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It's a wicked game in the first trailer for Game of Thrones season 6

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Here we go again. Another year of me tuning in, hoping for the best and the inclusion of Lady Stoneheart. Game of Thrones has the first trailer for season 6 out and I already question two things and that is just to do with marketing.

Vinyl underwhelmed when it comes to the ratings and that show JJ Abrams is developing for HBO keeps running into trouble. So Game of Thrones is all they have. Yet instead of building the hype and dropping the anticipated trailer before or better - during - Vinyl last Sunday, they drop it in the middle of the week unannounced. Another thing is that they got Ian freaking McShane this season. Sure they are trying to avoid spoilers but they could easily have footage of McShane dropping one epic line in there. But they didn't. What is up with that?

We also didn't get any context as to who is fighting with the Boltons (because they don't want to spoil anything), nothing from Riverlands arc (because they don't want to spoil anything) and what we got is basically the usual - Sansa no doubt in peril of more horrendous writing decisions, girl on girl action and Carice van Houten disrobing and looking like she is dying inside.

Thankfully the music is great, as usual in the trailers. Cersei gets to have a badass line, the trailer does a good job at not really giving much away and finally - Davos. He was the best thing about that trailer and he is really the only decent thing left of Team Dragonstone storyline.

So, check it out:

 Yep. Still dead. But amidst the smoke...
 Davos standing on what looks like a grave. I hope he finds out exactly how terrible Melisandre's deeds against Stannis and Shireen were and delivers justice to her.
 With my luck that will turn out to be Stannis' body.
 Daenerys being led as a prisoner by Dothraki
 Oh Sansa. We cannot take more atrocities done to you. Hopefully this season will be better for her.
 Tyrion on his way to see the dragons.
 Cersei being accompanied by Robert Strong and Qyburn.
 Feral Margaery.
 Jaime and Cersei still going at it. I don't think they can ever make sense of Jame's character on the show again.
 Whatever Brienne is doing, I'm sure it's not bringing us any closer to Stoneheart or actual good storyline.
 Stop. Just stop. The variation of this shot was included in pretty much every single trailer since season 2.
 Yara Greyjoy is a strong independent gal who needs no man. D&D illustrate it with that image *sarcasm sign*
 Here is the new character - Euron Greyjoy. For some reason you only see him briefly in 2 quick shots in the trailer.
 Here's Tower of Joy flashback!
 One of Bran's visions - the fact he has visions now may actually make his storyline interesting
Davos telling the men of the Night's Watch that he isn't much of a fighter and he apologizes for what they are about to see. Let's hope that apology line is not HBO being all meta here. Anyways it looks like Davos is gonna avenge Jon and I just hope Ghost is simply lying down and not being dead in this shot.

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, April 24th.


  1. Like always I will be excited to read your reviews. That's how I've been keeping up with the show. I just don't have the heart to watch it anymore... not with so many other great shows on tv right now.

    I will be curious to see what happens to Sansa.

    1. I'm kinda losing interest too but I'll watch it this year to see McShane and continue to Stoneheart.

      Let's just hope she doesn't get raped this season :/

  2. I'm with msmariah, that the quality of GoT has taken a dip over the past seasons. I do hope Sansa gets a better storyline this season. I don't know if the show has it in them to make Jaime a better character, considering that they left out the epic book fight that he and Tyrion have (what terrific material and acting that could have been for Peter and NCW) after Jaime sets Tyrion free, so in the show there has been no reason for Jaime to be free from Cersei---unless something happens this season.
    Davos is the best thing in that trailer. Liam Cunningham has been so underused. There is such potential for that character. As much he was grateful and loyal to Stannis, we should see some grief over Stannis and his family and anger over what happened to Shireen. I am tired of Melisandre's creepy sex scenes. Carice is a beautiful woman, but come on show. I'm just hoping for a better season than last year.
    You are spot on about HBO. They have not been able to find that upcoming signature show that could take GoT's place whenever it waltzes into the sunset in either a year or two from now. Shame about Vinyl, there are some good performances in that show (Olivia Wilde, Max Casella, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano are all standouts) but it's lacking that something that's taking it from good to great.

    1. I just hope that the writers don't actually think we let it go - I mean the scene where Davos and Melisandre talk in finale. That scene was, as most of the finale, awful - Davos finds out Stannis and Shireen are dead and has no follow up questions?! I just hope the reveal of Melisandre's participation in their demise is yet to be revealed to Davos and the writers don't assume anyone would but him letting her walk the Earth if he knows what really happened. That would be the dumbest writing decision ever and that is saying something when it comes to this show lately.

  3. I keep telling myself I need to binge watch this...and then I wind up watching something else. Just wrapped Parks and Rec, and I'm almost through House of maybe I'll finally just dump all of these in my Netflix queue.

    1. Just don't watch season 5 too fast. The awful writing may give a person brain damage

  4. Ghost isn't lying down, he's standing. Jon is on a table.

    I really liked this trailer and I'm hopeful for the next season. Plus, if they give us Stoneheart, I may *start* the forgiving process for what they did to Stannis last season. I may.

    That Jaime and Cersei shot drives me insane, they need to be apart.

    1. I hope so because that would just suck so much. No more dead direwolves :/

      I don't think I have it in me to forgive them for what went down in 5x09 and 5x10

  5. I'll be honest--I'm pretty pumped.

  6. I wasn't sure that you're still gonna be watching GOT, somehow I thought you wouldn't. My colleague is still trying to get me to watch it but there are too many seasons and spoilers now for me to catch up on it, ahah.

    1. I keep waiting for my favorite plot from the books to show's been 3 years of waiting now :)

  7. By this point I'm too invested to stop despite everything.

    1. Yeah they pulled us too deep into this shit :D