Sunday, May 26, 2019

Screaming Sunday: The Perfection

By s. Sunday, May 26, 2019 ,
Movie rating: 73/100
Plot:  When troubled musical prodigy Charlotte (Allison Williams) seeks out Elizabeth (Logan Browning), the new star pupil of her former school, the encounter sends both musicians down a sinister path with shocking consequences.
The heroes: Here's the thing with this movie - the heroes change as the film progresses....
The antagonists: ....and it's the same with the antagonists.
Best scene: The chilling, gruesome ending. I love when a horror/thriller film ends either with an earned twist or macabre ending and this one was a very cool example of the latter.
Oh-oh something's not right line: Not a line, but when you see Charlotte briefly turn into her younger self and she is screaming in the very first scene of the movie.
What makes it so great? The Perfection is one of the best horrors distributed by Netflix and while that's not saying much, it's a very fun movie to watch if you like the genre. The film has really cool cinematography with a lot of split dopter shots and very interesting structure - it is told in 4 separate chapters and constantly switches points of view. There is the 'rewind' Funny Games effect that is used several times, revealing that what you thought was happening - wasn't. If you watch this film entirely spoilerfree it's very surprising - you cannot tell who the good and bad guys are. The film also has wonderful performances, mainly Allison Williams who was brilliant in Get Out.
Scare factor:  - 3/5 evil pumpkins - there are no jump scares and the scare factor is mostly the situations the main characters find themselves in which are truly chilling and very disturbing and could happen in real life. Perhaps not to the extent shown in the movie, but they could.
Gore factor:- 3/5 bloody Leatherfaces - there are some great body horror elements in here.
Is there a twist? Yes, many
Hint: Don't watch it if you are having stomach problems.
Unsuitable for: Anyone who ever wanted to play the cello or is planning a trip abroad with a friend.
Repercussions: Inability to get on the bus.


  1. I've never heard of this but now I'm intrigued. I'm not really a fan of Williams from what I saw of her in GIRLS, but now I need to know these twists. lol

    1. I think you will like it, but it does get unpleasant at times, it's pretty bold for what's on Netflix usually :)

  2. Sounds amazing. I'm always looking for a good new horror film, but most have come up short lately. This one's definitely on my watchlist!

  3. can FINALLY read your review, love the stills you chose! I really like williams face, reminds me of jennifer conelly a bit!

    1. Yeah you're right, she looks a lot like her!

  4. Yay, someone else who likes this one! Loved how it subverted my expectations throughout, honestly never knew where it was going! Also after this and Get Out, don't think I could ever trust Allison Williams as a person haha...