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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Where to begin?

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(228) #kastle + links

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  • I like Elizabeth Olsen even more now

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    Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Daredevil (season 2)

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    (I'm up to episode 9, the shot I picked is from episode 6)

    Daredevil as a show is a hit or miss for me. On one hand it's pretty much the only thing Marvel is currently offering that is not either boring, repetitive, overcrowded, messy or spends most of its run time on world building and increasingly stupid easter eggs. Yes, Marvel gave us Deadpool but even that didn't completely work with some of the jokes not landing and breaking of the forth wall being at times too much. So Daredevil with its brutal scenes, complex characters and apparent disconnect to MCU is a breath of fresh air and the best thing about it is that it doesn't feel like something from Marvel.

    Friday, March 18, 2016

    (227) Indy is love, Indy is life, Indy is forever! + links

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  • Here is your weekly fix of Tom Hardy
  • The work has been temporarily slow so I put American Gods on my phone to read. I was reading it and this shorter chapter came up. It was a sex scene where a woman...devours a man through her vagina. I stopped. And I wondered - did I read it right or have I been watching too many Harrison movies and the words just form into bizarre, surreal and violent sexual imagery? The good news is that this is actually what was in the book and I was not imagining it. The bad news is that Bryan Fuller, who made Hannibal, is doing the adaptation. So we are definitely gonna see that scene in TV series filled with even more bizarre surreal imagery, slow motion and some sort of insane industrial score playing during it.
  • The character of Laura is gonna be played by Emily Browning which is not good news. I used to root for Emily but her work in Legend last year was one of the year's worst performances. 
  • However as usual, Ian McShane has the power of single-handedly making it worth seeing. That said the book is very good - I mean I read 1/3 of it by now, so I don't know what happens later but it mixes folklore, Americana and mythology which are some of my favorite things and it's very entertaining.
  • The Dressmaker was crazy fun. Shame not many people saw it. I have a review written and I should publish it next week. Great work from both Winslet and Davis and the music, costumes and the cinematography were wonderful.
  • “You say the slightest thing and the Internet goes ape.  I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f—ing life. It’s only tits and dragons.” Ian McShane is seriously the best. GoT is not worthy of him.

  • He continued with this - “You’ve got Will Smith’s wife, whoever she is, saying she will boycott the Oscars and we’re thinking, 'Yeah I’m sure we’ll miss you, darling.’ Why? Because her husband wasn’t nominated, even though he’s put on a Nigerian accent for his latest film? We’re expected to go 'wow’ about that, are we? It’s like Leonardo DiCaprio. Not the finest performance, just him grunting and being raped by a bear. The Oscars are ridiculous.”. That Telegraph article is just pure gold.
  • Stephen Dillane kinda trashed the show too. And again fanboys weren't happy. Stephen shouldn't be grateful except for a well paying job. As far as I can tell he didn't get any roles thanks to his GoT participation, he was known before and he is doing the same kind of projects nowadays as he did before GoT. He has been working steadily for what? More than 25 years now. He owes GoT nothing and I'm sure for an actor of his talent and dedication it was disheartening to read the scripts and realize his character is largely wasted. Year after year after year.And yet people say he sounds ungrateful. What exactly should he be grateful for?
  • And here's another huge fail from Game of Thrones marketing team. 
  • Peter Dinklage is going to host SNL on April 2nd! This may be better than the upcoming season of the show.
  • Andrew of Fistful of Films deleted his blog and twitter account.We all got really worried, since he didn't really give the heads up to anyone. We contacted him via e-mail and he is fine. He had personal reasons to do what he did, which we should all respect. I do hope he comes back, though. Apparently you can restore a blog here in 90 days time, I think it would be such a shame if years worth of his work were gone. In any case please send him all your prayers and positive vibes, he is a great guy and he needs it right now.
  • For all of the bloggers out there - we care, your readers care. When someone suddenly disappears we worry. So whatever reasons any of you guys can have to delete your websites, just give at least one of your readers a shout out.  I mean if we didn't have his e-mail we wouldn't even be able to contact him to make sure he is all right.
  • So the early word on BvS is not that bad. By early word I mean mysterious poster on reddit. But still, it seemed legit. Apparently Eisenberg and Gadot are stand outs and judging from the rumours from the set and the footage so far I believe Gadot part. I will be very excited to see an interesting female character in comic book based movie (I fall asleep just looking at Scarlett Johanson being utterly wasted as Widow) that is not made out to be a femme fatale to be interesting.
  • I've listen to Hans Zimmer/Junkie XL score for the film this week and I have to say it's really excellent. I especially love the distinct Wonder Woman theme. If the film is half as good as the score is, than I'm gonna be very surprised.
  • So Henry Cavill walked out on the street as Clark Kent/Superman and no one stopped him. no one bothered him. no one recognized him.To every sane person out there that just means the guy is not really famous enough for people to go nuts when they see him. To obsessive DC nerds this is a reason to yell that this proves how extremely brilliant Clark Kent's disguise is.
  • Affleck and Cavill did have some good moments promoting the movie this week, though. I suppose it makes sense for them to do as many funny/cute appearanes as possible when Superman is played by a guy who is saying some really immature things and Batman banged a nanny.
  • There is also this and this is what I'm leaving as the last bullet point, because dear God, this is Batman guys!:
  • Keith reviews Steve Jobs
  • Ruth writes about the things she is looking forward to in Daredevil 2
  • FlickChicks review Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • Dell trashes Trainwreck and rightfully so
  • Kevin writes about Vinyl which I didn't get a chance to see yet 
  • Alex lists 10 bad scenes in great movies
  • MrsMariah reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane


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    Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Atonement

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    Atonement is one of those movies filled with dozens of gorgeous and iconic shots - I'm sure that silhouette of a soldier on the poppy field or Robbie looking at the bodies of dead schoolgirls will get several mentions here. I looked at a bunch of screenshots from the movie, some truly startling, unforgettable images - like Robbie and Cecilia frozen in passion against the bookshelf (echoed again as we see her dead body floating in the tunnel), Cecilia engulfed in flames as Robbie is being taken away or Briony peeking through red curtain. There is so much symbolism hidden in this rich, wonderful and absolutely heart breaking movie. But I chose the shot highlighting a moment, a scene and a performance that I think goes largely under appreciated.

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    (226) What kind of world do we live in? + links

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  • This is the CURRENT photo of Harrison. The man is gonna be 74 in 4 months. Jesus Christ. 
  • This was actually during this event. And his words are so beautiful. 
  • Moving on...
  • That Thrones trailer...not impressed yet. It seems so small. Maybe they aren't showing footage not to spoil people but to have Ian McShane in the show and not even feature him in the first trailer a little shows that they learned nothing and are probably still wasting the amazing people they have the opportunity to work with.
  • Trying times, my friends. It has come to the point where I am in situation I have to not just side with Chloe Moretz but say she is talented....but that's only when compared to worthless trash. Now I am not exactly aware of what Kanye and Kardashians are. I know that South Park parody and that video Franco and Rogen spoofed but that is the extent of my knowledge here. I do not know his music, I do not wanna know his music. But at least he seems to be doing something, like actually making stuff and putting it out there in a legitimate career. What we have here is just...big nothing.
  • Again people outraged with 'slut shaming' comments. Slut shame away people. There generally isn't enough shame in the world if someone does shit like this and follows it with tweets saying people don't know who Moretz is.
  • So well done to Chloe and Bette Midler

  • This actually gets better as Emily "Who?" Ratajkowski new strategy in life is even more pitiful than just undressing - it's undressing AND latching on to more famous people. First she took a nude pic and wrote and 'essay' for Lena Dunham's "website" and now she just took a nude pic and in the form of tweet backed Kim K. I mean....what kind of world do we live in?
  • Here is the new Suicide Squad poster.
  • J.J. Abrams is under fire - he apparently led people to believe 10 Cloverfield Lane is a sequel to Cloverfield and it kinda isn't. Now, I will defend J.J. - not because it wasn't a dirty, dirty trick to pull or because I have forgiven him for triple fucking homicide on the one reason to watch SW for me in TFA (stab - throw - explode). I will defend J.J. because when that door fell on Harrison, he launched himself to his rescue (shame that the clip from Conan's show is not on youtube when J.J. was sitting next to Harrison and Harrison was telling the story explaining the nobility and futility of J.J.'s effort).
  • So leave J.J. alone. He is good people. 
  • So I am watching this new Civil War trailer and I'm not hating it and then this happens:
  •  I am not against this cutesy/funny approach in Marvel films. It worked in Guardians and Ant-Man. But the director says Civil War is inspired by Se7en and Fargo, RDJ is doing the opposite of this and proclaiming it to be "the Godfather of superhero films" and then just when I think it may actually be serious and emotional movie (but still overstuffed to the point I don't give a fuck about 3/4 of characters) adolescent Spider Man shows up, squinting with some weird lenses and saying that line. No thanks. Gonna catch this one on DVD.
  • Oh-oh. Halle Berry is gonna be in Kingsman sequels
  • Remember when I saw Interstellar and my interpretation of poor McConaughey being forced to act out a scene where his character is putting Morse code in a watch (!) in space (!) among bookshelves (!) to send it through time and space (!) so his daughter can make a breakthrough discovery (!) was that Nolan went to Mojave desert and dropped peyote in a tent and wrote that whole fucking thing? He must have done it again. 
  • OK so I wrote a bit about Ghostbusters trailer last week, stating that my 'this is not gonna be good' impression is hopefully only the case of a bad trailer. A week has passed and I read more stuff about it and the film is really looking like a train wreck. I read the leaked plot and it's horrible. Worse yet - it's not funny. Had the film was dumb or filled with cliches but still funny, that's cool. But it just sounds embarrassing and quite shocking - like, did they really think during the making of the movie that any of this was funny?
  • Another thing is that the original took the paranormal stuff seriously - there was a decent element of horror to it, so even if the comedy wouldn't work but the new one took this seriously there would still be some good in it. But it's a straight up comedy where the jokes fail.
  • What is making this into such a bigger deal is that this is being hailed as this girl power/feminism comedy and that will just reassure a lot of people in the false belief that women aren't funny. These actresses can be funny but the material is awful. I just felt embarrassed reading it. And remember guys - I freaking loved The Heat.
  • And it's looking like the one person who may actually be funny in this is Chris Hemsworth (I'm not surprised, he was hysterical in Vacation). So they made a girl power comedy where only a man will be funny. Wow.
  • Then you have Paul Feig and Leslie Jones engage in twitter feuds with haters. Oh my God. I have less than thousand and less than 10,000 followers on twitter and tumblr respectively and even I know - never ever engage in a feud with people (playing fast and loose with the term people here) who harass you. Ever. Haters gonna hate and all you are doing is giving attention which is a substitute for oxygen to them. Cut the supply. Just cut it and move on.
  • Then I hear Sony is actually blocking trailers from being viewed on youtube? This is all very, very bad. And then I saw those pictures. While the intent might have been noble, these pictures are horrific. 
  • And to end on a funny note here is how quickly Morgan Freeman wanted to get the fuck away from the Oscars.
  • Alex lists 10 great scenes in bad movies
  • Kevin praises The Assassination of Jesse James and its great use of narrator
  • m.brown shares a personal movie dream of his 
  • Flixchatter reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Brittani finally saw splendid Respire
  • Anna writes about Spotlight
  • Andrew had fun watching- as most did - with Ant-Man
  • Nick reviews Hail, Caesar!


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    (225) The Post-Indy Music Fiasco depression + links

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  •  Welcome to the Brave New World where Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar. 
  • My work has been less shitty and I feel all around wonderful. Wow, is this related to this? Is there some sort of cosmic balance being restored thanks to him finally winning?
  • And just like that 2015 Oscar season is over and it's soon gonna be the time to start drafting another Best and Worst list. It's March already. I have only seen Deadpool out of 2016 movies. My God, is that right? And no there is still no release date for The Witch set here yet.
  •  I watched Cowboys & Aliens. Yes, voluntarily. It was not a complete disaster but I cannot imagine how much weed Harrison must have smoked on that set to get through that movie
  • On the plus side, he looked beautiful. The horse-riding, grumpiness, pistol and hat, loved it all.
  • I started watching K-19 2 days back and I'm still on 40th minute of it. Had it not been for Harrison running around in a uniform it would be unwatchable. 
  • I am actually running out of movies with him. And that's quite amazing because my pace of catching up with the ones I haven't seen before is constantly stalled with the countless rewatches of Six Days, Seven Nights and Sabrina. It's just...how do you top that?
  • Well, with Witness. But I fear seeing it again might kill me.
  • Apparently there is gonna be a deleted scene with Han on TFA blu ray. I am both happy and I also feel like this is just throwing salt in everyone's wounds after that massacre that occurred right before our eyes. Don't. Ever. Do. This. To. Indy.