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10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything (aka welcome to Fangirl Heaven)

By s. Tuesday, August 26, 2014 ,
This may be the first blogathon ever that as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to be a part of it. I actually tweeted Mettel to pick me as the next participant, so thank you so much for doing that!

I do realize this is not a blogathon about being a fangirl but I'm gonna make my post about that. Because other than gorgeous, each and every one of these actors is very talented too. So everyone's happy. Am I right, ladies?

(also apparently you can feature actresses too, but come on, I could barely manage to limit the list to 10)

You know, fangirls always seem to be criticized but why? What's wrong with adoring an actor? What's wrong in seeing everything with your favorite, even only if just to see him? In my case this actually led me to find and watch some movies I'd never even hear of if it wasn't for my quest to see my favorites in everything they did. So you may look down on fangirls, but I saw Dark Harbor, Dirty Filthy Love and Fugitive Pieces, some of the most beautiful and fantastic films I've seen. And you? Well, you, most likely, didn't.

And you shall never know the joy of loving Stannis Baratheon and seeing him save the day and those dumbasses in the North.

So join me in the happiest post in the history of this site (until the usual pervy parade on Friday) and take a look at 10 actors I would - and most likely did - watch in anything:

10. Alan Rickman  
I adore Alan Rickman, then again what woman, after seeing Sense and Sensibility, doesn't. I saw a whole lot of movies with him including some excellent ones that are little known like Dark Harbor, Closet Land and Snow Cake. I still think he should have been at the very least nominated for major awards for his outstanding work in the last Harry Potter movie, where in such short time he managed to do so much. He is one of those actors who can do both drama and comedy extremely well and while some of his movies aren't this great it's always magnificent to hear that voice.

Role that made me a fangirl - Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 34
Hottest in: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 and 2
Best film: Love Actually
Worst film: Nobel Son

 9. Michael Fassbender
While my love for Fassy has been almost extinguished with his lazy performance and the awful way he looked in The Counselor (Jesus Christ, moisturize, man), I did see a lot of movies for this guy. And he is certainly versatile - there is this super cute movie where he plays a guy taking care of a bear (no, not Shame, sorry, couldn't help myself) and then there is another movie where he plays a guy who suffocates women with stockings. He also continuously dies in his films about which I naturally wrote a whole article. Something you may not know - Fassy was actually in a supernatural show called Hex which is not great but his character there was superhot. If I remember correctly a woman actually died while fucking him.

Role that made me a fangirl - Archie Hicox, Inglorious Basterds
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 24
Hottest in: X Men: First Class
Best film: Shame
Worst film: Jonah Hex

8. Robert Downey Jr.

I've been his fan for over a decade now, ever since I saw 4th season of Ally McBeal (if you don't think your heart may bursts out of your chest, while he sings Every breath You Take on Ally birthday's, there is something seriously wrong with you). I think Robert is one of the most inspirational people in the world - 20 years of being addicted not just to drugs but also to booze and he completely recovered. To kick one addiction is impressive enough, to kick two? And to completely turn his life around? This guy once shat in his co-star trailer, now he is throwing roses off stage at Comic Con. I wish he was in more ambitious projects but if anyone deserves to just make cash and have good time doing various sequels, prequels and franchises it's him. Him, not you, Johnny Depp.

Role that made me a fangirl - Larry Paul, Ally McBeal
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 27
Hottest in: Sherlock Holmes
Best film: Natural Born Killers
Worst film: Two Girls and a Guy

7. Tom Hiddleston 
Ah, Hiddles. The youngest in the bunch since he is 33 (there is something really, really wrong with me but I don't care, in fact if I ever fancy a guy in his 20s, shoot me). I got Hiddles fever from his role as Loki, naturally. I just love charismatic villains. And this is so funny because Tom appears to be so nice in real life and so cheerful too. His appreciation for his fangirls is also something to marvel at. His career is taking a very interesting direction with lovely Only Lovers Left Alive and now Crimson Peak which let's pray will be good. Or at least really hot.

Role that made me a fangirl - Loki, Avengers
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 9
Hottest in: Avengers
Best film: Midnight in Parts
Worst film: War Horse

6. Jean Dujardin
My French love! It makes so much sense seeing how Jean is often nicknamed 'French George Clooney'. He's very sexy, very handsome and the amount of French films I've seen for him (including the entire show - Un Gars, une fille - which is very popular in Europe - most countries have their own versions of this one) was as pleasant as it was educational and I'm fairly certain it taught me more French than I learned during 6 years when I took lessons from the world's scariest teachers. He has been in a lot of very good French movies such as Little White Lies or Contre-equete. I only wish his movies after The Artist were half as good but you gotta love his brief role in Scorsese's exquisite The Wolf of Wall Street. This still haunts me. Also for some reason men having trouble while talking in a foreign language is adorable to me (Dillane in the Tunnel and his butchery of something as simple as "bonjour" makes my heart skip a beat). And Dujardin doing the press tour for The Artist, not knowing much English was beyond cute. And the way he carried Uggie around! You've gotta love that.

Role that made me a fangirl -George Valentin, The Artist
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 13
Hottest in: Un Balcon sur la Mer
Best film: The Artist
Worst film: L'Amour aux trousses

5. Idris Elba
Well, naturally. If I was a criminal and detective Luther was chasing me I would surrender in a matter of seconds. My bra would come off too. As great as I'm sure The Wire season 4 and 5 are I still haven't finished them for obvious reason. Elba is constantly being rumored for all those major projects, including being a candidate for James Bond. I think that is a splendid idea, at least that would boost his profile because so far his movies were largely not worthy of his talent. The Reaping. Unborn. That stupidass movie with Beyonce. Ah, the things I sit through for this guy.

Role that made me a fangirl - Stringer Bell, The Wire
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 15
Hottest in: Luther
Best film: Luther
Worst film: The Unborn

4. Michael Sheen
Like with Alan Rickman, fangirling over Michael Sheen - who never ever gave a bad performance even in Twilight franchise - has led me to some amazing movie finds, most notably Dirty Filthy Love which I literally found in the darkest corners of the Internet and which has, the last I checked, under 1500 votes on imdb and I'd like to think that 1/3 of those is from people I recommended this movie to. Sheen has been in so many different projects, some of them truly eccentric - like Bright Young Things and Heartlands, some of them high profile like the three movies in which he played Tony Blair, some very underrated like The Damned United. It looks like he is finally very very close to the acclaim he deserves for his work in TV Series' Masters of Sex. This is how busy I am - he is there doing all kinds of sex things to women and I still didn't have the time to watch it.

Role that made me a fangirl - David Frost, Frost/Nixon
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 24
Hottest in: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Best film: Frost/Nixon
Worst film: The Four Feathers

3. Matthew McConaughey
This man is a godsend. People give him a hard time for all those silly romantic comedies he was in, but you know what? Those films are necessary too. Because sometimes you don't have the patience or strength to sit through something heavy and all you want to do is watch a cute story with gorgeous guy in the lead. And with McConaughey you get to pick - you want him to sing? You want him to be a pediatrician? A guy getting bit by random animals? A guy searching for gold? He has done it all. And he is just so damn cool. In recent years he also proved he has a wonderful acting talent and his choices of roles were truly inspired. And he never forgot about the ladies - with that dance in Magic Mike and running around naked in Killer Joe. That's a good man.

Role that made me a fangirl -  Ben Barry, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 20
Hottest in: The Lincoln Lawyer
Best film: Killer Joe
Worst film: Fool's Gold

2. George Clooney
If you were a little girl in the 90's and a teenager in 00's you probably caught a lot of re-runs of ER on TV. And you remembered 3 things - the opening credits, Dr Romano's witty remarks and George Clooney being delicious. To quote Sex and the City, Clooney is never out of style - he's like the Channel suit. He also has a great career - getting out of TV just in time and now delivering the most amazing performances - his role in Michael Clayton - where he looks his best but that's, I swear, not related to my opinion of his performance - is one of my all time favorite performances. He is also fantastic in comedies - he was just hysterical in Burn after Reading and his banter with Brad Pitt was outstanding in Ocean's trilogy. Clooney is not the best director though, but...I think he is forgiven.

Role that made me a fangirl - Doug Ross, ER
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 31
Hottest in: Michael Clayton
Best film: Gravity
Worst film: Batman & Robin

1. Stephen Dillane
Ah. Ahhh. The one who keeps me watching Thrones no matter how ridiculous that show gets. The joy I experience while in the middle of this freaking mess suddenly Stephen shows up on the screen is not something that can be put in words. And the joy I experienced when he showed up riding a horse and wearing an armor...no, there are definitely no words. I sat through all of this for 10 minutes of screentime this year and you know what? I'd do that for 2. His performance in The Hours remains one of the most beautiful performances I saw in my life and his character there is the most beautiful man I've ever seen on screen. You just cannot be kinder, sweeter, warmer, more loving and more perfect than he is in that movie. He always brings that beauty when playing the good guys, that kindness, gentleness, tenderness. He rocks as a villain too, but as every fangirl you just love the romantic movies the most. Fugitive Pieces. Firelight. Deja Vu. Even small moments like the ones in The Tunnel. He is so handsome and his eyes are so sweet even if he plays a guy who cheats, you can't be mad at him. Then there's the tongue of doom. And the smile. Oh God. The smile:
He captures so much emotion and even if he is usually underused on screen (for shame!) sometimes one look in his eyes is enough to tell you so much about the character he is playing. It's certainly enough to steal the show as this is what usually happens when it comes to movies that feature him. Whether he can't figure out how the coffee machine works, shoots a guy 10 times in the face, contemplates letting go of his wife so that she could be happy even if it means death, champions freedom and Independence or stops at nothing to outsmart Robert Redford, it's such a joy to behold.

Every Friday after a long week I watch a movie. And I could watch something without Stephen in it. But...why would I?

Role that made me a fangirl - Leonard Woolf, The Hours
Role that made me swear off all other men - Stannis Baratheon and pretty much every single other role I saw him in. He made me wanna bang Thomas Jefferson on the table they signed the Declaration of Independence on. Yeah, they are never letting me in America now, are they?
Role that officially ruined all other men for me: Fugitive Pieces
Role that almost killed me: Firelight
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 16 (so far)
Hottest in: Game of Thrones - and it's getting hotter with each season, though John Adams is really, really close. Fuck, all of them are.
Best film: The Hours
Worst film: Ordinary Decent Criminal

To quote the great Ron Swanson aka Duke Silver Come love with me… and maybe we can walk through fire together. In other words - one gif out of each gifset I made from the films with Stephen that I saw and I try to gif every single one. Because this is what joy looks like. And the middle one is heaven. No, the two bottom ones. You know what? It's all good.
(from the top:
John Adams, 44 Inch Chest, The Greatest Game Ever Played
The Hours, Game of Thrones, Spy Game
The Tunnel, The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall, Deja Vu
Fugitive Pieces, Firelight)

I just want to thank whoever is responsible for this man existing.

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I'm passing the blogathon to one person who seems to understand the agony and ecstasy of being a fangirl - the lovely Ruth of Flixchatter!


  1. That is a great list. I could definitely watch those guys in anything. Right now, I'm a Michael Sheen fan as his work in Masters of Sex is just great as the scenes he has with Lizzy Caplan definitely shows why he is so awesome.

    1. Thank you! I really need to check this show out, sounds like something I would very much enjoy :)

  2. Very fun read. I could have guessed most of these, but I'll admit that my jaw hit the floor when Alan Rickman's was the first mug I saw. Great job.

    1. Why?:D Alan is the best :) I'm a big fan of many British actors, actually and I just love Sense and Sensibility.

  3. Michael Sheen! The coolest pick, I guess.
    I love him, too, most obviously in The Damned United.
    He's not being him... he's just into the character, a legend in England football ;)

    1. I love Michael!
      So glad to read he has so many fans, The Damned United is such a good movie and he was excellent in it.

  4. OMG this is such an epic post I'm afraid I'll never be able to live up to this! THANK YOU for passing the baton to me. I sure do understand the agony & ecstasy of being a fangirl, esp to such an underrated actor such as Toby & Stephen who have bewitched us :D

    Well I already know Stephen would make #1. I am surprised he didn't make all your top 5, he..he.. I'm also not surprised McConaughey, Clooney, Sheen and Elba. I'd think Elba would rank above Clooney though? Oh, I LOVE that you have Rickman here, he just may make my top 10. Right now, I honestly don't know who'd make up the 9 actors as my heart is currently so full of Toby. Not sure even Richard Armitage would make my top 10, maybe an honorable mention :)

    Thanks again for passing this to me, this'll be fun to do!

    1. You're welcome! Yeah we are so screwed. Some girls complain 'hey he is not shirtless on this picture!' we barely even get new pictures :/

      Oh Clooney is high up for...years of service :) Damn seems like Richard is out of good graces :P

      Can't wait to see your list!

    2. Oh I'll take ANY Toby pics, shirtless or not, I'm not picky at this point :D

      Ahah well I still think Richard is handsome, just not as erm, intriguing as he once was compared to Toby.

      I honestly don't know who aside of Toby that I'd see in pretty much anything, this is gonna be tough! But I suppose the list say 'just about anything' but not really everything, he..he..

    3. Oh I'm sure you'll find enough of them to include! You can feature actresses too :)

  5. "Well, naturally. If I was a criminal and detective Luther was chasing me I would surrender in a matter of seconds. My bra would come off too." >>> Dear God, Lady, I do believe that is the best thing I've read on the interwebs all month!

    Reading your blog is always pure pleasure. I love this list, and if I made a similar list it would include many of the same actors, albeit in a different order. #3, #5, #9, & #10 for sure. And I am absolutely not surprised by your #1. :-)

    1. It's also true :)

      I do have a very good taste, sadly all those middle aged men don't spend time in same circles I do :D

  6. Awesome post! I like how you included all those points (Best film, worst film, etc) and I knew Stephen would be #1. I love that you singled out Snow Cake for Alan Rickman, that is such a little gem!

    1. It's scary that I didn't even have to think this hard over this post and all of those films I've picked :)

      Snow Cake is such a wonderful movie!

  7. Great list! I'm a fan of most of them as well, except I really need to see more work from Dillane and Dujardin. Plus, I still need to check out Elba's work in Luther and The Wire.

  8. Great list! I love the love for Rickman (Always is enough to make me burst into tears), Fassy is amazing as well, Stephen is totally underrated, it is downright criminal. I also really love that fact you put Sheen here! Have you seen Masters of Sex? If not, you really should. It is amazing, and he and Lizzy Caplan are both fantastic in it. All of your choices are great! :)

    1. Thank you! Oh no, I haven't seen a single episode yet but I'm planning on starting the show very soon.

  9. You must have had quite a fun writing this post!
    Some tend to criticize everything that could be criticized and sometimes they don't even know why.

    1. I really did :)

      I usually try not to pay attention to these people or those who look down on tumblr. Meanwhile 90% of my movie news is from there because I don't have the time to watch anything and I usually find stuff out via gifsets.

  10. Nice post here, girl! I was surprised with a few of your choices, but Idris and Fassy were no surprise to see on your list ;) Don't give up on Fassy...I have hope that he'll stray away from catastrophes like The Counselor...hopefully.

    1. He really takes awful care of himself though. Seriously guys in their 60s look more youthful than Fassbender. It's just such a shame he is ruining his good looks, I cannot imagine how much drinking he must be doing.

  11. *drools for 15 minutes*

    I knew this was going to be good, and it is.. oh man, I love most of these men, and respect all the rest so I'm thankful this happened!

    Also I must say, the statement that "Because sometimes you don't have the patience or strength to sit through something heavy and all you want to do is watch a cute story with gorgeous guy in the lead. " - is so accurate that it actually scares me. I watch so many rom-coms because of this, and I don't even like rom-coms. But I do have to admit, was not a fan of Matthew during his rom-com years, and though I like him now, I still can't go back and watch those romancy movies again.. sorry, Matthew!

    1. Really most of the time I'm just exhausted and it's been like that for years - I have actual dvds that were lying around waiting for me to check out these movies for years and it's all dramas. But whenever I have a comedy to watch, I'll watch it very soon.

  12. Oh I love this list. Stephen is definitely up there for me. Loved his Thomas Jefferson, so is Idris, Tom, and Jean, yes Jean!! Love him.

    After 'The Counselor,' I had to remove Fassy from my list. I had been a Fassy fan since 2007, but that was the movie that soured me on him.

    1. Really that movie was just so ugly and awful. Bardem and Pitt did good, though and Dormer stole the film. But Fassbender....god, his lines, the way he looked, his character....it was all a bit much to remain a fangirl.

  13. I think I actually did die and go to fangirl heaven! Good one Sati!

    1. Thank you! :P It was...a lot of fun to make :)

  14. Man, I can't wait to see what you think of Masters of Sex. Obviously Sheen's fantastic on it, but there are some moments where he's just heartbreaking. (The second halves of "Catherine" and "Fight" are the worst offenders.) Changing the subject, there's one moment where he...well, let's just say your reaction will be similar to that of a certain scene from Game of Thrones' second season. ;)

    1. I really hope I'll get to watch it soon, I may have a lot of time this Fall. Oh Stephen is above all but from what I saw on tumblr in gifsets Sheen is involved in interesting scenes :)