. I do realize those who vote for Oscars probably don't know it, though.

  • Thursday, December 11, 2014

    The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Nominations

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    Rosamund Pike, Best Actress in Drama - Gone Girl and Mark Ruffalo, Best Supporting Actor - Foxcatcher
     What did we learn today?

    We learned that if your heart is pure (kind of) and you are rooting for the movie (that you haven't even seen yet) and it has your darling Fluffalo in it, amazing things can happen.

    Foxcatcher which wasn't even present in most of critics' top 10 and nominations (while Boyhood triumphed, that sound you hear is me vomiting) got a big boost this week with Steve Carell getting both SAG and GG nominations and the film getting Best Picture nomination as well as the inclusion among AFI's top 10 11 of the year. But it did come with a price - apparently where it triumphed, Gone Girl was absent.

    But let's focus on what's important - Mark Ruffalo is a double SAG and Golden Globe nominee this year. Oh, yeah!

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    Soundtrack Wednesday - The Theory of Everything, Calvary & The Imitation Game

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    Track: A Normal Family
    Artist: Johann Joahnnsson
    Movie: The Theory of Everything

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    Screaming Sunday - The Babadook

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    Movie rating - 80/100
    Plot:  A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.
    The heroes: The mother and her son. Or perhaps just her son?
    The antagonists: The mysterious Babadook
    Best scene: It's hard to choose just one in the film so consistent but I'd choose the scene where Amelia gets the book back...with certain creepy additions to it.
    Oh-oh something's not right line: Don't let him in.
    What makes it so great? This film is easily one of the best and smartest horror films of the last few years - it's not quite as entertaining as Orphan or The Conjuring but it's very psychologically complex, brilliantly acted and executed. The film's best element is the script which much like for example Black Swan is showing the events almost completely from subjective perspective leaving a lot of room for theories and interpretations.

    Friday, December 5, 2014

    (160) Distress call + links

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  • Sweet Jesus. The Supporting Actors THR roundtable will be a laugh riot.
  • I saw 9 movies since last RF. This is some sort of record. And I'm not counting rewatching some of Now You See Me scenes a bunch of times. Like, really, a bunch of times.
  • I've been watching these Oscar movies this week and I think that perhaps the entire space of my heart has been sucked up by all those Ruffalo gifs you see here because I wasn't moved at all by either Still Alice or Boyhood. They weren't bad but they were forgettable. Nothing was especially awful it was just...there. Moore was good but, fuck, this isn't even in her top 5 best performances. Boyhood was interesting but it didn't have the charm and poignancy of Before trilogy where you went 'Yes! I feel that too!" I had no moments like that in any of 165 minutes of this.
  •  You know what it is this season? All those films are fucking anemic. There are no explosions, outbursts, things that grab you. Gone Girl had the energy, even damn Interstellar woke up from slumber for some real emotions there. Stuff that really made you pay attention like Amy's reveal or things that really moved you like 'Because my dad promised me'. Theory of Everything, Boyhood and Still Alice had none of that for me.

  • But I also saw two movies I actually liked this weekend - Babadook and Nightcrawler
  • First one was really interesting, well made and clever but yet again it was a horror movie where the dog dies. Can we just maybe ban dogs from appearing in horror movies completely so that their dog characters wouldn't die? It's the movie cliche I hate the most The whole time I was like "kill the kid, just don't kill the dog". But other than that the script was very well written and Essie Davis' performance was really good.

  • Nightcrawler was excellent - this is the kind of movie I like - exciting, dynamic, relentless. I always said my favorite Gyllenhaal's performance was in Brokebnack Mountain but he was even better here. Just a thrill to see that film and his work in it. 
  •  And check out that pic on the right from his next film. Dude is seriously not fucking around:

  • I also saw The Immigrant which was almost impossibly stupid. Joaquin Phoenix's and Jeremy Renner's characters were so terribly written, Phoenix's pimp who would get mad whenever someone touched his hookers was so unreal it actually made me laugh. Cotillard was excellent, she was better in first minutes of the movie than Julianne Moore in entirety of Still Alice.
  • I saw Obvious Child and it was fantastic, such a great little movie. This is the kind of stuff that they should be nominating in comedy categories. 
  • This movie was more open minded than I am. I cannot imagine the guy actually accompanying his girlfriend to a procedure like that. Personally for me that would be way too traumatic to even continue with this person, if it happened at such an early stage of relationship. Like years later what if you have kids and then you would always go 'we could have had one more'. I'm one of those people who is very pro choice, I actually don't think a man should have any say in this. Many men are wonderful parents, I'm sure they are supportive through pregnancy and all of this but the simple fact is that it's the women who go through 9 months of medical hell, labor and a lifetime of responsibility. It's their lives. I don't think it's remotely fine to go 'but we created a life, so just wreck the rest of yours and do something you are not ready to do because through this coincidence we created life". Every woman should have a right to abortion. But I'm so very grateful I never actually had to exercise this right. Hell, in my country I don't even have that right. 

  • I also saw The Blind Side because it was on TV. In light of some of the performances I've seen for Fisti's Twice a Best Actress I can say that I've seen performances far less worthy than Bullock for the Oscar. But what the hell with the best picture nomination? 
  • Here's an incredible photo of Amy Adams from her recent Annie Leibovitz shoot.
  • And here are Lana Del Rey's gorgeous new tracks for The Big Eyes
  • Let's talk about NBR, NYFCC and  Satellite Awards nominations for a second.
  • You know if you are nominating things and Lost Stars is not among the things that you nominated, your nominations ain't worth shit.
  • I just want Mark to win something. For fuck sake, split everywhere and my favorites didn't get anything. Yes, yes, it's only 2 out of countless to come but can they really make this one exciting? 2 surprising wins in acting categories would go a long way, although I sense these surprises won't be where I would be most glad to see them - Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.
  • The way I look at those nominations is just searching for Ruffalo finding out he is in and doing this:
  •  then I'm out.
  • Speaking of - Parks and Recreation is coming back in January! 
  • And Nick Offerman may be joining Fargo in second season!
  • Wonderful news - Lars von Trier claims he will no longer make films. Apparently von Trier can only make movies when he is drunk out of his ass (to surprise of no one) and now he is going through rehab for his alcohol and drugs addiction. He says that since he is clean he can't make films. Well this is great because if he really drunk a bottle of vodka a day rehab does seem like a good idea. Also no more crappy, women-hating movies from this creep.

  • Holy shit have you guys seen that Terminator: Genisys trailer? It looks so bad. Somewhere Jorah is seriously embarrassed.
  • In other news the next Bond movie is gonna be called Spectre. It's gonna feature Monica Bellucci and in the least surprising casting news in the history - Christoph Waltz as the villain. An European actor with an Oscar (actually two). Of course he gets cast in this role. 
  • Helena Bonham Carter and Rebecca Hall joined the cast of that TV series Steve Mcqueen is making for HBO. This is great news.
  • Alex and Ruth review Foxcatcher
  • FeelingFuzzier, m.brown, MettelRay and MrsMariah review Nightcrawler
  • Keith writes about Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Courtney reviews Whiplash


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    Soundtrack Wednesday - Only Lovers Left Alive

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    Track: Spooky action at a distance
    Artist: SQÜRL
    Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive

    Sunday, November 30, 2014

    Stephen Dillane Appreciation

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    Stephen Dillane
    November 30, 1956 (London, England, UK)

    I have to phrase this perfectly: I'm just not convinced that the attention we give to creating what we think of as a character isn't actually quite often the means by which an actor overcomes his own terror of standing there onstage and creating a mask to hide behind.

    Friday, November 28, 2014

    (159) *rawrrr* + links

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  •  There were several new trailers released in the last few weeks. There's Pan which looks to me like a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, Hugo and Stardust so it's like a mixture of not one, not two, but three different kinds of shit. But it has Garrett Hedlund in it and he is hot. Mara will have zero chemistry with him, though. She is not good doing something like this and she is so wrong for the part she is playing for so many reasons already.
  • We got our first sneak peak at Jurassic World movie. I don't particularly care for that franchise but it has Chris Pratt which is always lovely - though we can safely assume the fact that they are going for the serious vibe here will harm both his performance and the film overall - and it's wonderful to see Bryce Dallas Howard again:
  • James Cameron on Avatar sequels - " I can tell you one thing about them, they’re gonna be bitchin’. You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open". Do these people hear themselves? 
  • Hugh Laurie is joining Veep! There are rumors that since Selina is now the president Laurie will play her VP. This is gonna be so hilarious, I miss the show so much and I already rewatched the available 3 seasons so many times in the last few months.
  • Into the Woods was screened for some critics and the word is Streep and Pine are stand outs. I just hope I'll live long enough to see Blunt get nominated for something because this is ridiculous.
  • Speaking of, the Best Actress race is turning....disgusting. Hilary Swank is campaigning her ass off for some role in some bleak western while Rosamund Pike is not campaigning because she simply can't - she is too far into her pregnancy. So what is happening is that Swank's chances are increasing while Pike are decreasing because...she is not whoring herself in interviews and on red carpets because she is expecting a baby. I mean....what the fuck?
  • Let's talk about Independent Spirit Awards Nominations. This is batshit insane - Foxcatcher apparently had the budget of over 20 million dollars ( so the film was illegible for nominations, but they are still giving the trio of actors the special award just like Gotham Awards did. This hopefully means that Mark will be there for me to shamelessly stare at him. Although - I mean it's great they are getting something but it seems kind of strange - what is this? We cannot decide which of you was best so we are just gonna give out collective prize?
  • But the worst thing is the snub of Begin Again. Come on. Mark was freaking wonderful in this. Never mind the fact that Dan is my dream man but Mark was just fantastic in the role. 
  • I saw Theory of Everything last weekend. It was...fine. The best thing about the movie was the original score which was just stunning. Also - Daenerys' brother was in the film! I thought the performances were good but not Oscar worthy - Redmayne's performance is very good and the physicality of it is so difficult but Jones really didn't have this much to do to for it to warrant the awards talk.
  • As much as I disliked watching Interstellar I am enjoying making gifs from it.
  • Here's the honest trailer for Love Actually. I only saw 3 or 4 episodes of The Walking Dead but that reference was hilarious.
  • Brittani writes about Independent Spirit Awards nominations
  • Josh chooses 10 Underrated Performances from 2014 That I'm Thankful For 
  • Nika reviews Interstellar
  • Sidekickreviews  and Dan review Foxcatcher and Ruth got a chance to talk to the movie's director Bennett Miller
  • Alex reviews Whiplash