Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bye, bye Guardians

By s. Tuesday, July 31, 2018 ,

So this is the hill on which the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy wants to die on.

Good riddance.

Let me clarify few things. I think if any of us made dozens "jokes" like the "jokes" James Gunn made, we would all get fired. Especially if we were employed by the company that primarily makes stuff for children. James Gunn shouldn't be treated differently just because he is in Hollywood and he is an "artist". Actually, he should be held to a higher standard as a public person and the director of films targeting kids.

I resent the fact some people, including Dave Bautista (his tweets are just....saddening), created this line of thinking that the only people who have an issue with James Gunn's firing are alt-right freaks, cybernazis and SJW teenage morons. They use that as scapegoat - how lucky for them that it was some right wing wacko who blew the lid here and not just an ordinary person. But however hard some want to push that narrative, it's a lie. There's plenty of people who found the content of those "jokes" so disturbing they cannot fault Disney for this. Plenty of people have kids and agree with Disney because of that fact. Also then there are of course victims of rape and sexual abuse who recognize that making those jokes is despicable and particularly hurtful.

But nope. Must be that everyone agreeing with Disney firing this dude is "alt-right".

A 40 year old man makes "shock humor jokes". Fine. He should be allowed to. But others should be allowed to judge him for it. When you are a grown up and you are making a joke about something that's not just disgusting to any, at least somewhat, decent person out there, but also illegal you should be taking a responsibility and face the consequences. And those consequences may be that one day you could find yourself with a chance of being employed for big money in a company that is famous for making movies for children. And you won't get that chance (which Disney should have done - just never hire him) or have that chance taken away from you because of your past conduct.

Is Hollywood really a place where there are either complete degenerates or just various deviants with various stages of perversions running around? Are there no directors who are talented and who never joked about molesting children? Can you imagine what it feels like for directors, particularly women and people of color, who never made a joke like that, not even once (by the way, I don't think Gunn made those joke 10,000 times but even a dozen I saw was enough for me to think that Disney to be right), let alone several times and who never got their big break to see all that support this guy is receiving?

What the hell was the purpose of these 'jokes' Attention? Well, there you go, he got what he wanted. People bring that "he changed!" "He apologized years ago!" . Only it wasn't apology for those "jokes". Also as it was pointed out repeatedly there are highly questionable jokes made at the expense of female characters in his recent movies. So what's the story here? "Oh, he has grown as a person. He doesn't joke about raping kids anymore, now he just makes misogynistic jokes"?

I am not surprised Chris "I abuse animals" Pratt started spewing Bible quotes and backed this dude up, I'm not surprised Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillian, who both don't even seem much involved in #metoo movement - by the way as someone actually involved in it, thanks so much for showing how selective the outrage is and how some things are wrong until your "fwiend" is fired. That doesn't give more ammo to the haters at all - did this. Forget morality, gotta earn that money, huh "ladies"? Bautista's tweets on this are kinda all you need to know here. Rooker's character is dead anyways, so who cares, huh? But Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper? I'd just go "hey, look, we just provide the voice, we don't really wanna get involved!". Bradley "Oscar front-runner this year" Cooper signed it? Well, he must be loving the overwhelmingly negative reaction to this "statement". And this Pom chick.... It's a good thing she has that attention hungry signature....I suppose in the absence of basic human decency, it will do?

There was an article about how this whole situation hurts Hollywood. Indeed. But for different reasons than pointed out. Pedophilia in Hollywood has been an open secret for years. Now we have stars of Disney movie stating that someone who made dozens of jokes about hurting kids, each time showing disturbing fixation and each time - making a joke about something this terrible -  telling the world "it's not so bad if one can joke about it!" should be allowed to make movies for kids. Actors rallying around this guy, but when Jessica Chastain pointed out Singer is still getting work and that's wrong, who rallied around her? This is worthy of their outrage but that wasn't? All that effort to defend someone who made jokes but they can't use their influence and solidarity to do more? Instead of focusing on eradicating the problem they are defending a guy who creates the climate in which that problem can grow?

 It's an utter moral rot.

This "statement" made by the cast yesterday is so insulting (again, with the 'it's all alt-right' narrative!), so hypocritical, and so stupid (Gunn was fired by Feige's boss's boss. There is no way Disney backs down and neither it should) that while before I was just for Gunn's firing now I'm actively against him and people defending him.

I don't ever wanna see this cast on the screen again. Not because they stand for their "friend". But because they lump everyone who disagrees with them into one group, labeling them, labeling us.

Something which they claim to be against.

Hollywood's hypocrisy strikes again.


  1. I agree with almost everything you've said. If he wants to make disgusting and idiotic jokes, he can. If Disney wants to fire him, they can.

    But either Disney knew about it and didn't care, or they were grossly incompetent, because this type of scandal with Gunn (though relating to a post, not the tweets) has come public before. So I'm thinking there's some hypocrisy here from Disney, too.

    Either way, his jokes were vile and idiotic and not even funny - but that was a different time in his career. If he came out with those jokes today it would be inappropriate, but at a time when he was doing "PG Porn", clearly he was just being an unfunny dick in those tweets.

    So I don't really care, to be honest. I don't think it's right (though people can, sure, free world and all) to condemn someone today for some jokes they made 10 years ago (and by condemn I mean stopping just short of demanding his imprisonment - not saying he was ass, because I'll say that myself, too), but if the firing is legal, then Disney is within its rights to let him go.

    They have the right to decide what kind of person they want to work with, even if he says he's not that person anymore. And even if, personally, I don't agree with hanging this over his head, today.

    1. Disney should have checked who they were hiring before the fact. And if they knew, they should have cared. But I think this guy has no business being given his job back because it sends approval out there - oh it doesn't matter what horrible things you said in the past, ultimately if enough people rally behind you we will just cave in

  2. Well, you and I have chatted about this, so you know I agree on so many points in this post. People will try to explain to me all day long what shock humor is, but those tweets were not jokes whatsoever. Unlike Batista's tweets, I don't have to be a "cyber nazi" to find those tweets offensive, and the cast practically lumping the two together is dangerous. I fully support Disney firing him, but also wonder why Disney didn't run a thorough background check? Almost a year before he was hired for GOTG he made blog posts filled with homophobic/sexist remarks. There's an even more vile video of him on youtube with his ex-wife Jenna Fischer. Even GOTG, especially Vol 2, tries to push the envelope with 'shock' humor, as well as racism/sexism, just in a PG setting. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I have to wonder has he legitimately changed or is he claiming he changed because he got caught? Repeated actions of the same nature does not show someone who has changed.

    1. I think Disney knew they just didn't care until someone dragged the horrible things he said into the spotlight

      I think he didnt change he just stopped tweeting this shit because he got tired by Disney

  3. Like Sofia said, I agree with everything you have said.

    Good riddance indeed. I hated the movies, but did not know about any of this. Its just... fucking disgusting. And like you say, just because he is a famous 'artist', making 'jokes' like that does not excuse him in any way. I'm not surprised now by your comment on my site about Chris Pratt!! What a tool. How can the cast back up someone who says things like "another tweet where he claimed he was going to break in his daughters asshole so she'll love anal when she gets older," boggles my mind. And they say he is a good person!!

    What. The. Fuck.

    I love the darkest and blackest of humour there is, but that shit that is simply not funny in any way. It is FUCKED UP. As always, I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I don't know when he said this shit but if it was before the movies, I don't know how the fuck he could have been hired or allowed to do the sequel. Like you mentioned, these are aimed a children too!

    I'll shut up now. Fantastic and well written post. Every time I read your blog I have to remind myself that (I think) English is your second language. It is certainly not evident in your posts, you are a fantastic writer. =]

    1. Pratt was an ass long before this. Google his Cat. Or his trash of a wife chihuahua. Or him hunting. There are even rumours he, republican and hardcore Christian, is super rude to gay costars

      Those tweets are from years back. He stopped tweeting like this when he was hired by Disney. People defend him with that bullshit shock humor excuse but what the hell is the state of mind of a person who makes light of such things. And he was over forty years old when he tweeted that stuff

  4. Excellent work, Sati. I've been kicking this one around in my head for days.

    I'm not even sure these statements qualify as jokes, but whether I find them funny or not isn't the point. He said things that cost him his job, and everyone involved should feel ashamed. Say abhorrent shit, lose your job. I don't have a problem with this at all.

    But, and I know I'm in the minority here, I also don't have a problem with his friends defending him. Saying that everyone opposed to Gunn is some sort of alt-right nut is nonsense, but even if it's misguided, I personally dig that Bautista had Gunn's back when it would be easier to simply be like 'f--k that guy' (or say nothing at all).

    I would never say shit like Gunn said, ever. But if someone dug up something stupid that I said on my blog (and there's tons to choose from) or something that offended them, I would hope someone that knows me would have my back, you know? Even if they defended me in a stupid way.

    I'll leave it at that, and hopefully I don't sound like too much of a dick.

    Great post, regardless.

    1. Problem is Gunn's comments go beyond stupid. Also with stuff people say most of the time it's clear they are jokes with this shit? who knows. We all joke inappropriately but there are limits people shouldn't cross, ever. We never did, he did repeatedly. The cast lost my sympathy the second they attacked those who are for the firing.

  5. I agree with everything you said. When I saw that letter on my Instagram (I used to follow Zoe Saldana) I couldn't believe it. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with them? He apologised. So what? We should forgive him and maybe even forget the "jokes" he wrote? He was not a dumb teenager when he made those jokes. He was a man in his forties and it's only fair that he is paying for the disgusting things he said. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are some of my favourite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I don't think I want to watch another movie starring those people.

    That said, I find hard to believe that Disney didn't know about those tweets. Who is in charge of hiring? An idiot?

    1. I think they did know just didn't care and hoped no one ever finds them....well that went well :)

  6. Holy SHIT! I'd read some stuff about this on Twitter but I hadn't seen that letter before and yeah, like the others, I absolutely agree with you.

    I feel like the problem here is that GOTG films were fun and refreshing and funny and everyone goes to see Marvel stuff and it's such a feel-good thing no one wants to even THINK about what this means, let alone actually discuss it. It's people (fans) just turning a blind eye - I know I never looked deeper into this because I wanted to see GOTG3 and enjoy it.

    Which is why it's SO GOOD you've written this. And that people ARE angry at Gunn/his defenders. That letter really pissed me off - I've been lusting after Chris Pratt, but fucking hell, just ignoring things like these makes it less and less likely something's going to change. And people like Gunn will slip by just because they're funny, or talented, etc. And not be held accountable for treating other humans like shit, especially those who are already marginalised.

    Essentially. Thank you. And bye bye Guardians.