Monday, January 8, 2018

The 75th Golden Globe Awards

By s. Monday, January 8, 2018 ,
  • Sam Rockwell has his Globe and let's face it that is literally all that matters.
  • Here's my livetweet. I'm just gonna focus on few things here. I am only writing this because I don't wanna take attention off Oscar in RF. Also Sam Rockwell winning a fucking major award at last deserves its own post. His speech was so awesome. He was clearly super happy about winning and even joked about finally being in a movie that people see but let's face it me and other fans saw films throughout the years JUST because he was in them.
  • Seth Meyers was a great host but there was so little of him!  His "welcome ladies and the remaining gentlemen" and the joke about being like the first dog shot into space had me laughing so hard. Honestly it's baffling how underused he was. The crowd loved him too and laughed throughout the monologue.
  • Dudes, Chris-R was there.
  • The most disgusting thing was Elizabeth Moss winning. It's beyond offensive that a scientologist is playing a rape victim. But awarding her for it? She stood on that stage, her, a member of a cult that silences women and protects rapists, and talked about women "speaking out'. I almost vomited.
  • Pure evil was there.
  • When Franco won they played Rhythm of the Night and it was everything.
  • A lot of people are giving Franco shit for blocking Tommy but it seemed to me Wiseau just started walking towards the stage and Franco had no choice but to invite him over. And let's face it if Tommy got a hold of this microphone we would still be watching this ceremony because he wouldn't let go. It would be rude of Franco if it was movie winning but it was his win, his performance and his time. In any case I didn't take it as anything mean spirited. I also loved Dave Franco's reaction.
  • Franco straight up dragged Dave on that stage which I thought was a nice thing. Then they were together backstage
  • What I did find odd was the lack of thanks to Greg Sestero. 
  • Meanwhile Hugh Jackman's reaction during Franco's speech has gotta be the funniest reaction that happened since Tommy Lee Jones was so disgusted by that Farrell/Wiig skit.
  • I'm shocked Franco won, because I thought Kaluuya will. Jackman was at best third in the running. Him assuming he will win is in the same realm as him assuming some of his fans will stick by him when he said nothing during Weinstein scandal. Wrong on both accounts.
  • Also here:
  • Was he on something?
  • There is a new scandal with several girls on twitter accusing Franco of creepy stuff on twitter. I knew for years Franco is a sleaze who has sex with 17+ year old girls but here's the thing - consensual. Now there are ramblings about there not always being consent? Where is the follow up to those tweets? I've seen claims about Franco refuted before and on Lipstick Alley of all places and that crowd always has pitchforks in their hands. Evan Rachel Wood tweeted about forming circles on red carpet around predators. I ask - did she do it? No, no she didn't. It was yet another empty tweet. So many of those and those that say nothing specific these days. How is that helping? Only gives 'innocent until proven guilty' crowd lots of ammo. 
  • Allison Janney won and hopefully this is what will happen at the Oscars too.
  • They wheeled out shady Kirk Douglas and Kidman couldn't believe it:
  • From reddit - "Kirk Douglas looks like he's gonna have his brain put in a black dude's body lmao"
  • Honestly this whole moment was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. 
  • Ewan McGregor thanked both the wife he recently left AND his girlfriend in his speech.
  • Then Oprah came in and blew the roof off this motherfucker.
  •  I was in tears during her entire speech. I don't know how people there were holding up so well. 
  • Jessica Chastain was so adorably nervous when she was presenting the award. 
  • Salma Hayek presented Three Billboards and set the narrative for the film which I'm pretty sure is gonna win it Best Picture Oscar.
  • Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis reunited on stage. They presented Best Actor to Gary Oldman and I'm just so happy that the kid from CMBYN didn't win. Also Oldman thanked Stephen Dillane which was lovely.
  • I don't think what Portman said "here are all the male nominees"- was intended to be disrespectful to them but it certainly came off this way. It's really not the nominees' fault they are nominated. She could have said "all male nominees as selected by HFPA" but she didn't. It was a careless comment and soured the moment. This has not played well at all. And this is not about Gerwig cause she didn't deserved nomination. Jenkins did.
  • Nolan was so done with everything. He really did waste his time even there. I watched Shape of Water yesterday and awarding Del Toro over Nolan is just ridiculous.
  • All in all I was so happy for Janney and Rockwell and I really hope these wins will be repeated on Oscar night. Three Billboards is the only possible choice for Best Picture, given the subject matter and the fact that the more powerful and better Wind River has absolutely no shot at this point. 


    1. I'm happy for Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Guillermito, Frances McDormand, Greta Gerwig, and Saoirse Ronan in winning some awards. I saw Oprah's speech this morning and all I can do was raise my fist up in the air as I hope she DELETES Dumb-man.

      1. Oprah speech was amazing. It was like from some fantasy epic because the characters go to the battle.

    2. Nice recap! Well, we talked so much on twitter about the GGs, but I agree with you about Franco (we need more details), and Portman should've focused on the HFPA. Tommy didn't seem offended by Franco blocking the mic, and it all seemed in good humor. Like Tonya being invited for I Tonya, I thought Tommy was invited along by Franco/producers since TDA was based off of his movie. It was nice to see Alison, even anything for I Tonya, win. Though I love Saorise and Frances, my heart is still pulling for Margot.

      1. Thanks! Hopefully either Colbert or Meyers asks him about this this week. It just seems so vague. This is the first I'm hearing of Franco doing anything without consent. Tonya seemed genuinely delighted and starstruck to be there!

    3. I don't know what it's going to take for Nolan to win a damn directing Oscar. It's getting a bit ridiculous. I haven't seen The Shape of Water yet so I can't judge there. I do think both Greta Gerwig and Dee Rees were worthy enough of nominations. So Natalie's dig made me laugh.

      I bawled during Oprah's speech.

      I'm also finally starting to see why people from Sebastian Stan hot, he really is kind of hot when the scruff.

      I assumed Tommy grabbing the mic and Franco blocking him was staged. I do want to hear Franco address the rumors going on about him but I'm not ready to whip out a pitchfork for it. He's apologized in the past, but if he's changed his behavior and apologized for it, I don't think he should be branded forever, especially if he's willing to help. I need to read more on it, everything is so vague.

      1. Nolan is tie for me with Mangold but really Dunkirk is insanely well directed. Shape of Water is a good movie but nothing Del Toro did there comes close to Nolan's achievement

        I was a fucking mess during this speech

        Oh no :P

        I hope he gets asked about it during his talk show appearances this week

    4. Sam fucking Rockwell...your time is NOW and forever!!!! I'm so happy for him, and you're right...we've been watching him the whole time just for him! Little does he know :)

      And Christopher Nolan and Dunkirk?? What the bloody hell...I know Oscar will show some love, i hope, because that movie was masterful.

      1. I really hope people walk up to Sam all the time telling him how much they love his work. He is one of the few actors i love I'd actually walk up to just to tell him how much I love his performances. He seems like a really nice and laid back dude too.

    5. I've really appreciated your comments on the harassment in Hollywood and MeToo movement. You're so passionate about it, and you make so many excellent points. It's hard to navigate through this stuff, and if it becomes fact that any man has done something awful, then I will be first to say Fuck Them. But crucifying people based off a few tweets... yes, I agree, how is that helping?

      1. Thanks so much! Yeah at first watching the movement evolve was therapeutic but now there is so many unverified accusations and the press is doing terrible job. They just report, they don't investigate.

    6. Seth Meyers was a great host, it's been a while since an awards's monologue made me laugh this much.

      Personally I thought the Franco moment was hilarious live, and genuinely saw it as good natured. Never even crossed my mind people would turn on him for that but then, everyone's out for blood these days. I read the tweets and it's like you said, if anyone has something to say, then come forward with a serious attitude, don't just throw ashes to the fire with vague statements. It discredits the movement.

      To me it looked like Natalie Portman decided last minute to say it, and that's why it sounded awkward. Like I was thinking it while they announced the nominees, but come on. Spielberg and Del Toro looked so sad, the moment they should be celebrating was tainted.

      I haven't seen The Shape of Water but Del Toro was so cute up there. He made a wonderful speech. Poor Nolan, he's been getting the DiCaprio treatment for too long.

      1. Meyers was really fantastic it is such a shame he was so underused! I'm not a big fan of his talk show but he did a great job in the monologue.

        Absolutely it discredits the movement. And what is making matters worse is that papers like Vanity Fair already picked it up. No verification, no asking Franco, just going ahead with articles.

        Yeah it was really just not the way to do it.

        Hopefully Nolan is gonna get his Academy Award nomination this month. It's honestly ridiculous he wasn't nominated yet.

    7. Elizabeth Moss and her ties to Scientology is the one thing that made a Handmaid's Tale difficult to watch. Oprah's speech was beautiful. I didn't really watch the rest of the show this year. I'm so out of the loop in entertainment news.

      1. You should check out Sam Rockwell's speech he was genuinely so happy to win :)

    8. I'm so happy for Sam Rockwell. He's long been one of the most underrated actors out there and it's finally great to see him getting acclaim.

    9. Thaaaaank you for mentioning the absurdity of Shape of Water over Dunkirk. Shape looks great but Dunkirk wow’d at every turn. But it looks like this is another case of Nolan making a movie the awards folks are content with nominating but nothing further.