Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday TV Special: Boardwalk Empire

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Plot: Chronicles the life and times of Nucky Thompson, the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City in 1920's, who was equal parts politician and gangster.
Verdict: Without a doubt in my mind, the best show on TV right now, even better than "Mad Men". I strongly advise everyone to wait for the end of season 2 and try watching season 1 and 2 all at once - otherwise you will be looking forward to Sunday's evening and let's face it - that's jut not normal.
What makes it so great? I started watching season 1 in the middle of night this summer and I finished it 12 hours later. The series is incredibly engaging and addictive and so far it's actually even better than "The Sopranos". Season 2 is slightly different than season 1 - it's much more violent and shocking and the focus shifts from Nucky to other characters - even though the show changed direction a little, it's still at the same level of greatness. You know Scorsese is behind it - some things that happen to characters are as awful and unfair as what went down in "Casino" or "The Departed". The story is incredible, each character gets a fair share of development and there two honestly outstanding performances - by Michael Shannon as a God fearing prohibition agent and Jack Houston as Richard Harrow - war veteran, who is an excellent sniper, even though half of his face is missing which forces him to wear grotesque mask. Oh and that opening sequence...just outstanding.

Boardwalk Empire opening sequence
Who you may recognize: Steve Buscemi in the lead role, somewhat diminished in season 2, Michael Pitt from "Dreamers", Michael Shannon from "Revolutionary Road", Stephen Graham - Tommy from "Snatch" as Al Capone, Paz de la Huerta from "Enter the Void" and Kelly Macdonald, whom every cinema fan recognizes from "Trainspotting".
Who's behind it? Martin Scorsese himself is the director of the pilot episode and the producer of the entire show.
Who will like it? Fans of Scorsese's movies, great acting and meticulously recreated details of specific eras.
When and where? Sundays, HBO.

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