Monday, February 9, 2015

Thoughts on BAFTAs

By s. Monday, February 9, 2015 ,
  • Goode. Ruffalo. Hiddleston. Cavill. I wonder how many ovaries exploded on that red carpet tonight.
  • There were no bloody commercials so I was literally holding in pee for 2h to see Goode because I knew he will present. 
  • That's LOVE. 
  • And they didn't show it in the broadcast!!!!! WHY GREAT BRITAIN, WHY?! I ALWAYS TRUSTED YOU!!!!
  • But you gotta adore how they don't censor the F words in clips.
  • Fry called Patricia Arquette Rosana Arquette and her husband's face was hilarious
  • Fry also made a crack about Russian soldiers and Goode looked so horrified
  • Fry mentioned the tradition of blowing a kiss and decided this time it needs to be an actual kiss, he came down to Norton and Keaton because 'he saw what Norton did on stage in Birdman'. The two kissed him.
  • Rosamund got an applause from the audience at last!
  • David Beckham presented Best British film to Theory of Everything. It was at that point where my hope started dying.
  • Of course they wheeled Hawking on stage. He presented with Jones for Visual Effects and everyone stood up and started clapping. Interstellar won.
  • Reese Witherspoon presents supporting actor to Simmons. Carell's face was priceless. I think Mark was wearing Dave Schultz's glasses.
  • Outstanding British contribution presented by July Walters and Ralph Fiennes to BBC Films. Fiennes jokes he would like Fry to be his lobby boy. They showed a great montage, I love BAFTA montages
  • Cuba Gooding Jr appeared to present Best Supporting Actress and joked how hurt he was Fry didn't kiss him and they kissed of course.
  • it went to Patricia Arquette, who delivered another boring speech
  • Gugu and Martin Freeman present cinematography to Birdman. Keaton accepts, in his usual charming and funny way.
  • Mark Strong and Hiddles appear to present best debut. If it was Goode with him I'd have died. It went to the makers of Pride.
  • Prince William's video with tribute to Lord Attenborough appears
  • Then RDJ's lovely tribute video is played
  • Original screenplay is presented by Moore who mentions she is hungry. It goes to Grand Budapest Hotel. Fiennes accepts and reads hilarious speech from Anderson
  • The guy from Star Wars and Alice Eve present foreign film too Ida. Oh God the Polish people struggling to get to stage and I'm gonna see it all over the news tomorrow. If we lose that Oscar they will call for National Mourning Day.
  • Noomi Rapace and Jesse Eisenberg present adapted screenplay to Theory of Everything. Ugh.
  • Time for in Memoriam.....
  • James McAvoy and his adorable accent present Rising Star to Jack O'Connell
  • Steve Carrel is hilarious on stage and presents Director to Richard Linklater who is not there since DGA was held few days before. Hawke, visibly moved, accepts on his behalf.
  • Kristen Scott Thomas presents Actor to freaking Redmayne. He talks about how 3 years ago he had food poisoning on BAFTAs and vomited in the hallway and he ends the speech with tribute to Hawking. Someone put this guy on mute, I beg of you.
  • Chris Evans and Henry Cavill present Actress to Moore. Yeah. She's too lucky.
  • Fry: "IT'S TOM FUCKING CRUISE!!!' Cruise presents Best Film to Boyhood.
  • Imelda Staunton and Sally Hawkins present Fellowship to Mike Leigh.
  • They show a bunch of clips of the presentations we did not see in broadcast, tuns out Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Natalie Dormer were on stage, what sort of a madman doesn't show that?
  • Anyways Matthew presented Best Animated Film to Lego Movie along with Atwell. I sat through 2h of Theory of Everything circle jerk and you couldn't show me more than 10 seconds of this?!


    1. Lol. I'm glad you recapped this because the U.S never shows a live broadcast. BBC America is worthless. I'm psyched Whiplash won editing though, but it's a shame Linklater and Boyhood won again.

      1. Yeah I was expecting more from Brits than Boyhood :/

    2. Hayley Atwell looks gorgeous. She needs more exposure. I'm getting bored by awards season. Wake me up if Michael Keaton wins the Oscar. A win for him really matters at this point.

    3. Thanks for the recap Sati! Goode, Evans, Hiddles, Cavill ... OH MY!! I wouldn't know who the heck wins with those guys in the room. That's a bummer they didn't show it the broadcast, how dare they??!! Goode looks so adorable w/ Hayley Atwell, I'd love to see them together on screen.

      1. I think they were together in Brideshead Revisited :) I cannot believe they didn't show more than 10s of him on stage :/

      2. Ooooo I missed that one, I REALLY need to see that pronto as it's also got Emma Thompson in it. That is such a travesty they didn't bother to show just 10 seconds of them together, especially giving the prize to The LEGO Movie!

      3. I really wish they showed it instead of the random montages they show, as great as these were or simply extended the ceremony, it would only take about 20 minutes and they could show all the categories

    4. Aww, loved Goode with Atwell in 'Brideshead Revisited.' Glad they presented together. Can't wait to see Hiddles in Crimson Peak.

      1. I'm definitely checking out Brideshead this weekend :)

    5. Not sure if this went through twice or not (thanks computer)...Henry Cavill and David Beckham were my style winners last night. I am really hoping that Oscars do the right thing and award Michael Keaton, as soon as I saw Stephen Hawking was on the red carpet last night, I knew the BAFTA's were going to be a Theory of Everything love fest. Thank you for the recap!
      PS: Steve Carrell was looking good too!

      1. Carell generally looks good! He seems like a nice guy which also adds to the appeal greatly.

    6. I watched these last night, when they aired. We have a lot of similar reactions, which you'll see when I post my recap :-P

      1. I still keep laughing at those random Gooding shots in the opening :)

    7. This award season is getting dull.. I hope there are at least some surprises at the Oscars but I doubt there are any.

    8. Always love seeing Fry host the BAFTAs, and the ceremony went rather smoothly. Though, the love for The Theory of Everything was too much. I liked the film, but I dread seeing Redmayne win the Oscar, which I suspect will happen. :(

      1. I really hope Redmayne looses, it would be awful if he won :/