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15 movies to celebrate Winter Holidays with.

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If you are tired of the same movies being played on TV over and over again on Christmas, here is something for you - my list of new Christmas classics and since there is absolutely no snow outside my window which pisses me off to no end - also a lot of films featuring tons of this white, cold, magical thing.
Winter's Bone
Freezing cold and poverty contrasted with the warmth of main heroine's heart - in the chilling film Jennifer Lawrence in her breakthrough performance plays a girl who desperately tries to find out what happened to her father to keep her family safe. The film also features absolutely magntic performance by John Hawkes.
Let me In
In the remake of one of the most famous horror movies of last years set in the midst of snow and darkness, young boy meets a vampire and forms a friendship with her. The relationship is mutually beneficial, but this version has much more darkness when it comes to the character of vampire than the original.

In Coen brothers' highly acclaimed movie you can witness unique blend of genres - drama, comedy, thriller and crime.The movie also has one of my favorite performances by Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare, whole variety of quirky characters and piles and piles of snow.
Sin City
Perhaps the most faithful translation from graphic novel to film - set in Basin City, home of murderers, crooks, femme fatales and very few good men. Unique visual style which is essentially a mixture or black, white and few colors thrown sporadically in the frame and great cast.
One of the most famous adaptations of Stephen King's novel featuring Academy Award winning performance from Kathy Bates as unhinged nurse who traps her favorite author in the cabin. The movie has a lot of suspense, but also a little bit of humour. It makes you feel almost as if you were in this cabin yourself.
Snow Cake
Beautiful movie telling a story of a man (Alan Rickman) who through a tragic accident meets a woman suffering from autism (Sigourney Weaver). Terrific performances and gorgeous story about human kindness, forgiveness and innocence.
In one of the best and most underrated thrillers of the decade, surprisingly skillfully directed by Christopher Nolan, a cop deals with his guilt and inability to fall asleep in cold, winter climate. The movie has amazing cinematography that transforms seemingly ordinary setting into very strange and almost surreal and it also flawlessly presents the perception of insomniac.
Wonder Boys
Charming film telling the story of a writer who struggles with his new novel, pregnant married lover, young girl flirting with him, confused young author from his class and his eccentric manager. The movie includes wonderful performances from Michael Douglas, Robert Downey Jr and Tobey McGuire and quite a lot of laughs.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Perfect for Halloween and Christmas, that film is one of the most famous and beloved movies linked to Tim Burton, ironically not even directed by him. Grotesque, magic, macabre and adorable humour - add to that Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa, reindeers....mix it with a bit of undead chicks and skeleton dudes and you got yourself a perfect Christmas movie!
The Chronicles of Narnia
Since I recommended Harry Potter for Halloween, it feels like now I should recommend Narnia - not quite as good or magical, but certainly interesting and fun to watch. Everyone needs a little bit of fantasy and magic, especially this time of year. And it has Tilda Swinton, and any movie about which that glorious thing can be said is definitely worth watching.
The Holiday
In highly under appreciated comedy Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch houses for winter holiday - first one is hopelessly in love with someone who is getting married, the second is cold and immersed in her work - rich bitch in making. But after they decide to get away from it all they find peace, joy and love. Just in time for Christmas.
Edward Scissorhands
I don't know what it is, but whenever I think of movies and snow I think of Tim Burton. And then it comes to me - Sleepy Hallow - the rider is captured in winter. Charlie and Chocolate Factory - set during winter. Batman Returns - winter. Corpse Bride - Bride emerges from snow. And of course - ice sculptures, snowflakes and Edward Scissorhands. In one of the most magical moments ever to appear in Burton's movies, Winona Ryder is dancing as the snow falls from the sky. After you done watching try listening to Danny Elfman music from this one and "Batman Returns" too.
Bridget Jones's Diary
One of the essential romantic comedies - funny, cute and easy to relate to. Renee Zellwager is wonderful as ordinary woman after 30 looking for Mr Right. Colin Firth is a perfect guy in this movie - charming, supportive, he helps out, he is gorgeous, he even cooks. Everything about this film is lovely and it opens and ends in the snowy setting.
In Bruges
If you think everything is a little bit too happy around Christmas, you may try this one - one of the best dark comedies made in years with the fair share of hilarious lines - mostly delivered by Ralph Fiennes in a fantastic comedic turn - but also a lot of violence, blood and...surrealism. The movie is gorgeously shot and I can only hope to visit Bruges one day. Maybe even spend my Christmas there.
Love Actually
I do not give 10/10 rating often, but when the movie captures this unique kind of magic so well as "Love Actually" I have no choice. It's the ultimate Christmas movie - as with the lights and the tree that movie is essential and without it, I don't really feel that particular kind of joy you feel in the last weeks of December. Love, joy, sadness, longing and laughter - all of that is here, wrapped in beautiful music and pictures with the gorgeous ribbon of fantastic cast. Especially Bill Nighy, as a veteran rock signer, delivers great performance that will leave you laughing for days.


  1. This is a really nice selection of Christmasy films without them shoving some good morals down your throat, or something haha!

    Love Actually is a film I have serious problems with, though, and Insomnia is the weakest Nolan film I'd rather have not seen if I am honest, but apart from that - for the ones that I have seen on this list - it is a really good one!

    Nice job!

  2. Great list! Most of these movies just make me feel cold; they are so incredible in their atmosphere. Also, I love that shot from Fargo, you're not quite sure what you're looking at, until Macy walks into frame. Coen Brothers = geniuses.