Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Where to begin?

Friday, March 25, 2016

(228) #kastle + links

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  •  Harrison did 3 separate things this week that on their own and especially put together almost killed me. I drooled a little while making the above gifset. I'm sorry. That beard is just killing me.

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2016

    Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Daredevil (season 2)

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    (I'm up to episode 9, the shot I picked is from episode 6)

    Daredevil as a show is a hit or miss for me. On one hand it's pretty much the only thing Marvel is currently offering that is not either boring, repetitive, overcrowded, messy or spends most of its run time on world building and increasingly stupid easter eggs. Yes, Marvel gave us Deadpool but even that didn't completely work with some of the jokes not landing and breaking of the forth wall being at times too much. So Daredevil with its brutal scenes, complex characters and apparent disconnect to MCU is a breath of fresh air and the best thing about it is that it doesn't feel like something from Marvel.

    Friday, March 18, 2016

    (227) Indy is love, Indy is life, Indy is forever! + links

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  • Sitting there on Sunday morning afternoon, drinking coffee, checking my fav tumblrs and that picture on the right comes on. I was picking up my jaw off the floor for about 5 minutes there.
  • Fine, 5h.
  • Indiana Jones 5 is happening!!!!! Please no younger side kick this time. Harrison fucking Ford doesn't need a younger side kick. But if you absolutely have to, get Chris Pratt because he is awesome and likable. I think him and Ford would be great on the screen together.
  • And no aliens and no refrigerators this time. For the love of God - no. I think there is no danger of Shia returning, so at least in this regard we are safe.
  • " it appears the 73 year old actor is going to reprise all his classic roles before leaving this mortal coil" - Playlist. Disgusting. I'm just so appalled by that comment.  

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Atonement

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    Atonement is one of those movies filled with dozens of gorgeous and iconic shots - I'm sure that silhouette of a soldier on the poppy field or Robbie looking at the bodies of dead schoolgirls will get several mentions here. I looked at a bunch of screenshots from the movie, some truly startling, unforgettable images - like Robbie and Cecilia frozen in passion against the bookshelf (echoed again as we see her dead body floating in the tunnel), Cecilia engulfed in flames as Robbie is being taken away or Briony peeking through red curtain. There is so much symbolism hidden in this rich, wonderful and absolutely heart breaking movie. But I chose the shot highlighting a moment, a scene and a performance that I think goes largely under appreciated.

    Friday, March 11, 2016

    (226) What kind of world do we live in? + links

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  • This is the CURRENT photo of Harrison. The man is gonna be 74 in 4 months. Jesus Christ. I can't. And that beard! He is killing me.
  • This was actually during this event. And his words are so beautiful. 
  • *deep sighs* 
  • I have now reached the middle of K-19. It's so adorable how at times Harrison forgets he is playing a Russian and doesn't do the accent. At times he tries and fails. The film is so boring but it's so entertaining to watch him visibly remember "shit, I am playing a Russian, let's try to do the accent". And then he just thinks "oh fuck it" and talks normally.
  • Meanwhile, I thought a nice way to greet the spring is to do a cleanse. Not of my apartment which still looks like chaotic liar of a crazy person (where is the lie?), but of myself which is even a more painful and frustrating task. A step further from Rogen in This is the End as I am not drinking at all and smoking only a little. I have been taking herbs, drinking insane amounts of water and basically only eating vegetables and other organic crap that is good for you. It's a good thing to do for a bit to at least restore the system before you start fucking it up again. So....yey?

  • Wednesday, March 9, 2016

    Friday, March 4, 2016

    (225) The Post-Indy Music Fiasco depression + links

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  •  Welcome to the Brave New World where Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar. 
  • My work has been less shitty and I feel all around wonderful. Wow, is this related to this? Is there some sort of cosmic balance being restored thanks to him finally winning?
  • And just like that 2015 Oscar season is over and it's soon gonna be the time to start drafting another Best and Worst list. It's March already. I have only seen Deadpool out of 2016 movies. My God, is that right? And no there is still no release date for The Witch set here yet.
  •  I watched Cowboys & Aliens. Yes, voluntarily. It was not a complete disaster but I cannot imagine how much weed Harrison must have smoked on that set to get through that movie
  • On the plus side, he looked beautiful. The horse-riding, grumpiness, pistol and hat, loved it all.
  • I started watching K-19 2 days back and I'm still on 40th minute of it. Had it not been for Harrison running around in a uniform it would be unwatchable. 
  • I am actually running out of movies with him. And that's quite amazing because my pace of catching up with the ones I haven't seen before is constantly stalled with the countless rewatches of Six Days, Seven Nights and Sabrina. It's just...how do you top that?
  • Well, with Witness. But I fear seeing it again might kill me.
  • Apparently there is gonna be a deleted scene with Han on TFA blu ray. I am both happy and I also feel like this is just throwing salt in everyone's wounds after that massacre that occurred right before our eyes. Don't. Ever. Do. This. To. Indy.