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The gods demand justice in the second, insanely epic trailer for Game of Thrones season 5

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Why do I even bother making plans this time of year? HBO drops new GoT trailer and everything else just disappears. After slightly disappointing first trailer and that thing they call season 5 poster it looked like the marketing is really going to be bad this year.

And now?

Oh. My. God.

The trailer's focus is heavily on Daenerys but it also offers the glimpses of all the key players, with Cersei and Tyrion surprisingly appearing in only few moments. We got actual Roose Bolton lines and more Stannis in one trailer than we got in all the previous ones combined! The bits with Sansa, Loras and Brienne are all very cryptic.

Here's the music.

New shots of Sansa. Is that a crypt on the second picture? Is it Winterfell? Do I dare do even wonder about this?

Hardhome. This seems to be the big battle this season, in episode 8. Judging from these pics it seams that the leaked synopsis may be right and in this case we are getting seriously amazing ending to this episode.

Tyrion....seeing Drogon?

The wedding of Tommen and Margaery and hilarious moment with Cersei

Sparrows and the mayhem in King's Landing

New shots of Arya

Jaime and Bronn fighting in Dorne

 High Sparrow -You are the few and we are the many. We serve the gods and the gods demand justice

Locations: King's Landing, Volantis, Braavos?

New shots of Cersei

The fighting in Mereen and in the pit

Jon - Winter is coming. We know what's coming with it.
Tommen being denied entry to the Keep

New shots of Daenerys

Loras, possibly being arrested?

Vale riders, no idea where.

New look at Margaery

Brienne and Podrick vs Vale knights, apparently

Jorah must be hating this.

New shot of Tyrion

Melisandre looking seriously spooked. Are the walkers approaching?

Brienne, hopefully in Riverlands

Ramsay and his delightful activities

I'll be honest - no idea what this is

Daenerys in her throne room

Never mind that sound, that's just my ovaries EXPLODING

WHY IS THERE SNOW IN THIS SHOT? This better be Riverlands!!!

I don't even want to think why Stannis' wife is crying. Have fucking mercy on me.


And here we have probably the most epic thing in any of GoT trailers


  1. The front shot of Daenerys in the last set is GORGEOUS. Jesus. That alone gets me excited for the new season. Thanks for the breakdown, I don't understand anything from just watching the trailer, lol. Non-book reader problems, I guess.

    Really happy the new season's coming up! And happy for you, I really hope your lady parts are going to survive this year. ;)

    1. No worries, they changed so much stuff around I have no idea what's happening in most of those shots.

      Oh no way, this is gonna kill me this year.

  2. That is an epic trailer. I love the look on Tyrion's face when he sees the dragons.
    Remind me, has Jonathan Pryce's character been shown before? God, I have forgotten everything about this show again. They make us wait too long.

    I hate that I am attracted to Ramsay. It's disgusting. On the other hand, yaaaayyy Daario! He speaks! Poor Jorah.

    1. No, he's new :) He's gonna be in King's Landing causing trouble for Cersei.

      Daario has a lot of screen time in this, guess they figured out that chicks dig him :)

  3. That last shot of Daenerys barely smiling in the end and then the dragon flying is unforgettable.

    Thanks for linking the music! Much appreciated!

    1. It's an amazing moment. You're welcome! Those trailers always have the best music

  4. It looks as though the Vale knights are in Winterfell with Sansa.

    1. It does a little bit, that's probably it!

  5. I just came.


    All that Stannis is fantastic and Roose's sexy voice!
    Sansa does look like she's in the crypts of Winterfell, but it's also her same outfit from her last scene in the Vale, so unless she changes (which I guess characters on this show rarely do) It could be somewhere at the Vale.

    Brienne in the snow is confusing me so much right now! Maybe Jaime is having some weird dream about her or something.

    Harhome is going to be excellent, and those shots of Drogon and Dany..

    and LOL at Cersei during Tommen and Margaery's wedding!

    Excellent post!!

    1. Yeah I have been climaxing for several hours now, kinda scared.

      Well Catelyn spent 3 seasons wearing the same shit, so....:)

      I have no idea what is happening there. People are speculating she's gonna kill Stannis because of Renly. I like Bri but if she does this she is fucking dead to me.

    2. Bri kill Stannis? I cannot see that. Please no.

    3. I hope this won't happen :/

  6. As soon as I learned the GoT trailer has dropped on Twitter, I was hoping to see this post and you did NOT disappoint :P That first gif w/ the dragon is gorgeous, man the visuals of this series is outstanding!! As I scroll and scroll I kept thinking, 'where's Stannis??' Ahah, your caption is exactly what I had expected of you, hope he gets plenty of screen time this season!

    1. The more he gets the happier and more likely to die I'll be :)

  7. The opening scene of Daenerys describing the families as a wheel to be broken was incredible. I'm quite impressed with this trailer. It looks like a million bucks. I'm hoping Emila brings it this year. I felt like she was asleep last season.

    1. Yeah, really good scene! Emilia was so much better in that last scene of the trailer than in most of her scenes last season

  8. Poor Balon Greyjoy is probably secretly upset Dany didn't mention his family. lol

    womp womp

    I really came back to tell you how much I like your new banner. :)

    1. oh yeah....I completely forgot about Balon. D&D have too, apparently.

      Thanks so much!

  9. Is it just me or does this season look the most pleasing to the eye in the art direction, cinematography, amd visual effects side? I'm most definitely hyped up after seeing this trailer.

    That last shot was simply phenomenal. I do wonder though, will the show have the SPOILERS walk of shame for Cersei? Considering they 'liberally' show nudity on the show, it's not totally out of the question. Cersei's face is a goldmine but I get a feeling it's foreshadowing for this.

    All of my favourite things coming out on April 18th, Orphan Black and Gane of Thrones. Can't wait :D

    1. I think they are just keep throwing more and more money at them :)

      They will, there are even some behind the scenes photos of it. i believe it will happen in finale.

      For me it's GoT and Veep on the same night :)

  10. That lost shot of Dany... fuck. Beautiful.

    My friend thinks that Brienne is going to kill Stannis because of Renly. I nearly cried at the thought of it, god I hope that doesn't happen.

    Love the new banner!!

    1. Yeah that is a popular theory....that wouldn't be worse than not having LS but still it would be pretty damn close to that level of stupid

      Thank you!

  11. Great post! So much gorgeous imagery here. I can't wait to get caught up on GoT.

    1. Thank you! Stannis is the most gorgeous :)