Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hugh Jackman Appreciation

By s. Thursday, October 12, 2017
Hugh Michael Jackman
October 12, 1968 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

I know every day on my twitter and practically every post here is Hugh Jackman appreciation but today it's even more appreciation because it is the most important day of the year.

It's boo kangaroo's birthday! IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY, YOU GUYS!

49 years ago God has decided for some reason we are worthy of having an Angel among us so he sent him here. And this paragraph is actually an understatement. He is just such a cool and wonderful person and a terrific actor. Yes, I will go through reasons why he is awesome but let's face it I could never list them all. So let's start with some movie stuff first.

Favorite films:

The Prestige
Eddie the Eagle
The Fountain
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Kate & Leopold
Someone Like You
Paperback Hero
The Wolverine

Favorite performances:

The Prestige
Eddie the Eagle
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Kate & Leopold
The Fountain
Les Miserables
Someone Like You

Hottest scenes:

Every single moment in Logan
The bucket scene in Australia
Getting out of bed in Days of Future Past
The sex scene in Halifax
You know which scene in Deception
The moaning in Eddie the Eagle
You know what, it's actually all of them.

And now let's go through so many awesome things Hugh does and reasons to adore him, one for each year:

2. That time he gave his fan girl a lap dance
4. What a wonderful dog owner he is:

5. And adorable clothes he puts on Dali and Allegra
6. and boots:

7. That time he sang Happy Birthday to Amanda Seyfried
8. The water fight!
9. That time he almost said the p word on Jimmy Fallon's shown
10. The fact his arm is several times bigger than my leg
11. The fact him showing his butt in Days of Future Past was his idea
12 That time they let him fly a plane and he wore this
13. He is an awesome dad even though his kids continuously and adorably throw shade at him:

14. The scooter thing
15. What a wonderful husband he is
16. How easily distracted he is
18. That time Patrick Stewart told his ridiculous story and Hugh just couldn't deal
19. Everything about this tweet:

21. The cricket match. Mother of God that cricket match.
23. That time he forgot he just touched the cement
24. The selfie fiascos.
25. The pool scene in Scoop analysis needs to be shared here
26. When he decided to do this on television:

27. This and the fact that people send me gifs from this like every week.
29. He really is such a major dork
30. That time he found this one joke he liked and just kept telling it
31. The fact he actually remembered his former student
32. The playground photos:

33. Ridiculously adorable story about his first kiss
34. The chocolate feeding interview
37. The fact he really does social media like suburban mom
38. His adorable Golden Globe acceptance speech
39. How super happy he was about his first Oscar nomination
40. THIS
41. That time he pointed THERE during the game and Taron Egerton and all of us exploded
43. The fact that just when you think he cannot get more adorable....he does.
44. The penguin tweet:

47. The adorable awkwardness when Dafne Keen didn't let him speak when they won MTV movie award

So to sum up :



  1. I'm still so jealous of Amanda Seyfried, damn it lol


    1. Me too. "Get on the chair". Oh my goodness.

  2. I don't think he's gay but who cares. If he swings both ways, what's to complain?

    He is an awesome manly-manly-manly-man. He sang backup on a OMD song in Eddie the Eagle and they're still kicking it.

    So far, I think my favorite performance from him is in Les Miserables. I hope to see Logan when it's on HBO.

    Wait, did you see that one photo of him and Kate Winslet sliding down something to promote Flushed Away?

    1. These rumours infuriate me because his wife is aware of those and they saddened her. It's sexist garbage, if she was younger there would be no rumors but since she is 61 people just assume her marriage is a sham. It's so sick :/

      I did, it was great :P

  3. YOU HAD ME AT THAT FIRST GIF. I felt a part of my brain collapsing like the buildings in Inception and blacked out for a good 30 seconds.

    lol That Deception scene. That was one of the earlist movies where my sister and I only saw something because one of my crushes was in it.


    His laugh eating that scallop is pure magic.

    I can't believe I missed him playing War with Jimmy Fallon!!!

    Ever seen he aliens from The Simpsons drooling? That's me >>

    LMAO That Patrick Stewart story. "I have grandchildren watching this show"

    There's a genuine week and a half of my life where I did nothing but watch Scoop just for him. lol

    I don't know at what point in the list I realized we don't deserve him - I'm gonna probably say the playground pictures. Those are PRECIOUS.

    lol "My selfie classes are really paying off"


    I can't decide if we should take food away from him or send him everything in the world.

    You've done humanity a great service with this post. I can't even. AWESOME JOB!!! I hope my Woverine/Logan post lives up to this. :D

    1. I love the 5th gif in that set with airplane the most, he looks like he is really listening intently because this may be dangerous :P

      I've seen Scoop so many times too. I hate that he worked with Allen but that was a great role for him there. He does villainous roles very well which is impressive for such a cutie :P

      I know Bondi beach is surrounded by water but I still don't know how it didn't catch on fire multiple times

  4. ha, you said it yourself right away in the intro - every post is an appreciation post! but great job, this is wonderful. he really does social media like a suburban mom. and that penguin!

    1. His tweets are just the cutest :) But occasionally he really tweets shameless porn

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I feel like I'm crashing a slumber party, but this is a pretty rad post. I've always liked Jackman, maybe a little too much (coughcoughwoodcuttingscenecough), but like the rest of us under your spell, I'm basically a HJ freak at this point.

    But, I am deeply....deeply disappointed...crushed even...that there is seemingly no mention of....Boyd Bolton.

    It's okay. I'll be fine...really.

    1. He almost made the cut in favorite performances list :) If there was just a bit more of him, he would be there but I just couldn't list it above the 10 I chose

  6. My favorite of his performances is probaby from Prisoners. Though Wolverine is hard to ignore and a pretty iconic character from the last 15-20 years.

    1. I did like a lot of the things he did in Prisoners with his performance but his character was just so poorly written

  7. Hahahaha, this is great. That picture of him in the limo is so goddamned funny. I certainly understand your obsession ;P I've only seen Hugh in a few interviews, most of what I know about him is from here!! But he always seemed like a super awesome guy. Keep makin' us feral convicts look good Hugh!!

    1. That there are no monuments in his honor in your country is a damn travesty!

    2. Hahahahaha!!!! I totally agree! The man is awesome, and he can freaking do EVERYTHING!!

      Though.... I am sure that him showering at the beach in winter is enough of a monument for you? Surely!!! =P

      btw I finally got a review up for mother! if you are interested, would love to hear your thoughts. I do my best not to delve much into the plot. =]

  8. A great tribute. I like him as an actor and he seems like a really genuine guy.