Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Movie Alphabet Vol. 2

By s. Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The lovely MettelRay is hosting her second My Movie Alphabet to celebrate 7th birthday of her blog. Here are the rules:

1. List your favourite actors, actresses, movies or directors from # to z
2. I allow a little wiggle room: you may list two under one letter* because it is vol 2 after all!
*in that case, the choices have to be from different categories – actor/director, actress/movie, etc.*
3. If you participated last time, don’t look at your first movie alphabet before vol 2 is ready
4. Comparisons in between your new alphabet and the previous one are highly encouraged
5. Post your Movie Alphabet Vol 2 by the 31st of May, link back to this post and let me know here in the comments or over at twitter @MettelRay (and use the hashtag mettelrayse7en)
6. Use one of the banners below in your post or create your own!
7. Most importantly, have a ton of fun!

Now here is my last alphabet from almost 5 years ago (how am I still alive right now?). As you can see it it was fairly well done, it looks kinda nice, it includes alternates and lengthy descriptions and thank fuck I only shat on X-Men without big Jackman role in it because right now it would be so embarrassing.

But during the last 5 years I have become significantly more tired and a lot dumber so I do apologize for this presentation I am doing on the last possible day, with half-assed, descriptions, no alternates and images that are frankly not up to my standards (if I had more time, it would look better).

This is like that Chandler thing. To paraphrase that scene - Happy Blog Birthday, Getter! I'm sorry.

That is the number of times I saw Logan in the last 2 months. I know it should be something more movie-title specific but 1. I'm really tired 2. It's only Wednesday 3. there are only 5 comments under RF so I'm not that into blogging this week, I slave perv and I slave perv and for what 4. I get to feature Logan twice this way 5. Y'all included Logan under X and that is just cheating so don't you dare judge me.

Before Ridley Scott fucks it up completely with his prequel ideas (his half way there with fingering the flute and such in Covenant), here's to the best science fiction horror ever made.

Black Swan
It's still my all time favorite movie. I don't have to check the previous alphabet to know that this must have been my pick back then too.

And here's to the movie that I could watch every single day. The endlessly entertaining, quotable and fantastic work from Scorsese.

David Fincher
Fincher has made the most movies that ended up in my top 100 of all time. Every new movie of his is an event and the only thing as fascinating as his movies is his process of making them.

Ed Harris
My favorite actor and the only one out there that I can say this about - I've seen all the films he starred in.

Fury Road
The most relentless and one of the most inspiring and beautiful action movies ever made.

Gone Girl
One of my all time anticipated movies that fully delivered and remains one of my most rewatchable favorites.

Every time Hugh Jackman does anything in my eyes it looks like this:

And this is me every time I witness him do whatever it is he is doing:

He makes the world a better, more joyful place.

In the Loop
#4 of all time. It's my mission to make everyone see it because 1. it's awesome 2. it will inevitably lead to people watching The Thick of It and that is also something everyone needs to watch in their lives

Jason Statham and Jared Leto
The British J-boo and the American J-boo. If they are in something, I will watch it. No matter what it is. Or how much it sucks. There's also French J-boo Jean Dujardin but I haven't seen him in anything in ages, sadly.

I can't believe the guy who made Kick-Ass also made this brilliant movie.

I just love it so much. I'd say there are no words but I wrote so many about it already. And there are so so many yet to come.

Mulholland Drive
#2 of all time. Though I only saw it twice. It's a film that really need to be seen in specific frame of mind an a truly surreal masterpiece.

Natural Born Killers
Oliver Stone's finest movie that was way ahead of its time at the time of release and still remains relevant to this day.

Out of Sight's Tub Scene
One of the hottest scenes ever accompanied by one of my all time favorite movie tracks, David Holmes' brilliant Tub Scene.

Prestige, The
#5 of all time. Christopher Nolan's flawless masterpiece with the second best performance from Hugh, so appropriately cast as a man with real magic at his disposal. Also it's been like a decade since this was released and that Hugh Jackman cloning machine has still not been invented. What the fuck are you doing, science?

Quiz Show
So underrated and so brilliant.

Ryan Gosling in comedies
Gosling is hit or miss for me but never in comedies where he is brilliant every single time. He makes me cry with how funny he can be and his little girl scream is truly legendary.

#3 of all time. If only Jason made more comedies and Ritchie stopped making asinine blockbusters.

Tom Hardy
One of my absolute favorites. Charismatic, handsome, talented and he adores dogs. If it wasn't for him The Revenant would have put me into coma

Uggie now runs around in Heaven with other adorable dogs but we will never forget that time he graced us with his presence in The Artist and during that Oscar season he made so adorable.

Vanilla Sky
One of the most underrated movies of all time and a part of one of my favorite subgenres - science fiction romance.

Walter Sobchak
Fuck it, dude. Let's go bowling.

X-Men: The Ass One Days of Future Past
No more reasons required.

Young Adult
Another underrated one, this list is filled with them. It's disturbing how relatable I find the main character here. But I suppose it could be worse. I could find...well. someone even worse to be relatable. Like Freddie Kruger. Or those women Lena Dunham plays in her every role. At least I'm skinny and have a pet. And that would be it. I'm just gonna scroll up and look at that gif now.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
One of the funniest, most refreshing comedies ever made.


  1. Oh, this list is nice. I'm going to do mine right now though I think it will be late as I've missed the due date.

    1. I think Getter is fine with that! Gonna check yours in a bit

  2. Hot damn! This is a great post. I am currently pulling one of your moves a la Ed Harris and am working on being a Tom Cruise completist. I just dove back into Vanilla Sky, and you are so right about it. Underrated, shadowed by all those "well the original Spanish film is better" types. Cruise is great in it, one of his best roles. Again, great post!

    1. Thank you! I think Vanilla Sky is one of those remakes that is better than original, it's so well made, it's filled with all those unforgettable shots and great music.

  3. Oh...and David Fincher...and Gone Girl. Great stuff!

  4. This lookd great! So much yes to Fincher, Gone Girl, Black Swan and Logan.

    1. I did my best well my best that was possible this week :)

  5. love how short and to the point you keep this. the list could have gone on and on. glad I can check out the last one now!

    1. It would go on and on but I'm so tired these days the only things that go on and on are RFs :P

  6. I think one of our first Twitter bonding moments was over Young Adult and just how scarily relatable it actually is. I need to re-visit that movie soon...any gif of Charlize from that movie is absolutely hilarious. The hungover morning chugging diet coke....i feel you, Charlize.

    1. I just go for coffee, sugar keeps me drunk :)

  7. I don't know how to inserts something other than text, but if I could grab a GIF of a creepy guy nodding his head, that's what this comment would be.

    While I don't share your affinity for Black Swan and/or Vanilla Sky, I always forget how much you (too) love Casino. I've seen that movie so many times, it's probably alarming. Same goes with Snatch, as there was a point in my life where I simply alternated between that and Lock, Stock for ever (God, I think one of those was on VHS...).

    And holy shit, Ryan Gosling in comedies? I'm not sure there's anything finer in a movie that isn't a certain you-know-who (though, fingers crossed, Tom Hardy in Venom makes a case).

    This list is so rad/inspiring...but I'm not sure I could do anything that wouldn't be a steaming pile of copycat horseshit.

    1. I actually sill have VCR in my room. I don't use it and I think something lives there but I have no heart to throw it away.

      Casino is so amazing. It's my favorite Scorsese film and I don't think it will ever leave top 10

  8. I was so lazy I didn't even include descriptions. I barely made it through picking the perfect picture for each item.

    OH THAT TUB SCENE. Only as good has that ass, goddamn.

    Ahhh I forgot Alien, probably bc yeah, Covenant was awful.

    1. That ass wins with Tub Scene. If David Holmes' track played during that ass scene I would be long dead by now

  9. Oh man, like, I knew I was in for a treat but I didn't realise it was going to be so yummy!

    We have quite a lot of same picks and those that aren't the same, and you have, I haven't seen yet.. there are still a few I need to see and some I need to revisit. Anyway, totally agree with the following:
    #, B, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, R, S, T, U, X and Y. That's like most of the alphabet! :D

    I'm not surprised you showcased Hugh Jackman and Ed Harris, but I'm a little impressed how much you manage to sneak Hugh into this list, like.. I bet you could make an entire alphabet about Hugh Jackman and it would be completely alright because there would be no razors involved. (Now I'm looking forward for that alphabet).

    PS: Thank you so much for participating and including a gif set of Hugh Jackman's ass.. it was the best choice anyone chose for their alphabet, it wins all the awards!

    1. Making an entire alphabet about Hugh would be the easiest thing ever :P

  10. I must compliment you on your classy taste. Black Swan and Gone Girl both rule.

  11. The tub scene in Out of Sight is definitely hot! For me, the best moments in the movie are when J Lopez and Clooney are in the same scene. The trunk sequence is also very memorable. I ought to give Holmes’ soundtrack a listen, didn’t pay enough attention to the music when I watched.

    1. It's the kind of music that isn't distracting but really adds to the atmosphere of the movie. He also scored Ocean's trilogy, it's jazz/electronic kind of stuff and it's really nice to listen to