Tuesday, February 4, 2020

50 Best Shots of 2019

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There were so many wonderfully shot movies in 2019, making my cinematography line up was a bit of a nightmare. It was easier with this list, seeing how many choices I could include. And 2 weeks from now, my final best and worst of 2019 list will be published, this time with record 66 categories!

50. Mister Bruce, Hustlers

49. The Truth, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

48. Reach Out, Ad Astra 47. Behind You!, Annabelle: Creation 46. The Captain, Avengers: Endgame 
45. Car Wash, Villains44. Suffocated, Midsommar
43. Rodan, Godzilla: King of the Monsters42. The Demon, Annabelle: Creation 41. One Man versus Evil, Avengers: Endgame
40. Awake, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

39. Imitation, Us 38. Angel in the Dark, John Wick Chapter  3
37. Criminal, Hustlers

36. Love, The Farewell
35. Your Friendly Neighborhood Talos, Captain Marvel
34. Together, Uncut Gems
33. Sinking, Rocketman
32. Sisters, Little Women
31. Ruins, 1917
30. Red, Us
29. The Kiss, The Portrait of a Lady in Fire

28. Memory, Little Women
27. Enemy?, 1917
26. Souvenir, The Portrait of a Lady on Fire
(the image contains nudity - outside link)
25. Losers Stick Together, It: Chapter Two

24. The Tragedy, Midsommar

23. Underwater, John Wick 3: Parabellum

22. The Tissue, Parasite

21. Lonely, Little Women
20. Page 28, The Portrait of a Lady on Fire

19. Together, The Perfection

18. The May Queen Judges, Midsommar

17. Survivor, Ready or Not
16. The Mermaid, The Lighthouse
(the image contains nudity - outside link)
15. Truth be Told, Us
14. Caught, Hustlers

13. Rose, Doctor Sleep

12. Ramona, Hustlers

11. Madness, The Lighthouse

10. Turn Around, The Portrait of a Lady on Fire

9. The Light, The Lighthouse
(the image contains nudity - outside link)
8. The Winner, Knives Out

7. Free, Midsommar

6. Floating, 1917

5. Whatever it Takes, Avengers: Endgame
4. Captive, Us

3. The Flight, Doctor Sleep
2. Butterflies, Jojo Rabbit

1. The Ghost, Parasite


  1. Fantastic list! I love most of these but that Maleficent shot, it's terrific! I really need to watch the film.

    1. Thank you! I thought the movie was quite fun!

  2. Damn I love these posts you do. Your dedication is so, so admirable, and I can't wait to read your Best and Worst of 2019 post!
    So many shots I love her but it's super cool to see The Perfection here.

    1. It takes so so long to make though, I don't know how long I'll have the energy to run this website tbh

  3. Such an awesome selection of best shots and I love the way you named them too <3 I super duper admire your dedication to blogging #bowingdown

  4. As much as I despise and loathe Parasite, I have to admit that shot is impressive.

    Great post, by the way. Amazing choices all around.

  5. So may good shots here! Have you seen Waves? I would have one or two from that in my list because that movie had some fabulous looking imagery.

    The Parasite one as number one is perfect.. it's like.. I can't stop looking at it.

    1. I have not, it doesn't seem like something that will appeal to me tbh

  6. Oh I forgot to add that the entire 1917 ruins scene was magnificent with that house/church burning.. beautiful!

    1. It was! i still liked the cinematography in Br2046 better than here, but this is an easy winner in my line up this year

  7. Oh, cool list. Parasite 100% deserves that top spot. It's also great to see The Perfection get some love. That final scene was fantastic. And twisted!

  8. Awesome job as always. It's hard to point out all of the ones that I love because there's so many, but Avengers: Endgame, Knives Out, Husters, and Midsommar are spectacular. Love your title for each picture too.

  9. This list is perfection Sati! well done.