Sunday, September 22, 2019

My TV Alphabet

By s. Sunday, September 22, 2019

The lovely Getter over at MettelRay has made a wonderful TV alphabet and encouraged us to participate. So....let's do it.

And make as much as possible of it about Bill.

Here are the rules:

So here we go:

# - 30 Rock
This show is really funny but what makes it really worth watching is Alec Baldwin's hilarious performance. I hope I'll get to rewatch it some day. The cameos and guest appearances in it are seriously wild.

A - Ally McBeal
This could be released today and it would still be ahead of its time. I always say this about it. I cannot wait to finally make time for a rewatch. It's one of the funniest, moving and well written shows out there, with just the perfect amount of crazy. And the characters! Richard Fish, John Cage, Ling Woo...they are some of my all time favorites.

B - Barry
Bill Hader's incredible series follows a hitman who is depressed about his life, until he starts taking acting lessons and decides to become an actor. It's a wacky premise but Hader - who directed and wrote so much of it - finds such an incredible balance between drama and comedy. For a comedy series, his acting in it is some of the best dramatic acting I've ever seen. The scene that  I'm certain won him an Emmy last year, from season's 1 penultimate episode, is just magnificent.

C - Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco
I think I watched this Roast 10 times by now. It's the best one they ever done with nearly everyone being hilarious. Bill Hader laughing so hard that Andy Samberg actually had to stop talking for a moment gets me every single time.

D - Deadwood
My favorite drama series of all time. Enough talking about it, just watch it, guys!

E - Everyone's Waiting (Six Feet Under 5x12)
The most perfect series finale of all time.

F- Friends
For all the complaints and ridiculous "woke checking" the show gets these days, it was actually really progressive for its time and it remains incredibly warm and hilarious, now that it turned 25 years old.

G Girls' Night Out (Ally McBeal 4x02)
It's one of my all time favorite episodes of the show. It includes a KILLER closing from Cage talking about the double standards between how sexually-forward men and women and perceived. The closings the lawyers used in the show were always some of the deepest, most accurate and wisest lines in the entire series. Just an all around beautifully written moments in such a clever show.

H - Jim Hopper
Oh, daddy.

I  - The IT Crowd
One of the funniest TV series of all time. Roy's "I'm disabled" never fails to slay me.

J - Janice

K - Michael Kelso
That's 70's Show is one of my favorite comedy series and Kelso is without a doubt the most iconic character on it.

L - Love Labor's Lost (ER 1x19)
There are so many series now receiving praise but to be completely honest nothing on TV these days comes close to Ally McBeal, The West Wing and ER at their best. Yes, we have huge TV series these days, that rival blockbuster movies. Yes, we have edgy, unique, original series. But for me nothing ever beat traditional stories but told in such an amazing and emotional way that it was the events and the characters that made an impression and not the gimmick surrounding them. If you watched this particular episode, all you need is a title or a picture from it to remember it. It's one of the most harrowing TV episodes of all time. Everyone remembers it. There has been a number of stellar, stand out episodes on this show but this is the first one that absolutely broke everyone's hearts.

M - Mad Men
I couldn't come up with anything for M. But Mad Men is a good show. I find it very depressing though, so I only watched it once.

N - Eric Northman 
Oh. I kept watching True Blood just to witness this man.

O - "Oh baby, that's sad" story

P - The Punisher 
Oh Netflix. Why did you take Frank Castle away from us?

wild remote / Pine Barrens (The Sopranos 3x11)
My favorite The Sopranos episode. No matter how many times I watch it, it always makes me laugh. Paulie's "his house looked like shit" was seriously too much. I had to pause it because I laughed so hard.

wild remote / That Pug
Can someone please ask Bill if he is OK after this?? Like, you know, medically? Did he, like, wash his mouth 15 times after this? Can someone just bring up, during all those panels when they talk about Barry for hours, that time he did that? Because there are questions to be asked here. Like, is he OK? And also WHY. And also - did that dog just find him so dreamy or was there peanut butter involved. I mean, I know it's the former, I just need someone to address this. Also thank you because as you can see from that link that inspired some serious twitter filth. Yes, we have no shame, but neither does Bill, clearly, and yet he is an awesome person.

Q - Queen Elizabeth
The Crown is one of the best shows on Netflix and in large part it's thanks to amazing performance by Claire Foy. I cannot wait to see what Olivia Colman does next.

R - ronny/lily (Barry 2x05) / wild remote - 2019 release
This episode came out few months ago and I already saw it 6 times. Every time I rewatch this series, and I do it a lot, I have to watch this episode twice. The whole show is brilliant but this episode, which Hader directed and wrote almost entirely on his own (I think the only thing the other writers added was the superglue thing) is so brilliant, so unique and so amazing I cannot believe how just one person came up with all of that. I truly hope Bill wins everything there is to win for it tonight at the Emmys (as well as the second Emmy for his acting in the series). It is one of the best things I've ever seen.

S - Stranger Things
Netflix' best series and already one of the best series of all time. This year this show has given us the best blockbuster fun we had all summer. It's lovely, warm, emotional and just so, so well done.

T - The Thick of It
The funniest series of all time. If you didn't see it, you literally didn't see the funniest series of all time. As funny as the spin off movie In the Loop - and another show from Iannucci Veep - are, this is 100 funnier.

U - USS Callister (Black Mirror 4x01)
One of the best Black Mirror episodes.

V - Vinny Vedecci
My second favorite character Bill played on SNL. This whole sketch is so ridiculous and it's impossible not to lose it when the camera shows Fred and Will eating Italian food. And Bill is saying complete gibberish but he sells the shit out of it. And don't get me started about that time the snakes fell down on the table. I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes.

W - Herb Welch
Hands down, my favorite character Bill played on SNL. I cannot go through those without laughing out loud, especially when Bill breaks. "Lay it on me, my man, what went down?" has nearly killed me.

X - The X-Files
This is embarrassing but I only watched few episodes of that show.

I'm sorry I literally couldn't use anything for Y and Z. But I did use wild remote 3 times so there's still plenty choices here....even though 30% of them is related to one person.


    I like how you interpreted the letters and like, amazing use of episode titles too! I'm too lazy in the brain to remember specific episodes so I'm always more of a whole show person.

    Love the Bill inclusion and of course I agree with Friends, even though it has it flaws, it's still so darn funny!

    I love that "Oh, baby" one!! Omg, he is so lonely, You should start a GoFundMe page for tickets to LA and track him down!! Brings some Polish movie dvds!

    PUNISHER! Did I forget him completely? Did I? OMG. Frank Castle is going to hunt me down (oh yesss tho)

    The Queen also I think forgot this, I'm the worst blogathon host. :D

    Thank you so much for participating! :*

    1. There's only few I remember but that's only because they either shocked me, made me cry or are something I keep rewatching :)

      RIGHT? He appears to have plus one for Emmys tonight but the fans are actually wondering it may be his oldest daughter. That story made me feel a bit sad but it's nothing comparing to that NYT piece, he legit appears to be just as bad at social life as I am and how the hell is that possible lol

      GURL RIGHT? Am I the only one still remembering Frank? :D

      This was great, thank you for doing this! :*

  2. Cool picks! Loved that you had Ally McBeal on it, I remember watching it as kid on TV. I don't remember much and I probably didn't get all the references back then, but the actors are still memorable to me and it was definitely quirky

    1. It definetly deserves a rewatch! I did one about 6 years ago and had a blast

  3. I barely remember the names of the characters and you even remember episodes titles? I’m so ashamed of myself lol

    I haven’t seen most of these series but they already are on my list and reading about them only makes me want to watch them more.

    Also, thanks for suggesting Barry, it is soooo good!

    1. I only remember the standout ones :)


  4. Great picks! I probably blanked on half the letters but I really appreciate how you managed to get in Hopper, Frank and multiple Bills ;)

    1. Yes, I do have talent for including boos :D

  5. SEE you can throw it together! I've never watched Ally McBeal or Six Feet Under, but I've had Six Feet on my list for ages. Maybe this winter I'll finally get to it.

    I thought Stannis would be in there for S!

    1. YES! Watch this and Ally too!

      GoT has no privileges here anymore lol

  6. Lots of Bill Hader love here! I also put Stranger Things and Friends on my list because I just love those shows! And I need to rewatch X-Files! It's been awhile since I last saw that show! Check out my TV alphabet!

    1. I don't think I'll ever find the time to watch The-X files, it's just too many episodes

  7. what an extensive list! my favourite moment was definitely eric northman, I do think 'true blood' is the beginning of all the recent sex on tv and paved the way for game of thrones etc.!

    1. Possibly! It was quite a kinky show but I think Rome was the one GoT owes a lot to

  8. My gosh I'm such a loser. If you only new how few of those shows I have seen. BUT you did encourage me to see Stranger Things (thank you) and I LOOOOVE The X-Files. So at least I know a little....:)

  9. You've got good taste! :D Of course I love the amount of Bill you've got in here. And The X-Files! One of my all time favorite shows (at least through season 5).

  10. I own the IT Crowd on dvd. Those likeable characters are fun to hang out with.

    Tempted to watch Friends from the start(I've only seen random episodes 20 years ago). Better hurry before leaves Netflix! Heard Ross is creepy without the canned laughter lol

    1. Such a fun series!

      Friends is really warm and funny. Ross is creepy even with the canned laughter, tho :)

  11. I lost it at 'I'm disabled'. It's the funniest moment of any show I've ever seen!
    Love your take on this, I so badly need to get my own written up!
    (I also need to start watching Barry)

    1. Right?! The way his voice got so high was absolutely hilarious!


  12. Great idea for a post. I loved your pics and the reasons behind them.

    1. thank you! It's actually Getter's idea tho :)

  13. Great work! Deadwood, Everyone’s Waiting (indeed perfect), Pine Barrens – all so good. And wow, I need to watch Love Labor’s Lost immediately.

    1. It is such a fantastic episode. I wish I had the time to rewatch at least first 8 seasons of ER, that was an amazing run of quality TV